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Polish passport used in Denmark up to March 1940. The Jewish holder escaped to Sweden during the war.

Rescue of the Danish Jews

From Wikipedia

The rescue of the Danish Jews occurred during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Denmark during World War II. On October 1, 1943, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler ordered Danish Jews to be arrested and deported. Despite great personal risk, the Danish resistance movement, with the assistance of many ordinary Danish citizens, managed to evacuate 7,220 of Denmark’s 7,800Jews, plus 686 non-Jewish spouses, by sea to nearby neutral Sweden.[1] 

The rescue allowed the vast majority of Denmark’s Jewish population to avoid capture by the Nazis and is considered to be one of the largest actions of collective resistance to aggression in the countries occupied by Nazi Germany. As a result of the rescue, and the following Danish intercession on behalf of the 464 Danish Jews who were captured and deported toTheresienstadt transit camp in Bohemia, over 99% of Denmark’s Jewish population survived the Holocaust  From Wikipedia, Read More Button--orange

History of the Jews in Denmark

Memorial in Denmark Square, Jerusalem. Text in Danish, Swedish and English.

From Wikipedia  The Jewish community of Denmark constitutes a small minority within Danish society. The community’s population peaked prior tothe Holocaust at which time the Danish resistance movement (with the assistance of many ordinary Danish citizens) took part in a collective effort to evacuate about 8,000 Jews and their families from Denmark by sea to nearby neutral Sweden, an act which ensured the safety of almost all the Danish Jews.Read More Button--orange


Danish Jewish Museum

From Wikipedia

The Danish Jewish Museum (Danish: Dansk Jødisk Museum), in Copenhagen, Denmark, sits inside the Danish Royal Library’s old Galley House and exhibits Danish Jewish historical artifacts and art.[1] Designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, the building memorializes the story of Danish Jews who were saved from Nazi persecution by their fellow Danes in October 1943. Construction of the Museum began in March 2003 and the museum opened in June 2004.[2]At the turn of the seventeenth century, King Christian IV built Denmark’s Royal Boat House, which was later renovated in 1906, during the construction of the adjacent Royal Library. In 1985, the Society for Danish Jewish History decided to establish a museum in Copenhagen dedicated to its namesake. It wasn’t until the 1990s, however, that the organization met with Daniel Libeskind and the Royal Library site underwent another transformation. The renovation of the Boat House, executed by Fogh & Følner architects, began in July 2002, and construction of the Danish Jewish Museum ended in September 2003. In June 2004, the museum opened. Read More Button--orange


Netanyahu urges Europe’s Jews to move to Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to this weekend’s deadly synagogue shooting in Copenhagen by urging European Jews to emigrate to Israel.

Bennett Responds to Copenhagen Attack


מבט עם יעקב אילון – דנמרק אינה נכנעת לאיסלאם הקיצוני

מבט עם יעקב אילון – על מתקפת הטרור בקופנהגן

גל הטרור באירופה בעיצומו – הלילה הוא הגיע לקופנהאגן, בירת דנמרק. המטרה הראשונה היתה אירוע שבו השתתף אומן שצייר קריקטורה של מוחמד, השנייה היתה בית הכנסת. שני הרוגים, המשטרה חיסלה את היורה וכמו במקרים דומים – הוא היה מוכר לשירותי המודיעין. נתחיל בדווחו של עורך חדשות החוץ אורן נהרי.

מקופנהגן מדווח שליח רשות השידור, יגאל רום.

ובאולפן מוסיף אורן נהרי פרטים חדשים שנודעו, כולל זהותו של היורה.

מבט עם יעקב אילון – ראיון עם הרב מיכאל מלכיאור בעקבות הפיגוע בקופנהגן

הרב מיכאל מלכיור, שר לשעבר, יליד דנמרק, בן לרב הראשי לדנמרק וגם בנו – הרב הראשי בדנמרק. הוא מתאר הלם בקהילה – אך למעשה, אין הפתעה, והקהילה הייתה ערוכה מבחינה אבטחתית לאירוע שכזה, וכך נמנע אסון גדול יותר. עם זה, לדבריו אין זה סופה של הרב-תרבותיות באירופה.

הרב הראשי לשעבר של דנמרק: לא הופתענו


The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella, Kopenhagen, J. Malovany, Rabbi Bent Melhior

The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella,
Conductor – Alexander Tsaliuk,
Denmark, Kopenhagen, cantor – J. Malovany,
In Honor of Chief Rabbi – Bent Melhior
Concert at the Tivoli Park Concert Hall



chabad denmark


דנמרק – המקום המאושר בעולם

A Conversation with the Legendary Chief Rabbi of Denmark

While in Copenhagen, Ambassador Ahmed and Dr. Amineh Hoti visited Rabbi Bent Melchior, the former Chief Rabbi of Denmark, at his home in order to discuss the Danish Jewish community.

Rabbi Melchior is descended from a long line of rabbis and became Chief Rabbi of Denmark in 1969, succeeding his father who served as Chief Rabbi from 1947 to 1969. Rabbi Melchior has been very involved in bringing the different faith communities together both in Denmark and internationally. Since 1999, he has been Honorary Life President of B’nai B’rith Europe as well as being involved in numerous other international organizations.

During the interview, Rabbi Melchior discussed the history of the Jewish community in Denmark, his experiences in World War 2 during which the Danish people saved the vast majority of the Jewish population from the Nazi concentration camps, the lessons the Jewish community learned in integrating in Denmark, and what he sees as the essence of Judaism.

People leave flower tributes at Copenhagen synagogue

People laid flowers outside the Copenhagen synagogue on Sunday (February 15) where a shooting killed one person and wounded two police officers.

Danish PM: ‘We will do everything’ to protect Jewish community




Alarm over rising anti-Semitism in Denmark: Danish Jews no longer feel safe in public places

Danish officials say they’re alarmed by the frequency of anti semitic attacks. The rise in physical and verbal assaults in Denmark is in line with claims by Jewish communities that anti semitism is on the rise throughout Europe. At a forum staged by Copenhagen City Council, Danish Jews urged the authorities to take action.


Sidste interview med Victor Borge – Last interview with Victor Borge

Sidste interview med Victor Borge fra nytårs udsendelse på TV2 år 2000 med Hans Pilgaard og Mette Lisby (Victor Borge døde d. 23/12 2000 men programmet blev lavet midt i december) Undertekster lavet af Nemesis803

Last interview with Victor Borge from New Year’s broadcast on Danish TV2 year 2000 with Hans Pilgaard and Mette Lisby (Victor Borge died 23/12 2000 but the program was created in mid-December) Subtitles made ​​by Nemesis803

The photo contact sheet, identified as A9745 by the White House Photographic Office (WHPO), is housed at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, a branch of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

File:Victor-Borge.jpgVictor Borge

From Wikipedia

Børge Rosenbaum (/ˈbɔrɡə/ bor-gə; 3 January 1909 – 23 December 2000),[4] known professionally as Victor Borge, was a Danish comedian, conductor and pianist who achieved great popularity in radio and television in the United States and Europe. His blend of music and comedy earned him the nickname “The Clown Prince of Denmark”,[1] “The Unmelancholy Dane”,[2] and “The Great

Rosenbaum was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, into a Jewish family. His parents, Bernhard and Frederikke (Lichtinger) Rosenbaum, were both musicians—his father a violist in the Royal Danish Orchestra[5][6] and his mother a pianist.[7] Like his mother, Borge began piano lessons at the age of two, and it was soon apparent that he was a prodigy. He gave his first piano recital when he was eight years old, and in 1918 was awarded a full scholarship at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, studying under Olivo Krause. Later on, he was taught by Victor Schiøler, Liszt’s student Frederic Lamond, and Busoni’s pupil Egon Petri. Photo by Wikipedia Read More Button--orange

Victor Borge footstone 800.jpgMix – Sidste interview med Victor Borge – Last int

Photo by Wikipedia 


Bo Lidegaard: Reflections on the 70th Anniversary of the Danish Rescue of the Jews

In this inaugural Ambassador Edward E. and Susie Elson Lecture, Danish historian, journalist, and former diplomat Bo Lidegaard, author of Countrymen (Knopf, 2013), discusses the extraordinary story of how Denmark saved its Jews from the Nazis in World War II.

With his access to diaries, letters, and family accounts, Lidegaard focuses on how, in 1943, the Danish king, his ministers, and Parliament agreed that no one in Denmark would aid the Nazis in rounding up the 7,000 Danish Jews for deportation and certain death. Over the two-week period of September 26 to October 9, 1943, 6,500 out of the 7,000 Jews escaped to Sweden, having been assisted, hidden, and protected by their fellow countrymen.

The Ambassador Edward E. Elson and Susie Elson Lecture series was created by Edward E. Elson (U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, 1993–1998) to recognize outstanding achievement in the fields of the arts, literature, education, or public service by Danes or Danish Americans.

Bo Lidegaard is the editor-in-chief of the leading Danish newspaper Politiken and the author of several books on modern history. He served as a diplomat in the Danish Foreign Service before joining the Office of the Danish Prime Minister as Ambassador and Permanent Undersecretary of State tasked with responsibilities corresponding to those of National Security Advisor. Lidegaard later led the team preparing the 2009 United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen. He is one of the most respected and widely read Danish historians, and his work has focused on U.S.-Danish relations in the twentieth century, as well as on the modern Danish welfare state. Lidegaard lives in Copenhagen.

Video by Alli Haapasalo

Views of Jews in 19th Century Denmark

Views of Jews in 19th Century Denmark: From Pro-Semitic Hans Christian Andersen to Anti-Semitic Søren Kierkegaard

A lecture by Poul Houe
Feb. 6, 2013
Mount Zion Synagogue

A controversial book, written by Peter Tudvad, about Kierkegaard as an anti-Semite was recently published; Andersen’s pro-Semitic stances are well-documented. Prof. Houe will use these two towering authors as points from which to overview the landscape of pro- and anti-Semitic sentiments in Danish/Nordic 19th century culture and society more broadly, and even to extend the perspective into contemporary culture, where the debate around Tudvad’s book has been especially revealing.

Poul Houe is a professor of Scandinavian languages and literature at the University of Minnesota whose research focuses on 19th and 20th century Scandinavian literature and culture, specifically travel and exile literature in the context of modern European humanism. His work has explored transnational issues and questions of cultural transformation, and his many books include a collection of essays on Hans Christian Andersen and two co-edited volumes on Søren Kierkegaard.

Mogens Skjolt interview

An interview with Mogens Skjolt about how, as a teenager, he joined the Danish resistance against the Nazi occupation of Denmark, what he did in the Resistance, the liberation of Denmark and the aftermath of the war.

Rescue of the Danish Jews 1943


The Rescue of Jews in Denmark during the Holocaust

The Rescue of the Danish Jews

Knud Dyby – “Rescue and Resistance in Denmark during the German Occupation, 40-45”

1943 – The Fame of Denmark

one occupied country in Europe did more than any other to protect Jews – Denmark. The Germans had first occupied Denmark in 1940 but it was only now, in August 1943, after Danish resistance had increased, that they imposed full military rule. Now German brutality was practiced in the open and the Danish Jews were hugely at risk.
In September 1943 Hitler’s representative in Denmark, Dr Werner Best of the SS, a man whose hands were already bloodied by the persecution of Jews in France and Poland, met with the German diplomat, Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz, a known sympathizer of the Danes. According to their later testimony, Best first informed him that 8000 Danish Jews would shortly be rounded up…

Victor Borge – Jewish Denmark

Due to the heroic deeds of ordinary Danes, many Danish Jews escaped Nazi persecution during World War II. Beloved Danish entertainer Victor Borge was one of them. This is part of his incredible story. More stories like this here; http://www.visitdenmark.com/en-us/jewish

הצלת יהודי דנמרק בשואה Saving Danish Jews in WWII

ד”ר דן כצנלסון מתאר את המחקר שעשה בנושא תפקידם של הרופאים בהצלת יהודי דנמרק במלחמת העולם השניה.
Dr. Danny Kaznelson describes the research he has done on the role of doctors in saving the Jews of Denmark in WWII.

Danish Jews transported by Red Cross busses from Theresienstadt to Sweden

Rosh Hashanah 1943

In the tragic story of the Nazis and the Jews, the rescue of the Danish Jews can be seen as a rare ray of sunshine. Thanks to the help of many ordinary Danes, almost all of Denmark’s Jews survived World War II. Today, in and around Copenhagen, you can walk in the footsteps of the escaping Jews, and learn more about the dramatic days and nights of September and October 1943.Read More Button--orange http://www.visitdenmark.com/rosh-hashanah-1943

Red cross busses transporting Danish Jews from Theresienstadt

On Rosh Hashanah 1943, September 29, Rabbi Melchior urged his congregants to go into hiding and plan an escape to nearby neutral Sweden. The greater Danish population sprang into action, smuggling nearly all of Denmark’s Jews to Sweden on fishing boats. Read More Button--orangehttp://www.visitdenmark.com/rosh-hashanah-1943

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