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A message to Manchester Friends of Israel by Kasim Hafeez

Kasim Hafeez is a Zionist muslim, who was previously an anti-Semite and anti-Zionist. He explains his story and gives a vote of confidence to all supporters of Israel to attend this weekends rallies!

The Jewish Mini-Holiday of Tu B’Av
The 15th of Av Aug. 11
Torah Insights

Acheinu (Our Brothers)

Cantors Chilly Chrysler, Avron Alter and Ezra Sher sing Acheinu (Our Brothers) at the Israel Solidarity Peace Rally. 3 August 2014. Johannesburg, South Africa. Over 12 500 people from across the spectrum attended the rally in support of the state of Israel. The rally was organised by the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) in collaboration with its many partners.

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold)

Cantors Chilly Chrysler, Avron Alter and Ezra Sher sing Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) at the Israel Solidarity Peace Rally. 3 August 2014. Johannesburg, South Africa. Over 12 500 people from across the spectrum attended the rally in support of the state of Israel. The rally was organised by the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) in collaboration with its many partners.

We Stand With Israel

IDF Training
The home of authentic Krav Maga in Melbourne Australia
1300 858 265

In light of recent events and in response to the many calls and emails following the violent unprovoked racist attack on a local Jewish man, we decided to run a FREE self defence workshop for our community, covering these sorts of situations.

The 1.5hr workshop was practical and interactive. We heard from Zachary Gomo, the victim of a recent anti-semitic attack who discussed his experience and Benji Szafran, Josh Prior and Jake Green ran a scenario training based on these sorts of attacks.

On the day we collected $500USD in donations for Friends Of The IDF a charity organization in Israel that initiates and helps support educational, social, cultural and recreational programs and facilities for the young men and women soldiers who defend Israel. FIDF also supports the families of fallen soldiers.

This workshop was for everyone and anyone – you didn’t have to be Jewish! It was great example of what Krav Maga (the Israeli Army’s own self defence system) is all about and a way to join us in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people!

Music “Subliminal & The Shadow-Hope / Tikva”, sound recording administered by: Helicon Music

Pro-Israel Rally-Ottawa-2014


“Shmor” Benny Elbaz – Pro Israel rally NYC 2014

As the difficult situation continues in the Middle East and critics worldwide blast Israel for its response to Hamas rocket fire, comes Shmor, an all new music video starring Israeli superstar Benny Elbaz, set against the backdrop of the Midtown Manhattan pro-Israel rally that took place on July 21st, 2014 and was attended by thousands.

Stand With Israel Rally July 28, 2014

Stand With Israel Rally – July 28, 2014

Spontaneous Pro-Israel Rally Erupts in Response to Protestors

Don’t Mess with the Diamond District
See article: Joyous Pro-Israel Rally Overwhelms Protestors in NYC
Special thanks to those who contributed additional video!
July 2014
© Danielle Avel

Tokyo support rally for Israel

July 31, 2014, rally support for Israel was held Israel embassy in Japan front. In Tokyo.


WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 



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Un clip du Hamas devient tube de l’été en Israël

A clip of Hamas becomes a summer hit in Israel (GOOGLE translation)
un clip du Hamas qui visait à terroriser l’Etat hébreu a été parodié à plusieurs reprises par les Israéliens, jusqu’à devenir un véritable tube de l’été

Ces Israéliens l’ont bien compris: l’humour est certainement l’arme la plus redoutable
contre la terreur. Un clip du Hamas devient tube de l’été en Israël
Au début de l’opération Bordure protectrice qui a débuté mi-juillet, la branche armée du
Hamas avait mis en ligne un clip illustrant des paroles explicites et chantées en hébreu.
Intitulée Nous allons faire trembler la sécurité d’Israël, la chanson visait à terroriser
l’Etat hébreu et ses habitants.

Happy Tu B’Av from PunkTorah

Choose love. Choose PunkTorah. Visit and Music by Big D and the Kids Table!!!

“Jewish Valentines Day” – Tu B’Av Boat Party on Shalom TV

Jewish singles cruise around the Hudson in search of their perfect mate, on a love boat sponsored by A Shalom TV extra for Valentines Day!

“LoveFest” on Tu b’Av by JConnect L.A.

Rabbi Yonah’s first Jconnect event features Blue Fringe, Rav Shmuel, and The Moshav Band

Diwan Saz Tu B Av Celebration – First Song

Tu B’Av…Can Benji Lovitt Find a Date?

Comedian Benji Lovitt hits the streets to see how the people of Israel are celebrating Tu B’av, the Jewish Valentine’s Day.

To hire Benji for a comedy show or a video for your organization, visit

Produced by:
Molly Livingstone

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive – The Land of Promise

Name: The Land of Promise
Year: 1935
Duration: 00:58:26
Language: English

Where is Moshiach?

Rabbi Moshiach Chudaitov and his family were active in the Jewish underground in Samarkand, Uzbekistan during Soviet times. When they succeeded in leaving the Soviet Union, they received some unexpected attention from the Rebbe, together with a very special blessing.

From Living Torah Volume 129 Program 516

Joan Rivers — GOES OFF on Epic Israel/Palestine Rant

Joan Rivers dropped jettisoned comedy for politics … unleashing an impassioned defense of Israel that included an awesome New York/New Jersey analogy.

Tefillin – Spiritual Protection

Teffilin – Spiritual Protection
The Mitzvah that brought the victory during the Six-Day War 5727 – 1967
Selects from the video “Peace Upon the Land”

With your help we can win! – Put on Teffilin every weekday.
For help go to

Kol Maleh Rahamim at Funeral of Max Steinberg z”l

Jewish songs on the Dam in Amsterdam

Veröffentlicht am 18.07.2014
After the pro Israel event spontaneously Jewish songs were sung

Jewish events by Gaby Z 2014

19.07.2014 Gabriel Zyserman
The last amazing Israeli shows for your next social& corporate events!

The Minyan That Saved Our Lives

A fascinating story of Hashgacha Protis occurred to Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz, director of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida, and his family while they were visiting Moscow this week, which he shared with and our readers

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 12.59.16 PM

Relates Rabbi Minkowicz:

Popular Farbrengen & Chabad videos

Guimel Tamuz 5771 (2011) – Sinagoga Pequena – Rabino Shamai Ende (Histórias)

Guimel Tamuz 5771 Rebe 3 Tamuz 2011 julho NY NYC New York City United States of America Nova Iorque Estados Unidos Crown Hights 770 Eastern Parkway Kingston Avenue Street Grupo Sao Paulo Brasil Brazil Rebbe Rabino Rabbi O shil Oshil Itaim Richard Tamesgui Yossi Shmuli Schildkraut Zal Hakatan

12Tribe Films

12Tribe Films Foundation is a program provider specializing in movies and cultural events that show a side of the Jewish and Israeli narrative that receives little attention in the public discourse today. Our aim is to provide programs that allow people to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel today.
See our premier production:

One People One World

Salomon Says channels

Focus your efforts on prayer. It makes a difference.

Please pray for the safe and speedy return of Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, and Eyal ben Iris Teshura.



Channel of Breslev Israel

Breslev Israel Films is your cyber haven for love, soul, and joy.
Spreading the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev of blessed memory, and our contemporary spiritual leader Rabbi Shalom Arush, our English-speaking rabbis include (alphabetically) Dr. Zev Ballen, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rabbi Dror Moshe Cassutto, Rabbi Elchanan Elgorod, and Rabbi Natan Maimon.
Our channel also features inspirational clips and music from the Jewish music world’s leading performers.
Check out our multi-language web portal at

The Jewish World

WorldJewish Congress


Jewish life in Ukraine today: Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Vice-President of the WJC, offers his perspective on the challenges ahead of one of the biggest Jewish communities in Europe. Distributed by


Centre for Jewish Life – London·

Transformational Tuesdays: TED Style – Keith Breslauer


The Centre for Jewish Life offers a varied and exciting programme of discovery as you explore classic and mystical themes in a format tailored to you.

Chabad House Bowery

Rabbi Wein speaks In memory of…Eyal, Gilad and Naftali HY

A Memorial Lecture given by Rabbi Berel Wein in Jerusalem
in memory of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali HY”D
Live Broadcast: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries – Sunday, January 26 / 5:30 
Join over 3000 Chabad-Lubavitch women emissaries and their guests as they celebrate at the annual banquet, the culmination of a five-day …
Oprah’s Visit to Hasidic Brooklyn – A Jewish.TV Exclusive Interview – Inside Chabad-Lubavitch
Oprah Winfrey spent a day visiting Hasidic communities in Brooklyn, NY. At the end of the day,’s own Rabbi Motti Seligson interviewed …
My Very Own Chanukah Party – Children’s Videos – Jewish Kids –
Watch children host a Chanukah celebration and a grand dreidel game especially for kids!
Out of Egypt – Children’s Videos – Jewish Kids –
Experience the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people out of the mighty Egyptian empire—in a unique, fun-filled (and educational) style!
Mitzvah Island Episode 1 – Mitzvah Island – Jewish Kids –
Sarah and Avi find a letter “mem,” and help him find a mitzvah that starts with the letter “mem.”
Matzah: What’s Up With It? – A Matzah Documentary by Jono – Inspiration  –
Take a video tour of an authentic matzah bakery in this hilarious documentary-style presentation, hosted by Jono.
What If We Never Left Egypt? – What If? – Jewish Kids –
Parents: Subscribe to Kids! Stay up to date on the latest fun and educational features and videos on Kids. Sort By: Newest
Young Abraham – Children’s Videos – Jewish Kids –
The famous story from the Midrash about how Abraham destroyed the idols in his father’s shop. An excerpt from the one-hour DVD “Young Abraham.”
Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men – Children’s Videos – Jewish Kids –
Famed Jewish children’s entertainers, Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men, sing songs and entertain at the Lag B’Omer children’s rally at …
Orthodox Union Orthodox Union

OU Solidarity Mission to Israel

Thursday, July 24 through Monday, July 28, 2014

Register Now

Please join us for a solidarity mission – this Thursday evening through Tuesday morning – that will include hospital visits, shiva visits and expression of support to our soldiers who are risking their lives for Klal Yisroel.

We will be leaving Thursday evening, spending a powerful Shabbos in S’derot with special guest speakers including the political, military and religious leadership of S’derot and the southern communities. Starting Motza’ei Shabbos through Monday night, we will feel, experience and participate with our brothers and sisters who have been living a tenuous existence over the last two weeks.

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb and Rabbi Steven Weil, together with the OU staff who work daily with the population on the front lines throughout Southern Israel, will be taking us throughout the communities, hospitals and areas that have been impacted.

Mission Details:
Thursday, July 24 – Monday, July 28, 2014

The land cost of the mission is:
$400 per person (double occupancy)
$550 per person (single occupancy)

Flights can be made through Murray’s Travel at 1-800-727-2875 (Ask for Murray)

Please note: Passports must have at least an additional six months from the return date in order to participate.

Additional details and a full itinerary will be sent out to registered participants. Space is limited. First come, first serve.

Register Now

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