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Connecting with Judaism and Israel | Sunday Plenary, 2014 Biennial

Membership in Jewish organizations is down. Day school enrollment has peaked. Federation campaigns are flat. The fastest growing and second largest category of Jews is Just Jewish. Young Jewish adults are unengaged and aging baby boomers are disengaging. Yet, in the era of Facebook, people crave face-to-face community. It’s all about relationships.

With this simple, but profound idea, noted educator and community revitalization pioneer Dr. Ron Wolfson will present practical strategies and case studies to transform the old model of Jewish institutions into relational communities. He sets out twelve principles of relational engagement to guide Jewish lay leaders, professionals and community members in transforming institutions into inspiring communities whose value-proposition is to engage people and connect them to Judaism and community in meaningful and lasting ways.


The J Street confrontation: Between a local squabble and a historic schism
But the debate could have long-term consequences for the unity of the American Jewish community and for the clarity of its support for Israel.

Hillel at KSU approved as local beneficiary of Jewish Federation
Cleveland Jewish News
Hillel is working to build a stronger and more vibrant Jewish community at Kent State and the University of Akron for more than 1,500 Jewish students, …
Kaddish for Jews who died at Normandy
It will feature a collective Kaddish prayer for 149 Jewish soldiers who died there, the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities said in a …

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yom haatzmaut Videos Selection

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Jewish Community Center Tragedy

A man went to the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas and shot and killed two people in the parking lot. He then drove to a nearby Jewish retirement community center and shot and killed a woman in her car.

This is the communities reaction to this tragedy.

Ein Keloheinu

Sung by Kol Truah at “Yes, We Sang!” Tribute to the Victims of the Holocaust, 2014, JCC East Bay, Berkeley, CA.

Kol Truah is dedicated to the preservation, dissemination, and performance of Jewish music for the benefit, education, and enjoyment of the Jewish community in the Bay Area, and the community at large. In addition to their repertoire of music by the great classical and contemporary composers, they have been known to sing some gospel, jazz, show tunes, among others. Today they sing pieces reflecting Jewish life in yiddish and ladino. Conducted by April Shayna McNeely, accompanied by Eleanor Cohen. The artistic director is Cantor Pamela Rothmann Sawye

We Walk to Remember 2014 – Yom Hashoah

We Walk to Remember at UC Berkeley, April 28th, 2014
Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)
Never Forget

Video Production by Joshua Cahn

Kansas City Jewish teens organize a candlelight walk in honor of those killed at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom on April 18.

Kansas City Jewish teens organize a candlelight walk in honor of those killed at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom on April 18.

Taub – Ambassador of Israel to the Court of St James

Daniel Taub – Ambassador of Israel to the Court of St James speaking at the National Yom HaShoah Commemoration – National Holocaust Memorial – The Dell, Hyde Park – London 2014
Filmed & Edited by David Barry –

Nationalist Rise: Israeli MPs express concerns for Jewish community in Ukraine

Well thousands have responded to the rise of the right by taking to the streets across Eastern Ukraine in protest at the interim authorities in Kiev. Donetsk has seen some of the biggest rallies to demand a referendum on a possible secession. Activists across Eastern regions say they’re making a stand against the fascist leanings of a post-coup leadership. A group of Israel MPs has written an open letter to the President of the European Commission. They expressed their concern over the plight of Ukrainian Jews who they say are suffering from constant attacks. It’s claimed this is a direct result of the rise of nationalists in Kiev. Activists from Ukraine’s Jewish community have also traveled to Israel to seek support.

Chabad of Uptown Sefer Torah Installation Ceremony – 2014

Complete program, speeches and police escorted parade through the local streets to the Chabad of Uptown in a grand procession, complete with music, singing and dancing under a celebratory chupah! The Torah was acquired from the Ponevez Shul of Capetown in loving memory of David & Betty Purcell

מימונה של קיבוץ גלויות אצל אסתר ויעקב אלבז

בערב המימונה אצל אסתר ויעקב אלבז רואים את קיבוץ הגלויות במלוא הדרו , הם הזוג הנהדר הזה נראה עליהם מה שנקרא במרוקאית ” ת’ורת’ יעקב” ובתרגום חופשי מלאים באהבת חינם , כך ראו איך כולם שמחים ונהנים בצל קורתם הי”ו ,
שרים ומפייטים מרוקאית, ולא חסר גם שירי ארץ ישראל כשהמלווה הוא צוברי הגדול !!!!!

תרבחו או תסעדו !!!!!

מחווה ליהדות מרוקו “דאר דיילנא” 90FM–juifs du maroc yaffabanouz

מחווה ליהדות מרוקו /אתר “זוהר דאר דיילנא” בשידור ישיר — רדיו תשעים אפ אם-90FM בשידור ישיר ממסעדת מרקש בנתניה “Marrakech ” במסגרת “שניים עשר השבטים”

בהנחיית- בועז אורגד, מאיר סוויסה, איתן רונן.

השתתפו: ד”ר יגאל בן נון, הסופר דוד קינן, הסופר אשר כנפו, ד”ר שלמה אלקיים, הזמר אמיל זריהן, התזמורת האנדלוסית אשדוד, חיים אוליאל ובנו, להקת סולטנה, הפייטן יובל איבגי, הבדרן אבנר דן ועוד,,,,,,

מימונה אצל אסתר ויעקב אלבז באשדוד-mimouna -2010

אצל אסתר ויעקב אלבז במימונה שרים גם שירי ארץ ישראל , עם צוברי הגדול !!!!

yaffa banouz

Oldest American Synagogue Celebrates 250 Years


European Jews fleeing persecution under the Spanish Inquisition founded Touro Synagogue in 1763 in Newport, Rhode Island. George Washington assured the congregation of religious freedom in 1790 before the First Amendment was passed. The synagogue continues to celebrate its freedom 250 years later. Chip Reid reports.


Film for ‘The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia’


Marburg Mission: Israeli man’s quest to rebuild Jewish community life in Germany


In 1983, Israeli businessman Amnon Orbach migrated to Marburg, a city of 50,000 people in the center of Germany. He found Judaism was practically dead with only 25 elderly Jews divorced from their religion. And then Amnon Orbach decided to bring Judaism back to life in Marburg.




Father of 3 Musicians in USA/Germany/Israel

University Graduates US/NYC BA & MA/France Paris-Sorbonne BA & Germany Berlin BA & MA/Israel Haifa BA

Iran’s chief Rabbi Yousef Hamadani Cohen has passed away


The Iranian chief rabbi, Yousef Hamadani Cohen has passed away.

The Jewish community of Iran is mourning the passing of its former leader who died on Saturday. Hamadani Cohen served as chief rabbi of the Iranian Jewish community for many years. He was laid to rest on Sunday after battling sickness for some years. Now Mashallah Golestani Nejad has replaced him as the chief rabbi. Iran is home to nearly 9-thousand Jews who make up one of the biggest Jewish communities in the Middle East. They also have representatives in the country’s parliament.

Israel Study Tour 2012: A Visit with Rabbi Eliezer Waldman


Rabbi Eliezer Waldman, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Kiryat Arba outside of Hebron, Israel, speaks to a group from Fellowship Church in Winter Springs, FL. He discusses spring as a time of new beginnings and its connection with the festival of Passover. He then puts the season in the historic context of the birth of new life in Judea and Samaria, as it was during Pesach in 1968 that 88 people celebrated the first Seder at the Park Hotel in Hebron (the community where Abraham first settled and King David first established his throne). That group, originally headed by Rabbis Levinger and Waldman, remained long after Pesach and were eventually relocated to an abandoned military base in nearby Kiryat Arba. In 1971 Kiryat Arba became the first community to be established in Judea and Samaria. Today it boasts more than 7,000 residents. Tying the history of Pesach to Israel’s present, Rabbi Waldman compares the Egyptians, Israel’s ancient oppressors, to her present day foes, saying that nothing any enemy can do will thwart God’s purposes and plan for His people.
March 21, 2012


Popular Kibbutz videos

Israel – Kibbutz – Communities – World of their own


Thames Televisions cameras were given unique access to an Israeli fishing Kibbutz, the ultimate self sustaining community, where all are equal, and material wealth is not an issue. First transmitted on ITV in 11/01/1972

Mix Events Israel

New Kosher restaurant in Brussels gains popularity


Food, in particular Kosher food, is an important part of the Jewish way of life.


WorldJewish Congress


Israel Tourism

The Israel Experience

Innovative Israel

Actual  Videos

Chabad of Boulder, Colorado

Groundbreaking Part Four.


Chabad of Boulder in the fourth and final film of the groundbreaking in the Orthodox community of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Jewish News

Comunidade na TV 20 a 26/04/2014

O Comunidade na TV é um programa da Federação Israelita do Rio de Janeiro.

O programa é exibido no Canal 14 da NET aos Domingos (7h, 16h e 21h), com reprises ao longo da semana!.

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