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Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada

Israel You’re Not Alone – Official Music Video



WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 




Pyoutim + music judéo-andalouse


Video Jewish Music & Simcha of the Day



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Mordechai Ben David – Torah Hakedosha

Mordechai Ben David Sings “Torah Hakedosha” Composed by Rav Hillel Palei At a Sanz Klausenburg Yeshiva Fundraising Malveh Malka On Motzei Shabbos November 9 2013 In Boro Park, Naftuli Moshe Schnitzler On the Keys

Amazing Hasidic dance

Eitan Katz – Elul Nigun

simcha GREAT!! videos selection

Hachnosas Sefer Torah In Pupa – Elul 5772

Hachnosas Sefer Torah In Pupa – Elul 5772
Dancing on the streets in Williamsburg followed by the Pupa Rebbe dancing with the sefer Torah.

Modzitz Rebbe Visiting Ashdod – Elul 5772

Modzitz Rebbe Visiting Ashdod – Elul 5772…

Carlebach Rosh Chodesh Elul Tzfat 5770_1/2

Carlebach Rosh Chodesh Elul Tzfat 5770_2/2

24Jewish Video Clip of the Day,Avrumy Holczler singing Eishes Chayil (new) at his own wedding!! , Part 2 Section on the right side:Popular Eitan Katz Videos

לך אלי – מאיר בנאי חודש אלול

Nachamu Nachamu Ami

This is a new song from the upcoming album “Fixing the World” by Yisroel Juskowitz. It interweaves sadness together with hope and consolation.

Popular Nachamu Ami & Neshama Carlebach videos

שירי אלול

Special Diwan Saz Concert

Simchas Bais Kossov-Serdahel-Wosner

Kumzits & Nigun videos

Yeshiva Darchei Torah Choir – Shalom Aleichem

Music video of Benny Friedman’s Shalom Aleichem, performed by the Yeshiva Darechi Torah Boys Choir. (5th Grade) Directed by Rabbi Yisroel Kleinman, The video was produced by Skyline Music & Kol Rom Media. The song was originally produced by Avi Newmark, arranged by Ian Freitor, and composed by Ari Goldwag.

Cantors Selection

Chabad Nigunim Songs – Yaakov Shwekey in Brazil – November 2010, Kislev 5771

Benny Friedman & Shira Choir With Sympinny Band | בני פרידמן שירה וסימפני חתונה

Benny Friedman & Shira Choir With Sympinny Band

הכל תחת קורת גג אחד ובביצוע נשיר ומושלם בני פרידמן יקיר הקהל ומקהלת שירה המכובדת בלווי של תזמורת סימפני החדשה הקפיצו קהל אמריקאי משך שעות ללא הרף בחתונה חסידית במיטב הלחנים והלהיטים . המעגלים והריקודים נמשכו זמן רב שמחת חתן כלה בכל הפירושים וההסברים

Nigun Lev ניגון לב By Beri Weber

Brand new song by Beri Weber The single is titled “Niggun Lev” from his upcoming album that will be released by the end of the summer 2014 the song was composed with the spirit of the holy city of Tzfas and boasts an energetic vibe that is sure to warm and invigorate hearts all over.


24Jewish Video Jewish Music-Simcha of the Day, Concert Mordechai Ben David – Maaminim , Part 2 Popular Mordechai Ben David Videos. Great Videos Selection


The Rebbe: Ani Maamin…

From an upcoming Living Torah, Never before seen footage of this Farbrengen 24 Tammuz 5736 – 1976, the Rebbe singing Ani Maamin…

Lipa Schmeltzer

Popular Chabad Niggunim & Nigun videos

A medley of Simcha and weddings songs

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Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada

Rosh HaShanah Simanim (Signs)

It’s the month of Elul and we’re greating ready for Rosh HaShana at Villa Rimona.


WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 




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Restaurant casher chinois surprenant en Anvers

Anvers possède l’une des plus grandes populations juives d’Europe, tant et si bien qu’elle est souvent désignée comme la Jérusalem du Nord. Il n’est donc pas surprenant de constater qu’Anvers dispose de restaurants casher. Mais il est surprenant d’y trouver un restaurant casher chinois

Eat In Good Health! – Kasha Varnishkes (100% gluten-free)

Eat In Good Health!
A Cooking Show in Yiddish with English subtitles
with Rukhl Schaechter and Eve Jochnowitz
Kasha Varnishkes (100% gluten-free)



Best Potato Kugel Recipe – Quick & Kosher with Jamie Geller

10.01.2011… | Jamie Geller shows you how to make her recipe for Potato Kugel in individual cups. The best part about them is that every piece is a crusty corner piece, so nobody has to fight over that coveted crunch.

India’s Jewish Food

Joan Nathan travels to India to look for Jewish food and discovers a rich cultural history in the process.

Jewish and Kosher Recipes: Avocado Sandwich

Kosher roast chicken smothered with mushrooms, onions and veggies

Use just one pan to cook this meal. Just 45 minutes roasting a 2&1/2 lb. bird.

1 chicken 2 & 1/2 lb., 12 oz. onion, 7-8 oz. vine ripe tomato, 2 oz. celery,
3 oz. carrots, 3 oz. shitaki mushroom, 6 garlic cloves, 1/4 c. dry sherry, 1 T. dried or fresh thyme, 1/4 tsp. black pepper, 1 c. water, 2 T. flour 1/2 hr. high heat then 15 min. low.

Kosher Enchilada Recipe : Healthy Mexican Recipes & More

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipe of the Day,Kosher Chicken Recipe with Apples and Fennel, Part 2 Section on the right side: joy of kosher channel Great Videos Selection

Just A Jewish Mother’s Brisket

Learn how easy it is to make a traditional Jewish brisket- The NP – “No Patchke”, No Fuss Way

Stir Fry Kosher Tilapia Fillets with Ginger – By

This is a great recipe for the Nine Days (When Jewish People Traditionally Abstain from Eating Red Meat or Chicken) or any time of the year when something slightly spicy yet healthy is in order for you family. You can find the full recipe on our blog here:… and great Kosher Shopping Delivered Anywhere at: Enjoy!

Avi Glatt

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipe of the Day, Roasted Chicken with Farfel, Mushroom and Cracker Stuffing, Part 2 Kosher Scoop Video Great Videos Selection

24Jewish Video Recipes of the Day ,The Bubbe’s Gazpacho | Kosher Cooking, Part 2 Ashira Ungar channel Great Videos Selection

24Jewish Video Jewish RECIPES of the Day , Kosher Kingdom: Cooking With The King – How to Make Chicken Stir-Fry , Part 2 Kosher Kingdom channel Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

24Jewish Video Jewish RECIPES of the Day , The Shabbat Table, Stuffed Salmon A La Sea-Breeze , Part 2 Popular Jewish cuisine & Kosher food videos Great Videos Selection Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Roasted Potatoes


Sarina Roffe

Everyday Kosher Cooking – Tropical Fruit Soup

Everyday Kosher Cooking presents Chaia Frishman (of Fruit Platters & More) preparing a delicious dessert treat – Tropical Fruit Soup.

See us online at:

Jewish Moroccan Challah Bread and Seperating (hafrashat) Challah

Step by step instruction how to make Jewish Moroccan Challah and how to preform the ancient tradition and positive commandment of seperating (hafrashat) challah

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipe of the Day,Mediterranean Lamb Koftas – Full Episode: All the Tricks & Tips, Part 2 Avi’s Kosher Kitchen Great Videos Selection

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipes of the Day,How to make Ultra Fabulous Batter – Fried Chicken, Part 2 Chef Levana Kirschenbaum channel Great Videos Selection Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

24Jewish Video Jewish Clip of the Day, How to Make Challah! The Most Delicious Spiritual Experience!, Part 2 Rivka Malka Perlman, Great Videos Selection

Popular Israeli cuisine & Couscous videos

Popular Jewish cuisine videos

High Holiday Recipes



24Jewish Video Jewish Recipes of the Day The Simple Kitchen BY CHABAD, Part 2 MIMOUNA channel Great Videos Selection Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut


Video Jewish Recipes of the Day



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COMMENT: Holy Lunch

Holy Lunch
Menachem Av 21, 5774 · August 17, 2014


Have you ever closed a deal, celebrated your marriage (or its anniversary), or simply spent time with a good friend—without eating something together? When you think of home, is it not in your taste buds that the most elemental memories reside? And what about the food itself—can you get any closer to something than by ingesting it into yourself and turning it into your own flesh, bone and blood?

Tell me what, how, where and with whom you eat, and I’ll tell you who and what you are.

Numerous explanations have been offered for the Torah’s kosher dietary laws. Some point out the health benefits. Others dwell on the unifying effect these laws have on a dispersed people, and their role as a shield against assimilation. Nachmanides, the great 13th-century sage and Kabbalist, explains that “the birds and many of the mammals forbidden by the Torah are predators, while the permitted animals are not; we are commanded not to eat those animals possessive of a cruel nature, so that we should not absorb these qualities into ourselves.”

But perhaps the most basic reason (insofar as a divine command can possess a “reason”) is that presented by the Torah itself in the closing verses of its chapter on the dietary laws:

To differentiate between the impure and the pure, between the animal that may be eaten and the animal that may not be eaten. (Leviticus 11:47)

“To differentiate,” lehavdil in the original Hebrew—this single word defines man’s uniqueness as a moral creature. Or, in the Torah’s terminology, a “holy” person.

As our sages point out in their commentary on this verse, the concept of lehavdilapplies only to two ostensibly similar things. Cows, too, differentiate, between a nutritious grass and a poisonous weed. But the kosher-observant shopper will differentiate between a piece of meat from an animal that was slaughtered by a certified shochet in accordance with the detailed laws of shechitah, and a piece of meat from an animal that was simply killed in an abattoir. No laboratory will discover any physical difference between the two. But the Jew accepts the first and rejects the second. And if he unwittingly brings the second into his kitchen, he will blowtorch the pan that cooked it and discard the china on which it was served.

Morality is the capacity to accept that there are things to be embraced and things to be rebuffed. Sometimes the desirability or undesirability of a thing is obvious; sometimes we can smell the difference, and sometimes we can understand it. But if that’s where it stops, we’re nothing more than cows avoiding the poison.

The point at which we begin to lead moral and holy lives is the point at which we say: “There is ‘Yes’ and there is ‘No’ in G‑d’s world. These are objective truths, established by the Creator of reality. Often I will find that the ‘Yes’ things give me pleasure, safeguard my health, preserve society, and fulfill me spiritually, while the ‘No’ things achieve the opposite. But this is not what makes them ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ On the contrary: because a thing is morally positive, it will invariably occupy a positive place in my life; because a thing is morally negative, it will inevitably hurt me. But my need to affirm the ‘Yes’ and reject the ‘No’ stands above these considerations, which are the result, not the source, of the intrinsic difference.”

Of course, every time the Torah tells us to do something or not to do something, it is making this point. But nowhere is the imperative lehavdil as fundamental as when it dictates what we should eat and what we should not. Nowhere is it as intimately woven into our lives as when applied to the act of eating, by which the eater and the eaten literally become one flesh.

If you accept a yes/no line of demarcation across the diameter of your dinner plate, then—and only then—have you mastered the art of holiness.

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Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada

‘התפילה לשלום המדינה’ – The Prayer for the State of Israel



WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 


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 · Shalom education 1993

This channel is essentially a high-quality database of the educational programs which I have enjoyed since childhood, remastered by me if necessary, and occasionally containing the odd video for which I did not want to make another channel to upload.

Israel Scholar Dr. Mordechai Kedar at AFDI Rally for Israel and Persecuted Minorities Under Islam

August 17, 2014 Union Square ( with short closing remarks by Pamela Geller)

Union Square August 17, 2014

Amb. Dore Gold

Les musulmans ont sauvé la vie à des juifs. Imam algérien Ben Ghabrit (histoire véridique)

Si Kaddour ben Ghabrit est né en 1868 à Sidi bel-Abbès en Algérie et il était le recteur de la mosquée de paris. Plus d’un millier de juifs et de résistants ont pu échapper à la barbarie de la guestapo en utilisant les caves de la Mosquée de Paris, et son accès à la Bièvre. on dit même que le recteur a fourni des attestations de conversion à l’Islam pour les sauver des rafles il y a eu même des tombes qui ont été maquillées avec inscription des noms similaires dans le but de prouver que leurs parents étaient réellement musulmans….
Des Albanais, des Bosniaques ou des Turcs ont fait pareil pour leurs voisins et amis juifs au péril de leur vie.

Mrs Chaya Newman Memorial 2/1/2014

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis speaks at Bruriah


Chabad World

מבוא להיסטוריה עולמית תשע”ג

מבוא להיסטוריה עולמית
תוכנית “אבני פינה”
ד”ר יובל הררי


תיאור הקורס:
נסקור את התהליכים המרכזיים של ההיסטוריה האנושית מאז הופעתו של האדם ועד היום. מטרתנו להכיר לסטודנטים את תהליכי המפתח ונקודות המפנה העיקריות של ההיסטוריה, ובמקביל לעמוד על הקשרים בין ההיסטוריה האנושית לבין הביולוגיה של האדם והמערכת האקולוגית הגלובאלית.

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari

The course will survey the main processes of human history from the appearance of humanity until today. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the key processes and key turning points of history, and at the same time to examine the relations between human history, human biology, and the global ecological system.

National Museum of American Jewish History – Philadelphia, PA

American Jewish History Museum on Independence Mall tells an epic story within an innovative glass and terra-cotta architectural masterpiece that features geometric and asymmetric views in an atrium with bridges and stairways. Building designed by James Polshek of Ennead Architects. It is a must see for visitors to Philadelphia.

National Museum of American Jewish History |

Jewish Synagogues |

צוק איתן – קליפ המוקדש באהבה לכל חיילי צה״ל


Israel Inside (10 Minute Version)

Jewish Treats Acts of Kindness for Israel

On this Fast of the 17th of Tammuz, Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, the Director of NJOP, discusses how remembering what happened on this day in Jewish history helps us identify with our past but it is also a day when we need to identify with the present and future. Even while people are protecting themselves from Hamas’ rockets, some admirable stories are coming out from Israel. Rabbi Buchwald tells of a couple that’s wedding was canceled in the south of Israel due to rockets nearby and a councilman treated them to a wedding in Jerusalem. This should remind us that all the meritorious acts will be for the merit of those in Israel. So let’s use this day and the coming days to do acts of kindness so that our people will be spared any future sorrow and God should bless us with goodness and peace.



The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation


Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains where the terms “West Bank”, “occupied territories” and “67 Borders” originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied. Also follow on Twitter: and

KiruvMedia Subbotniks – Russians who embraced Judaism – Khazars and more…


The Subbotniks were ethnic Russian peasants in southern Russia who embraced Jewish practice and converted to Judaism more than 200 years ago under the Czarist regime.
They were referred to by the term “Subbotniks” because of their love of the Subbot, which is Russian for Sabbath.
In the early 19th century, Czar Alexander I expelled them from their homes and deported them to the far reaches of the empire as punishment for their adoption of Judaism.
They were later ruthlessly persecuted by the Communists, and thousands of them were murdered by the Germans after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II.
There are still an estimated 15,000 Subbotnik Jews living primarily in southern Russia and in Siberia, most of whom wish to return to the traditions of their ancestors and emigrate to Israel.

More information about Subbotniks:


Jewish Diaspora

History of Israel – Documentary on Israeli Jewish history and the Jewish diaspora in Europe and the Middle East part 2

This documentary explains of the Jewish diaspora from ancient Israel that later formed the Ashkenazi Jews of Western and Eastern Europe and the Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews of Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The Kabbalah of Forgiveness and more…. (Dr. Henry Abramson)


Dr. Henry Abramson channel

היסטוריה ארץ ישראל

היסטוריה ככללית

ל”ג בעומר במירון תשע”ד 2014 מיום חמישי עד יום ראשון


YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Dr. Henry Abramson This Week in Jewish History

The Fate of Jewish Communities: Before,During and After the Holocaust

Rav Berel Wein is a new Destiny website where one can study Jewish History online.

Rav Berel Wein Jewish History Crash Course

Jewish Documentary – Full Film

21.04.2009 Faith and Fate is a documentary telling the story of the Jews in the 20th Century.


SRAEL is the historic homeland of the Jewish people. God gave that land to the descendants of Abraham and Sarah, who are the Jews. The Bible says he’ll never break that covenant: Judges 2:1 “I brought you unto the land which I swore unto your fathers; and I said, I will Never break my covenant with you”. God set forth what he had done for Israel, and what he had promised.

The Rebbe and The Resurgence of Orthodox Judaism

Menachem Mendel Schneerson built the Lubavitcher movement from a relatively small sect within Hasidic Judaism into the powerful force in Jewish life that it is today. Samuel Heilman, Professor of Sociology at CUNY, explores Schneerson’s beliefs and the rise of orthodox Judaism. Series: “Herman P. and Sophia Taubman Endowed Symposia in Jewish Studies” [11/2011] [Humanities] [Show ID: 22631]

Rabbi Israel Meir Kahan, the Chofetz Chaim (Jewish Biography as History)

The Chofetz Chaim was one of the most influential Rabbinic thinkers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan is known principally for his dramatically creative analysis of the topic of forbidden speech (lashon ha-ra), and rose to prominence as a major scholar-leader of the Jewish people. Part of the Jewish Biography as History lecture series by Dr. Henry Abramson, more lectures available at


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Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada

A Song for the State of Israel

To show our love and support for our family, our faith and our community, we wrote and arranged a solidarity song. Helplessly we watch from afar but we send our love and prayers to the People of Israel, as we stand united with our brothers and sisters during this time of turmoil. Please share, post and comment on this video. Am Yisrael Chai!

Composed and arranged by Cantors David Muchnick and Marcos Askenazi.
Video by Joanna Matalon.



WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 


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Zaidy by Moshe Yess

1982 – The Megama Duo: Moshe Yess ob”m and Rabbi Shalom Levine ob”m. Archival material, for educational purposes only. To support the Moshe Yess Legacy Album visit his official website:

Jerusalem Media Workshop

OMA & BELLA Trailer

Oma and Bella is an intimate portrait of two elderly Jewish women in Berlin with humor, powerful stories, and a deep fondness for good food. As the documentary follows them through their daily lives, a portrait emerges of two Holocaust survivors who stayed in Germany. They answer questions of heritage, memory and identity, ultimately, through the re-creation of the sumptuous foods from their childhood. This film, made by Oma’s granddaughter, follows them as they struggle to retain a part of their past while being very much engaged in the present.

Salomon Rossi Hebreo (1570 – 1630) סלומונה רוסי

ימי הרדיו מאוצרות קול ישראל

Showcasing innovative Israeli TV formats: international TV executives search for next ‘Homeland’

For the second year in a row, Keshet Media Group is organizing the Innovative TV Conference in Jerusalem, where Israeli TV professionals get to meet their international counterparts.

Michael Coren & Israpundit – Long-term peace impasse

Ted Belman of sits down with Michael Coren to discuss the potential for peace in the Middle East.

On a Wing from the Holy Land

On a Wing from the Holy Land available on Amazon: and Barnes & Nobel:

A Long Life in Yiddish: Herschel Melamed

84: 7.8.14 Yiddish Book Center - Home
We visit with Myra Melamed, daughter of Yiddish singer Herschel Melamed, to learn about the recently produced CD, “Herschel Melamed: 18 Songs.”

Why Don’t We Ask? – Salomon Says

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

For more articles and videos by Rabbi Salomon visit

Do You Pass the Israel Test?

Would you believe us if we said that the best litmus test of any society’s success is its attitude towards Israel? Well, it’s true. As George Gilder explains, whether a society envies and resents Israel’s success or celebrates and tries to replicate it is indicative of that society’s progress. Countries that “pass” the “Israel Test” tend to rise. Those who don’t tend to sink. So, does your society pass the “Israel Test”? In five minutes, find out

Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Yiddish Speech in Stockholm 1978

יצחק באַשעוויס־זינגער’ס רעדע אויפן באַנקעט אין שטאׇקהאׇלם ערב זיין באַקומען דעם נאׇבעל־פּרייז פאַר ליטעראַטור אין דעצעמבער 1978 מיט א קורצן אַריינפיר־וואׇרט פון אפרים שעדלעצקי, טראַנסמיטירט אויף “קול ישראל” אויף יידיש מוצאי פּורים, תשל”ט לפ”ק

Collecting Ladino Books: A conversation with Devin Naar

Yiddish Book Center - Home85: 8.6.14
Aaron Lansky visits with Professor Devin Naar to discuss Ladino, the Judaeo-Spanish language which was developed in parallel with Yiddish.

The National Yiddish Book Center

We went and saw the National Yiddish Book Center in MA.

Song: Holocene – Bon Iver

Holocaust Survivors’ Yiddish Cultural and Literary Activity

כנס ירושלים: מאה שנות יידיש 2008-1908
The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008

Sponsored by:
The Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University
and The Israel Science Foundation

with the support of:
Israel National Commission for UNESCO
The Yaakov Groper Foundation (Jerusalem)
The Yiddish Forward (New York)
YUNG YiDiSH (Israel)

the organizing committee:
The Yiddish Chair,
The Institute for Contemporary Jewry,
The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

DVDs of the full conference are available for purchase. Please contact or
שארית הפליטה: הפעילות התרבותית והספרותית ביידיש
יום 4 יום חמישי 10 דצמבר 2009
אלה פלורסהיים תרבות יידיש במחנות העקורים בגרמניה בראי העיתונות של אנשי שארית הפליטה (עברית)

קרי פרידמן-כהן החוליה החסרה בביוגרפיה האינטלקטואלית של רחל אוירבך: יצירתה הספרותית בין שתי מלחמות העולם (אנגלית)

יחיאל שיינטוך הכתבים ביידיש של אלי ויזל (עברית)

Holocaust Survivors’ Yiddish Cultural and Literary Activity
Ella Florsheim Yiddish Culture in the DP Camps in Germany as Reflected in Holocaust Survivors’ Press (Hebrew)
Day 4 Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carrie Friedman-Cohen The Missing Link in Rokhl Auerbach’s Intellectual Biography: Her Interwar Yiddish Literary Creativity (English)

Yechiel Szeintuch Eli Wiesel’s Yiddish Writings (Hebrew)
כנס ירושלים: מאה שנות יידיש 2008-1908
The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008

די שארית-­הפּליטה און אירע ליטעראַרישע און קולטורעלע אויפֿטוען

אלה פֿלאָרסהיים די ייִדישע קולטור אין די די. פּי.-לאַגערן פֿון דיַיטשלאַנד, אין שפּיגל פֿון דער פּרעסע פֿון דער שארית­הפּליטה (העברעיִש)

קערי פֿרידמאַן-כּהן דער אומבאַקאַנטער בינדרונג אין רחל אויערבאַכס אינטעלעקטועלע ביאָגראַפֿיע: איר ליטעראַרישע שאַפֿונג צווישן ביידע וועלט­מלחמות (ענגליש)

יחיאל שיינטוך אלי וויזעלס ייִדישע כּתבֿים נאָך בוכנוואַלד (העברעיִש)

Michal Tal

Israel in the Media

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive – Jerusalem On Line Broadcast to JTN LA

Jerusalem On Line Broadcast to JTN Los Angeles
62:17 min.

Panel discussion between MKs Eliyahu Ben Elissar, Rabbi Menachem Porush and Simcha Dinitz over the question of religious pluralism in Israel and Jewish identity.

“A kas fun a yidene” fun Y.-L. Perets (Khane Fishman-Gonshor)

י.־ל. פּרץ און די ייִדישע פֿרױ
פֿיפֿטער טײל׃ „אַ כּעס פֿון אַ ייִדענע”
חנה פֿישמאַן־גאָנשאָר

Lectures sponsored by the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal.

דער לײענזאַל
Leyenzal – A Yiddish Literacy Project

“Being Connected in Any Way is Important to Me”: Yiddish and My Jewish Identity

Bina Addes, Wexler Oral Historian and child of Holocaust survivors, speaks about her own connection to Yiddishkeit, the diffusion of Yiddish into mainstream culture, and the need to actively preserve Jewish traditions following the Holocaust.

To learn more about the Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project, visit:…

I AM A JEW — Introduction

The American Jewish pre-teen considers their Bar or Bat Mitzvah to be various things. For some it is the end of religious schooling. For others it is the task of learning a Torah portion. For many, it’s plans for a big party. And while formal Jewish education may indeed conclude at the age of 13, a young person’s understanding and appreciation of their roles as Modern Jews has only just begun to develop. As these perceptive ‘tweens’ approach the often-confusing stages of adolescence, their Judaism can continue to be an integral source of dignity and strength in their lives. The time for answering their questions about Judaism will soon be over. The opportunity to build an intellectual foundation of progressive Jewish pride is now.

The goal of the film ‘I Am A Jew’ is not to teach students ‘how to be a Jew’, but rather how to think about and practice Judaism in a proud new way. Only then will they understand and appreciate what it means to say, “I Am A Jew.”

For more information, visit


A kind of making of …

edited by Marek Gajczak


A radically Yiddish Film: Boris Dorfman – A Mentsh
by Uwe & Gabriela von Seltmann
© Apfelstrudel Media Berlin/ Stowarzyszenie Film Kraków

Architect of the Jewish Future (Mordecai M. Kaplan)

21.03.2014 The Program for Jewish Civilization, the Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood, and the Department of Jewish Studies of McGill University are hosted a conference on the life, work, and legacy of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan.

Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan (1881-1983) is now widely acknowledged to have been one of the most influential Jewish thinkers of the 20th century as a founder of Reconstructionist Judaism. During the conference presenters explored the ways in which his thought may be even more important in the 21st century.


140306 Rachel’s Romance – from LA JUIVE 19.03.2014
Soprano Helene Williams, accompanied at the piano by Leonard Lehrman, sings Rachel’s Romance, “Il va venir,” from Act II of Jacques Fromental Halevy’s LA JUIVE, at the Jewish Kultur Festival of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Mar. 6, 2014.

Popular Erwin Schulhoff Videos

Schulhoff Mayerova 1931.jpgErwin Schulhoff (Czech: Ervín Šulhov; 8 June 1894 – 18 August 1942) was a Czech composer and pianist. He was one of the figures in the generation of European musicians whose successful careers were prematurely terminated by the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany and whose works have been rarely noted or performed.

Schulhoff was born in Prague into a family of Jewish German origin. The noted pianist and composer Julius Schulhoff was his great-uncle. Source Wikipedia

Popular Alfred Schnittke Videos


Alfred Schnittke April 6 1989 Moscow.jpgAlfred Schnittke (Russian: Альфре́д Га́рриевич Шни́ткеAl’fred Garrievič Šnitke; November 24, 1934 – August 3, 1998) was a Sovietand Russian composer. Schnittke’s early music shows the strong influence of Dmitri Shostakovich. He developed a polystylistic technique in works such as the epic First Symphony (1969–1972) and First Concerto Grosso (1977). In the 1980s, Schnittke’s music began to become more widely known abroad with the publication of his Second (1980) and Third (1983) String Quartets and the String Trio (1985); the ballet Peer Gynt (1985–1987); the Third (1981), Fourth (1984), and Fifth (1988) Symphonies; and the Viola (1985) and 1st Cello (1985–1986) Concertos. As his health deteriorated, Schnittke’s music started to abandon much of the extroversion of his polystylism and retreated into a more withdrawn, bleak style.Schnittke’s father, Harry Viktorovich Schnittke (1914–1975, rus.), was Jewish and born in Frankfurt.[1] He moved to the USSR in 1927 and worked as a journalist and translatorfrom the Russian language into German. His mother, Maria Iosifovna Schnittke (née Vogel, 1910–1972), was a Volga German born in Russia. Schnittke’s paternal grandmother, Tea Abramovna Katz (1889–1970), was a philologist, translator, and editor of German-language literature. Source Wikipedia

Popular Viktor Ullmann Videos

Viktor Ullmann (1 January 1898, in Teschen – 18 October 1944, in KZ Auschwitz-Birkenau) was a Silesia-born Austrian[1] composer, conductor and pianist of Jewish origin.

Viktor Ullmann was born on January 1, 1898 in Těšín (Teschen), modern Český Těšín / Cieszyn. It belonged then to Silesia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and is now divided between Cieszyn in Poland and Český Těšín in Czechoslovakia. Both his parents were from families of Jewish descent, but had converted to Roman Catholicism[2] before Viktor’s birth. As an assimilated Jew, his father, Maximilian, was able to pursue a career as a professional officer in the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In World War I he was promoted to colonel and ennobled. Source Wikipedia



Popular Yiddish theatre & Yiddish Language videos


Hershey Felder

Felder was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on July 9, 1968 to Jacob Felder (born in Ustrzyki, Poland, 1929) and Eva Surek Felder (born in Budapest, Hungary, 1946). A first-generation North-American, much of Felder’s upbringing included Eastern European traditions, in particular traditions associated with the Jewish faith into which he was born. Early schooling included Hebrew Academy Day School of Montreal as well as synagogue affiliations with Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem Synagogue in Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec.(Hershey Felder (born July 9, 1968) is a Canadian pianist, actor, playwright, composer, producer, and director. He created (as playwright, actor, and pianist) the role of American composer George Gershwin for the theatrical stage in the stage play George Gershwin Alone. Combining the craft of acting and concert-level piano performance, George Gershwin Alone was followed by the creation of the role of Fryderyk Chopin, the Polish composer/pianist, the roles of Ludwig van Beethoven and Gerhard von Breuning inBeethoven, As I Knew Him, the role of Leonard Bernstein in The Making of a Maestro: Bernstein, and Franz Liszt in Rock Star. These works comprise “The Composer Sonata.”Wikipedia)


Alon Nechushtan Videos

Alon Nechushtan Trio performs “Muppet Shock” at the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York City. Celebrating the release of the “Words Beyond” CD on Buckyball Records.
Alon Nechustan – piano, Michael Bates – bass, Howard Owen – drums

The Dorel Livianu Music Museum

The Belzer Rebbe by the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5774 אדמו”ר של בעלז בכותל בראש חודש סיוון


Answering Kidnapping with Kindness – Salomon Says

Our role in the rescue mission

Please pray for the safe and speedy return of Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, and Eyal ben Iris Teshura.

For more articles and videos by Rabbi Salomon visit

Special Mass Prayer at Talmon


The Jewish Mobsters

Etgar Keret

Talk Yiddish To Me (Nisht-Dirty Parody)

Doni zasloff thomas


Elie Wiesel Interview with Oprah

Ben Gurion University

Lithuanian Jewish Culture

Temani Yemanie Hebrews

JEWISH WORLD : JewishNewsOne

Israel and Jewish Culture Michael Laitman

Popular Festival of Jewish Culture in Warsaw videos


Popular San Francisco Jewish Film Festival videos SFJFF Presents: The Tailor

Culture and confusion meet on a Brooklyn street, in this hilariously charming tale of similarities amid diversity. Film directed by Gordon Grinberg

This short film is part of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival short film showcase program, SFJFF Presents. To discover more great Jewish short films each month, join the SFJFF YouTube channel by clicking the red SUBSCRIBE button above.

For more details about SFJFF films and programs, visit http://www/



Preparing for Elul

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 06:05 AM PDT

ElulReflections-FrontCoverToday is Rosh Chodesh Av, the first day of the lunar month of Av. One month from now we’ll enter Elul, the month immediately preceding the Days of Awe. Many of us strive to make Elul a month of introspection and spiritual preparation for the powerful holidays ahead.

Last year I blogged daily during the month of Elul, as part of #blogElul, an internet-wide carnival of posts on pre-high-holiday themes organized by Rabbi Phyllis Sommer (a.k.a. Ima Bima.)

Some weeks after the holidays were over, I began receiving email from my friend and teacher Rabbi Daniel Siegel in response to my #BlogElul postings. He suggested that I might share these Elul meditations in printed form, for those who would enjoy having a tangible book to hold and leaf through.

I did a bit of editing and pruning and layout work. And now, in time for the Elul to come, I offer a new chapbook of Elul material: Elul Reflections. Here’s a description:

Prepare for the Days of Awe (the High Holidays) by reading these daily meditations for the lunar month of Elul, exploring the season’s themes of forgiveness, transformation, and change. Each day of Elul is matched with a short essay or poem arising out of that day’s theme. And each theme is a verb, an invitation to action, from “Prepare,” “Act, and “Bless” to “Know,” “Believe,” and “Return.”

This volume is meant to help you enter wholly into the spiritual potential of this month, the season of teshuvah, repentance/return. Also in these pages: a Psalm 27 variation by Rabbi Brant Rosen, a set of other Elul resources, and ample space to jot down your own responses as you do your Elul work.

Of course, you’re also welcome to simply return to my 2013 archives and reread last year’s posts here. And who knows, it’s possible I’ll do #blogElul again this year too, in which case those who subscribe to this blog will receive new material every day of Elul once again! But for those who liked what I shared last year and would enjoy being able to reread those posts in bound form, here you go. My thanks are due to Reb Daniel for his encouragement, and to R’ Phyllis Sommer / Ima Bima for running #BlogElul in the first place.

$9 at Amazon |£ 5.61 at Amazon UK | €6.59 at Amazon Europe


Section Jewish Communities: 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection videos and feeds in each section

Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada

‘התפילה לשלום המדינה’ – The Prayer for the State of Israel

The Other Side: The Jews of Judea and Samaria



WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 



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The British Chief Rabbinate – Dr. Miri Freud-andel

The British Chief Rabbinate – A Model for Leadership or Decline?
A lecture by Dr. Miri Freud-Kandel of Oxford University, given during The 3rd Annual International Conference of The Israel and Golda Koschitzky Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry, titled: Chief Rabbis – Between Religious and Political Leadership. The conference commemorated 75 years since the passing of Israel’s Chief Rabbi, HaRishon LeZion, Rav Ya’akov Me’ir.

Department of Jewish History website:

Bar-Ilan University website:

barilanuniversitybar ilan university




The Truth About the War in Israel – Sarah Palin

Governor Palin uses two unlikely sources to get to the truth about what’s happening in Israel.

Miami HAMAS Attacks Jewish reporter!

“I’m gonna kill you mother fucker, you and the all Israelis!” “You want a push, I’ll show you a push!” He’s a Zionist, this guy is not one of us, he’s a Zionist!” (code for Jew) On Sunday July 20, 2014,


On August 6, 2014 Hundred’s American, Russian-American, Jewish-American, Not Jewish-American people come together for a meeting in support of Israel.

Israel’s View on the Marriage of Maral and Mahmoud.

Rabbi Manes Kogan of Hillcrest Jewish Center on – Israel’s View on the Marriage of Maral and Mahmoud. August 18, 2014 – 22 Av 5774

Jewish Wedding Chazan in South Florida singing Ana Bekoach

For questions call 855-524-8866 or visit

This video features Bitton Events Jewish Wedding Chazan singing Ana Bekoach at the beginning of this beautiful wedding in South Florida.

Bitton Events also offers Jewish wedding musicians, DJs, and bands.

Israeli humor – Hope kindergarten

A brilliant skit from the Israeli comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” (lit: “Wonderful Country) on Channel 2. This skit depicts a joint education program devised by the right-wing (yet mainstream) organization Im Tirtzu with the Ministry of Education that helps kindergarten children be prepared for the complicated life in Israel.

Thousands of Israelis Rally in Support of Gaza Offensive

Thousands of Israelis gather in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to rally in support of residents of southern Israel, a region frequently targeted by militants firing rockets from Gaza.

Full Story:

Thousands of Israelis gather in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square Thursday to support residents of southern Israel.

The region is a frequent target of rockets launched by militants in Gaza.

Many wave signs and banners in support of Israel’s month long offensive.

But with a new five-day ceasefire in effect, some are calling for the Israeli government to do more to stop rocket attacks.

[Dror Shamir, Resident of Givatayim, Israel]:
“We came, actually, to say that we have people who are around 12 years (old), 14 years (old) or under, everyday these rockets. And they have 15 seconds, 15 unbelievable seconds to find a shelter. And these children here, they are afraid.”

[Oren Alony, Resident of Hedera, Israel]:
“We have had enough. We are coming together today to tell to our Prime Minister, ‘If you have to fight, fight. Don’t talk. You have nothing to talk about. There are terrorists organizations. We have nothing to talk with them.”

More than a month of intense conflict between Israel and Hamas Islamist militants has left nearly 2,000 Palestinians dead, many of them civilians.

64 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli citizens have also been killed.

The temporary truce comes after both sides agreed to give Egyptian-brokered peace negotiations in Cairo more time to try to end the conflict in Gaza.

Pamela Geller on One America News Network, Rick Amato Show: Rally for Israel and Victims of Jihad

Pamela Geller on Facebook:
Pamela Geller on Twitter:

On Sunday, August 17, from 3:45 to 7PM, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and freedom activist Assaf Shilony will be hosting a rally in New York City’s Union Square. Speakers from a huge variety of backgrounds will stand for Israel and all the minority populations worldwide that are threatened by the global jihad.

‘Threads’ at Jerusalem’s Tower of David Museum


‘To have new contemporary fashion within these walls — just the juxtaposition of the new and the old is amazing.’

What happens when you ask 10 leading Israeli fashion designers to imagine an original outfit for 10 significant women in Israeli history?

You get “Threads,” a new exhibition this summer at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem.

“Our research team researched each historical personality, then sat with the designers and explained their historical personality, why she was famous, why she was essential to our understanding of history, and the designers then just let inspiration rule their fantasies, and they created very original designs, each one very indicative of that designer’s work,” says Rose Ginosar, director of resource development for the museum in the ancient city walls.

“We’re essentially a fortress. A fortress that’s been standing here for over 1,000 years, and to have new contemporary fashion within these walls — just the juxtaposition of the new and the old is amazing.”

חזרה לגן: עומרי – ערוץ הופ!

חזרה לגן – עומרי מגיע לגן ופוחד שהגננת לא תזכור את שמו בין כל הילדים, הגננת מראה לעומרי שלכל ילד בגן יש מקום משלו גם לתיק וגם מגירה פרטית.
ולמרות כל החששות של עומרי יומו בגן עובר במהרה.
מענה לחשש להיות “לא נראה” בגן, על ידי הגננת שהיא הדמות הבוגרת שאמורה להקנות את תחושת הביטחון.

ערוץ הופ! – “לגדול בידיים טובות” – תוכניות חינוכיות מובחרות מהארץ ומהעולם, עם דגש על הפעלה יצירתית לילדים.
לתכנים נוספים:
משחקים, דפי צביעה, ו- VOD באתר המנויים:
אתר ערוץ הופ!:
הצטרפו אלינו בפייסבוק:
אפליקציית הופ!:…

קטגוריה: סדרות לילדים

Rebbe Clips Jewish Daily News.

The untold story of Jewish Baghdad: Iraqi capital was once home to vast Jewish community

Unresolved History: Jews and Lithuanians After the Holocaust

Chabad Jewish Community Center: Grand Opening

Video in honor of the Momentous & Joyous
Grand Opening of the beautiful new
Chabad Jewish Community Center.

Dignitaries and friends from all segments of the community celebrate the realization of a long-awaited dream:

Chabad Jewish Center of Holmdel Gala Dinner

Chabad Jewish Center of Holmdel 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner, Honoring Boris and Angela Natenzon & Memorial Tribute to Sheila Weisfeld

Young Leadership Awards @ the 2012 Colel Chabad ‘Two Centuries’ Dinner

Casey Klein, Oren Alexander, and Aaron & Ilana Wallenstein receive the Young Leadership Award @ the 2012 Colel Chabad ‘ Two Centuries ‘ International Awards Dinner with an introduction by Arthur Luxenberg

Changing Jewish Communities TheJerusalemCenter


Ahavah Rabah Ahavtanu – Beth Medrash Govoha Tea Presentation – 2008
Pidyon Peter Chamor In Detroit – Full Video


Chabad on Campus | Enriching University Life

Numerous prominent university presidents and deans express how Chabad on Campus plays an integral role at their school.


Camp Kimama Israel- International Summer Camps


Haredi: The Ultra orthodox society in Israel 1-5



The Jewish View

Kathy talks about how she became interested in politics after graduating from Siena College and how she rose through the ranks to her current position. Kathy reveals how she developed an interest in budgeting, which led to serving as a staffer on an important NYS Senate committee. Kathy also talks about her support for casinos

Community Lecture Series

North African Jewish music

Moishe House

Moishe House, a pluralistic international organization, provides meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their 20s. Our innovative model trains, supports and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities for themselves and their peers.

Our approach has enabled the existing 64 houses worldwide to engage more than 80,000 attendees a year. From Shabbat dinners and Learning Retreats to book clubs and sporting events, residents find ways to connect their peers with community, wherever they are. To learn more about our unique model, click here

יום ירושלים

Szól a kakas már – Hungarian Jewish Folk Music

Judaism and Jews in Greece – Greek Jewish Diaspora

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel




Popular Kibbutz videos

Mix Events Israel

New Kosher restaurant in Brussels gains popularity


Food, in particular Kosher food, is an important part of the Jewish way of life.


WorldJewish Congress


Israel Tourism

The Israel Experience

Innovative Israel

Actual  Videos

Chabad of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Jewish News

Comunidade na TV – 3 a 9 de agosto

O Comunidade na TV é um programa da Federação Israelita do Rio de Janeiro.

O programa é exibido no Canal 14 da NET aos Domingos (7h, 16h e 21h), com reprises ao longo da semana!.

jCommunities2 Kopie

Rally for Israel in NYC

Show your support for Israel and join us for a community-wide rally

When: Monday, July 28th at 12:30 PM

Where: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (2nd Avenue and 47th Street), New York City

More information

Download PDF Flyer

Please share:   Facebook  |  Twitter

OU Solidarity Mission to Israel

Read the latest reports from the OU Solidarity Mission to Israel

“We are now driving to Sderot, with planned visits today to IDF soldiers and to an Iron Dome installation. However, the area is closed off by the IDF due to security concerns, so there’s uncertainty about our exact route.”


What else can you do to support Israel?

Rally co-sponsors include:
UJA-Federation of New York
NY Board of Rabbis
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
Orthodox Union
Union for Reform Judaism
The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
National Council of Young Israel

Section Jewish Torah Insights Channel shiurim, Elul shiurim, Daf Yomi, and more… 24JEWISH ALERTS

Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada

Eitan Katz – Elul Nigun

shiurim elulb

Eloul: comment arriver à des changements dans nos vies? – 613TV

Le mois d’Elloul : Action Reflexion par le rav Dov Roth-Lumbroso

Cours video par le Rav Dov Roth-Lumbroso


Elul Is Coming – A Strong Musar Talk Hebrew

שיעורים בחסידות ברסלב אין אידיש


הרב לוגסי – חודש אלול ימים נוראים

חודש אלול הרב יוסף בן פורת חובה לצפות!!!

ההכנות לחודש אלול הרב בן ציון מוצפי


Elul – A Month to Prepare

From Living Torah (Volume 53, Episode 209)

* Nigun “Sholosh Tenuos”
* Commissioned Articles
* A Guarantee and a Miracle

Rabbi Nasan Maimon Torah Learning Channel Rosh Chodesh ELUL

The Significance of the Hebrew Month Elul

From Camp to Elul: The Rebbe Addresses His Young Chassidim

King in the field – The Month of Elul

‘Soul of the Month’ with Rabbi DovBer Pinson–‘Elul 5770’ (August-September)

Shaul Youdkevitch – The Month of “Elul” – Virgo, Zohar study

Introduction to The Zohar Study for the Month of Elul – Virgo. with Shaul Youdkevitch.
In order to download full length lessons on Live Kabbalah site go to:…

Rav Mike Feuer,  Elul Zman

Breslov Shiur – Elul and Ikar of Tshuvah – Rabbi Yonatan Hakimian

We all would like to grow spiritually, reach hights, mamish the highest light. Rebbe Nachman shows how. Lets use this Elul properly. You can help us spread the word of the Tzaddik by making a donation via paypal to Please message me if you want it dedicated for someone.

Breslov Shiur – Elul – The Wisdom of running and returning – Rabbi Hakimian

So we all wanna do Teshuva, Great! …Ok.. but no one told me how I maintain my state of teshuvah? what are the tools I need to keep going up the ladder? Rabbeinu Nachman meUman answers these questions in Likkutei MoHaran lesson 6. You can help us spread the word of the Tzaddik and support Torah by making a donation via PayPal to Please message me if you want it dedicated for someone (including yourself) or if you want any details about the shiur or myself. YasherKoyach! May we merit to see the geulah soon!

Likutei Torah Ani LeDodi 1 – Elul – Shiur by Yomin Postelnik

Yomin Postelnik gives a shiur in Likutei Torah on the Maamar Ani LeDodi VDodi Li Roshei Taivos Elul with the Rebbe’s explanations. For bio info on the magid shiur visit


Rav Reuven Leuchter (Jerusalem) – Der jüdische Monat Elul – Shiur



WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 


Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Mussar Talk In Philadelphia


Bienvenue sur la chaîne de KLC,
Etudiez en ligne la torah (paracha, halakha, daf hayomi,…), connaître les évènements de la communauté ou les revivre…

הרב יוסף בן פורת

Rabbi Zamir Cohen עולם התורה

Rabbi zamir cohen Women In Judaismעולם התורה
Rabbi zamir cohen Why Kosherעולם התורה
Rabbi zamir cohen The Secret of the Jewish Brainעולם התורה
Rabbi Zamir Cohen Bar Mitzvahעולם התורה
Rabbi Zamir Cohen Cooking rulesעולם התורה
Rabbi Zamir Cohen A Nation is Bornעולם התורה
Seal of Truth Shocking Account of Near Death Experience English Subtitlesעולם התורה
Rabbi zamir cohen Jew And Gentile Wheretoעולם התורה

…שיעור דף יומי הרב גלעד בניאל מסכת …. דף

Daf Yomi Talmud …. Yom Tov page … Gemarrah Festival Rabbi Moshe P. Weisblum דף יומי תלמוד גמרא ביצה ל”ו

Popular Daf Yomi videos

Rabbi Dovid Feinstein

Daf Yomi Kolel Happy Hour

Este é primeiro o canal de shiurim ao vivo em português no You Tube do mundo!

Por que “Happy Hour”?

Este projeto foi idealizado para que, logo após o trabalho, as pessoas possam estudar Torá de forma leve e agradável.

As aulas do Kolel Happy Hour são realizadas por David Leitman, na Sinagoga CCI (Rua Anita Garibaldi, 37A – Copacabana), de segunda a quinta, a partir das 19:15 (Shiur – Ao Vivo) de Guemará Kidushin, seguido de um lanche e pequenas aulas (também ao vivo, aqui no YouTube), de filosofia judaica e leis práticas (halachá). As aulas terminam em torno de 20:45.

Já as aulas de Daf Hayomi- Guemará Berachot – (gravadas), são realizadas por Michel Klein, de segunda a sexta, após shacharit,às 8:15 na Sinagoga Kehilat Moriah (Rua Pompeu Loureiro,48 – Copacabana).

Quando há algum feriado ou chag, não há aulas.

Por favor, não assista os vídeos em shabat e yom tov.

Abaixo você confere os links dos livros que nós estudamos. Bons estudos!

 Daf Rabbanim



Daf Yomi Megillah Talmud Rabbi Weisblum דף יומי מגילה ‘ הרב משה ויסבלום

Daf Yomi Talmud Succah  Gemarrah Succot Rabbi Weisblum דף יומי תלמוד גמרא סוכה


24Jewish Video Jewish Torah Insights of the Day,Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Emotions – Truth And The Difference Between Believing And Knowing, Part 2 Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi on TorahAnyTime channel, Great Videos Selection


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Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada

Hachnasas Sefer Torah,Amazing Hasidic dance amazing

Hachnasas Sefer Torah,Amazing Hasidic dance amazing in tzefat

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