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אנדרדוס – מר פודלמן – ביעור חמץ

יוצרים: אנדרדוס – נדב נוה, מתן צור, אשר בן אבו, יאיר יעקבי
אהבתם? הצטרפו לדף הפייסבוק שלנו וקבלו מידע על הופעות!…&#8230;
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צילום ועריכה: נדב נוה
מוזיקה מקורית: אשר בן אבו
כל הזכויות שמורות לאנדרדוס

CTeen NYC Shabbaton 2014


An incredible weekend with an incredible group of teens! We met up with 1000+ CTeens from around the world — France, England, Australia and Israel, just to name a few. Featuring Havdalah in Times Square with British singer-songwriter Alex Clare. – created at


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Parshat Emor: Your Exclusive Social Event Calendar of the Year

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Sometimes, you’ve just gotta speak up. Texting, blogging, tweeting, Facebooking – they don’t count. It’s hard for a lot of us, and it was REALLY hard for Moses. So this week, Temim Fruchter steps out in front of the drum kit to give us some advice on how to do it well.

This is Episode 31 of the weekly Torah cartoon from Each week, a different storyteller – some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion…and then we animate it!

Emor: la particularité du choix de la vache et du mouton comme sacrifice au temple.

Rav Ouri Banon.

Nissan/Yar: Un enfant qui devient Bar Mitswa et le Omer.

Rav Ouri Banon qui repond a cette question selon l’avis de notre Maitre,Rabenou Ovadia Yossef Zatsal.
Un enfant qui devient Bar Mitswa pendant le Omer,pourra t’il compter avec la bénédiction?

La Paracha avec Boubach saison 2 !!


Une nouvelle émission de 613TV qui vous propose 15 minutes de Thora avec une parole de Thora sur la paracha,une loi de Chabbat et une merveilleuse histoire.
Ce pack vous est offert pour embellir votre table de Chabbat.



Nissan 30, 5774 · April 30, 2014
Living with the Parshah: To Be a Cohen

Maya strapped on her seatbelt as her mother started the engine and they waited for her father to get into the car. It was Sunday afternoon and they were about to go to visit their cousins, who lived just outside the city.

Soon they were on their way. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Maya let the air rush through her hair as the car sped down the highway. She had been looking forward to this as her cousins had only recently moved to England. It would be the first time that Maya would be visiting them in their new home.

Soon they were out of the city, off the highway, driving along a beautiful winding country road. “Ah, the scenery is so pretty!” exclaimed Maya. “And the air is so fresh,” she added, opening her window wide and inhaling deeply.

“Yes,” agreed her mother from the driving seat, “we will be coming out here on holiday in the summer, to get some more of this fantastic air.” She too was a fan of country air and country landscape.

The car, driven by Maya’s mother, was moving down a delightful narrow lane, sporadically overhung with trees. Suddenly Maya’s father, sitting in the passenger seat at the front and looking at a map, sat up straight. “Hey! I’m sorry!” he called out.

“What’s the matter?” asked his wife.

“We have to turn off this road. Quick, stop the car!”

Maya’s mother smoothly brought the car to a halt. “What”s the problem?” asked Maya, now feeling annoyed. She thought to herself: Parents! They always have some kind of problem! Sitting in the back seat, she snorted audibly.

“I”m sorry,” said her father from the front, “but we cannot go along this route. We will have to go back and find another road.”

“Why?” asked Maya, “what is wrong with this lovely road? Mummy was just saying how beautiful it is here.”

Her mother peered at the map which Maya’s father was showing her. “Oh, a cemetery!” she said. “Sorry, I didn’t realize. It’s so good that you noticed it,” she said to Maya’s father as she began turning the car round, doing a neat three-point turn.

“The problem is,” she said, glancing back at Maya, “that on this road we will soon pass a cemetery. The map shows it very clearly.”

“What’s the deal with the cemetery? Why shouldn’t we go near it?” asked Maya, her annoyance gone and her interest sparked.

“We are a family of kohanim,” her mother replied. “That means we have special rules. Further along this road there are trees hanging over the road and creating a kind of canopy over the graves and us. Since Daddy is a kohen that is not allowed.”

“Oh, I remember,” said Maya. “In fact it’s in the sedra this week. But it doesn’t apply to a girl, does it, Mummy?”

“No, you are quite right. But it does apply to Daddy, and to your brother Chaim, if he would be here instead of being on holiday in Israel.”

“It’s good to remember about being a kohen,” said Maya. “Even out here in the country, the fact that you are a kohen matters. And when Moshiach comes, and there is a beautiful Temple again in Jerusalem, then the fact that you and Chaim are kohanimand can serve in the Temple will be fantastic.” Update

Nissan 27, 5774 · April 27, 2014
Light that Candle!
Hey Kids,We’re back, and it’s time for some post-holiday fun! Watch this cartoon about a little girl’s big powers, read about a very unique friendship, and learn how to bake Challah now that the Matzah is all stored away. Be on the lookout for our weekly featured content, and be sure to browse our site for thousands of stories, games, recipes and videos.Have a great week,
Your Friends @


This Week’s Features

Submitted by Chana Feigelstock

Watch Watch (8:43)
By Dovid Taub and Yitzchak Feigenbaum

“Rebbetzin Tap & Friends”

Join a group of girls as they learn to bake Challah for Shabbat.

Watch Watch (6:21)

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