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שמע ישראל – shema israel


Sukkot & Simchat Torah 2014 8–17 October


Shiurim, Sukkot & Hoshana Rabbah ,Shemini Atzeret . Simchat Torah



Yom Kippur Prayers, Piyutim, Selichot, Neila click!

Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada




WEEKLY Parshat Hashavuah 



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שירים לפתיחת השנה החדשה

Honey Bucket Challenge for Rosh Hashana

Watch this sweeeet episode of Jewbellish The News to see brand- new apples for Rosh Hashana & a new spin on the outdated Ice Bucket Challenge.

SHANA TOVA – 2014 – 5775 – A C –


Elchanan Berkovitz

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 2014 David Cameron message

Israeli police were on high alert Friday to avert possible clashes as Jews and Muslims prepare to observe their faith’s major holidays of Yom Kippur and Id al-Adha, which overlap this year for the first time in more than three decades.

 Jew in the City

Kol Nidre – Al Jolson, The Jazz Singer (1927)

Yom Kippur: Everyone Falls

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It’s getting up afterwards that matters.

For more great Yom Kippur and High Holiday inspiration –

B’Rosh HaShanah – Shokolad, Menta, Mastik (subtitles)

From Finland to Jerusalem in Rosh Hashanah Jaffa Gate 26/9/14


Uganda’s Jews celebrate New Year

The Jewish community in Mbale district has celebrated the New Year in a festival that has lasted two days. According to the Jewish calendar, God created the universe on this day called Rosh Hashanah

Bill de Blasio’s Rosh Hashanah 5775 Message

Chabad of Sola Israel Solidarity Trip

5 members of the Chabad of Sola community in Los Angeles went to Israel to support the country and its citizens during the latest war with Hamas. Rabbi Avraham Zajac, Bassie Zajac, Eran Weiss, Jonathan Abesera and Omri Cohen. Produced by Omri Cohen

Hassidic Music Superstar and the M16…


Lady Gaga’s Message for Israel

ברידג’ט גבריאל לבנונית דוברת עברית , יכולה ללמד את ההסברה הישראלית לא מעט.

ברידג’ט גבריאל, לבנונית שהחליטה להקדיש את חייה למען הסברה בעד ישראל ונגד האיסלאם הקיצוני – יכולה ללמד את ההסברה הישראלית לא מעט.
גיבורת הסרטון הכי ויראלי בשבועות האחרונים הגיעה לצינור לילה לראיון מיוחד. אתם מוזמנים לשתף.

JCC Association

קליפ חופה ידידיה ושירן

the most amazing video you will ever watch.. for more information please contact us on:97254-777-5037
צילום: נתן ווייל עריכה: חפצי הרוש0547775037

חתונה דוד ותמר

Torah for Our Troops Dedication Ceremony

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council
Jewish Community Centers Association
Merage Jewish Community Center of Orange County, CA

Dedication Ceremony of a specially commissioned, small, lightweight Torah for use by United States Armed Forces

Being a Man

Why is 13 the age for a Bar Mitzvah?

By Charlie and Moshe Harary


24Jewish Video Jewish Clip of the Day ! Israelis Talk About Chabad’s Mitzvah Tanks , Part 2 Section on the right side: Popular Mendy Pellin & Chabad videos. Great Videos Selection


Popular Kosher wine Videos

אנדרדוס - העמוד הרשמיאנדרדוס – העמוד הרשמי

המערכונים של אנדרדוס, עכשיו בכל בית בישראל

The festival of Klezmer Jewish Music, Tzfat – Agadeta

This serie of videos:
The festival of Klezmer Jewish Music of Tzfat, Israel.
Agadeta, of Tzfat – 18.08.2014.
I make these videos for everyone to see the beauties of the land of Israel and Jews.
There are many other videos on youtube channel: elishabanaich.
Photo, Video and Edition: Elisha B. Peres.

The festival of Klezmer Jewish Music, Tzfat – violinist Sanya Kroiter

This serie of videos:
The festival of Klezmer Jewish Music of Tzfat, Israel.
Violinist Sanya Kroiter, 18.08.2014
I make these videos for everyone to see the beauties of the land of Israel and Jews.
There are many other videos on youtube channel: elishabanaich.
Photo, Video and Edition: Elisha B. Peres.

EVENTS 15.08.2014


Michael Ganoe Insight to Israel

Tefillin – Spiritual Protection

Teffilin – Spiritual Protection
The Mitzvah that brought the victory during the Six-Day War 5727 – 1967
Selects from the video “Peace Upon the Land”

With your help we can win! – Put on Teffilin every weekday.
For help go to

reshet tv

The Voice ישראל

חינוכית ראשונים בעולם

Popular Farbrengen & Chabad videos

Guimel Tamuz 5771 (2011) – Sinagoga Pequena – Rabino Shamai Ende (Histórias)

Guimel Tamuz 5771 Rebe 3 Tamuz 2011 julho NY NYC New York City United States of America Nova Iorque Estados Unidos Crown Hights 770 Eastern Parkway Kingston Avenue Street Grupo Sao Paulo Brasil Brazil Rebbe Rabino Rabbi O shil Oshil Itaim Richard Tamesgui Yossi Shmuli Schildkraut Zal Hakatan

12Tribe Films

12Tribe Films Foundation is a program provider specializing in movies and cultural events that show a side of the Jewish and Israeli narrative that receives little attention in the public discourse today. Our aim is to provide programs that allow people to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel today.
See our premier production:

One People One World

Salomon Says channels

Focus your efforts on prayer. It makes a difference.

Please pray for the safe and speedy return of Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, and Eyal ben Iris Teshura.



Channel of Breslev Israel

Breslev Israel Films is your cyber haven for love, soul, and joy.
Spreading the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev of blessed memory, and our contemporary spiritual leader Rabbi Shalom Arush, our English-speaking rabbis include (alphabetically) Dr. Zev Ballen, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rabbi Dror Moshe Cassutto, Rabbi Elchanan Elgorod, and Rabbi Natan Maimon.
Our channel also features inspirational clips and music from the Jewish music world’s leading performers.
Check out our multi-language web portal at

The Jewish World

WorldJewish Congress


Jewish life in Ukraine today: Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Vice-President of the WJC, offers his perspective on the challenges ahead of one of the biggest Jewish communities in Europe. Distributed by


Centre for Jewish Life – London·

Transformational Tuesdays: TED Style – Keith Breslauer


The Centre for Jewish Life offers a varied and exciting programme of discovery as you explore classic and mystical themes in a format tailored to you.

Chabad House Bowery

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