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Musical video-essay by Inna Rogatchi on the collection of her original works in fine art photography and art collages. The video-esssay has been created for commemoration of the Day of Jerusalem in 2014. The inaugural public presentation of the short film had been the part of the Special Event in Tallinn, Estonia, commemorating the Day of Jerusalem amnd the 7th anniversary of the Tallinn New Synagogue. The famous work My Stones. Jerusalem by the world-renowned artist Michael Rogatchi belong to the Art Collection of the Municipality of Jerusalem.

Music: J-S. Bach. Prelude BWV 555 in Silotti transcription. Performed by Felipe Sarro. Fully licensed use of music – Creaive Commons Archive.

More on Inna & Michael Rogatchi, their art and philanthropy – at The Rogatchi Foundation site –

יום ירושלים

Szól a kakas már – Hungarian Jewish Folk Music

Judaism and Jews in Greece – Greek Jewish Diaspora

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel






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New Kosher restaurant in Brussels gains popularity


Food, in particular Kosher food, is an important part of the Jewish way of life.


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Chabad of Boulder, Colorado

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Comunidade na TV 20 a 26/04/2014

O Comunidade na TV é um programa da Federação Israelita do Rio de Janeiro.

O programa é exibido no Canal 14 da NET aos Domingos (7h, 16h e 21h), com reprises ao longo da semana!.

jCommunities2 Kopie

Brussels Jewish museum shooter ‘inspired by French Islamist’
A gunman who shot dead three people at a Jewish museum in Brussels had a camera strapped to his chest to film the killings, in an echo of the …
Jewish nation-state bill gets another go
One of the primary purposes of the controversial bill, which was shelved after Elkin first proposed it, is to grant primacy to the Jewish character of the …
Accepting Jewish values prize, Bloomberg strikes universalist tone
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
In Jerusalem on Thursday for the first awarding of what some have called the Jewish Nobel, Bloomberg made a day of it. He appeared with Jerusalem …


Three Killed in Brussels Shooting
Wall Street Journal
… inside Brussels’ Jewish museum on Saturday, prompting the Belgian government to heighten security for the Jewish communities across Belgium.

Senate salutes Jewish– Americans, honors Shoah survivors in bipartisan resolution
San Diego Jewish World
“In Jewish communities across the United States, public service, social action, and charity are rooted in both the religious and cultural components of …


Why is Greece the most anti-Semitic country in Europe?
But both ADL and the local Jewish community say the reality is more nuanced than the poll numbers suggest. By JTA | May 20, 2014 | 9:04 PM | 3 …

American Jewish community’s fear pushes it away from honest debate
Haaretz (blog)
So-called ‘war’ against Israel existence by BDS makes Jewish leaders crawl into ideological bunkers, while what is really needed is public discussion …
Lane County’s Jewish community partners with local nonprofit groups for day of good deeds
The Register-Guard
Alice Resseguie, 92, visits with (from left) Urah Sletteland, Bella Moses and Olivia Stein on Sunday as they knit stocking caps for cancer patients …
Spanish town ‘Kill Jews Fort’ to vote on name change
The reality is this is a village descended from a Jewish community,” Rodriguez said. The village of ancient stone houses surrounded by fields, near the …
AJC denounces Polish legislator over Holocaust payments
San Diego Jewish World
MP Slawomir Kopycinski, of the Europa Plus party, called the Regulatory Commission forJewish Communities “the fourth partition of Poland,” and said …
Jewish Revival Gains Ground With Russia’s University Students
Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS
Organized by the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, and co-sponsored by Or Avner and Ner L’elef, the Jewish tour of Europe was offered …
Aussies told not to take part in peace run
J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
The Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria are an integral part of the reality on the ground. Therefore any talk of peace needs to include them, …
Jewish Torah scroll completed at local library
Around 125 members, old and young, from the Capital Region’s Jewish Community came to witness the special event where a rabbinical scribe …
Under tight security, Odessa Jews celebrate Lag Ba’omer
Jerusalem Post
The participants gathered near the city’s Chabad Jewish school on … I became inspired by how the Jewish community is managing, gathering for the …
Tracking global anti-Semitism
In the West Bank and Gaza, 93 percent of the adult population holds … our partners inJewish communities, NGOs and academia around the world to …
ADL’s Foxman calls on Greeks to reject Golden Dawn
Jerusalem Post
In explaining Golden Dawn’s electoral successes last year, David Saltiel, then President of the president of the Central Board of Jewish Communities …
Reports Of Plans To Evacuate Odesa’s Jewish Community Appear To Miss Mark
Odesa’s Chabad House — one of two functioning synagogues in a city that hosts an estimated 12,000 Jews — is about a 10-minute walk from the trade …
Loving Israel to death
Unless the Jewish community makes room for loving disagreement with … Loving Israel includes rejoicing in a vibrant and vital Jewish society and …
Landmark school moving to new digs
But thanks, largely, to a $5 million donation from four local families, the longtime Jewish community day school, serving families and students …
Roman Jews Show Support for Nigerian Schoolgirls, Persecuted Christians
Jewish Daily Forward
The initiative on Thursday is being co-sponsored by the Rome Jewish community and the Community of Sant’ Egidio, a Roman Catholic association …
Michel Gugenheim, French Chief Rabbi, Accused Of Extortion Over Religious Divorce
Huffington Post
Paris’ and France’s chief Rabbi Michel Gugenheim delivers a specch during a meeting with representatives of French Jewish communities on June 2, …
READER SUBMITTED: Coming Of Age Around The World
Hartford Courant
Speakers will include Rabbi Debra Cantor of Congregation B’nai Tikvoh-Sholom, representing the Jewish community; Rosaida Morales Rosario, …

Itche Kadoozy Chanukah Mini-Series – Part I – Inspiration & Entertainment –
Jono enters a donut eating contest, Gefilte Fish orders two thousand plastic dreidels from China and Rabbi Kadoozy gets a permit for a menorah …
Live Broadcast: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries – Sunday  –
Join over 3000 Chabad-Lubavitch women emissaries and their guests as they celebrate at the annual banquet, the culmination of a five-day …
Make Your Own Honey Dish – Children’s Videos – Jewish Kids –
Learn how to decorate a beautiful ceramic honey dish for Rosh Hashanah. Beta Site Tour – Take a Tour of the New – The New
Take a 3-minute tour that highlights some of the major changes and improvements at, the #1 Jewish website.
Oprah’s Visit to Hasidic Brooklyn – A Jewish.TV Exclusive Interview – Inside Chabad  –
Oprah Winfrey spent a day visiting Hasidic communities in Brooklyn, NY. At the end of the day,’s own Rabbi Motti Seligson interviewed …
What If We Built the World’s Greatest Sukkah? – What If? – Jewish Kids –
Ezy, Eli, Dina and the newest character, Rina, try to come up with ideas to make the world’s greatest sukkah and learn an important lesson in the …
Immunity to Impurity – Torah Classes –
The 24th chapter of Tractate Keilim deals with laws of ritual impurity (tumah) as it applies to various vessels, foremost amongst them the different type …
Big Trouble Meets Small Shofar – by Miri – KabbalaToons –
Miri tells the story of a neshamah that came down to earth to shine light, but got into big trouble instead—and how a shofar rescued the neshamah …
Shabbat Candle-Lighting – Let There Be Light –
Welcome to our candle-lighting section, where you will find the details and practicalities of lighting Shabbat candles, along with the meaning, …


Lag BaOmer is Coming, and With It Festivities in Fantastic Form
Around the rest of the country, in cities and towns large and small, Chabad centers are hosting parades and gatherings under the slogan: “Together, …
Chabad Rabbi: Kharkov Mayor Kernes Eager To Return Home
JP Updates
Mayor Gennady Kernes of Kharkov is slowly recuperating at a hospital in Haifa and is on the phone daily with his administration back home, Chabad …
Tokyo, Japan – Netanyahu Writes First Letter In New Torah Scroll For Chabad Community
JP Updates
Rabbi Mendi and Chana Sudakevich, co-directors of Chabad Lubavitch of Tokyo-Japan, learned of Netanyahu’s visit when they were asked by his …
Mezuzahs in Kazakhstan (blog)
We arrived in Astana, the capital, where we stayed with the local Chabad emissaries overnight. The next morning, loaded with supplies for the Seder, …
Seders for Everyone, Wherever They May Be (blog)
A quick search on and they discover that sure enough there is a full timeChabad House with a Seder in this town with a population of just …
Mutual Interests (blog)
As a child he went to Chabad Hebrew schools and was friends with the children of theChabad emissaries there. I wanted to know more about him.
The Child Within
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, a senior editor at, also heads our Ask The Rabbi team. He is the author of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth.
‘Drive-by bar mitzva,’ as explained by Hollywood celebrity Lisa Kudrow
Jerusalem Post
The former ‘Friends’ star told late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien that her son was recently bar mitzva’d at a Los Angeles mall by Chabad …
Is this the most offensive drinking game yet? ‘Jews vs Nazis’ beer pong catches on at student 
Daily Mail
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz, of the Chabad Lubavitch, of Southwest Florida, told Fox4 said: ‘As a rabbi, I like to look at the world as a beautiful place.




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