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Pioutim : Rav Meir Attia chante des pioutim

Chalom Jerusalem. Le Rav Meir Attia chante des pioutim a l’inauguration d’un Sefer Torah a la Synagogue Emouna Chelema de Jerusalem le lundi 1er movembre 2010


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Following The Stars Concert – Lipa, Benny, Beri & Yishai Lapidot – Promo

“Uvnucho” Martin Widerker – Cantor Yaakov Rosenfeld | ובנוחה יאמר – מרטין וידרקר – חזן יעקב רוזנפלד

Director: Yizik Grovais
Script & Production Manager: Israel Bergman
Photography Director: Mendy Or
Photography: Yakov Salem
Aerial Photography: “Hyper”
Editing & After Effects: “Hyper

Composed & Produced by Martin Widerker
Music Arranged by Menachem Bristowski 
Song by Cantor Yaakov Rosenfeld
For more info 1347- 443 – 6991

”Sing-Along Song” by 8th Day

Leviim Chabad Jazz ….

The Leviim perform a jazz chabad set at a bar mitzvah in Crown Heights

Ben Melech Hits – Beri Weber & Meshorerim Choir


Kuppy Elbogen & Zimra Man’s & Boy’s Choir’s at Bonei Olam – Montreal, Canada

Hundreds of People gathered Monday night November 10 2014, for Bonei Olam’s third dinner in Montreal, featuring inspiring speakers and entertainment by Kuppy Elbogen and the Zimra men’s choir along with Zimra’s brand new boys choir.

Bonei Olam is a New York based organization that helps Jewish couples with fertility problems from all over the world by providing funding for fertility treatments and connecting the couple with experts from both the medical and Halachic standpoint as well as support in the form of groups as well as professionals. To date, Bonei Olam has been involved in the birth of over 5000 babies, including many from the Montreal and Tosh communities, where a small branch exists, connecting locals to fertility experts in the area.

Kuppy Elbogen and the Zimra Men’s and Boy’s Choir performed a mix of Yiddish songs specially written for the event.

Koncert Kantorów Warszawa 2913 – 13

Warszawa, 25 sierpnia 2013 X Festiwal Kultury Żydowskiej. Synagoga im. Nożyków

Koncert Kantorów cz.1 [Festiwal Warszawa Singera 2012]

Koncert kantorów, Kraków 2011, Festiwal Kultury Żydowskiej

Koncert Kantorów (Synagoga im Nożyków, 25.08.13)

Israel Inspired: Eliezer Botzer performs “Zion” live in the Voice of Israel Studio

Eliezer Botzer, one of Israel’s top sacred musicians, plays his epic masterpiece “Zion” in-studio and unplugged.

בוצר | הפרעות. קשב. ריכוז. | קצת אהבה

בוצר · הפרעות. קשב. ריכוז. · ציון

Ben Melech Hits – Beri Weber & Meshorerim Choir

Child Soloist Sruly Laufer Sings Ato Kodoish and more amazing singers,,,,,

Anim Zemirot & Nigun videos

גד אלבז – אנעים זמירות Gad Elbaz – Anim Zemirot

Mordechai Ben David – Anim Zemiros

Mordechai Ben David Sings Anim Zemiros at the 11th annual Soul II Soul concert that took place Sunday Night February 10 2013, at the Brooklyn School for Music and Theater in Crown Heights, Brooklyn accompanied by the shira choir and freilach band


24Jewish Video Event of the Day !Live Broadcast: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries , Part 2 Section on the right side, Popular Shaliach & Chabad videos , Great Videos Selection



Satmar Sheva Brochos In Boro Park 5775-2014



Emile Zrihan
Piyutim of Moroccan Jews.


Mordechai Yitzhar wrote and composed a song dedicated to Yehuda Glick’s recovery.

שוב נעלה -הרב יהודה גליק


ניגון ארבע בבות- מרדכי יצהר ולהקתו

Best Jewish Music – Contemporary, Cool, Kosher

Jewish Rock Band

Sasov Rabbi Sukkah Ganei Tikva 13/10/14 סוכת האדמו”ר מסאסוב גני


מקהלת מלכות בביצוע מרהיב ״זכור שנים עשר שבטים״ Malchus Choir – Zechor|


Jewish Music Of The World
Artistic director: Yair Harel
Forgotten Piyutim to songs of joy

Yumi Lowy “Music That Moves” An Aaron Teitelbaum Production יומי לואי

Yumi Lowy Singing “Music That Moves” Conducted by Yisroel Lamm On Setember 14 2014, In Old Westbury Hebrew Cong, An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Hazanouth Cantor Rav Yaacov Toledano


Yaakov Petro Singing……..

Yaakov Petro Singing “Pia Pascha – Eishes Chayil” At His Own Wedding

Yaakov Petro Singing “Pia Pascha – Eishes Chayil” At His Own Wedding, Music by Shloime Friedman Productions On March 4th 2013 in Lake Terrace – Lakewood NJ

Benny Friedman Live at Chabad Cape Town

Live Concert at Chabad Centre Sea Point Cape Town 2014.
The Ruach, The Inspiration, The Dancing, The singing was amazing.


Great selection!!Luther Lutherking

Pyoutim + music judéo-andalouse

לנר ולבשמים עם אבי לב מוצאי שבת פרשת ‘כי תצא’ תשע”ד


Itamar Pinhas

Video Jewish Music & Simcha of the Day



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The 4 Tenors/Cantors: Fried, Helfgot, Dudu & Ohad – Sheyiboneh ארבעת הטנורים: שיבנה

HASC – A Time For Music XXI (21) recorded live on January 13, 2008 at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City features Jewish music greats such as Avraham Fried, Cantor Yitzchok Meir Helfgot, Ohad!, Dudu Fisher, Yeshiva Boys Choir, Shlomo Katz, Eitan Katz, The Shira Choir and more with music by the world renowned Neginah Orchestra conducted by Yisroel Lamm. Available on double CD and DVD, this unbelievable production will keep you enteratained for 2 full hours. Having received rave reviews, this production is a must-have for every Jewish music fan and is sure to be one of the most treasured additions to your CD or DVD collection.

Rabbi Baruch Chait – Sdei Chemed Kumzits 2014

Rabbi Chait teaches Camp Sdei Chemed a new song he just composed and yet to be recorded professionally. Words are, v’sim chelkeinu imahem l’olam, v’lo nei’vosh ki b’cha ba’tach’nu. (Set our lot with the righteous forever, so that we may never be put to shame,
for we have put our trust in you G-d).

The Rabbi’s Sons

Popular Baruch Chait Videos

Dovid Gabay – The Letter – Daven For Me [Official Music Video]

As the Yomim Norai’m are ever so quickly approaching, here is a brand new inspiring music video to help us get into the right mind frame to daven on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world. Chazal tell us that if two people are in need of the same salvation, they should pray for each other that the other’s need should be answered. By doing so, together, they open the gates of mercy, and thereby create a zechus in Shamayim that THEIR prayers be answered. The song entitled “The Letter”, from Dovid Gabay’s 2nd album, Omar Dovid, has been a true inspiration for so many around the globe, but most importantly for an individual residing in Brooklyn, NY. Upon hearing the song, and realizing his own child was in desperate need of tefilos, he decided, based on the message of this very song, to start an organization for individuals all around the world to be paired up with others who are in need of the same salvation. The organization is called Daven For Me and currently has over 5,000 subscribed members, and counting… This movement of tefilah has brought about many yeshuos in the world. Many of which you can read about on the organization’s website:

Watch and enjoy this heartfelt music video, and take upon yourself someone to daven for today by joining this wonderful organization!!

Música Kosher

הופעות בבית אבי חי


simcha GREAT!! videos selection


24Jewish Video Clip of the Day,Avrumy Holczler singing Eishes Chayil (new) at his own wedding!! , Part 2 Section on the right side:Popular Eitan Katz Videos

לך אלי – מאיר בנאי חודש אלול


Popular Nachamu Ami & Neshama Carlebach videos

שירי אלול

Special Diwan Saz Concert

Simchas Bais Kossov-Serdahel-Wosner

Kumzits & Nigun videos


Cantors Selection

Chabad Nigunim Songs – Yaakov Shwekey in Brazil – November 2010, Kislev 5771


24Jewish Video Jewish Music-Simcha of the Day, Concert Mordechai Ben David – Maaminim , Part 2 Popular Mordechai Ben David Videos. Great Videos Selection

Lipa Schmeltzer

Popular Chabad Niggunim & Nigun videos

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