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Mexican Taco Salad – Simply Kosher with Jamie Geller

Kosher slaughter

Shechita and Kashrut of meat 2/2

Kosher Slaughter: A behind the scenes look at Kosher food preparation


24Jewish Watch What Happens ! recipe for macaroons, Part 2 Section on the right side,Channel of “meeting the chef” recipes and more,,,Great Videos Selection

How To Make Hamantashen {Purim Recipes with Nina Safar}

Purim Pastry! Hamantashen/Oznei Haman

JTA’s Purim Hamantaschen Tutorial

Ahead of Purim, JTA provides a step-by-step tutorial of how to make hamantaschen, those middle-filled triangle cookies we love to scarf down during this holiday season.

613 Recettes: le Roulé brioché «Crunch» spécial Pourim du Chef Stéphane Laïk

Le Chef Stéphane Laïk vous délivre les secrets de son Roulé brioché “Crunch” au chocolat et aux noisettes caramélisées: une recette délicieuse et spéciale Pourim pour les papilles de vos enfants!
Bonne dégustation et Bon appétit avec 613TV !
Pour plus de vidéos, abonnez-vous sur Free/Numericable/Darty-box

עוגת שמרים, בצק שמרים, קקאו, ממרח תמרים, ריבה, מאיר ממן מבשל, ראו מתכון כתוב ומפורט

ראו מתכון לעוגת שמרים / בצק לעוגת שמרים, עשו העתק הדבק –
חומרים :
1 ק”ג קמח שמרים של אוסם (יש בתוכו שמרים)
אם משתמשים בקמח רגיל מוסיפים 50 גר’ שמרים.
1 כוס שמן
2 ביצים
1/14 כוס סוכר
1/2 2 – 2 כוסות מים

הכנה –
מערבבים את החומרים הנ”ל בסדר כתיבתם.
מתפיחים כחצי שעה עד שעה.
מחלקים את הבצק לשלושה עיגולים שווים.
משטחים את העיגולים כל אחד בתורו ומורחים מילוי שאוהבים.
בסרטון יש מילוי – סוכר וקקאו, ממרח תמרים אגוזים וקינמון, ריבה.
מגלגלים כל עיגול לרולדה חצויה לשתיים, עושים צמות, מברישים בביצה ואופים בתנור 180 מעלות כ 45 דקות, (ראו סרטון)
בעוגת הריבה לא חציתי לשתיים והשארתי אותה שלמה.
לאחר האפייה מברישים בסירופ שעשוי ממים, סוכר, לימון, וגרידת לימון.

מאיר ממן מבשל, עוגת שמרים, בצק שמרים, קקאו, ממרח תמרים, ריבה, מטבוחה, קציצות בשר על מצע גרגירי חומוס, ממולאים, תחתיות ארטישוק, תפוחי אדמה ממולאים, בשר טחון, סלרי, קציצות בשר ברוטב אדום, קציצות בקר, כפיתות, כפיתת, בשר טחון, על האש, השיטה הכי מהירה להדלקת מנגל, צליית בשר, גריל, ברביקיו, תיבול בשר לעל האש, סלט עגבניות ופלפל חריף על הגריל, פחם, מנגל, תבלינים, עוגה בחושה, עוגת תפוזים, עוגה כושית, עוגה פרווה, עוגה חמה, עוגה, עוגות עוגיות, קרם ווניל,מחמר, פשטידה מרוקאית, מעקודה, מתכון מקלובה, אוכל ערבי, פחזניות / קונכיות במילוי קורקבנים, לחם בית, לחם פרנה, לחם, בצק, בצקים, בצק עלים, פילו, סיגרים, פסטייה, פסטל, אוכל מרוקאי, שקדים, צימוקים, אגוזים, בצל, מאפה, בורקס, בשר גולש עם ירקות שורש, בשר, מתכון לעוף עם תפוחי אדמה בתנור, סלט כרוב עם גזר, כרוב סגול במיונז, סלט קולורבי, סלט שומר, בישבש, דג מרוקאי, , דגים, דגים חריפים, תצוגת מבחר סלטים, מתכונים, אוכל, מתכונים מקוריים, אוכל מבית אמא, אוכל ילדות, משפחת ממן, חצילים, וולדורף, סלק אדום, עוואמה, סלרי, תבלינים, חמוצים, לימון כבוש, כרובית, כבושים, אבוקדו, זיתים מבושלים, שטרודל, עוף עם בצל, תפוחי אדמה בתנור, עמבה, מתכונים לשבת

613 Recettes: Hala de Chabat “briochée” par le Chef Stéphane Laïk

Le Chef Stéphane Laïk vous partage la recette clé et facile de la Hala de Chabat « briochée ».

Les vraies boulettes d’Oran

Une vidéo recette exceptionnelle ! La recette intégrale des boulettes moelleuses comme à Oran avec des secrets révélés en direct par nos parents…
Pour le couscous ou avec des petits pois ou…

613 Recettes: la glace aux noisettes

Amalya et la Rabbanite Myriam Mettoudi vont vous donner les secrets de la glace aux noisettes, un dessert rafraîchissant pour tous les jours et également pour Chabbat.

חג האילנות – טו בשבט 2012 – Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat – In Machane Yehuda – Jerusalem Israel

Tu B’Shevat Seder in Jerusalem

Tu B’Shevat Seder in Jerusalem

Rabbi Shalom Gold, Rabbi Fishel Todd and Rabbi Don Channen of Pirchei Shoshanim host the Tu B’Shevat Seder in Jerusalem

Despite the fact that Tu B’ Shevat is discussed in both the Mishna and Gemara there is
very little information available about the Holiday as well as not having a well defined
structure to follow it. In the mid 1500’s the students of the Ari, Rabbi Isaac Luria
Ashkenazi Zt’l formulated a special Tu B’Shevat Seder that was set up along the lines of
the Pesach (Passover) Seder. They wrote a brief pamphlet entitled the Pri Eitz Hadar
which offers us a structure that provides a positive and enjoyable way to celebrate this
spiritual and meaningful holiday. This is the first stage of the countdown to Pesach which is in
exactly 60 days from tonight.
The Seder is broken down into 4 sequences. In the beginning of each sequence
wine is poured which we do not drink until the end of the sequence. After the
conclusion of the entire Seder a festive meal is served accompanied by music, song and
the feeling of the joy of life while enjoying the wine and good food. White table cloths
are placed on the tables with candles lighting up the room. One should dress up in
their Shabbos clothes. Incense, preferably myrtle, which is taken during Succos, is placed
on the tables as well as many flowers which are used to decorate the tables and give the
air a pleasant fragrance. Your finest drinking vessels should be used as each participant
will be drinking four glasses of wine or grape juice. The size of the glasses will
determine how much wine will be needed. You will need an equal amount of Bottles of
White and Red wine. A full wine glass (regular size). Figure 1 Bottle per person (½
Bottle Red and ½ Bottle White). If you use shot glasses then figure each bottle will be
ample for 4-6 people.

Top Chef’s Eli Kirshtein on Tu Bishvat

A Top Chef gives love to the Jewish celebration of trees. To see this recipe and read more about Chef Kirshtein, click here:http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-life-…

מתכון לעוף עם תפוחי אדמה בתנור, מאיר ממן מבשל – ראו מתכון כתוב ומפורט

Salt 424 brings the world’s highest-quality salt to your table

Salt 424—All the advantages in all the flavors
Salt 424’s products are made with salt from the Dead Sea, the world’s most unusual source of salt, 424 meters below sea level, with a desert climate of 40 degrees Celsius throughout the year, almost
no precipitation, and clean, dry air. The result is a high-quality natural salt that is rich in minerals.

Leah Cooks Kosher – Classic Challah Dough Recipe (Part 1)

Watch Leah Jaffee, owner of the kosher catering company Leah’s Catering of Seattle, as she demonstrates how to make her famous classic egg challah dough and assorted braided techniques. These videos are produced for her new kosher cooking blog and kosher recipe website, LeahCooksKosher.com.

The videos are divided into four parts; Part 1 demonstrates the ease of making perfect challah dough. Part 2 illustrates, in easy to follow directions, the classic challah twist roll and pull apart pan challah. Part 3 shows forming the traditional Rosh Hashana crown, the two stranded coil as well as the three stranded braided challah. The final video, Part 4, teaches the more advanced four, six and even 12 stranded braids. The viewer will learn all of Leah’s secret tips for making a great loaf of challah!
For a Honey Whole Wheat Challah Recipe, check out LeahCooksKosher.com.

Leah Cooks Kosher – Classic Challah Dough Recipe (Part 2)

Leah Cooks Kosher – Classic Challah Dough Recipe (Part 3)

Leah Cooks Kosher – Classic Challah Dough Recipe (Part 4)

קציצות בשר על מצע גרגירי חומוס, מאיר ממן מבשל, ראו מטה מתכון כתוב ומפורט

חג האילנות – טו בשבט 2012 – Tu B’Shvat

טו בשבט הגיע חג לאילנות
וחג הפירות היבשים
צימוקים, שקדים, פפאייה, משמש, שזיפים, תאנים, טו בשבט, חקלאים, נטיעת עצים, יבול, מעשר, כוהנים, חילופי עונות, שקדיה פורחת, רקפת ועוד

Popular Jewish cuisine & Israeli cuisine videos

Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

קציצות בשר על מצע גרגירי חומוס, מאיר ממן מבשל, ראו מטה מתכון כתוב ומפורט

Der kosher culture club

כך מכינים את ה באזין

פעמיים בשנה נוהגים יהודי לוב להכין את הבאזין.

קצת עבודה, אבל התוצאה – מצדיקה כל מאמץ.

הגב’ שוש טבח (לבית אלגאווי) מלמדת אותנו כיצד מכינים את הבאזין.

Hanukkah snacks in Jewish tradition: Making Latkes and Sufganiyot in Jerusalem with Jordana Miller

The tradition on Hanukkah is to eat fried foods because oil is very important for this holiday. During the second century before the common era, the Syrian Greeks controlled Jerusalem and banned Judaism. A group of rebels known as the Maccabees defeated the Greeks and rededicated the Jewish temple. They found one container of kosher oil which lasted eight days, and rabbis say that is the miracle of this holiday. Now, many people eat latkes (fried potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (fried doughnuts with jelly or custard filling) here in Israel.

Hanukkah 2012 holiday fun: JN1’s Sivan Raviv explores the delicious traditions of Sufganiyot


Soufganiot* Beignets de Hanouka

La recette des beignets est par ici :

Hanukkah Recipes – How to Make Challah


סלט מטבוחה מרוקאית אורגינל, מאיר ממן מבשל, ראו מתכון כתוב ומפורט

Chabad Tucson – Cirque de Chanukah

The event: Cirque du Chanukah show to be held in Tucson.

Cirque du Chanukah

Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Hanukkah Recipes – How to Make Vegetable and Feta Latkes

See how to make crispy latkes with potato and zucchini,

קציצות בשר ברוטב אדום, מאיר ממן מבשל , ראו מתכון כתוב ומפורט


How to make Hanukkah Donuts on Home & Family

Airdate: December 16, 2014
Chef and author Paula Shoyer stops by with her book “The Holiday Kosher Baker.” She’s the woman behind TheKosherBaker.com and is on our show with a “How To” for making Hanukkah Donuts. She shares the history of Hanukkah and why donuts are a part of the tradition of the holiday.

Latkes, Donuts, Drinks for Your Hanukkah party

Hanukkah on Fox2 Detroit’s Cooking School with Rabbi Jason Miller

Rabbi Jason Miller of Kosher Michigan, a kosher certification agency, talks about Hanukkah on Fox2 Detroit’s Morning Show (Cooking School) while Chef Tobin Harris of Johnny Pomodoro’s Fresh Market demonstrates how to cook potato latkes for Hanukkah. http://www.koshermichigan.com

Levivot (ricetta di Chanukkà)

Le levivot sono un dolce della tradizione ebraica della festa di Chanukkà, la festa delle luci. Sono delle frittelle a base di yogurth semplicissime e velocissime da fare, ma soprattutto buonissime!

Se il video vi è piaciuto mettete mi piace e iscrivetevi al nostro canale per vedere tutte le nostre ricette!

How to Cook the Best Cholent Recipe

חמין עם חיטה, חמין מרוקאי, סכינה, של מאיר ממן מבשל, ראו מטה מתכון עשו העתק הדבק

Jewish Food and Traditions for Chanukah – Interview with Vancouver Foodster’s Richard Wolak

Ner Echad presents: Rebbetzin Kanievsky’s Challah Demonstration

Ner Echad presents Rebbetzin Kanievsky’s challah demonstration. to learn more visit http://www.NerEchad.org

Kosher Food Truck Caters To Jewish LA: Kosher service promises extra South American flavor

Food trucks in Los Angeles are extremely popular. This new truck, called ‘Holy Kosher BBQ’ caters to the Jewish crowd. The owner is from Peru and he is taking extra steps to combine his culture with kosher.

Kosher Food – more than just Jewish cuisine

Kosher Food is the fastest growing brand of quality right now – growing at a rate of about 20% per year, with most of its consumers being non-Jewish. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, someone who wants clean, ethically processed meat and poultry, or looking for dairy or wheat free products, Kosher food is for you!

Strictly Kosher 1,2,3

How to Make Potato Latkes – Hanukkah Recipe


Recette de la fameuse dafina tunienne HARISSA ou Dafina au Blé pour les moins puristes. Par le président de la communauté beth-eliahou himself !
Plus d’infos sur http://www.beth-eliahou.com

La Dafina de Mami Fortuné

La Dafina Juive Marocaine cuisiné par Mami Fortuné de la manière traditionelle

Multicolored Martini Mashed Potatoes – Simply Kosher with Jamie Geller

Recette des beignets Hanouccah : les Sfinges

Une vidéo unique qui dévoile les secrets de la recette des beignets sépharades “les sfinges” et aussi le sens caché de cette tradition
Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Feed Me Bubbe


Jamie Geller Tours Winn-Dixie Kosher Stores

Winn-Dixie has three kosher stores within a store in the South Florida area. Jamie Geller goes through the store and shares new favorite finds, from pizza to sushi, they have it all.

Event Promo – Toby’s Jewish Women’s Circle RSVP @ http://www.chabadSIB.org/womenscircle

Event Promo – Toby’s Jewish Women’s Circle ~ The Art of Fruit Carving RSVP http://goo.gl/tiiofw

Kosher Restaurants NYC Metro Area

Kosher By Gloria presents Thanksgiving Favorites

Sit down with Gloria Kobrin as she shares her background and explains how she came to be a ”cook who keeps kosher.” Step into her kitchen and follow along as she prepares five of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes in this step-by-step video. Gloria Kobrin’s kosher cooking truly taste so good — It’s Sinful !

Kosher Food Network ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jay Buchsbaum, Royal Wine – Kosherfest

Jay Buchsbaum world famous Sommelier gives us some insight into the kosher wine industry as well as recommends his favorite wine paring for Sufganiyot aka Doughnuts for your upcoming Chanukah party!

For more info on these and more kosher wines visit http://www.royalwine.com/
For the latest on what’s trending in the kosher world today, Check http://www.Livekosher.com

Jerusalem Food Truck

Food trucks take to the city’s streets in hope of enticing residents to try authentic ethnic cuisine.

Ethnic restaurants abound in Israel’s capital city, but a new project aims to bring their authentic and varied cuisines to the people — via food trucks.

“It’s never been done in Jerusalem,” says Assaf Granit, chef-owner of Machneyuda Restaurant. “Every day we’re meeting at different locations cooking a different dish. We’re super excited to get our food out to the people.”

As you’ll see in this video, both residents and tourists are loving it. “Some authentic food,” says one visitor. “It’s different from any kind of restaurant you get in Texas, for sure!” http://www.israel.org

Avi’s Kosher Kitchen


A Kosher Thanksgiving (2006) – By Vicki Polin

Photographs by Vicki Polin

It was the week before Thanksgiving when I was driving around in northern Maryland with a friend when we stumbled upon this Turkey farm.

To see more photographs feel free to view my blog – Life Outside the Eruv: vickipolin.blogspot.com

Sweet and Light Hanukkah Food

Chef Melissa Petitto and Sara Ivry make less-oily selection of Hanukkah fare, beyond greasy latkes to salads and cheese. Make these dishes yourself with these recipes

نان تاجیکی Нони тоҷикӣ Tajik Bread Таджиксикй хлеб

A slideshow of the traditional Tajik Central Asian flat bread baking process.

Нони тоҷикии танурӣ !
לחם בוכרי פרסי ממרכז אסיה הסגנון של דושנבה
Настоящие (почти!) душанбинские лепешки, испеченные мной в Лондоне.
http://samarqand-restaurant.com/    Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Печем лепешки дома. Видео рецепт. Нони тоҷикӣ نان تاجیکی לחם בוכרי בבית

Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Hanukkah Day 2 – Sufganiyot (How to make Hanukkah Donuts)

Our Hanukkah adventure continues! In part 2 of our host Chaim’s Hanukkah celebration, he travels to some Israeli bakeries to learn how to make Hanukkah donuts known as ‘sufgaiyot’.

The Perfect Latkes Recipe לטקס – לביבות תפוחי אדמה – המתכון הכי פשוט והטעים שיש. עם מקס מלכיאל

המתכון הפשוט המלא והמפורט של לטקס דלי קלוריות וטעימים.

Best latkes recipe on the Internet. By Max Malkiel – Mollaqand

Fabulous Flavors of Chanukah Cooking Demo with Adeena Sussman at Zabar’s

Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Vegan Potato Latkes Recipe – Vegan Hanukkah Jewish Holiday – לביבות תפוחי אדמה

JewishByte Chanukah video of The Making of Sufganiot @ Parisers Bakery in Baltimore Happy Chanukah!

JewishByte Chanukah video of The Making of Sufganiot @ Parisers Bakery in Baltimore

Samosa Latkes Recipe – Quick & Kosher with Jamie Geller

The Jewish Food Taste Test

Jewish Mother’s Guide to Making Chicken Soup, by Judy Slyper

A quick and easy visual recipe for the best chicken soup you will ever taste or smell! Brought to you by Judy Slyper, Jewish cook extraordinaire. Check out her “Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Cars” and “Mom Ironing” videos too!

Judy Slyper’s Chicken Soup ingredients:
Chicken on the bone, cut up
2 carrots (or more)
2 parsnips
2 celery (stalks and/or leaves)
1 onion
1 sweet potato (optional)
Chicken soup consomme

Joan Nathan’s Chosen Food: Salyanka–Georgian Beef Stew

Here’s a simply and delicious beef stew with peppers, a traditional Jewish Georgian recipe

Jewish Cuisine 1/3

Delicious slow cooked food, warm bread and the famous gefilte fish — the Jewish cuisine is the ultimate comfort food. Learn how to make these mostly Ashkenazi recipes such as the classic Chicken Soup, Gefilte Fish, Cholent, Borscht and the famous Orange and Almond Cake.

Happy Cooking!

Jewish Cuisine 2/3

Jewish Cuisine 3/3

Our Jewish Grandma’s Recipe for Shabbat : how to prepare a Hamin moroccan style

Kosher Recipes- Whats for dinner – Kosher Cooking

Potato Salad Recipes : Kosher Potato Salad

Tori Avey shares Hanukkah recipes on NBC Today in LA

Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes : Roll Stuffed Cabbage

Spinach and Feta Fish Bites – A Quick Kosher Recipe

Learn tips on how to properly roll stuffed cabbage in this free video clip on cooking.
Expert: Karen Weisman
Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hotel and Food Management. Since then, she has helped a national grocery store chain develop and launch a gourmet food division.
Filmmaker: Karen Weisman

cookkosher’s channel

Israeli Cuisine – Mufleta

Foods of Israel: Mufleta is a traditional Israeli bread (like a crepe) that is eaten on the traditional Israeli Jewish holiday of Passover which is part of Israeli Cuisine.

Happy Hanukkah – recipe for Sharon-Fruit Latkes

http://www.jerusalemonline.com presents: Israelicious – Israeli cooking show with Phillis Glazer. this is a great video recipe for Persimon Latkes, a special dish for Hanukkah

How To Create a Dessert Table For Hanukkah

Get tips and tricks creating your own dessert table for Hanukkah and anytime. Jamie Geller works with sweets stylists A La Mode and walks us through the secrets to a perfect dessert bar. Get more recipes and ideas at http://joyofkosher.com, visit Ala Mode – http://alamodeisrael.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/AlamodeIsrael

Chanukah Donuts at Weiss Kosher Bakery


Pumpkin Challah with What Jew Wanna Eat

Make Your Own Lemon Lovers Hummus Recipe

NBC 6 in the Mix Segment in Florida

Jamie Geller joins Roxy Vargas on 6 in the Mix with a how to make Individual Stuffed Apple Challah rolls for Rosh Hashanah. Get the full recipe here

Make a Kitchen Kosher – Rabbi Channen in Jerusalem

A Sukkah of Manhattan Kosher Restaurants Offering Shabbat Dinners & Jewish Holidays Meals

High Holiday Recipes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YWOZSdcH7A&list=UUESI02sI _hKjTCnixPNMcnQ

Poulet au miel accompagné de riz aux épices

Des morceaux de poulet marinés dans du miel et de la sauce soja et des oignons.
Du riz cuit avec de la cardamome, de la cannelle, des raisins secs et des oignons.

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

Sweet and Spicy Roast Chicken! Melissa Clark Recipes


NBC 6 in the Mix Segment in Florida

Jamie Geller joins Roxy Vargas on 6 in the Mix with a how to make Individual Stuffed Apple Challah rolls for Rosh Hashanah. Get the full recipe here http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipes/in…

Yom Kippur/5774/Aug/2014 | Jewish Days of Distinction


Joy of Israel Episode 6 [1/2]- City of David with Israeli Master Chef Tom Franz

Joy of Israel Episode 6 [2/2]- City of David with Israeli Master Chef Tom Franz

Individual Honey Bowls

Rosh Hashanah: קרין גורן- מתכון לעוגת דבש במיקרו במיוחד לראש השנה


NBC 6 in the Mix Segment in Florida

Jamie Geller joins Roxy Vargas on 6 in the Mix with a how to make Individual Stuffed Apple Challah rolls for Rosh Hashanah. Get the full recipe here http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipes/in…

Rosh HaShana Foods | SEPHARDI style

Rosh Hashanah: 101

Challah Connection gives an overview of the food traditions of Rosh Hashana.

How to Make Popular Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Watch more How to Celebrate Jewish Holidays videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/154870-…

Restaurant casher chinois surprenant en Anvers

Anvers possède l’une des plus grandes populations juives d’Europe, tant et si bien qu’elle est souvent désignée comme la Jérusalem du Nord. Il n’est donc pas surprenant de constater qu’Anvers dispose de restaurants casher. Mais il est surprenant d’y trouver un restaurant casher chinois

Eat In Good Health! – Kasha Varnishkes (100% gluten-free)

Eat In Good Health!
A Cooking Show in Yiddish with English subtitles
with Rukhl Schaechter and Eve Jochnowitz
Kasha Varnishkes (100% gluten-free)


GET THE COOKBOOK HERE: http://omabella.com/omabella-cookbook…

Best Potato Kugel Recipe – Quick & Kosher with Jamie Geller

http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/pot… | Jamie Geller shows you how to make her recipe for Potato Kugel in individual cups. The best part about them is that every piece is a crusty corner piece, so nobody has to fight over that coveted crunch.

India’s Jewish Food

Joan Nathan travels to India to look for Jewish food and discovers a rich cultural history in the process.

Jewish and Kosher Recipes: Avocado Sandwich

Kosher roast chicken smothered with mushrooms, onions and veggies

Use just one pan to cook this meal. Just 45 minutes roasting a 2&1/2 lb. bird.

1 chicken 2 & 1/2 lb., 12 oz. onion, 7-8 oz. vine ripe tomato, 2 oz. celery,
3 oz. carrots, 3 oz. shitaki mushroom, 6 garlic cloves, 1/4 c. dry sherry, 1 T. dried or fresh thyme, 1/4 tsp. black pepper, 1 c. water, 2 T. flour 1/2 hr. high heat then 15 min. low.

Kosher Enchilada Recipe : Healthy Mexican Recipes & More

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipe of the Day,Kosher Chicken Recipe with Apples and Fennel, Part 2 Section on the right side: joy of kosher channel Great Videos Selection

Just A Jewish Mother’s Brisket

Learn how easy it is to make a traditional Jewish brisket- The NP – “No Patchke”, No Fuss Way

Stir Fry Kosher Tilapia Fillets with Ginger – By Aviglatt.com

This is a great recipe for the Nine Days (When Jewish People Traditionally Abstain from Eating Red Meat or Chicken) or any time of the year when something slightly spicy yet healthy is in order for you family. You can find the full recipe on our blog here: http://www.aviglatt.com/Blog/Blog.asp… and great Kosher Shopping Delivered Anywhere at: http://www.aviglatt.com/. Enjoy!

Avi Glatt

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipe of the Day, Roasted Chicken with Farfel, Mushroom and Cracker Stuffing, Part 2 Kosher Scoop Video Great Videos Selection

24Jewish Video Recipes of the Day ,The Bubbe’s Gazpacho | Kosher Cooking, Part 2 Ashira Ungar channel Great Videos Selection

24Jewish Video Jewish RECIPES of the Day , Kosher Kingdom: Cooking With The King – How to Make Chicken Stir-Fry , Part 2 Kosher Kingdom channel Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

24Jewish Video Jewish RECIPES of the Day , The Shabbat Table, Stuffed Salmon A La Sea-Breeze , Part 2 Popular Jewish cuisine & Kosher food videos Great Videos Selection Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

Roasted Potatoes


Sarina Roffe

Everyday Kosher Cooking – Tropical Fruit Soup

Everyday Kosher Cooking presents Chaia Frishman (of Fruit Platters & More) preparing a delicious dessert treat – Tropical Fruit Soup.

See us online at: http://www.EverydayKosherCooking.com

Jewish Moroccan Challah Bread and Seperating (hafrashat) Challah

Step by step instruction how to make Jewish Moroccan Challah and how to preform the ancient tradition and positive commandment of seperating (hafrashat) challah

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipe of the Day,Mediterranean Lamb Koftas – Full Episode: All the Tricks & Tips, Part 2 Avi’s Kosher Kitchen Great Videos Selection

24Jewish Video Jewish Recipes of the Day,How to make Ultra Fabulous Batter – Fried Chicken, Part 2 Chef Levana Kirschenbaum channel Great Videos Selection Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut

24Jewish Video Jewish Clip of the Day, How to Make Challah! The Most Delicious Spiritual Experience!, Part 2 Rivka Malka Perlman, Great Videos Selection

Popular Israeli cuisine & Couscous videos

Popular Jewish cuisine videos

High Holiday Recipes


24Jewish Video Jewish Recipes of the Day The Simple Kitchen BY CHABAD, Part 2 MIMOUNA channel Great Videos Selection Please Ask the Rabbi about Kashrut


Video Jewish Recipes of the Day


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