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Avinu Avinu (Our Father)

Cantor Yudi Cohen and the Sydenham-Highlands North Shul Choir sing Avinu Avinu (Our Father) at the Israel Solidarity Peace Rally. 3 August 2014. Johannesburg, South Africa. Over 12 500 people from across the spectrum attended the rally in support of the state of Israel. The rally was organised by the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) in collaboration with its many partners.



WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 


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מבוא להיסטוריה עולמית תשע”ג

מבוא להיסטוריה עולמית
תוכנית “אבני פינה”
ד”ר יובל הררי


תיאור הקורס:
נסקור את התהליכים המרכזיים של ההיסטוריה האנושית מאז הופעתו של האדם ועד היום. מטרתנו להכיר לסטודנטים את תהליכי המפתח ונקודות המפנה העיקריות של ההיסטוריה, ובמקביל לעמוד על הקשרים בין ההיסטוריה האנושית לבין הביולוגיה של האדם והמערכת האקולוגית הגלובאלית.

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari

The course will survey the main processes of human history from the appearance of humanity until today. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the key processes and key turning points of history, and at the same time to examine the relations between human history, human biology, and the global ecological system.

National Museum of American Jewish History – Philadelphia, PA

American Jewish History Museum on Independence Mall tells an epic story within an innovative glass and terra-cotta architectural masterpiece that features geometric and asymmetric views in an atrium with bridges and stairways. Building designed by James Polshek of Ennead Architects. It is a must see for visitors to Philadelphia.

National Museum of American Jewish History |

Jewish Synagogues |

צוק איתן – קליפ המוקדש באהבה לכל חיילי צה״ל


Israel Inside (10 Minute Version)

Israel – Small but Outstanding


Boca Raton’s Jewish History Part 4

Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum’s Jewish History Project: Interview with Rabbi Merle Singer and Myra Singer by Arlene Herson, 2014.

Boca Raton’s Jewish History Part 3

Boca Raton’s Jewish History Part 2

David Solomon In Chabad Malvern

A clip from ‘The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour’

Boca Raton’s Jewish History

Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum’s Jewish History Project: Interview with Rabbi Merle Singer and Myra Singer by Arlene Herson, 2014.

The Jewish uprising against the Romans at Masada [FULL VIDEO]

Mysteries of the Bible reports on Jewish uprising against the Romans at Masada. (Biblical Mysteries EP05) Masada (Hebrew מצדה, pronounced About this sound Me.

Mysteries of the Bible reports on Jewish uprising against the Romans at Masada. (Biblical Mysteries EP05) Masada (Hebrew מצדה, pronounced About this sound Me.

Story of the Jews and their fights against the Romans and their land. (Biblical Mysteries EP21) The history of the Jews in the Roman Empire traces the intera.

This episode talks about the Great King Herod and Masada. (Biblical Mysteries EP19) Herod (Hebrew: הוֹרְדוֹס‎, Hordos, Greek: Ἡρῴδης, Hērōdēs), (73/74 BCE –.

Jewish Treats Acts of Kindness for Israel

On this Fast of the 17th of Tammuz, Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, the Director of NJOP, discusses how remembering what happened on this day in Jewish history helps us identify with our past but it is also a day when we need to identify with the present and future. Even while people are protecting themselves from Hamas’ rockets, some admirable stories are coming out from Israel. Rabbi Buchwald tells of a couple that’s wedding was canceled in the south of Israel due to rockets nearby and a councilman treated them to a wedding in Jerusalem. This should remind us that all the meritorious acts will be for the merit of those in Israel. So let’s use this day and the coming days to do acts of kindness so that our people will be spared any future sorrow and God should bless us with goodness and peace.

Interview with SWC’s Rabbi Marvin Hier on the enemy Israel faces today: Hamas terrorists

“The Jewish people have had many enemies our history. None can compare with the Nazi regime, but even they revered life over death, rather than Hamas terrorists who embrace their culture of death, over life. You cannot have a unity government with these terrorists,” Rabbi Marvin Hier, SWC Dean & Founder

TAKE ACTION: Sign the Center’s petition to President Obama urging that he withdraw funding for a Palestinian Authority/Hamas Unity Government

The Mystery of Jews in Japan

What is the connection between Jews and ancient Japan? There are just too many commonalities to be coincidence. -Daniel C. Knapp ~Producer…

אומרים שהיה פה – 1976

יהונתן גפן יוצא למסע בהיסטוריה של מדינת ישראל שמשולבת בהיסטוריה הפרטית שלו. 1976: להקת תמוז ב”סוף עונת התפוזים”, יום האדמה מכניס את כולם לכוננות, רינה מור זוכה בתואר מיס עולם, אבל מעל כולם זורח מבצע אנטבה שמדהים את כולם.

Bilhah Abigaill Levy Franks: The Jews of Colonial America Dr. Henry Abramson

Bilhah Abigaill Levy Franks lived in New York City in the early decades of the eighteenth century. Her correspondence with Naftali, her eldest son, reveals much about the inner life of a Jewish woman in colonial America. Part of the Jewish Biography as History series available at

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

The Jewish World: Mongolia

What does it mean to be Jewish in Monglia? Sumaadii Luvsandendev, one of the very few Jews living in Mongolia today, has an answer.

Deliver us: From Holocaust to the the Promised Land

The 7 Wonders of Jewish History

The MOST Important Video About Israel You’ll Ever See!

Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains where the terms “West Bank”, “occupied territories” and “67 Borders” originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied. Also follow on Twitter: and

KiruvMedia Subbotniks – Russians who embraced Judaism – Khazars and more…


The Subbotniks were ethnic Russian peasants in southern Russia who embraced Jewish practice and converted to Judaism more than 200 years ago under the Czarist regime.
They were referred to by the term “Subbotniks” because of their love of the Subbot, which is Russian for Sabbath.
In the early 19th century, Czar Alexander I expelled them from their homes and deported them to the far reaches of the empire as punishment for their adoption of Judaism.
They were later ruthlessly persecuted by the Communists, and thousands of them were murdered by the Germans after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II.
There are still an estimated 15,000 Subbotnik Jews living primarily in southern Russia and in Siberia, most of whom wish to return to the traditions of their ancestors and emigrate to Israel.

More information about Subbotniks:

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (This Week in Jewish History) Dr. Henry Abramson

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) articulated a strategy to allow Jews their traditional observances while participating activelly in the modern world. Criticized from both the left and the right, his thought remains highly influential into the 21st century. Part of the “This Week in Jewish History” series by Dr. Henry Abramson. More videos available at

Jewish Diaspora

History of Israel – Documentary on Israeli Jewish history and the Jewish diaspora in Europe and the Middle East part 2

This documentary explains of the Jewish diaspora from ancient Israel that later formed the Ashkenazi Jews of Western and Eastern Europe and the Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews of Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The Kabbalah of Forgiveness and more…. (Dr. Henry Abramson)


Dr. Henry Abramson channel

היסטוריה ארץ ישראל

היסטוריה ככללית

ל”ג בעומר במירון תשע”ד 2014 מיום חמישי עד יום ראשון


YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Dr. Henry Abramson This Week in Jewish History

The Fate of Jewish Communities: Before,During and After the Holocaust

Rav Berel Wein is a new Destiny website where one can study Jewish History online.

Rav Berel Wein Jewish History Crash Course

Jewish Documentary – Full Film

21.04.2009 Faith and Fate is a documentary telling the story of the Jews in the 20th Century.


SRAEL is the historic homeland of the Jewish people. God gave that land to the descendants of Abraham and Sarah, who are the Jews. The Bible says he’ll never break that covenant: Judges 2:1 “I brought you unto the land which I swore unto your fathers; and I said, I will Never break my covenant with you”. God set forth what he had done for Israel, and what he had promised.

The Rebbe and The Resurgence of Orthodox Judaism

Menachem Mendel Schneerson built the Lubavitcher movement from a relatively small sect within Hasidic Judaism into the powerful force in Jewish life that it is today. Samuel Heilman, Professor of Sociology at CUNY, explores Schneerson’s beliefs and the rise of orthodox Judaism. Series: “Herman P. and Sophia Taubman Endowed Symposia in Jewish Studies” [11/2011] [Humanities] [Show ID: 22631]

Rabbi Israel Meir Kahan, the Chofetz Chaim (Jewish Biography as History)

The Chofetz Chaim was one of the most influential Rabbinic thinkers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan is known principally for his dramatically creative analysis of the topic of forbidden speech (lashon ha-ra), and rose to prominence as a major scholar-leader of the Jewish people. Part of the Jewish Biography as History lecture series by Dr. Henry Abramson, more lectures available at


History of Prayer – The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 1 – Courses
Rabbi Lazer Gurkow is spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tefilah in London, Ontario, and a frequent contributor to The Judaism …



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