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“With Jews We Lose” 

Cantor David Bagley Sings Kel Maleh Rachamim 1991 50th Holocaust Memorial Bucharest

Cantor David Bagley Sings Kel Maleh Rachamim.
The Unveiling Ceremony of the Holocaust Monument 50th Holocaust Memorial Bucharest. Choral Synagogue – Bucharest, July 1991
Courtesy Of The AMERICAN SOCIETY For The Advancement of CANTORIAL ART.

South Florida Jewish Community Holds Prayer Service For Slain Rabbis

A South Florida Jewish community mourned the loss of the four rabbis killed at a Jerusalem synagogue through prayers and a memorial service held at Temple Beth Israel in Miami Beach, Wednesday morning.

A memorial was also held Tuesday evening, with prayers coinciding with other prayers from temples all around the world.

Rabbi Donald Bixon said he and other rabbis used Wednesday’s memorial service to pray for peace. “We use psalms as a source of comfort,” said Bixon. “They were written by King David, and they are prayers that talk about comfort, comfort for the dead, comfort for us and comfort how to move on and prayers for peace in Israel.”

Dany Mocton, a former student from Talmudic University in Miami Beach, lost his beloved teacher, Rabbi Moshe Twersky, who trained hundreds of rabbis in Jerusalem. “We can’t really understand why God does what he does,” said Dany Mocton who spent a year learning at Twersky’s school in Jerusalem, “but we do have to know that it’s from God. God is the one who chose him to go this way. We can never in a million years understand why. Perhaps it’s a challenge to you, perhaps God is telling you your teacher went in this way.”

“You have to watch it to believe it,” added Mocton, “every single second, he’s eating, he’s sleeping, he’s learning, he’s praying, he’s moving, every moment was, ‘How can I possibly make a bigger and a better relationship to my God?'”

Mocton said Twersky was one of the kindest people he had ever met in his life. “I want my child to respect people like my Rabbi respected people. No matter who they are, what backgrounds they came from, no matter what the age was, he respected them incredibly.”

The former student said when he heard the news 59-year-old Twersky was murdered, it tore his heart. “More than an angel, actually. This person has the ability to get closer and closer to God. Angels don’t.”

The now 22-year-old student is married and expecting his first child in six weeks. Mocton has continued his Judaic studies in Miami Beach and will always remember his Rabbi. “It’s not his way to go … his every minute, I mean every single minute and second was devoted to God. You know, that’s the way he went. He was praying to God.”

Rabbi Twersky had an influence on hundreds of students through out the years. Mocton said, he will always remember the year he spent him. He spent every day with him and was amazed at how every single moment was spent serving God.

Hundreds attended a memorial for Twersky in Boston, as he was the son of Rabbi Isadore Twersky, who founded Harvard University’s Center for Jewish Studies. “The Jewish tradition is no royalty,” said a friend of Twersky’s, “but if one can come close, he and his family have been revered for generations.”

Twersky lost his life alongside Aryeh Kupinsky, 43, Kalman Levine, 55, and Abraham Goldberg, 68. Menachem Nissel knew all the victims from Tuesday’s attack but was especially close to Levine. “He was literally a Kansas hick when I first met him 30 years ago,” he said. “He was fresh out of Kansas.”

Nissel said the victims were not the type of men to be hated by others. “It was not possible for any of the four of them to have somebody that didn’t like them,” he said. “When you think about it, the morning prayers are called the prayers of Abraham, and they’re praying to the God of Abraham, which we all have in common, about making the world into a better place, and that’s when the terrorists chose to come in and to pull them down.”

Daughter Remembers Father Lost in Jerusalem Attack

A South Florida woman took her daughter on the first flight to Jerusalem after hearing her father had lost his life in a synagogue attack that captured worldwide attention.

Michal Levine lives in South Florida and her 7-year-old daughter, Yafaat Levine, attends Hebrew Academy on Miami Beach. A day after the brutal attack, they traveled overseas to mourn the loss of a father and grandfather.

Michal’s father, Kalman Levine, was one of the four rabbis murdered in an act of terror in Jerusalem, Monday. “He was praying, and he was actually the one standing outside the doors at the moment he completed his prayer,” said Levine. “I went to the place where, his exact spot where he was murdered, and I was hurting his pain, but I also knew that he was a direct sacrifice, maybe upon a nation.”

As soon as Levine received the tragic news, she took a flight from South Florida with her daughter to Jerusalem. “We’re here, and she was very strong, but we’re still in tears, and I didn’t speak to him recently, and I’m hurting, but if he was here, he would say that everything is for the best,” said Levine. “What hurts is not necessarily bad, and it’s not bad because everything is good.”

Levine rested her head upon her daughter’s as she thanked her classmates for their prayers. “Thank you a lot for caring,” said Yafaat.

When asked to describe her grandfather, Yafaat said he would take the long way to synagogue to pray so he could do more Mitzvot, or acts of goodness and kindness. “He was very nice and would go, there’s two ways to go to,” said Yafaat, “so he goes the long way to get more Mitzvot.”

That long walk will be the 7-year-old’s memory, a man who didn’t want to waste an opportunity to do something kind for another person.

“Stay strong, even in front of other people,” said Levine. “The last thing my father would have wanted out of this is either hatred or anger towards another party.”

Miami Beach Jewish Community Morns The Loss Of Jerusalem Attack Victims

Dany Mocton Remembers His Beloved Teacher, Rabbi Moshe Twersky Killed In 

Chabad Jewish Center of Mesa spreads Hanukkah cheer
East Valley Tribune
The Chabad Jewish Center of Mesa organizes several local events in the East Valley to highlight the holiday, including displays at Dana Park, Mesa …

Popular Nożyk Synagogue Videos

Ethiopian Jews celebrate SIGD 2014 in Manhattan

Popular Nożyk Synagogue Videos

Ethiopian Jews celebrate SIGD 2014 in Manhattan

From North African to South America: Celebrating Argentina’s Moroccan Jewish community

A Jewish haven on the Argentine pampas

An Argentine Orthodox Jewish Wedding in Buenos Aires

Jewish wedding in Buenos Aires חתונה יהודית בבואנוס איירס

Hanukkah on Buenos Aires: Argentina is home to South America’s largest Jewish community

JN1 has come here to Plaza Uruguay, in Buenos Aires, to meet with the hundreds of people who have gathered to celebrate Hanukkah with music, food and the traditional candle lighting.

New Pope Jorge Bergoglio celebrated Hanukkah with Argentine Jews as Cardinal of Buenos Aires

Baltimore Jewish community mourns victims of attack on synagogue in Jerusalem

Four rabbis were killed.


Jewish Connection Project – Board of Deputies

The Jewish Communities Project aims to develop communities outside London.

Yaakov and Rachelli

“This is the musical and visual story of their holy Jewish union”

Hanukkah 2012: Argentine Catholics and Jews celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas together

Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia


סרט תדמית לפדרציית הקהילות היהודיות ברוסיה

A movie about FEOR – the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia

Moishe House

Meet Dan, Benji, Sarah and Samantha, four roommates in Washington, DC, whose paths intersected when they all became Moishe House residents. Today, their home is a center of gravity for young Jews in the community who, like them, want to create and share Jewish experiences with friends.

Moishe House is a network of nearly 60 houses in 14 countries that fills a void in the Jewish community created by the growing gap between college years and family life.

Every Moishe House is run by a group of 3-5 young adult residents who are provided with rent subsidies and a program budget to host an average of six monthly events for peers in their community.

What started as a house for four friends in Oakland, California, to host Shabbat dinners has grown into a global network that provides opportunities for 60,000-plus young adults annually.

We partner with organizations like Moishe House because we believe change IS possible.
Morocco: Catalyzing human development through cultural preservation

The nation possesses a particular culture, borne of its history and … culture and human development – the contribution of the Jewish community of …

Inside Jewish Morocco

What issues are facing Morocco’s Jewish community today? Join Dina Kadisha as she explores Moroccan Jewish life and the work of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MET Hebrew Manuscripts Panel

Learn about recent research in the field of Hebrew illuminated manuscripts and decorated printed books, on the occasion of the exhibition of the Braginsky Collection, currently on view at Yeshiva University Museum.


Moshe Normatov

The American Jewish Community and the Future of Israel – Peter Beina

The American Jewish Community and the Future of Israel – Peter Beinar

J Street U Penn, Hillel Israel Sector, the Reform Jewish Community at Penn, and Penn GPA hosted a presentation from noted political commentator Peter Beinart followed by a QA moderated by Penn Hillel Director, Rabbi Mike Uram.Peter Beinart is author of The Crisis of Zionism and former editor of the Daily Beast blog, Open Zion, which fosters an open and unafraid conversation about Israel, Palestine and the Jewish future. He is currently a columnist for Ha`aretz, and has written for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, the Boston Globe, the Atlantic and Time.In 2012, Beinart`s informative and provocative `The Crisis of Zionism` sent shock waves through the Jewish community for its contention that Israel`s insistence on prolonging its occupation of the West Bank is leading to increasing estrangement between Israel and American Jewish youth who find it difficult to reconcile their liberal values with a certain definition of Zionism. The book unabashedly delves into the

 Israel – The True Jewish Dream

The Jewish People are supposed to be a Light Unto the Nations, yet Ultimately the goal is for all to return to Israel for the coming of Moshiach.

If all the Jews are in one place, how can they be a Light Unto the Nations? How can their Light reach the rest of the world?

The Ultra Orthodox vs. The IDF: Israel’s Other Religious War,

Since Israel’s inception, the Haredi — ultra-Orthodox adherents of Judaism —have been exempt from the country’s military conscription laws. But their growing population, coupled with their high unemployment rate and dependence on state benefits, sparked outrage within the country’s secular majority. After years of demanding that the Haredi share the responsibility of serving in the armed forces, the Israeli government passed an unprecedented law in March 2014 that requires Haredi men to serve in the military.

The decision resulted in major opposition from the Ultra Orthodox community, from violent protests to religious leaders demanding that no one should comply. VICE News travels to Israel to speak with hardline members and leaders of the Ultra Orthodox community as well as soldiers in the Netzah Yehuda, the IDF’s Ultra Orthodox Battalion, to get their take on the government’s decision.

Jewish Community Watch

The Jewish Community of Passaic, New Jersey

Jewish Communities in Both German States, From WWII to Unification

Lecturer: Prof. Michael Wolffsohn, Bundeswher University, Munich
Chair: Prof. Julius H. Schoeps, MMZ, Potsdam University
Opening Session – “Lights and Shadows: Modern History of Germans and Jews”
“From Rejection to Acceptance:
To Be Jewish in 21st Century Germany”,
A conference that was held by the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry,
Tel Aviv University,

Popular Hebrew school & Chabad videos

Mayors Of Bnei Brak & Lakewood Take Helicopter Tour Of Lakewood

Michoel Streicher Live in Bnei Brak

Michoel Streicher Live in Bnei Brak

Michoel Streicher Live in Bnei Brak

Michoel Streicher Live in Bnei Brak

Michoel Streicher Live in Bnei Brak

Karaite Judaism

From Wikipedia

Karaite Judaism or Karaism (/ˈkærə.t/ or /ˈkærə.ɪzəm/; Hebrew: יהדות קראית , Modern Yahadut Qara’it Tiberian Qārāʾîm ; meaning “Readers (of the Hebrew Scriptures”)[1] is a Jewish movement characterized by the recognition of the Tanakh alone as its supreme legal authority in Halakha (Jewish religious law) and theology. It is distinct from mainstream Rabbinic Judaism, which considers theOral Torah, the legal decisions of the Sanhedrin as codified in the Talmud, and subsequent works to be authoritative interpretations of the Torah. Karaites maintain that all of the divine commandments handed down to Moses by God were recorded in the written Torah, without additional Oral Law or explanation. As a result, Karaite Jews do not accept as binding the written collections of the oral tradition in the Midrash or Talmud. …….From Wikipedia

Karaite Synagogues in Israel and in other Countries


Manchester Jewish community establishes Britain’s largest eruv including 20 synagogues

The Jewish Food Taste Test


Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival

Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival 2014 by Tristan Lueck and Sara Terrell

Savannah Jewish Food Festival October 26, 2014


Jewish Food Festival 2014 Carmel California

http://www.CarmelBethIsrael Don’t blink! Food, music, dancing, and a wedding enactment on a gorgeous day! Music: Hoo-Tza-Tza of Santa Cruz, California

Hava Nagila – Balkansi Klezmer Band – Sydney Jewish Food Festival Shalom College UNSW

Jewish Food and Culture Festival
Sunday 20 October 2013, 10.00am — 4.00pm at Shalom College, UNSW.

Ultra-Orthodox Women — an Emerging Force in Israeli Hi-Tech

Havdalah Rabbi Weisblum Performs at the Hospital הבדלה הרב

Stuff Chabad Rabbis Say

Havdalah Event at Caulfield Park +++ The SHTICK

From Wikipedia, A shtick (Yiddish: שטיק) (or schtick) is a comic theme or gimmick. “Shtick” is derived from the Yiddish word shtik (שטיק), meaning “piece”; the closely related German word Stückhas the same meaning. The English word “piece” itself is also sometimes used in a similar context. Another variant is “bits of business” or just “bits”; comic mannerisms such asLaurel and Hardy’s fiddling with their ties, or one of them looking into the camera shaking his head while the other one would ramble on. A shtick can also refer to an adopted persona, usually for comedy performances, that is maintained consistently (though not necessarily exclusively) across the performer’s career. In this usage, the recurring personalities adopted by Laurel and Hardy through all of their many comedy films (despite the fact that they often played characters with different names and professions) would qualify as their shtick. A comedian might maintain several different shticks of this sort, particularly if they appear in a variety show that encourages them to develop multiple characters, such as Saturday Night Live.
In common usage, the word shtick has also come to mean any talent, style, habit, or other eccentricity for which a person is particularly well-known, even if not intended for comedic purposes. For example, a person who is known locally for his or her ability to eat dozens of hot dogs quickly might say that it was their shtick.
Among Orthodox Jews, “shtick” can also refer to wedding shtick, in which wedding guests entertain the bride and groom through dancing, costumes, juggling, and silliness .

dance kavkaz

The Mountain Jews

You’ll get a peek at their life and ancient customs in the documentary series”Faces of Russia” .
RTД is an English-language documentary channel about Russia

Michael Elkabetz תזמורת המגרב פסטיבל קרקוב 2012

The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs (1/2

The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs (2/2

Cape Town: A Jewish Journey to South Africa

In one of the world’s most beautiful cities, we find a small, but vibrant Jewish community that has made a notable contribution in South Africa and abroad.

Check out more videos at

Viva Jewish Buenos Aires!

In Argentina, a vibrant Jewish community comes back from terror attacks 20 years ago. It’s Jewish life, Latino-style, with street festivals and the largest JCCs you will ever see.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

Uploads von Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ offer many ways to live generously, connect with our heritage, and build a vibrant Jewish community.
Federation is the central address to effectively reach, help, and advocate for Jews wherever they live. Federation brings together individuals and organizations from all religious streams and sectors to enhance the lives of Jews locally and overseas by assisting those in need, providing Jewish education, caring for the elderly, aiding families in crisis, programming for developmentally disabled, re-training for the unemployed, advocating for social justice, providing teens and youth with meaningful Jewish experiences, fighting anti-Semitism, connecting to Jewish culture and heritage, and standing in solidarity with Israel.

Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines Celebrates 100 years

The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines Celebrated 100 years on Sunday Evening with an anniversary gala in the Grand Ballroom of the Iowa Events Center

Response to Dr Sahin, by Rabbi Dr Norman Solomon, Oxford (part 1 of 2)

Response to Dr Sahin, by Rabbi Dr Norman Solomon, Oxford (part “2 of 2)

A Snippet of Jewish Life In Detroit, Yesteryear and Today

A Look Back. A Fast Forward.
Hastings Street. This iconic Detroit road was more than just a thoroughfare; it was a thriving community. For decades, Hastings Street and the surrounding area was known as Little Jerusalem, home to a growing population of immigrant Jews. Although Hastings is long demolished, the Jewish entrepreneurial spirit remains and thrives in the city.


The High Synagogue “Two aspects of Jewish life in Krakow” photographic exhibition (archive)

Presented by the author of the exhibition Prof. Aleksander B. Skotnicki

Satmar Wedding In New York State Armory – Highlights שמחת החתונה – סאטמאר

Highlights of the Satmar Wedding held on Sunday October 26 2014 in the Williamsburg Armory

The grandson of the Seagater Rav, Seagate NY, Rav Zalman Leib Meisels married the daughter of Rav Yaakov Ber Teitelbaum Sigheter Rav in Boro Park, Son of the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg Rabbi Zalman Leib (Yekusiel Yehuda) Teitelbaum

Hasidic Jews going Gangnam style

Herzl Camp

Herzl Camp was founded by a committed group of Midwestern Jews in 1946 as an independent, trans-denominational overnight, rooted in Zionism. Since then, over 30,000 campers have spent their summers in Webster, WI, immersed in our unique brand of joyful Judaism.

Adath Israel: A Community Shul

Adath Israel, located in Hillside/Elizabeth, NJ is the newer sister Shul to the Jewish Educational Center of Elizabeth. Located in suburban surroundings, it is one of the most rapidly growing Orthodox Jewish Communities in the North-East. The neighborhood is well known for its warmth, as exemplified by its very active Chesed and other committees, which make sure that its members are always provided for and its guests welcome. One need not leave the Community for any Jewish amenities, including Kosher restaurants (Pizza, Chinese, or Delicatessen), Kosher Market, Eiruv and Mikveh. In the immediate vicinity are several shopping centers, all well stocked for its kosher customers, in addition to close vicinity to the finest shopping malls in New Jersey, including Jersey Gardens right here in Elizabeth. Access to Manhattan is effortless, with a New Jersey Transit station right in the neighborhood with easy access parking. Access to Brooklyn is a 20-30 minute car trip via the Verrazano Bridge. Access to Newark Airport is convenient as can be; though our community is literally 5 minutes from the Airport, we do not sit in the flight pattern. Every educational option is available locally, beginning with the famous Jewish Educational Center of Elizabeth, which provides education for Nursery through Junior High, and High School (JEC/Bruriah High School). Located in our community is a full time Kollel as well, which opens opportunities for any community members looking for study partners. For higher education, located in our neighborhood is Kean University, with Yeshiva University, Rutgers University, and others in close vicinity.

Our local Shul, Adath Israel, is under the spiritual leadership of Rabbi Elazar M. Teitz, and Rabbi Jonathan Schwartz. Both Rabbonim are always available to our shul for halachic consultations. They and other community members deliver a full schedule of shiurim, including Daf Yomi, in addition to a regular scholar in residence program. There is a wonderful communal togetherness and spirit, as we share numerous programs, including weekly “Perek on the lawn” during the summer, a Simchat Torah Luncheon, Chanukah Dinner, and several well planned Shul trips over the course of the year. The community also celebrates its diversity, and boasts an active, daily Sephardic minyan.



Цель «Маханаим» – познакомить русскоязычного еврея с миром евркйской культуры, истории, традиции и философии. Для этого «Маханаим» проводит занятия, лекции и семинары по различным аспектам иудаизма для групп различных интересов и уровней. «Маханаим» проводит также курсы по подготовке к гиюру. Помимо учебных программ и в помощь им «Маханаим» издает книги по еврейской тематике на русском языке, а также аудио и видео лекции на СD и DVD.
The purpose of “Mahanaim” – to introduce the Russian-speaking Jews in peace evrkyskoy culture, history, traditions and philosophy. To do this, “Mahanaim” conducts classes, lectures and seminars on various aspects of Judaism for groups of different interests and levels. “Mahanaim” also conducts training courses to convert to Judaism. In addition to the curriculum and to help them “Mahanaim” publishes books on Jewish subjects in Russian, as well as audio and video lectures on CD and DVD.

אעירה שחר – משירת הבקשות של יהדות מרוקו (חלק ב)

תכנית מיוחדת בת שני חלקים על פיוטי מרוקו עם מיטב הפייטנים – פרק ראשון מתוך שני פרקים.

רבי חיים שושנה נולד במראקש בשנת 1912.
היה מורה ב”כל ישראל חברים” ולימד בתלמוד תורה במראקש.
רבי חיים שושנה היה מטובי מורי ההוראה ומהמשכילים הבולטים מבני מראקש, בין חבריו לרעיונות החינוך התורני במראקש היו רבי דוד דרעי, רבי שלמה זריהן, האחים בן שמול, רבי יוסף הלוי, רבי דוד ביטון, רבי יוסף ביטון ועוד .
הוא דרבן לימוד הדקדוק והבנת הנקרא כי ראה בהם אמצעי להגיע לשיטת לימוד מתקדמת.
בשנת 1956 נבחר לדיין בבית הדין הרבני בקזאבלנקה.
בשנת 1966 עלה לארץ עם משפחתו והתיישב בבאר שבע.
הוא שימש ברבנות בבאר שבע כמנהל המחלקה לענייני נישואין.
נפטר בשנת תשמ”ז.
היה בכיר חוקרי הפיוט של יהודי מרוקו, שלט במכמני היהדות.
חיבורו הענק ”אעירה שחר” הוא גירסה מודרנית ל – ”שיר ידידות” שחובר ע”י רבי דוד אלקיים ממוגדור והודפס במראקש .
הפיוטים נוקדו בידי רבי חיים הבקי היטב בספרות העברית ותורת הניקוד.
בביאור אשר בתחתית העמוד מצוי מידע מדוייק על צורת הפיוט והחריזה, הביאור נקרא ”כנפי שחר”.
בשנת תשמ”ה פרסם ספר שבו קיבץ את כל פיוטיו שאותם כתב עוד במרוקו.
שם הספר ”רחשי ליבי דבר טוב” בספר זה הופיעו פיוטים שכתב, דרשות לבר מצווה, שירים למחותנים, שירי ישועה והצלה וכדומה.
פועלו של רבי חיים שושנה מציב את חוקרי שירת הבקשות של יהודי מרוקו על קרקע יציבה ובטוחה.
דרך חייו ופיוטיו זהים לאלה של פייטני ”שיר ידידות” עצמם.
הודות לדרכו המחקרית של רבי חיים שושנה מתגלים לנו מסתורי ליבם ועולמם של פייטני ”שיר ידידות” כאשר רבי חיים שושנה משמש לנו גשר להבנת עולמם ושירתם.

2nd Day Hakafato in a Tel Aviv Club and Petach Tikvah


Vatikin Prayers @ Western Wall – Hoshana Raba 5775


Simchat Torah Dancing With the Scrolls

Enter into the joy of celebrating the Word of God as Jew and Gentile gather in Jerusalem to dance with the Torah scrolls. Dean shares the significance of this joy-filled night and the wonder of what God is doing as the unity of His people, both Jew and Gentile, becomes a living reality right here in Liberty Park, Jerusalem. Go ahead, get up and dance as you join your hearts with those that were there that night. O God, . . .You are Holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel!

Carlebach on Simchas Torah

Chabad Lubavitch UK Dinner Video 2014


Azi Schwartz

Sushi in a Sukka Event, Chabad of East County, La Mesa, California

Chabad East County in La Mesa, California, sponsored a Sushi in the Sukka event on Sunday, October 12, 2014. Filmed by Jay (Jacob) Schwartz using a Flip camcorder.

Sukkot Fun – Strange Sukkahs!

סוכות מחרוזת לחג

Israelis celebrate Sukkot

Celebrating Sukkot in Israel

Sukkot סוכות – Sukka veLulav סוכה ולולב / Pithu Li (מרוקאי Moroccan)

Reel Israel Productions: Succot in the Holy Land

Camp Simcha

Marching Orders Promo

A first look at ‘Marching Orders’, a short inspirational film focusing on the Rebbe’s revolutionary view of the essence of every Jew, and of the infinite value of every mitzvah.

Featuring newly-filmed recollections of the Rebbe from a number of prominent individuals, with first-time released clips of the Rebbe in conversation.

Perugia, 1923: matrimonio di Silvio Della Seta e Iole Campagnano

Filmato 35 mm, girato il 14 ottobre 1923 da Salvatore Di Segni, in occasione del matrimonio di Silvio Della Seta e Iole Campagnano.
Il negativo del filmato è stato restaurato nel settembre 2014 dall’ICRCPAL.

Ukraine: Swastika painted on Kiev Holocaust memorial


Vandals Paint Swastikas On Florida Synagogues

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Authorities are investigating the defacing of a Miami Beach temple just one day after another temple was vandalized in West Miami.

Ralph Goldman’s 100th Birthday with Shimon Peres

Long-time JDC leader Ralph Goldman dies at 100

Also a central figure in Israel’s establishment, Goldman was a driving force behind the the Joint’s development into a leading Jewish humanitarian group

Rabbi Eliezer Berland

Conferenza stampa Kids Kicking Cancer Italia 15/03/2012 _ Interviene Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg 1

Jewish Communities

A Rosh Hashanah message from our President, Jeremy Spinak

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is the officially-elected representative spokes-body of the Jewish community of New South Wales. It is recognised by the NSW government, its agencies, the media and other ethnic and religious groups and speaks on its behalf on all matters affecting New South Wales Jewry

Gedolei Yisroel Visit The Kever Of The Vilna Gaon Zt”l Before Rosh Hashanah 5775/2014

During the days leading up to Rosh Hashanah 5775/2014, a large delegation from Israel lead by Gedolei Yisroel representing the Degel Hatorah faction of Agudas Yisroel, journeyed to Vilna to pray for the wellbeing of Jews around the world. Aside from visiting the gravesite of the Vilna Gaon, the group visited the Kever of Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinski and also the final resting place of Rav Itzele of Ponevezh who was reinterred in the new Vilna cemetery after the communists destroyed the old Jewish graveyard in Ponevezh. Major Roshei Yeshiva who participated in the trip are as follows, Rav Yitzchok Scheiner, Rav Berel Povarsky, Rav Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi, Rav Moshe Yehuda Schlesinger, Rav Dov Yaffe, Rav Aryeh Finkel, Rav Shmuel Yaakov Borenstein and Rav Chizkiyahu Mishkovski. Distinguished Rabbonim such as Rav Shimon Galei and Rav Sender Erlanger were present as well. The pilgrimage was organized by the Kupat Hair Tzedakah organization.

Chabad House (Jewish Prayer Hall), Nariman House, in Mumbai reopens

Hebrew School chabad hannover 2014

If You’re Jewish and You Know It – Rick Recht at Camp Barney Medintz


Shalom Torah Centers 2012 – Leon Goldenberg

Erev Rosh Hashanah in Uman, Ukraine

Each year, tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews travel to Uman, Ukraine to visit the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.

Located between Kiev and Odessa, the tomb of the 18th century founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement constitutes one of the holiest sites in the Hasidim world.

CJ Kramer

Jewish Communities: 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection videos

Popular Agudath Israel of America Videos

Popular Agudath Israel of America & Rabbi videos

Popular Nachman of Breslov & Uman videos


The Official Channel of the International Shabbos Project


LiveShiur: Rabbi David Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel

We proudly welcomed Rabbi David Lau, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel to the yeshiva, where he welcomed our incoming talmidim to the new year of learning.

Torat Emet-Librería Haaretz Judaica

bar ilan university

Jewish Wedding Chazan in South Florida singing Ana Bekoach


Israeli humor – Hope kindergarten

A brilliant skit from the Israeli comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” (lit: “Wonderful Country) on Channel 2. This skit depicts a joint education program devised by the right-wing (yet mainstream) organization Im Tirtzu with the Ministry of Education that helps kindergarten children be prepared for the complicated life in Israel.

חזרה לגן: עומרי – ערוץ הופ!


Rebbe Clips Jewish Daily News.

The untold story of Jewish Baghdad: Iraqi capital was once home to vast Jewish community

Unresolved History: Jews and Lithuanians After the Holocaust

Changing Jewish Communities TheJerusalemCenter


Ahavah Rabah Ahavtanu – Beth Medrash Govoha Tea Presentation – 2008
Pidyon Peter Chamor In Detroit – Full Video


Chabad on Campus | Enriching University Life

Numerous prominent university presidents and deans express how Chabad on Campus plays an integral role at their school.


Camp Kimama Israel- International Summer Camps


Haredi: The Ultra orthodox society in Israel 1-5

The Jewish View


Community Lecture Series

North African Jewish music

Moishe House

יום ירושלים

Szól a kakas már – Hungarian Jewish Folk Music

Judaism and Jews in Greece – Greek Jewish Diaspora

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel

Thema – Jewish Agency for Israel



Popular Kibbutz videos

Mix Events Israel

New Kosher restaurant in Brussels gains popularity


WorldJewish Congress

Israel Tourism

The Israel Experience

Innovative Israel

Actual  Videos

Chabad of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Jewish News

Comunidade na TV – 3 a 9 de agosto

O Comunidade na TV é um programa da Federação Israelita do Rio de Janeiro.

O programa é exibido no Canal 14 da NET aos Domingos (7h, 16h e 21h), com reprises ao longo da semana!.

jCommunities2 Kopie

Rally for Israel in NYC

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