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The Textoff

World famous Chabad actor/comedian Mendy Pellin bumps into the velt fayymous Satmar Badchan Yoeli Lebovits. Who will win the 13th ave. text-off? Watch them both co-host the RCCS Live Auction 11/30/10! Visit for details. keyword: text off textoff Mendy Pellin Yoeli Lebovitz rccs auction live boro park chabad satmar stand off western hasid actor.

סלברטאים חוזרים בתשובה

אברימי אלתר – הירושלמי

אברימי אלתר – ר’ שלמה קרליבך

The Alter Rebbe’s Niggun (Remastered)

I listened back to my original recording, and decided it needed a revamp. Recorded, B”H By Aharon HaChassid on HaYom Revi’i, the 18th of Elul, 5772. Enjoy, Comment, and Subscribe.

If anyone wants to donate, which will help me buy more instruments for the instrumentation (eventually, I want to put in violin, some brass, percussion) as well as higher quality recording equipment, please do so either at My Blog: However, this does not affect my policy regarding audio, the recordings are free. Just email me at, and I will send you the audio. It’s much easier than trying to rip the audio off of the videos, higher quality, and more legal. Good Shabbos!

כורדי ירושלמי Kurdistan-Jerusalem

יניב עובדיה, מוסיקאי ששורשיו נעוצים במסורת הכורדית, שם לו למטרה להחיות ולשמר לחנים כורדים לא מוכרים ההולכים ומשתכחים מן הלב. הסרט עוקב אחר המפגש של יניב עם החזן הותיק אברהם אליאב בבית הכנסת הכורדי בליפתא, שכונת ילדותו.

לזכרה של גב’ גרטרוד קוהן
© כל הזכויות שמורות לאתר הזמנה לפיוט ולערוץ מאיר
לצפיה בסרטונים נוספים: אתר הזמנה לפיוט

שערי רצון 19 1 2015




clip-The Dybbuk 1937

The Dybbuk 1937

The Dybbuk (1937) A rare yiddish movie

BOB DYLAN Hava Nagila הבה נגילה

Bob Dylan accompanies son-in-law Peter Himmelman and Harry Dean Stanton in this unorthodox rendition of “Hava Nagila.” for a telethon.

Check out the rabbi who tells Harry Dean he should be the cantor in his synagogue! A classic.

25th Anniversary of Chabad, a Lubavitch organization.
Los Angeles, California
September 24, 1989

Russian-Jewish songs in Israel (Israel Russia Russian Jews Русские евреи Израиль)

The Israeli film Green Chariot, explores life in Israel and Tel Aviv and identity as a Russian Jew and the Russian Jewish community of Israel. This song was originally written in Yiddish by Ovsey Driesse (овсей дриз), and set to music in Russian by Alexander Sukhanov. Although the song has hasidic origins, referring to the Merkava (flying chariot) of Hasidic belief, after Sukhanov’s adoption it became a favourite song of all the Russian children in Sovi

Russian Jewish songs

Cantors Assembly in Germany

For the first time members of the American Cantors Assembly visited Germany in summer 2012. Cantors or Chasanim, the prayer leaders of Jewish communities, are traditionally masters of the liturgy with outstanding voices. Their trip takes them to places of remembrance, but above all, to places of music.

עמית הר-שלג מציג: קליפ בת מצווה ” התאומות המהממות”

בר מצווה סטייל

ברוכים העולים ברוסיה!


Gala 2014 Rabbi Tam Jadranka Jovanovic – Yiddish song rarity חוה אלברשטיין – רבנו תם

Always searching for something new and original, serbian Primadonna brings us one funny (and very demanding) witty performed song, with basics in german language.

Chava Alberstein – gaaguyim – חוה אלברשטיין געגועים

Chava Alberstein – Tel Aviv 11/03/10 – live
Touching and sad song about the longings of Chava for her parents – I’m not crying just miss –
ani lo bocha rak mitgaagaat

TimoTi Sannikov | Yiddish Songs | London | Shuvu Gala | 2015


Rabbi Arthur Waskow’s introduction by Rabbi David Saperstein, Nov 3, 2013

This video comes from “This is What 80 Looks Like!” — the event which honored Rabbi Arthur Waskow and Gloria Steinem on Nov 3, 2013, as they approached their 80th birthdays. Reb Arthur, founder and director of The Shalom Center, was introduced by Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, who was recently named the most influential rabbi in America.

This video has the full Introduction by Rabbi Saperstein. A front-page article about the event in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent reported some of its highlights:

“With the 1969 publication of Waskow’s Freedom Seder, the entire course of contemporary Jewish liturgical writing was altered. Waskow’s take on the Seder completely reimagined a traditional text and raised urgent moral issues by focusing on the struggles of African-Americans.
“He has had a profound impact on the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements and it is time — and then some — that he be acknowledged.”

Click on “Read More” just below, to view the video:
The several “80” events were sponsored by The Shalom Center ( to celebrate elder-activism and “two lifetimes speaking truth to power.” During the afternoon, Ms. Steinem and Reb Arthur met with 18 “Youngers” for a two-hour intergenerational conversation on activism. After a Celebration Dinner, nearly 500 supporters packed the Mishkan Shalom synagogue, Philadelphia, PA with standing-room-only, to hear Letty Cottin Pogrebin, co-founder of Ms. magazine and noted author on Jewish feminism, introduce Ms. Steinem; Rabbi Saperstein introduce Reb Arthur; and Dr. Dan Gottlieb, host of NPR/ WHYY radio show “Voices in the Family,” interview the two 80-year-old activists.

The video is Copyright (c) 2013 by The Shalom Center. All rights reserved, to images and words. To request permission to reproduce or transmit passages, write

Reb Arthur Waskow.jpgArthur Waskow

From Wikipedia,

Arthur Ocean Waskow (born Arthur I. Waskow; 1933) is an American author, political activist, and rabbi associated with the Jewish Renewal movement.

Waskow was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He received a bachelor’s degree from The Johns Hopkins University in 1954 and a American history from University of Wisconsin–Madison. He worked from 1959 to 1961 as legislative assistant to CongressmanRobert Kastenmeier of Wisconsin. He was a Senior Fellow at the Peace Research Institute from 1961 through 1963. He joinedRichard Barnet and Marcus Raskin and helped to found the Institute for Policy Studies in 1963, and he served as Resident Fellow until 1977.[1]Photo by Wikipedia Read More Button--orange

Abel Meeropol

From Wikipedia

Abel Meeropol (February 10, 1903 – October 30, 1986) was an American writer, teacher[1] and song-writer, whose works were published under his pseudonym Lewis Allan. His best-known song is “Strange Fruit” (1937), especially as recorded by Billie Holiday.

He and his wife Anne cared for and adopted Michael and Robert, the two young sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were orphaned after their parents were executed for treason. The boys took the Meeropol surname to gain some privacy.[2]

Meeropol wrote the anti-lynching poem “Strange Fruit” (1937), which was first published in the Marxist publication, The New Masses.He later set it to music. The song’s best-known recordings and performances were by Billie Holiday and Josh White.[3] Billie Holiday claimed in Lady Sings the Blues, that she co-wrote the music to the song with Meeropol and Sonny White, but Meeropol was the sole writer of both the lyrics and melody.Read More Button--orange


Billie Holiday – Strange fruit

Billie sings with her heart.

Lyrics (Abel Meeropol):

Strange Fruit

For Black History Month. Sung by Nina Simone from the Four Women collection.

Origins of Modern Jewish Humor (Essential Lectures in Jewish History) Dr. Henry Abramson

This is a more-or-less scholarly discussion of the origins of modern Jewish history in Enlightenment Europe. Warning: there are a few jokes in this video, but they only start around the 15 minute mark. The rest is more theoretical and historical. Part of the Essential Lectures in Jewish History series, more available at

Jewish Life in Argentina Reflected in Yiddish Tango

Jewish people from across Europe and Russia have been immigrating to Argentina for hundreds of years. They brought with them dance music that was eventually mixed with Argentine tango. The result is Yiddish tango — a fusion of melodies and cultural experiences that is still evolving today. Elizabeth Lee reports from the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, where one band is bringing Yiddish tango to an American audience.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal


On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, I told my girlfriend to meet me at my parent’s house for dinner. When she arrived I had stationed my brother to sit her in the back of an open Honda CRV and give her some headphones. He “wanted to play her a song”…

Guy Sharett street art ,,, graffitis

1-jmedia24Jewish Watch What Happens ! “How’s The Young Couple?”, Part 2 Section on the right side,Jewish Media,,,Great Videos Selection

24Jewish Watch What Happens ! Jewish Tinder, Part 2 Section on the right side,JEWBELLish,,,Great Videos Selection


ISRAEL MUSIC HISTORY Tel Aviv Carnaval 1930 “AD DELO YADA ” Heb.קרנבל בתל אביב 1930

עדלאידע בתל אביב 1932.PURIM IN TEL AVIV

TEL AVIV 1934 תל-אביב

Tel Aviv – Land of promise 1934-5* הפרק על תל-אביב מתוך הסרט “לחיים חדשים” מציג את החיים בעיר העברית הראשונה במלאת לה 25 שנה. הסרט הופק על ידי קרן היסוד ומנהלה: ליאו הרמן באמצעות חברת “אורים” שהיו שותפים בה אנשי ההנהלה של קרן היסוד. הסרט המקורי נמצא בארכיון שפילברג והפקתי לו גירסה חדשה עם כתוביות בעברית, במלאת 75 שנה להפקת הסרט. כל הזכויות שייכות לארכיון שפילברג, ואפשר לראות את הסרט המלא ביוטיוב תחת שם הסרט: LAND OF PROMISE

Tel Aviv 1930

Tel Aviv History: Urban Planning 1920s

In a mini-series about the various aspects of Tel Aviv’s history, Leadel.NET brings you these enlightening shorts about this international city.

See for more contemporary Jewish videos

Mainstay of the Home

Louise Hager, who developed a close relationship with the Rebbe’s wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, recalls speaking about her for the first time in public, and relates some important lessons the Rebbetzin taught her.

Living Torah Disc 136 Program 544

Rklayn at the yiddish school

The Aheym project is a collection of Yiddish oral history interviews of Jewish World War II survivors from Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia. We incorporate the youtube videos in our website, found under

Popular Emanuel Schlechter Videos

Emanuel Schlechter

From Wikipedia,

Emanuel Schlechter (pseudonyms Eman, Olgierd Lech) (Emanuel Szlechter) (26 March 1906 – 1943) was born and died in Lwów. He was a Polish-Jewish artist, lyricist, screenwriter, librettist, writer, satirist, translator, composer and director.

His father was an owner of restaurant in Lwów.[1] The family name of his mother was Brecher.[1] When Szlechter was 14 years old, he joined to Małopolskie Oddziały Armii Ochotniczej (Lesser Poland’s Volunteer Army) and during summer 1920 he participated in defense of Lwów.[1]

After passing his matura exam around 1923[1] he studied law at the Jan Kazimierz University in Lwów and worked briefly in a law firm. His earliest lyrics were written for Leon Borunski’s songs, staged at the Morskie Oko theater’s Parada gwiazd show in 1930, performed and recorded by Syrena Rekord star Kazimierz Krukowski.[2]

Photo by Wikipedia Read More Button--orange


The Association For Society and Culture – Yemenite Jewish Tradition


Yung YiDiSH

Popular Henry Sapoznik Videos

Нехама Лифшиц Nekhama Lifshits Undzer nigndl Yiddish song

Нехама Лифшиц

Marie Lafôret – ראָזשינקעס מיט מאַנדלען (Rozhinkes mit Mandlen – Raisins secs et amandes)

ידעיש ,,,Yitskhok Meyer Vaysenberg,,,,Joseph Budko,,Jacob Dinezon,,,,,

Shir Appeal

Shir Appeal is Tufts University’s ONLY Co-ed, Jewish A Cappella group! We sing a variety of Jewish music: Hebrew Pop, Israeli Rock, Traditional/ Liturgical melodies, and even English songs with Jewish themes.
For information on booking, performance schedule, or ordering CDs, e-mail us at!

Rabbi James Stone Goodman with Brothers Lazaroff – “Alma Vida y Corazon”

Rabbi James Stone Goodman with Brothers Lazaroff playing “Alma Vida y Corazon” at the Bosnian Memory Concert Show .. “Mystery Tale of the Sarajevo Haggadah”

Yom Zeh (This Day)

Rabbi James Stone Goodman – “Soul Dialogue” / Book Of Healing

James Stone Goodman with Brothers Lazaroff – Eighth Night

Rabbi James Stone Goodman – Prayer For Healing

Backed by the “Eight Nights Orchestra” … consisting of Brothers Lazaroff, Will Soll, Shlomo Ovadya, Ben Reece and Adam Hucke .. Rabbi James Stone Goodman performs his modern adaptation of the ancient prayer for healing – with supplemental poetry:

Limmud Conference: Daniel Roth: Jewish Constructive Conflict

Limmud Conference: Daniel Roth: Jewish Constructive Conflict from Shalom TV. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Shalom TV on Blip!

Limmud Conference: Daniel Roth “Join in (Re)Creating 9 Adar! The International Day of Jewish Constructive Conflict”

See all episodes of Shalom TV
Visit Shalom TV’s series page

Oesch’s die Dritten, Ich schenk Dir einen Jodler – Glückliches Jahr  Israel Music History


Hava Nagila

From Wikipedia

Hava Nagila” (הבה נגילה Havah Nagilah, “Let us rejoice”) is an Israeli folk song. It is perhaps the first modern Israeli folk song in the Hebrew language that has become a staple of band performers at Jewish weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. It was composed in 1920s Palestine at a time when Hebrew was first being revived as a spoken language for the first time in 2,000 years (in other words, since 70 CE, the destruction of the Second Temple). For the first time, Palestinian Jews were being encouraged to speak Hebrew as a common language, instead of Yiddish, Arabic, Ladino, or other regional Jewish languages



Popular Baruch Ashlag Videos

Trying to feel the most fascinating art of all arts, the art of Nature in it’s bewildering, endlessly inconceivable deep harmony, goodness and beauty.

Into the light The Festival of Chanukah


The Jewish cultural heritage in Bardejov and in Slovakia

The Jewish cultural heritage in Bardejov and in Slovakia
▪ the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee ▪ ( ▪ the Jewish cultural heritage in Slovakia ▪ ( ▪ the Jewish cultural sites in Bardejov and the history of the Bardejov Jewish community ▪ (

Choosing Freedom

Visit for more inspiring videos and articles.

Most of the Israelites didn’t leave Egypt. How do we become free?

Chava Alberstein – Melache Meluche

Chava Alberstein
Yiddish songs (1998 Aviv)
Track 19 – Melache Meluche

VOI XTRA: Can Religion be a Force for Peace rather than a Cause of Conflict in the Middle East?

Europeans for Israel hosts a fascinating panel with The Reverend Canon Andrew White, Rabbi Michael Melchior, and Melanie Phillips.

 joods museum



The Barry Sisters- yiddish favorites

Barry sisters

Barry sisters


Mayim Bialik



David Ezra Okonsar

Metaphor – Visual Storytelling


The Brody Jewish Center

Comic Artists in Their Own Voices

Video copyright Yeshiva University Museum, 2011


Di Shekhter-tekhter / The Schaechter Sisters gave their premiere performance as a sister duo in Paris in February 2008 (at age 13 and 8) and have given many performances in Yiddish (English translations provided) around the world since then, including in Australia, Israel, Toronto, and across the USA.
A documentary film . concert video was recently made of them, “When Our Bubbas and Zeydas Were Young: The Schaechter Sisters on Stage”, in Yiddish with English subtitles, directed by the Academy-award-nominated documentary filmmaker, Josh Waletzky. The film was accepted to the Miami Jewish Film Festival, the Montreal International Yiddish Theatre Festival, and the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto, was recently released on DVD, and can be ordered from For more info about Di Shekhter-tekhter / The Schaechter Sisters: .

Zamora Sefardí Tarbut Sefarad

Reportaje emitido por Canal Camp (La Selva del Camp-Tarragona) con motivo de la visita del director de teatro israelí Eduardo Kofman a la localidad, donde impartió una conferencia/taller sobre el proyecto ‘Teatro por la paz’, en colaboración el Grup de Teatre La Moixera. (Catalán y castellano).
Victoria Pelegrin, teniente de Alcalde, participó en el acto conmemorativo celebrado el 4 de julio en el call de Tarragona en representación del ayuntamiento de la ciudad. El suyo fue un discurso emotivo y comprometido con la recuperación de la judería tarraconense.

Nesiya Institute



Sophie Tucker Sings “My Yiddishe Momme”

“The Outrageous Sophie Tucker”
Premieres November 7th in South Florida
Coming Soon to Select Theaters Nationwide

Hebrew Yiddish and German Jewish music



Frank stella

 the jewish museum

San Diego JCC

Modern Hebrew Q&A with eTeacherHebrew

Ulpan-Or: Learn Hebrew The Fun Way

the Boston Jewish Film Festival

lecture , Veranstaltungen the Jewish Museum Berlin

Learn To Tell Your Story: Peter Guber

Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, discusses the how and why of telling purposeful stories with University of Phoenix students. Whether it’s for a job interview or to get customers, clients and patrons to agree to your point of view, telling a purposeful story is the secret sauce to your success

Popular UK Jewish Film Festival Videos





Tel Aviv University’s 1-Year Sofaer International MBA

Fast Forward with Israel’s most dynamic, intensive, and multifaceted MBA.

As a student, you will be challenged by our academic curriculum, supported through our high-touch career development process, and called to connect with the energy and creativity of Tel Aviv, one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

The Sofaer International MBA is part of Tel Aviv University’s Recanati Business School, the top business school in Israel and the only Israeli institution to be awarded international accreditation by the AACSB.

Learn more:

Beginner Hebrew

B’Nai Or Music


Yiddish Еврейская песня

Jan Peerce Eishes Chayil Благородная женщина Woman of Valour
Ян Пирс Благородная женщина (И.Румшинский – И.Лиллиан) Дир.- Гершон Кингсли Еврейская песня Перевод частичный: “Настоящая благородная, честная, достойная, добрая, родная, дорогая, золотая душа, радость и удовольствие, хороший друг и маменю”.
Jan Peerce Eishes Chayil Woman of Valour אשת חיל (J.Rumshinsky – I.Lillian) Cond.- Gershon Kingsley Yiddish song Translated, in part: “Real noble, honest, decent, kind, darling, golden soul, joy and delight, a good friend and dear Mameniu”.
לילי איסאַדאָר יאָסף רומשינסקי אַן אמתע אשת חיל אַן אמתע אשת חיל אַ טײַערע קײַן טײַערע אַןפֿון

Lithuanian Jewish Culture



KIDS-TEENS: Mitzvah Boulevard #3 – Shabbos Trailer

שי בן צור והרג’סטאן הופעה מלאה 2013

“Jessica Livianu Loves The YouTube Biography of Rabbi Haim ASA, by David LIVIANU”

SFJFF Presents: Online Short of the Month .SFJFF Presents: A Tale of a Woman and a Robe

08.09.2014 SFJewishFilmFestival

SFJFF SFJewishFilmFestival

SFJFF34 Film Festival Trailer

SFJFF33 Film Festival Trailer

SFJFF30 Film Festival Trailer

Jerusalem Media Workshop

Salomon Rossi Hebreo (1570 – 1630) סלומונה רוסי

ימי הרדיו מאוצרות קול ישראל

Michal Tal

Israel in the Media

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive – Jerusalem On Line Broadcast to JTN LA

Architect of the Jewish Future (Mordecai M. Kaplan)

21.03.2014 The Program for Jewish Civilization, the Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood, and the Department of Jewish Studies of McGill University are hosted a conference on the life, work, and legacy of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan.important in the 21st century.



Popular Yiddish theatre & Yiddish Language videos

The Dorel Livianu Music Museum

The Jewish Mobsters

Etgar Keret

Doni zasloff thomas

Elie Wiesel Interview with Oprah

Ben Gurion University

Lithuanian Jewish Culture

Temani Yemanie Hebrews

JEWISH WORLD : JewishNewsOne

Israel and Jewish Culture Michael Laitman

Popular Festival of Jewish Culture in Warsaw videos


Popular San Francisco Jewish Film Festival videos SFJFF Presents: The Tailor

Culture and confusion meet on a Brooklyn street, in this hilariously charming tale of similarities amid diversity. Film directed by Gordon Grinberg

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