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Sruli Twerski – Our Soldiers – A Sruly Weinberger Production שרלי טווערסקי – חיילנו

Sruli Twerski is a young and vibrant rising star in the Jewish music world.

His love for music and passion for singing began at an early age. His grandfather, Rabbi Michel Twerski From Milwaukee, a powerful influence in Sruli’s life, composed this tune and many others. Sruli grew up in a world of song and his love for music comes from the soul.

This song- “chayaleinu”- our soldiers is a tribute to the soul of our nation. It speaks to our battles, our trials, our bravery, our passion, and our unity as a Jewish people.

To our soldiers, their families, those who have loved and lost- we will not forget you. You are, and always will be -our soldiers:

Produced by Sruly Weinberger
Music arranged by Shimmy Sklar
Composed by Rabbi Michel Twerski
Mixed by Avi Ziv
Video by Yossi Wechsler -WEX Production
Vocal recorded by: MD Neuman – Neumann studio



WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 



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‘Threads’ at Jerusalem’s Tower of David Museum


‘To have new contemporary fashion within these walls — just the juxtaposition of the new and the old is amazing.’

What happens when you ask 10 leading Israeli fashion designers to imagine an original outfit for 10 significant women in Israeli history?

You get “Threads,” a new exhibition this summer at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem.

“Our research team researched each historical personality, then sat with the designers and explained their historical personality, why she was famous, why she was essential to our understanding of history, and the designers then just let inspiration rule their fantasies, and they created very original designs, each one very indicative of that designer’s work,” says Rose Ginosar, director of resource development for the museum in the ancient city walls.

“We’re essentially a fortress. A fortress that’s been standing here for over 1,000 years, and to have new contemporary fashion within these walls — just the juxtaposition of the new and the old is amazing.”

חזרה לגן: עומרי – ערוץ הופ!

חזרה לגן – עומרי מגיע לגן ופוחד שהגננת לא תזכור את שמו בין כל הילדים, הגננת מראה לעומרי שלכל ילד בגן יש מקום משלו גם לתיק וגם מגירה פרטית.
ולמרות כל החששות של עומרי יומו בגן עובר במהרה.
מענה לחשש להיות “לא נראה” בגן, על ידי הגננת שהיא הדמות הבוגרת שאמורה להקנות את תחושת הביטחון.

ערוץ הופ! – “לגדול בידיים טובות” – תוכניות חינוכיות מובחרות מהארץ ומהעולם, עם דגש על הפעלה יצירתית לילדים.
לתכנים נוספים:
משחקים, דפי צביעה, ו- VOD באתר המנויים:
אתר ערוץ הופ!:
הצטרפו אלינו בפייסבוק:
אפליקציית הופ!:…

קטגוריה: סדרות לילדים

Rebbe Clips Jewish Daily News.

The untold story of Jewish Baghdad: Iraqi capital was once home to vast Jewish community

Unresolved History: Jews and Lithuanians After the Holocaust

Chabad Jewish Community Center: Grand Opening

Video in honor of the Momentous & Joyous
Grand Opening of the beautiful new
Chabad Jewish Community Center.

Dignitaries and friends from all segments of the community celebrate the realization of a long-awaited dream:

Chabad Jewish Center of Holmdel Gala Dinner

Chabad Jewish Center of Holmdel 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner, Honoring Boris and Angela Natenzon & Memorial Tribute to Sheila Weisfeld

Young Leadership Awards @ the 2012 Colel Chabad ‘Two Centuries’ Dinner

Casey Klein, Oren Alexander, and Aaron & Ilana Wallenstein receive the Young Leadership Award @ the 2012 Colel Chabad ‘ Two Centuries ‘ International Awards Dinner with an introduction by Arthur Luxenberg

Changing Jewish Communities TheJerusalemCenter


Ahavah Rabah Ahavtanu – Beth Medrash Govoha Tea Presentation – 2008
Pidyon Peter Chamor In Detroit – Full Video


Chabad on Campus | Enriching University Life

Numerous prominent university presidents and deans express how Chabad on Campus plays an integral role at their school.


Camp Kimama Israel- International Summer Camps


Haredi: The Ultra orthodox society in Israel 1-5



The Jewish View

Kathy talks about how she became interested in politics after graduating from Siena College and how she rose through the ranks to her current position. Kathy reveals how she developed an interest in budgeting, which led to serving as a staffer on an important NYS Senate committee. Kathy also talks about her support for casinos

Community Lecture Series

North African Jewish music

Moishe House

Moishe House, a pluralistic international organization, provides meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their 20s. Our innovative model trains, supports and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities for themselves and their peers.

Our approach has enabled the existing 64 houses worldwide to engage more than 80,000 attendees a year. From Shabbat dinners and Learning Retreats to book clubs and sporting events, residents find ways to connect their peers with community, wherever they are. To learn more about our unique model, click here

יום ירושלים

Szól a kakas már – Hungarian Jewish Folk Music

Judaism and Jews in Greece – Greek Jewish Diaspora

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel




Popular Kibbutz videos

Mix Events Israel

New Kosher restaurant in Brussels gains popularity


Food, in particular Kosher food, is an important part of the Jewish way of life.


WorldJewish Congress


Israel Tourism

The Israel Experience

Innovative Israel

Actual  Videos

Chabad of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Jewish News

Comunidade na TV – 3 a 9 de agosto

O Comunidade na TV é um programa da Federação Israelita do Rio de Janeiro.

O programa é exibido no Canal 14 da NET aos Domingos (7h, 16h e 21h), com reprises ao longo da semana!.

jCommunities2 Kopie

Rally for Israel in NYC

Show your support for Israel and join us for a community-wide rally

When: Monday, July 28th at 12:30 PM

Where: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (2nd Avenue and 47th Street), New York City

More information

Download PDF Flyer

Please share:   Facebook  |  Twitter

OU Solidarity Mission to Israel

Read the latest reports from the OU Solidarity Mission to Israel

“We are now driving to Sderot, with planned visits today to IDF soldiers and to an Iron Dome installation. However, the area is closed off by the IDF due to security concerns, so there’s uncertainty about our exact route.”


What else can you do to support Israel?

Rally co-sponsors include:
UJA-Federation of New York
NY Board of Rabbis
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
Orthodox Union
Union for Reform Judaism
The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
National Council of Young Israel

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