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Machon Meir is a Center for Jewish Studies that is located in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel in the neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe. It was established by Rabbi Dov Bigon shortly after the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Rabbi Bigon was a commander in the Israeli Defense Force that helped liberate Jerusalem and the Western Wall from the Jordanian Legion. After the war he began to contemplate the meaning of the Jewish Nation and decided to enroll himself in the Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Machon Meir for over the last 35 years has been a place for all of Am Yisrael to come and learn more about their Jewish roots. It is a place to get a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of the Nation of Israel and the importance of living in the Land of Israel. Since its inception it has grown to become more than just a center for Jewish learning. It now has expanded into a facility that has over 600 students with classes in Hebrew, English, Russian, French and Spanish. Its main student body is made up of Israelis, which is great for the student from abroad to be able to get a first hand feel of what the Israeli Religious culture is like. It also has thousands of Alumni who frequently visit Machon Meir and stay in personal contact with their Rabbis.
It has also opened up a Religious Zionist seminary for women speakers of Hebrew, Spanish and Russian called Machon Ora. If you would like to visit their website go to ttp://

Machon Meir is also the only place in Jerusalem which offers Kosher, Torani Ulpan classes for men only to learn Hebrew. These classes take place during the afternoon hours Sunday-Wednesday. If you would like to visit their website go to ttp://

Machon Meir has become known throughout Israel as the place to go to learn more and grow as a Jewish person and member of Am Yisrael. It has also become the landing point for many new immigrants from all the countries in the Diaspora because of its value on full integration into Israeli society and the encouragement to be a part of the Israeli Defense Force.

The Ultimate in Jewish Rock

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כוכבית אתרוג

תלמוד תורה יסדת עוז תשעד

Select Section WEEKLY Parshat Balak language hebrew,french,english,spanish,german,russian, Machon Meir, CHABAD,The Jewish Woman,YOUTH/TEENS SHIURIM & COMMENTARIES

Select Section jewish holidays shiurim 17th of Tammuz  language hebrew,french,english,spanish,german,russian SHIURIM & COMMENTARIES

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Celebrate 60 years of NCSY at the historic Shabbaton this Spring. Sign up online at your regional website or go to

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A fantastic group of Young Adults from Chabad NDG in the heart of Montreal’s trendy Monkland Village went down to Crown Heights, New York for an incredible Shabbaton weekend. It was the best of both the physical and spiritual worlds. This is a 6 minute documentary of our journey, reflections and inspirations… hope you enjoy it!

Filmed by Rabbi Yisroel Bernath on Canon Powershot SD1400 IS
Edited in iMovie for iPhone

Parshat Balak: Why You Should Always Listen to a Talking Donkey

Download the Curriculum:…

What’s a cartoon series without talking animals? Thank God the Bible includes a loquacious donkey. Join Rabbi Andy Shapiro Katz for the gutsy, brainy story of a donkey who knew better than its rider.

This is Episode 40 of the weekly Torah cartoon from Each week, a different storyteller – some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion…and then we animate it!

Balak : La Paracha avec BOUBACH – Saison 2 !!.

Voici la nouvelle émission de 613TV conçue et présentée par Michaël Broll!! Avec BOUBACH, découvrez les trésors de la Torah à travers la paracha de la semaine!!!!!!! Un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer et à partager avec toute votre famille et tous vos amis!
Here is the new issue of 613TV designed and presented by Michaël Broll!! With BOUBACH discover the treasures of the Torah through the parsha of the week!!!!!!! An appointment not to be missed and to share with all your family and your friends!

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La Paracha avec Boubach saison 2 !!


Une nouvelle émission de 613TV qui vous propose 15 minutes de Thora avec une parole de Thora sur la paracha,une loi de Chabbat et une merveilleuse histoire.
Ce pack vous est offert pour embellir votre table de Chabbat.

La paracha #35 : ‘Houkat

Un rocher qui pleure du sang, des personnages emblématiques qui meurent, des retournements de situation… Non, ce n’est pas le dernier épisode de Game of Thrones, c’est votre paracha hebdomadaire !

Emission dédiée à la mémoire de Patrick David Mizel

Paracha …..Rosée de Miel


Tammuz 4, 5774 · July 2, 2014
Sleeping Lion

“You know,” David said to Ben, “I had a really good year at school. Thank G‑d.”

It was the summer, and Ben and David were reminiscing over the year at school.

“Do you remember last year?” David continued. “Do you remember how I used to flunk every Jewish Studies test?”

“Yes,” Ben said, “you used to kind of scrape along by somehow sending in these half-hearted assignments.”

“It’s funny,” David said as he leaned his head back to remember. “I always thought that Jewish Studies was not for me. Math was boring but I was good at it, and history I could kind of handle. But those essays on Jewish Studies just seemed too much for me to bite!”

Ben chuckled; there had been a class joke about how much David didn’t enjoy doing those assignments.

“But then,” Ben said, “Mr. Benson came along.”

“Yes,” David said. “Mr. Benson came along… So?”

“I feel that he was one of the most inspiring teachers we’ve had,” Ben said. “He is a teacher who managed to make us feel like we were in control of our studies and that we could do better or worse based on our choices.”

“I remember,” David said, “he always used to say to me: ‘David, you are a sleeping lion just like the Jewish people in exile.'”

“What does that mean?” Ben asked. “Why are the Jewish people like sleeping lions?”

“Well,” David said, “there was this king called Balak who didn’t like the Jewish people so he got this gentile prophet Balaam to curse the Jewish people while they camped in the desert. But in the end, Balaam ended up blessing and praising the people.”

“Yes,” Ben said, “I am starting to remember. He said that we are like a sleeping lion because even though we are in exile and not in power and don’t have a Temple, nevertheless we are compared to a sleeping lion because no one has power over us. But what does that mean? Surely there have been times when other nations have had power over us?”

“Well,” said David, “the Chassidic masters say that only our bodies are in exile but our Jewish souls are free and in power. So, in fact, even though it might sometimes seem that others have power over us, really we are free—free to do mitzvot and serve G‑d”

“So as lions, we might wake up any moment,” said Ben. “But only to do good things…” Update

Make it Count!

Tammuz 1, 5774 · June 29, 2014
Make it Count!
Hey Kids!This week, we mark the twentieth Yartzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, a modern-day Jewish leader who cared for all of humanity and had a special affinity for Jewish children. The Rebbe’s emphasis on reaching out to Jewish kids is the inspiration behind our website and guides everything we do here at enjoy this week’s content and do an extra Mitzvah in the Rebbe’s honor.

To learn more about the Rebbe, visit

Have a great week!

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This Week’s Features

Miri’s grandfather introduces her to the first Hebrew letter, the Aleph
Watch Watch (1:36)
A story and thought about this week’s Parsha
By Gershon Kranzler
Download Download   Listen Listen (2:08)

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