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Rabbi M. Snow – Bechukosai

14.05.2014 Young Israel Beth El of Borough Park

Lag Ba’omer/Bechukosai

Lag Ba’omer/Bechukosai:
Who needs material rewards when Moshiach comes?
By: Rabbi Levi Y. Garelik
1. Are we supposed to be doing Mitzvos because of the rewards?
2. Are you allowed to do Mitzvos because of the rewards?
3. Are rewards in Torah an incentive?
4. Why does the Torah mention rewards anyway?
5. What are the rewards when Moshiach comes? Are they material or spiritual?
6. Why are these rewards discussed in parshas Bechukoisai?
7. How is this explained in PirkeiAvos?
8. How does Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai explain all of this in the Zohar?
9. Why does it take to so long for something to grow?
10. Why in Gan Eden as soon as they planted it grew?
11. What are the two levels of “engraving”?
12. What is the level of a Jewish Neshama (soul)?
13. Why did the Rebbe initiate the concept of “going out to the “street” and get a Yid to do a Mitzvah”?
14. When one had a negative situation (health, livelihood etc.) the Rebbe would instruct to check the Mezuzos or Tefillin. What is the connection?
15. What did the Previous Rebbe comment to the young men that went on “MerkosShlichus”?
16. What did the Rebbe write to my mother when she thought she “failed”?
Based on LikuteiSichos Vol. 37 pages 79-84 and others

Rabbi Riskin’s Insights into Parshat ….- “Torah Lights” — 5774

Rabbi Chaim Richman,Temple Institute, Weekly Torah Portion:

Video Vort: Parshat Bechukotai With Rabbi Eric Goldman


Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Parshat Bechukotai – The World Did Not Come To The End Yet

Parshat Bechukotai 5771 ● Seeing eye to eye with God ● Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh

A Mayanot Moment- Parshat Bechukotai- Rabbi Levinger

Parshat Bechukotai

Rabbi Machlis: Haftarah of Parshat Bechukotai (Behar-Bechukotai)

Parshat Bechukotai Rabbi Shlomo Odze

Rabbi Trugman Parsha Shiur – Class 28 – Bechukotai

Behar Bechoukotai Shavuot by Rabbi David Bitton

Behar Bechoukotai Shavuot by Rabbi David Bitton

Bechukotai 5771 – Covenant & Conversation

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks delivers this week’s Covenant & Conversation – Behukotai 5771

There is one aspect of Christianity that Jews, if we are to be honest, must reject, and that Christians, most notably Pope John XXIII, have begun to reject. It is the concept of rejection itself, the idea that Christianity represents G-d’s rejection of the Jewish people, the “old Israel”.

This is known technically as Supersession or Replacement Theology, and it is enshrined in such phrases as the Christian name for the Hebrew Bible, “The Old Testament.” The Old Testament means the testament, or covenant, once in force but no longer. On this view, G-d no longer wants us to serve Him the Jewish way, through the 613 commandments, but a new way, through a New Testament. His old chosen people were the physical descendants of Abraham. His new chosen people are the spiritual descendants of Abraham, in other words, not Jews but Christians.

Thought on the month of Iyar


Shiurim Rabbi Yosef Chaim Schwab

Rabbi Joshua Bittan Bechukotai


Partners In Torah Video brings you Harry’s Video Blog and the always entertaining Harry Rothenberg. One of the laws of charity requires the community to restore a wealthy person who loses his money to his previous level of lifestyle. Why?
Stay tuned for Harry’s weekly video blog where he will be highlighting the weekly Torah portion, a mitzvah, or a Jewish holiday along with a contemporary application and a healthy slice of humor.

Mark Sabbagh WEEKLY Parshat

קריאת התורה הפטרה ומפטיר Torah Reading

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parsha …

Rabbi Minkowicz’s Weekly Torah Lesson: A Place Where Life’s Most Difficult Questions Are Answered

Prof. Yaakov Brawer Ph.D. by learntorah.c


שבועות ל”ג בעומר פרשת אמור Parsha Emor Lag Baomer Shavout Rabbi Weisblum

Rabbi Moshe P. Weisblum, Phd. Lunch and Learn – Parsha Emor, Lag B’Omer and Shavuot. NEW. In loving Memory and Elui nishmat Menashe ben Reuven ZT”L
הרב ד”ר משה פינחס ויסבלום פרשת אמור, ל”ג בעומר, וחג השבועות. לעילוי נשמת מנשה בן ראובן



Parashat ….. Netiv Center For Torah Study in Houston Texas

This is the Official Youtube channel of Netiv Center For Torah Study in Houston Texas. It purpose it to teach Universal Torah to the nations. Neitv is a diverse community of individuals from all walks of life dedicated to God and His Torah.

Rabbi Harroch

2014 02 27 Sfas Emes on Parasha …with Reb Aryeh

Rav Sprecher Parashat HaChodesh 5774


Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – “Parashat …..”

Visit Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Web Site –

Parashat….. with Rabbi Avraham Gaon Highlights BukharianCommunity .com

Parshat … Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Harav Ginsburgh’s English Channel

Likutei Torah

The purpose of this channel is to give a quick opportunity for a person that wants to learn the Likutei Torah on the Porsho but does not have the time and energy to do so.

Shlomo Katz Nigun of the Week

Parshat…. – Seeing the Bigger Picture

Dedicated by the Weissberg Family of Chicago, IL in memory of Blima Shoshan Bat Reuvain and Shlomo Issur ben Yehudah Aryeh

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Parshat and more…

Visit Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Website –

Rabbi Moshe Weisblum

Daf Yomi Talmud Succah page 6 Gemarrah Succot Rabbi Weisblum דף יומי תלמוד גמרא סוכה ו׳

Rabbi Svirsky

Rabbi Sam Thurgood

Rabbi Milevsky

videos from the YU Torah MiTzion Beit Midrash and Yeshivat Or Chaim

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