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Jewish Azerbaijan: Muslim-majority nation boasts thriving Jewish community and world’s last shtetl

 Turkey’s Eurovision singer is Jewish: Can Bonomo is Turkish entry for content in Baku, Azerbaijan


Гости из АЕК


Baku Jewish School

Гости из АЕК

Внесение Сефер Торы. Синагога Горских Евреев-Баку 13-Июня 2013 г. Часть-1

Внесение Сефер Торы. Синагога Горских Евреев-Баку 13-Июня 2013 г. Часть-1

Внесение Сефер Торы. Синагога Горских Евреев-Баку 13-Июня 2013 г. Часть-2

Azerbaidjan juif avec Valiske

Un nouveau groupe de VALISKE se constitue pour partir à la rencontre de Juifs des montagnes en Azerbaïdjan. Contact : info@valiske.com et (00 33) 03 88 97 86 02


Mix – Ayan ( Aйан )-Mountain Jewish (Juhuri) song of Azerbaijan


Nigun – Keli-Ata

Dinner,opening of the synagogue in Baku,Azerbaidjan 05-04-2011

tzhak Bondarev Dobruskin



History of the Jews in Azerbaijan

From Wikipedia

History of the Jews in Azerbaijan (Judæo-Tat: çuhuro / жугьуро / ז’אוּהאוּרו; Yiddish: אידם; Azerbaijani: cuhudlar, yəhudilər;Russian: евреи) dates back to Late Antiquity.

Historically Jews in Azerbaijan have been represented by various subgroups, mainly Mountain Jews, Ashkenazi Jews andGeorgian Jews. Azerbaijan at one point was or still is home to smaller communities of Krymchaks, Kurdish Jews andBukharian Jews, as well Gers (converts) and non-Jewish Judaistic groups like Subbotniks. In 2002, the total number of Jewish residents in Azerbaijan was 8,900 people with about 5,500 of them being Mountain Jews.[2] A few more thousand descend from mixed families.[3] In 2010, the total Jewish population in Azerbaijan was 6,400.[4] Jews mainly reside in the cities of Baku, Sumqayit, Quba, Oğuz, Goychay and the town of Qırmızı Qəsəbə, the only town in the world where Mountain Jews constitute the majority. Historically, Jews used to live in and around the city of Shamakhi (mainly in the village of Mücü), but the community has been non-existent since the early 1920s.[3]

From the late 19th century Baku became one of the centres of the Zionist movement in the Russian Empire.[5] The first Hovevei Zionwas established here in 1891, followed by the first Zionist organization in 1899. The movement remained strong in the short-livedDemocratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918–1920) marked with the establishment of the Jewish Popular University in 1919, periodicals printed in Yiddish, Hebrew, Judæo-Tat and Russian, and a number of schools, social clubs, benevolent societies and cultural organizations.[3]  From Wikipedia  read more….

Mountain jews, terekeme

Sefer Torah introduction ceremony. Baku,Azerbaijan, Airport. 13.06.2013 Jews are dancing terekeme in airport.

Jewish Azerbaijan

Kavkaz Juhuri ( Jewish ) Hebrew Prayer Chantings

Prayer chantings from kavkaz.

caucasus israel Chechnya Azerbaijan Dagetstan
Hebrew Jewish Cantor chazzan

Kavkazi Jewish Music…..Juhuro Kavkaz Gorskie Evrei Musika

Juhuro Kavkaz Gorskie Evrei Music Mugham
Mountain Jews music.

Kavkaz Music ++++++


Ayan איין Aйан – DULE PASJA – Nigaranam – אל תדאג Не волнуйся Do not worry

Baku, Capital´s Azerbaijan [IGEO TV]


Zahid Gulmammadov

Israelin Nepal

Make Hummus Not War


Local Markets in Baku, Azerbaijan

Israeli hummus with Bat El’s family

Israeli Hummus Recipe

Best ‘Hummus’ in Nepal (channa) – Recipe

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