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Shlomo Carlebach – Imeshkochay Yerushalayim rebbe Shlomo Carlebach sings song Imeshkochay Yerushalayim
there is no pain in the world that can make us for get of yerushalayim,
there is no joy in the world that can make us for get of yerushalayim,
for 2,000 years wan ever we prayed and we prayed all the time. we directed our thoughts, our feet our minds on yerushalayim, if you have stoped a little yidele on the way to the gas chambers and you would ask him what do you thinking about
he would anser im am thinking of yerushalayim. im on my way to yerushalayim,
if youll stoped a little yidele on his way to siberia, what do you thinking about
he will anser im thinking of yerushalayim, im on my way im on my way to yerushalayim,

imeshkochay yerushalayim

Rabbi Shlomo Ben Reb Naftole Carlebach Zts”l

Popular Jerusalem Day videos

24Jewish Video Focus on Rabbi Meir Baal Haness .Jewish Torah Insights of the Day. Rabbi Meir Baal Haness,sa force et son histoire, Part 2 Reb Meyer Baal Haness Charity Channel, Great Videos Selection

Lag B’Omer at Rashbi..Meron, Shimon Bar Yochai 2014


Israel Braces for Lag B’Omer 2014

Israelis streaming to Mt. Meron to celebrate Lag B’Omer, as kids build bonfires and fire department braces.

LAG b’Omer magic mountain

short visual viral of this amazing spiritual carnival on Mt.Meron, day 33 of the Omer, a spiritual preparation period alligned to the sephirot in the Jewish calendar.

There are many mysterious reasons for the holiday. One suggestion is that Rashbi (who died AND was born on this date according to tradition) left his cave of refuge, where the Zohar emerged as a mystical stream of consciousness, on the 33rd day of the omer; and this is detailed on the 33rd page of tractate shabbat in the Talmud.

Lag B’ Omer 5774/2014

My first Lag B’Omer in Meron. Absolutely incredible. 300,000 plus estimate Jews of all walks of life. Charedi, Chasidish, Litvish, Dati Leumi, Sephardi, and even secular all b’simcha together.

Meron Lag b’Omer 5774/2014

Joy Achdus Kaballah Kavannah Fest

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A Life Apart: Hasidism in America – Part 1 – 9

Hasidic Jews seem alien, and even hostile, to those outside their culture,which frequently includes other Jews. They dress differently, don’t mingle between the sexes, speak Yiddish, and wear side curls, all in an attempt to rigorously follow the commandments of the Torah. They tend to keep to themselves, shunning television and the media so outside influences cannot corrupt their values and views. Yet filmmakers Oren Rudavsky and Menachem Daum were able to enter their world, and the result is the fascinating documentary A Life Apart: Hasidism in America. Using interviews with academics and members of the community and some historical footage, the filmmakers trace the growth of Hasidic groups in the United States. Groups formed around particular Rebbes (learned leaders) and they took their names from their Eastern European home cities (the Satmar Hasids, the Breslov Hasids, and so on). Leonard Nimoy and Sarah Jessica Parker narrate, explaining how this movement came to America and how it was able to flourish. Dissenting voices also appear, in the form of neighborhood people who are distressed at the Hasids’ refusal to speak to members not in their community and of a young woman, Pearl Gluck, who left the community in order to pursue her writing and to follow a life of her own choosing. Many Hasids refuse to speak on camera, and we see many shielding themselves with hands or coats so as not to appear on film. But those who do appear are poignant in their discussions of why the Hasidic life is important to them. One man speaks to the directors, even as he acknowledges that he will never see the movie, but he will do it “in order to help a Jew make a living.” One couple, Holocaust survivors, are not Hasidic, but their children are, and the reasonings of both the parents and the children are interesting. This film, shown on PBS, is a consequential look into a lifestyle many of us don’t understand, and it may help in increasing an understanding.

The Maccabeats – Nachamu (One Day More)

Download “One Day More” on iTunes:…

The versions of “Nachamu” that make up this track were originally performed by Safam and Tzlil V’zemer Boys Choir.

This and all Maccabeats music is recorded a cappella.

Channel of Breslev Israel

Breslev Israel Films is your cyber haven for love, soul, and joy.
Spreading the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev of blessed memory, and our contemporary spiritual leader Rabbi Shalom Arush, our English-speaking rabbis include (alphabetically) Dr. Zev Ballen, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rabbi Dror Moshe Cassutto, Rabbi Elchanan Elgorod, and Rabbi Natan Maimon.
Our channel also features inspirational clips and music from the Jewish music world’s leading performers.
Check out our multi-language web portal at

The Jewish World

WorldJewish Congress


Jewish life in Ukraine today: Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Vice-President of the WJC, offers his perspective on the challenges ahead of one of the biggest Jewish communities in Europe. Distributed by

Dejavu band – israeli cover band | jewish wedding band | band for events | wedding in israel


Deja Vu is a cover band who plays the greatest hits from the 60’s and 70’s.
The band’s professional, well-experienced musicians perform the songs with excitement and precision.
The full-band show is great for weddings, wedding parties, company events, birthday parties and more. Deja Vu can also perform more intimate sets such as receptions, small private events and more.

Please contace use for more information:

Natalie – 054-7357373


Centre for Jewish Life – London·

Transformational Tuesdays: TED Style – Keith Breslauer


The Centre for Jewish Life offers a varied and exciting programme of discovery as you explore classic and mystical themes in a format tailored to you.

From one-to-one learning sessions to discussion groups and lectures, you have an open invitiation to join us for a personal journey that promises to enlighten and satisfy – whatever your previous experience of Jewish study.

Whether you are asking the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, or you’ve come along to hear an internationally respected speaker, you’re equally welcome.

Whatever the case, it’s never too late to find out more about your Jewish Heritage – if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask! Our programme is your programme.

Chabad House Bowery

Wounded Israelis Lauded for Their Courage on Visit to New York
But they also immersed themselves in New York Jewish life, such as taking time with children at the Chabad Israel Alef Bet Preschool on the Upper …
Op-Ed: Support Jews staying in Ukraine
Jewish Post
Ukraine, after all, has a long history of anti-Jewish acts and attitudes, … to support those who choose to remain there and continue to live their lives.
Death on Torah on the Trails
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
On the third Saturday of the month our Torah Study group, which normally meets in a room at the synagogue, instead goes on “Torah on the Trails.
MainJudaismWhat Makes Our State Jewish?
Arutz Sheva
The question of the Jewish character of the state of Israel is currently a hotly … This article presents a Torah oriented sociological answer to the …
Temples to host Torah in relay for pluralism
New Jersey Jewish News
Torah scroll that is expected to be read by women at the Western Wall in … “Jewsaround the world care about this issue of full equality in terms of …
The Shmuz on Bamidbar
Arutz Sheva
Less than a year after the giving of the Torah, HASHEM told Moshe to again count theJewish People. The Siforno points out that this counting was …
Registration open for Flemington Jewish Community Center Hebrew School
Hunterdon County Democrat
Their continued focus is on Hebrew language, prayer skills, holiday, history, Torahstudies, and a strong connection to Israel. Third graders are …
Monmouth gets in line for Israel parade
New Jersey Jewish News
The newcomers represent the following organizations: Center for Jewish Life, Marlboro; Monmouth Torah Links, Morganville; Shalom Torah Academy …
MainJudaismAbraham, Isaac and Jacob: Jew or Israeli?
Arutz Sheva
This erstaz name-substitute “Jew” for Israeli, served to weaken our great inheritance of primary, original Afro-Asiatic, Hebrew and Israelite Torah …
Brokenhearted Chassid
Chassidim would say that when learning Torah, one must take utmost care not to forget the Giver of the Torah, but to study in a state of humble awe.
Pass it along
New Jersey Jewish News
Think of it as an Olympic Torch for pluralism: A Torah scroll scheduled to be read by women at the Western Wall, before finding a home at a Reform …
For holy text, Potomac man wrote 304805 letters without a single mistake
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online
To write a Torah, a scribe must pen 304,805 Hebrew letters using a feather quill on sheepskin parchment — without making a single mistake.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The collective memory of the Holocaust is being inherited by people who did not experience it themselves. Enter the Pittsburgh Jewish Music Festival, …
Lachan Jewish Chamber Choir performs at Holy Blossom
Canadian Jewish News (blog)
Lachan Jewish Chamber Choir performs music from the 12th to the 21st centuries inHebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and English in a 20th anniversary …
Yiddish Premiere of SOUL DOCTOR to Run 6/8-29 at Segal Centre
Broadway World
Soul Doctor recounts the fascinating life of the beloved, controversial father of popularJewish music, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and his unexpected …
Rabbi David Yosef Slams Meron Events Over Sabbath Violations
Arutz Sheva
Rabbi David Yosef of Har Nof in Jerusalem, son of former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef z”tzl and brother of current Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, …

read more – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report  Kol Isha
Ye,s you guessed it folks. The uber popular ” Chabad Niggun”, made famous by Beri Weber on his last album Thank you Hashem,! is now being …

Behind the Scenes at Beri Weber Video Shoot – Jewish Music Report

Jewish Music Report  Kol Isha

Coming soon: the music video for Beri Weber’s Chabadzkapella, produced by Divine Productions’ CD Eichler, due out hopefully next week. Photos .

Holocaust Museum Opened in Elie Wiesel’s Childhood Home
Arutz Sheva
This is the first in a series of events that will mark 70 years since the expulsion of the lastJews of Northern Transylvania to Auschwitz. Among the …
Golem’s Back, With A Bang
The Jewish Week
Recent events in Ukraine color new album by Golem. … had 2,000 peop



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