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Pessach Sheni,language  hebrew

פסח שני – ל”ג בעומר – ספירת העומר

מה זה פסח שני, מה אומר לי ל”ג בעומר היום ומה בדיוק סופרים ב’ספירת העומר’?
שיעור באורך מלא מתובל בניגונים. צפייה מהנה!
(השיעור הוא חלק נפרד מסדרת ‘תיקון המודעות העצמית’).

בקשר של אהבה אין תירוצים! (פסח שני) – הרב מנחם דוברוסקין

בקשר של אהבה אין תירוצים! (פסח שני) – הרב מנחם דוברוסקין

שיעור מהזהר הקדוש הרב אהרון ישכיל – פסח שני מהו? מדהים!!

הרב אהרון ישכיל שליט”א – שיעור תורה מהזהר הקדוש על עניין פסח שני הנושא: פסח שני מהו? מהי טומאת מת? ועוד,,
הועלה באדיבות אתר – יהודי נט http://www.yehudy.net
לאתר “להושיע” של הרב ישכיל אהרון שליט”א לחסידות ברסלב ר’ נחמן מאומן – http://www.lehoshia.com

Shiur 23-4-2013 Pesach Sheni

Shiur on the Hillula of Rebbi Meir Baal Hanness & Pesach Sheni in Spanish

שיעורים על חג פסח – עניין פסח שני – פסח שני – -הרב דב ביגון

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Pessach Sheni, language  english

Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Pesach Sheni

The “Second Passover” sacrifice was offered as a restitution for the Pascal sacrifice, for someone who was ritually impure or too far away from the Temple at the time of Passover. But Jewish law rules that a non-Jew who converts to Judaism right after Passover, or a child who comes of age right after Passover, must also bring a “Second Passover” sacrifice, even though they were not obligated to bring a sacrifice on the first Passover. The Talmudic commentaries explain that Second Passover has two facets to it: On the one hand, it is “restitution”; on the other, it is a celebration in its own right.

There are two lessons taught by Second Passover. First, there is the famous adage of my father-in-law, the Rebbe, that Second Passover teaches us that “no situation is ever completely lost.” But this is relevant only to someone who appears to be “lost.” What about the person who hasn’t “lost” anything at all, for he was never “obligated”? Second Passover comes and teaches a second, new, concept: every Jew must continuously progress in G-d’s ways. A Jew may never be satisfied with his present spiritual state, even if everything appears to be perfect. When a new month comes along, it demands that you reach a new spiritual level, even compared to what you attained last month, on Passover.

14 Iyar, 5744 · May 16, 1984

From Living Torah Disc 88 Program 349

Pesach Sheni 5770 / Second Passover 2010

Shalom u’vracha m’Yerushalayim!

A second chance for us all… Please enjoy this Holiday message from Rabbi and Professor Mordechai Machlis.

We are currently working on getting together a Lag Ba’Omer video message, and hope you enjoy our work in getting these timely messages out to you!

We love hearing your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions, or just to chat about the beauty of Torah messages!



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Parshas Acharei Mos Kedoshim And Pesach Sheni

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Schwab
2012 05 03

Pesach Sheni 5771 With Seret Visnitz Rebbe

Pesach Sheni 5771 With Seret Visnitz Rebbe

Pesach Sheni 5771 With Kretchnif Yerushalayim Rebbe

pesach sheni TheUWISRAEL

Torah Tidbits – Passover Sheni and Second Chances

Hear Rabbi Meir’s insights on the little-known holiday of Pesach Sheni (Second Passover) and having a second chance.

Rabbi Rivkin’s Pesach Sheni Message

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Pessach Sheni, language french

Rabbi Meir Baal Aness – Pessah Cheni

08.04.2014 Rav Raphael Pinto


24.04.2013 Yechiva Or Gabriel


24.04.2013 Yechiva Or Gabriel

435 Pessah Cheni Volonte Cle de la reussite rav Yossef Hai ABERGEL

Pessach Sheni, language  spanish

¡Lo Admito! Fallé… – Pesaj Sheni

Mensaje sobre Pesaj Sheni,
Rabino Yosef Slavin,
Jabad Lubavitch,
Caracas, Venezuela


Pesaj Sheni – El poder del Rezo

¿Tiene sentido pedirle a Di-s? ¿Acaso no sabe que es lo que necesitamos? Pesaj Shení nos enseña que TENEMOS que rogarle. El poder de la Tefilá.
Para más acerca de Pesaj Sheni: http://goo.gl/GvHHV

Pessach Sheni, language russian

Песах Шейни и Лаг БаОмер (06/05/12)

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