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Colel Chabad Pesach 2015

Preparing the (more than 98,000) Food Crates for Passover 5775/2015 distribution to 19,700 families.

התנדבות בקהילה | פסח של נתינה בקבוצת פרטנר

עשרות עובדי הקבוצה התנדבו באריזת חבילות מזון ונתנו מעצמם כדי להביא שמחת חג גם לאחרים. נתראה בפעילויות נתינה נוספות.

Chassidic Matza Baking

Matzas must be baked within 18 minutes from the time water is added to the flour until the matzas are totally baked. The Melitzer Rebbe and his staff are some of the world’s fastest bakers; their shmura matzas are kneaded and baked from start to finish in less than six minutes. Filmed in the Komemyut Moshav bakery in the south of Israel.

Lets Bake Passover Matzah 

The Complete process of Passover matzah baking, 
from the wheat field to the flour mill, to the matzoh bakery, including the art of kosher wine making , by Sholom B. Goldstein

Popular Tomchei Temimim & Chabad videos

pesach 2015 italy vacations פסח 5775 חופשות פסח 2015 PASSOVER IN ITALY EDEN PRESTIGE

A Fabulous Pesach 5775- Glatt Kosher pessach 2015
Exceptional Program! Dream Destination!
San Remo (Italy), French Riviera

Preparing The Seder Plate

Learn how to prepare the items for the Passover Seder Plate

V’afilu behastara – Incluso en lo oculto – Canta: Haim Israel – Subtítulos: Hebreo y Español


Hallel Yafim

Chana Jenny Weisberg

הכנסת ספר תורה לע”נ עמיחי מרחביה

הכנסת ספר התורה לביהכנ”ס החדש

בקרו באתרנו:
כ”ק מוהרא”ש שליט”א בשמחה וריקודים ביחד עם אנשי שלומנו, לרגל הכנסת ספר התורה לבית הכנסת החדש “היכל הקודש” ביבנאל עיר ברסלב

הכנסת ספר תורה לזיו התורה כ”א סיון תשע”ב

הכנסת ספר תורה אצל הרב אמנון יצחק 2.12.13 עם הרב רצאבי

הכנסת ספר תורה אצל הרב אמנון יצחק 2.12.13 עם הרב יצחק רצאבי שליט”א

הכנסת ספר תורה לע”נ עמיחי מרחביה

Massiv Kinus in Bnei Brak

©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

6 Ways to be Calmer

08.03.2015 Chana Jenny Weisberg
How to keep your cool in these weeks leading up to Passover.

המחנה הציוני

Intern in Israel

Masa Israel

Inside Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

Live it like a Local with Masa Israel

Masa Israel

The Future Of Jewish Life In The Diaspor

Who’s Misameach?

A Studio123 productions
Directed by Shia Fried
Edited by JACK MASON

“Shushan Funk” – Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos – Purim 2015 ~ פורים תשע’ה

(Parody of: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson)
New-Original Lyrics: By Crazy Daddy
Spell check by: Joeseph Ohr-Shine

Jews Mark First Night Of Passover


Passover is an eight-day festival where Jews mark the exodus from slavery in ancient Egypt.

Many Jews eat only unleavened bread during the holiday. That’s to remember the time when their ancestors left Egypt in such a hurry their bread did not have time to rise.

“The reason we eat the matzah for seven days is because when they left Egypt, they left in such a rush, in such a haste, that the dough didn’t have a chance to rise,” Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski told CBS 2′s Amy Dardashtian.

The dinner celebration is known as the Seder. Besides retelling the story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt, the Seder is a time when the whole family gets together for a festive meal.

Rabbi Krasnianski and his wife, Chanie, had been up since dawn Monday. Their nine children helped participate in preparing for the Seder dinner, which is held the first two nights.

The family belongs to an organization called Chabad. It educates people about Jewish traditions and holidays.

From the wisest to the youngest, they boiled hundreds of eggs, ripped dozens of heads of lettuce and baked trays of fish for their family and their guests. The family also opened up their home to 150 people, including 40 young professionals.

“Really we just want them to feel like they are part of a young community,” said Yosef Wilhlem, of the Chabad Upper East Side.

The holiday also emphasizes humility, freedom, family, friends and community.

שרי אלפי – הכלה – מתוך הופעה – Sari Alfi – The Bride – Yalla Halahel –

“הכלה” – מילים ולחן: שרי אלפי
Lyrics and Music by Sari Alfi
על הבמה: אורי שפי – עוד, לואי חורי – דרבוקה, יוסף דלאל – קאנון, רואי סלע – סט אלקטרוני.
להורדת האלבום “ימים חמים”:

IDF Chief Cantor Sings “Unetanneh Tokef”

This video clip, which was produced especially for the Jewish High Holidays, shows the IDF chief cantor and IDF soldiers singing the prayer “Unetanneh Tokef” in the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv. The video features footage of the Yom Kippur War and one of its heroes, Brig. Gen. (res.) Avigdor Kahalani, who was a battalion commander in the Armored Brigade, fought in the battle of the Valley of Tears and was awarded a Medal of Valor.

Special thanks to:
Brig. Gen. (res.) Avigdor Kahalani — head of Association for the Well-Being of Israeli Soldiers
Ofir Sobol — producer and musical arranger
The Great Synagogue on Allenby St. in Tel Aviv
Raanana Symphonette Orchestra
Kibbutz Beit Hashita
Music: Yair Rosenblum

Female Arab Soldier: “I Came to Serve My Country and My Home”

Monaliza Abdo is Arab, Christian, Israeli and a defender of Jews and minorities alike. She wasn’t required to enlist in the Israeli army, but her determination to protect Israel motivated her to volunteer. We had the chance to join Monaliza on the day of her release from the IDF.

Purim 2015 in the IDF

Rabbi Schlomi Brings Purim to Israelis Working in US Shopping Malls

Rabbi Schlomi Brings Purim to Israelis Working in US Shopping Malls and Then on to a Purim Party.
Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination.

20150306 16:29 Purim at Gezer street Nachlaot Jerusalem


Har Sinai Purim Shpiel “Frozen” March 6, 2015

This year’s Purim Shpiel at Har Sinai in Pennington, NJ was a wonderful celebration. Enjoy the show!

Midreshet Amit Purim Shpiel 2014 2015


20150306 13:22 Purim at Gezer street Nachlaot Jerusalem

20150306 13:55 Purim at Gezer street Nachlaot Jerusalem

20150306 17:05 Purim at Gezer street Nachlaot Jerusalem

Purim Tel Aviv 2015



Jews Around The World Celebrate Purim

Celebrations on the streets of Israel for the Jewish holiday of Purim

m Feast 2015 – Host A Purim Feast This Year‎‎
Learn More About its Traditions.

Dizengoff street. Tel Aviv

On Purim.


אנה קלבי בוער

Israel, um pequeno país de grande beleza, e tantas coisas diferentes!

Israel, um pequeno país de grande beleza, e tantas coisas diferentes!
É uma ponte entre a África, Ásia e Europa, tem a vida urbana pulsante , natureza de tirar o fôlego, uma abundância de espécies de plantas e animais, milhares de anos de história fascinante, um arco-íris de culturas e tradições.
Israel oferece uma experiência energizante com uma cena cultural vibrante, e se orgulha de ser um líder inovador em ciência & High-Tech.
Parece muito? você vai acreditar quando você o ver.
Por favor creditar o MFA e os criadores deste clipe para qualquer uso deste vídeo.
Fotógrafo e editor: Eyal Bartov
Fotografias adicionais: Samuel Magal
After Effects: Gili Ittah
Música Original: Israel Kasif

ספיישל פורים במכבי תל אביב!

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה ולכן שחקני מכבי תל אביב הגיעו למחסני לב בת”א ומדדו שלל תחפושות שלא הייתם מאמינים שילבשו 🙂

Winner Crowned At Masbia Cholent Challenge

It was cholent, cholent and more cholent at the grand finale of the Great Cholent Challenge which culminated this past Thursday night Feb. 26, at Gourmet Glatt in Borough Park with an evening of cholent tasting, fabulous food from Gourmet Glatt, live music and most importantly, a financial boost for Masbia Soup Kitchens.

All 16 contenders assembled their cholents the night before in Gourmet Glatt with all ingredients donated by Gourmet Glatt.

StyleLikeU Uniforms: The Substance of Hasidic Style

Discover the connection between the style and lifestyle of Hasidic Jews in StyleLikeU’s Uniform feature on the Hasidic community in Brooklyn.

Shekinah: The Intimate Life of Hasidic Women – Official Theatrical Trailer (2014) Documentary
Toronto Premiere: May 12, 2014 Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

Produced by: DLI Productions
Directed by: Abbey Jack Neidik and Irene Lilenheim Angelico
Executive Producer: Mushka Lightstone

Shekinah: The Intimate Life of Hasidic Women (2013) is a feature documentary that takes us into the rarefied world of young Hasidic women living what some consider an 18th-century way of life in 21st century Québec. The women are Chabad Lubavitch, a sect of Orthodox Hasidim, one of the more conservative branches of Judaism today.

With unprecedented access, Shekinah explores the perspectives of these young women from school age through courtship and marriage. Their relationships with men are based on the Kabbalah, the mystical aspect of Judaism. They see God as both masculine and feminine, and marriage as pre-ordained in heaven. The laws of Torah affect almost everything they do, and still their lives are filled with great passion. They explain why “kosher” sex, with all its complex divine commandments, is as intense and blissful as Eastern Tantric practices, and why they see themselves as more liberated than most women today. Their revelations break many long-standing stereotypes and unveil the secrets of this mysterious women’s world.

Shekinah also explores the evolving relationships of these young women with the greater Jewish and French-Québecois communities — from both perspectives. We see how tolerance develops and misconceptions dissolve, as both sides learn about each other and come to open their hearts and minds.


Shekinah, la vie intime des femmes hassidiques nous fait pénétrer dans le monde inconnu de jeunes femmes hassidiques qui semblent avoir un mode de vie du XVIIIe siècle dans le Québec du XXIe siècle. Ces femmes appartiennent au mouvement Chabad Loubavitch, une secte du Hassidisme orthodoxe.

Grâce à un accès sans précédent, des jeunes femmes qui sont à la fin de leurs études religieuses à Sainte-Agathe-des-Mo nts partagent leur manière de voir les premières rencontres amoureuses et le mariage. Malgré le fait que les lois de la Torah règlent chacune de leurs actions, leur vie est remplie de passion.

Shekinah explore également l’évolution des relations de ces jeunes femmes avec les communautés qui les entourent, juive non-orthodoxe et québécoise.

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein dating and marriage CHAZAQ ארגון חזק

Jewish Life in İstanbul – 1984 to 89 – Photographs by Laurence Salzmann

Jewish Life in İstanbul is more of ‘In Search of Turkey’s Jews’, which is part of Salzmann’s Photographic Retrospective

Top 10 places to visit in Israel

ISRAEL21c takes a look at some of the country’s most popular tourist sites, from Masada and Ein Gedi, to Caesarea and the Eilat observatory.

Israel: Jewish daily life – Israel: Jüdischer Alltag – ישראל: חיי היומיום יהודים

Leben als Jude in Israel..

Jewish Holidays for kids

Jewish Holiday Crafts: For Little Hands (Book) View: Manufacturer: Kar-Ben P…

Calling all kids who love Israel! It’s time to learn about the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana and get your FREE coloring book at

Two Day Jewish Festivals? with Rabbi Asher Meza of

| Dr. Michael Laitman discusses what is so unique about Jewish holidays in 2014 as opposed to Jewish holidays in other…

Sukkot is the last of the Shalosh R’galim (three pilgrimage festivals). Like Passover and Shavu’ot, Sukkot has a dual significance: historical and agricultur…

The Jewish feast days point to the Messiah Jesus, From:

From TJC’s Modern Jewish Mom High Holidays Special, interviews with the authors of two wonderful children’s books for Rosh Has

The Reveal – Lipa Schmeltzer feat. Ari Lesser

Raise Your Mask Purim – The Fountainheads

Rabbanit Sprecher Fraenkel at the Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh Emunah Seminar 5775

Rabbanit Sprecher Fraenkel, mother of Naftali Fraenkel HY”D and lecturer at Matan speaks to Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh at their annual Emunah Seminar.

Yeshivat Hakotel Purim Shpiel 2013

Yeshivat Hakotel’s overseas soldiers

Yeshivat Hakotel’s overseas soldiers – 130 over the last 10 years
הופק על ידי אולפני אופקא

Moriah JLife

The Official Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim (OJ) Promo


Yeshivat Lev HaTorah – Recruitment Video

Inside the Yeshivat Har Etzion Beit Midrash

Yeshivat Ashreinu

Yeshiva Darchei Torah Choir – Shalom Aleichem

Watching Over You- A Song of Faith (A Yeshivat Lev HaTorah Production)

After a week of intensity in the South of Israel, all of Am Yisrael finally felt the pain and began to understand what the citizens of Sderot and other cities of the South have been feeling for years. The internet was filled with well-wishers and blessings to the soldiers and citizens of Israel. Gabe Rosenfeld reacted in a way that was so natural to him. As rocket fire escalated and emotions were flowing, the words to this song began to write themselves. With the help of his Yeshiva, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah in Ramat Bet Shemesh, this song became more than just an idea.

The song describes the emotions of a young man who loses contact with his younger brother during a “Tzeva Adom” – Red Alert Siren. This song is not just a beautiful attempt at understanding our brothers and what they are going through but it is also a sign of hope. If Klal Yisrael can begin to care, feel, and pray about other Jews around the world regardless of affiliation, then maybe situations like this would not even occur. This is the focus and goal of Yeshivat Lev HaTorah and Gabe and friends have done a truly inspiring job in getting this important message across.

For more information about Yeshivat Lev HaTorah, please visit our website or checkout our facebook page

Song produced at Aloni Studios

Kita Bet Chumash play Yeshivat Heatid 2-9-2014

“Parade Paradin” – The Great Parade Promo – 5773

Sunday, April 28, 2013
770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY

NCFJE invites Jewish people from around the country to star in the greatest Jewish parade of its kind — anywhere.

What makes The Great Parade truly, incomparably great?

The full-day celebration—parade and fair—is themed on Jewish unity and pride, leaving each participant uplifted and feeling proud of who they are. The Great Parade is based on the legacy of Mesibos Shabbos and Lag B’Omer parades held on Eastern Parkway since the 1940s.

As the Jewish population in America spreads out, let us celebrate the life and learning of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Rabbi Akiva and the great Jewish men and women who brought new joy and unity to Am Yisroel!

Jewish Life in Modern-Day Poland | Journal Reporters

Markus Reichert meets with Polish Jews in Krakow and discovers a new sense of Jewish identity. Just an hour’s drive from Auschwitz, more and more young Polish Jews are keen to discover their roots.

R’ Mendel Kessin, Purim – 5775


מטפסות ערים

קליפ חתונה-יוסי וציפי-חיים שפירא-צילום אירועים

Purim Music!!!!!

28 minutes of non stop great music for Purim and for all year round.

RITMO @ Moksha Purim 2012

TFN 2012 Purim dead sea Israel

Purim Street Party – Tel Aviv, 09/03/2012

Tel Aviv Purim Street Party 2012

מסיבת חומש של מוטי איבגי


Surviving the Holocaust in the Ukraine (Full Documentary)

תקציר החתונה של יהודה ודבוירי

How To Put on Tefilin

Part of a how to series given by Rabbi Joel Finkelstein of ASBEE

הרבנית רונית ברש – טו’ בשבט

שיעור תורה מפי הרבנית רונית ברש
~ טו’ בשבט ~
אשקלון 31.01.2015
צילום:עידן צרור

How to Tu B’Shvat

Livnot educators from Tzfat guide you in the origins and meanings of the Tu B’Shvat Seder.

Rav Elbaz at Kever of Chacham Ovadia Yosef

This video was captured using cameras purchased at:
B&H Photo & Video –

©2014 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

“פתח ליבך” – השמעת בכורה למשפחות הנערים

Connecting to the Holy Land by Tasting Its Yummy Food

“Its Not Easy Being Fiveish” – Fiveish and Friends presented by Oorah

Oorah presents “Fiveish and Friends – It’s Not that Easy Being Fiveish”,
Join Fiveish as his friends help teach him an important lesson in life!
Also, be sure to get the latest from Oorah, Shmorg7, available now at

Vaad l’Hatzolas Nidchei Yisroel

The Vaad l’Hatzolas Nidchei Yisroel, a public not for profit organization, was founded in the early eighties for the purpose of restoring traditional Jewish life and culture in the countries formerly part of the Soviet Union. The 2013 annual dinner honors Keynote speaker Roy Neuberger.

The Effects of Anti-Religious Soviet Forces on Jewish Life in Vilna (Vilnius), Lithuania

Roza Bieliauskiene – teacher at the Jewish school in Vilnius, Lithuania – remembers how all religious were suppressed during Soviet times and how that anti-religious attitude affected the Jewish community and Yiddish language.

Jewish Life in American Cinema: Stereotypes, with Peter L. Stein and Ruthe Stein, live at the JCCSF

From the earliest silent films right up to Woody Allen and Barbara Streisand, Peter Stein and Ruthe Stein showed examples of American films dealing with Nebishes, Jewish mothers and alter cockers. Some rare historical footage and lots of laughs.

Yachad International Choral Community Jewcer Campaign

Music has incredible transcendental qualities: it can connect people across borders created by age, race, gender, culture, nationalities, language, and time. YACHAD (Hebrew for “unity” and pronounced YAH-had) is an International Choral Exchange program developed to use music’s power to connect students and collaborating educators from all over the world. This program, in partnership with the Jewish Community Center and Jewish Culture Festival, both in Krakow, Poland, will bring students from the United States, Poland, and Israel together for the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow. Not only will students and educators learn about Jewish life beyond Auschwitz through in Jewish music and culture workshops, but they will teach each other about their respective country’s languages and cultures and will engage in international and multicultural dialogue. Finally, they will have the opportunity to perform as a combined choir at 25th Annual Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow alongside 20,000 musicians, artists, participants, and scholars from around the world. This program’s purpose is to foster international and multicultural dialogue through music to encourage peace and mutual understanding across global boarders.

Louis Sholzberg – interview
Best Jewish Wedding

Fashion Show Women of Today- Chabad Palm Beach


Shlomo Rechnitz interviewed by Larry King

Philanthropist and businessman Shlomo Rechnitz was interviewed in a “Profiles in Philanthropy” special by Larry King.  Highlights of this interview were featured on the 2012 Chabad Telethon.
King and Rechnitz discuss the motivation behind Rechnitz’s massive global charitable efforts, the secret behind his business success, his views on the future of the healthcare industry and his commitment to Chabad.  Rechnitz also talked about a special program at his company, TwinMed, LLC, which hires graduates from Chabad’s national drug and alcohol treatment center in Los Angeles, helping to integrate them back into the community.
Rechnitz co-founded TwinMed in 1998, and it has grown to become the largest medical supply distributor of the West Coast and one of the nation’s fastest growing distributors of medical supplies and services, serving as the primary distributor to over 2500 Skilled Nursing Facilities nationwide.  In 2004, Rechnitz  founded Brius Healthcare Company, a quality care provider with over 8,000 employees nationwide.
Rechnitz has utilized his success in the healthcare field to give back to the field of medicine, and has contributed millions of dollars to cancer research. He is President of Toras Emes Academy, the largest Hebrew Day School west of the Mississippi, and is Chairman of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation in New York.   In 2011, Shlomo and his brother Steve were the winners of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award.  In May 2012, Rechnitz was honored by UCLA with Sidney Poitier, Terry Semel and Morgan Freeman when he received the ICON Award for Visionary Leadership in Business and Philanthropy.
In August 2012, Rechnitz hosted the largest celebration of Jewish learning since the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D., when 90,000 Jews gathered at New York’s MetLife Stadium to celebrate the completion of the study of Talmud, a rigorous seven-and-a-half-year-long cycle of Talmudic learning.
In September, Rechnitz was featured at the Chabad National Telethon as the recipient of the Chesed Award, Chabad’s most prominent award.
Rechnitz is a pillar of the Los Angeles community, where he spends much of his time engaged in philanthropic and community efforts in the field of education, medical and humanitarian assistance.

Jerusalem Soul Center

יונתן שטענצל

L’intervention du grand rabbin de Tunis,le père de Yoav Hattab: “Les juifs sont respectés en Tunisie

Levayah of HaRav Hillel Zaks ZT”L | הלוויתו של הרב הלל זקס ז”ל

Credit: B.W. Posen for YWN Israel

©2014 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

24 Teves 5775 – Central Farbrengen at Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters in 770

24 Teves 5775 – Central Farbrengen at Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters in 770

Israel Awards Actor Michael Douglas $1 Million Prize

JERUSALEM (AP) — Actor Michael Douglas has been awarded the $1 million Genesis Prize award, Read More Button--orange

Watch Michael Douglas Sneak Up On His Legendary Dad

Nancy O’Dell shares a beautiful talk with 97-year-old film legend Kirk Douglas (who is celebrating his birthday on Dec. 9!) and his famous son, Michael, who surprises him during the interview.

Michael Douglas visits the City of David


Michael Douglas Wins Golden Globe Awards 2014

The Dean Martin Roasts – Kirk Douglas (Man of the Week)

Original Air Date – October 12, 1973

The Centre For Jewish Life – Promotional Video 2014
The CJL five year anniversary dinner @the Montcalm Hotel.
Produced by: The CJL team

Centre for Jewish Life – London

Isaac Yitzchak Bitton Chabad at Union Square 2000, “In The Field”

Chabad concert with Isaac Bitton, in Union Square, before ‘Rosh Hashanah’ (Jewish New Year) 5761

Ralph Benmergui My Israel

Nefesh Yehudi-My Israel My Roots

My love Israel

Jerusalem – Yerushalayim


Israeli songs

Betzalel Ness | A JewishStar Contestant 2012 | Niggun Yomi.wmv

Dear Friends: This is an unknown niggun by the Great R’ Shlomo Carlebach, zt”l. Please remember it and sing it in your most challenging and most joyous moments and you are certain to rise to the top. Happy Chanukah to the entire world!! Much love, Betzalel Ness (Ps. If you can it would be appreciated if you could login to: and give me your vote, leave a nice comment too! Thank you and may G-d bless you all!!)

Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness

A riveting portrait of the great writer whose stories became the basis of the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof. Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness tells the tale of the rebellious genius who created an entirely new literature. Plumbing the depths of a Jewish world locked in crisis and on the cusp of profound change, he captured that world with brilliant humor. Sholem Aleichem was not just a witness to the creation of a new modern Jewish identity, but one of the very men who forged it. Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness Opens at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema on July 8th


Hasidic Dance – Rabbi Nahman Meuman

Satmar Rebbe Dancing Mitzvah Tanz In Israel

Satmar Rebbe Of Williamsburg Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Dancing Mitzvah Tanz At The Wedding Of His Granddaughter In Bet Shemesh, Israel Wednesday January 23 2013

Eli Rabinowitz

Meoras Hamachpela in Chevron 1st Night Channukah 5775

Old City – First Night of Chanukah 5775 | 2014 עיר עתיקה – הלילה הראשון של חנוכה

Exclusive: Satmar Kuf Alef Kislev 2014 | סאטמאר כ”א כסלו תשע”ה, ניו יארק סטעיט ארמארי, קראון הייטס

Third Annual Zichron Nosson Tzvi Melava Malka

What do you Love about being Chabad? Chony Milecki


DEC. 15, 2012 @ TERMINAL 5 NYC

Chanukah 2014 With Chabad of Suffern


Lighting Menorah at the Location Where the 2 NYPD Officers Were Fatally Shot

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Shabbos Angels [Official Music Video]

Belz Hasidic Dynasty Wedding Celebrated In Jerusalem

wedding between Ultra-Orthodox Jewish families which attracted 25,000 guests

Thousands of Orthodox Jews dancing with enthusiasm, amazing

Rabbi Buchdahl at White House Chanukah Party (Dec 17 2014)


Chanukah 5775/2014 movie Donetsk Jewish Community

Фильм-сюрприз от Донецкой общины, которая разбросана по городам и странам – но, ни смотря ни на что – вместе. Поздравления для всех общины с Ханукой 5775.

The Yeshiva Boys Choir – “Those Were The Nights (of Chanukah)”


Steven Sotloff Remembered in Chanukkah tribute

As the first day of Hanukkah arrived in South Florida, a touching tribute was held to remember a local journalist killed by ISIS terrorists.

At around 6 p.m. Tuesday the parents of Steven Sotloff, Art and Shirley Sotloff, arrived at the Chabad Center of Kendall. The tribute marked the first public appearance by Sotloff’s parents since their son’s memorial.

Obama Celebrates Freedom Of A Jew From Cuba On Hanukkah


Largest menorah in Louisiana 2014

1st night Hanukkah Largest menorah in Louisiana 2014

Hanukkah Menorah lit at White House

Vice President Biden participates in lighting of a giant Menorah behind the White House, marking beginning of Hanukkah. Duration: 00:36

The World’s Largest Hanukkah Menorah lit in New York City on the first night of Hanukkah

A Bissel of Chanukah

A Bissel of Chanukah takes a lighthearted look at the things we commonly speak about during this festive time. Jewish Care Victoria residents give their views on how to spell Chanukah, how we light the candles and what makes a good latke?

This is the third video in our series “A Bissel of…”. We hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends and family.

Revolutionary Israeli Technology Breaking New Ground to Treat Wounds

Dr. Morris Topaz, founder of an Israeli breakthrough medical technology known as ‘Top Closure,’ gives a demonstration of his patent that will change the way the world’s medical community treats complex skin wounds.

Six13 – Chanukah (Shake It Off)

CHAG SAMEACH! Life got you down? You should be thinking about the miracle of light. Just shake it off… it’s Chanukah!

Hanukkah: Fighting the Darkness with Light

By Charlie Harary

The Hanukkah battle isn’t over. We fight with light.

You can fight with light. Join the resistance and add your light:

1st night of Chanukah

About The JWRP

Hanukkah – Dreidel – music video by Jewish a cappella group Shir Soul – Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah from Shir Soul! ~
contact David Ross: 917-817-2897

One Crazy Night @ Sinai Temple

As you can see, at Sinai Temple we have a lot of fun. Come join the stars of the promo – Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Jason Fruithandler, Rabbi Nicole Guzik, Rabbi Erez Sherman and Cantor Marcus Feldman at Sinai Temple’s “ONE CRAZY NIGHT.” Details Below but you can pre-register at

Avinu Malkeinu – Varda Noga Spielman with B’nai Torah Choir – אבינו מלכנו – ורדה נוגה שפילמן

VARDA NOGA SPIELMAN – ורדה נוגה שפילמן
Live with B’nai Torah Choir
Avinu Malkeinu – אבינו מלכנו
A Prayer – Max Janowski

Udi and Varda-2013 Concert-אודי וורדה שפילמן

אנדרדוס – העמוד הרשמי

Hanukkah Menorah Night

The sculptured Chanukah lamps of the artist Oded Halachmi

The sculptured menorahs of Oded Halachmi are the essence of his jewish roots.
the menorhas are exhibited in the Babylonian Museum.

Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages – Official Hanukkah Song (Video)

The parody of all parodies! “Chanukah: Rock of Ages” is a parody of Jewish holiday parody songs that have become so popular. It tells the Chanukah story in 8 hit songs, capturing the history of contemporary music and dance.

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift Parody – Hanukkah Edition

Happy Hanukkah from the Adam Karol & The Hotness fam! Lyrics for your sing-along pleasure are below and check us on…

Thousands Of Chabad Rabbis Dance At Shiluchim Dinner Roll Call

For info about Shiluchim conference please check out

World’s Largest Selfie. 2000 Chabad Rabbis

2,000 Rabbis gather for group shot at Chabad Hasidic movement’s international conference in Brooklyn, using 5-meter-long stick to hold up lens. I personally film from the inside the picture.

Chanukah ,,,, with Chabad,,,,,

ISRAEL Travel & Tourism and more….

Chai Lifeline

Fighting Illness With Love
Chai Lifeline is a non-profit organization whose mission since 1987 has been to restore the light of childhood to Jewish children whose innocence ended when cancer, life-threatening, or lifelong illness was diagnosed.
Through programs that address the emotional, social, and financial needs of seriously ill children, their families, and communities, Chai Lifeline restores normalcy to family life, and better enables families to withstand the crises and challenges of serious pediatric illness.
For assistance please call 877 CHAI LIFE or 212-465-1300


Doc Paskowitz, Jewish Surfer Dude for Ages, Dies at 93
Jewish Daily Forward
What do you get when you mix West Coast catch-a-wave surfing culture with the profoundly Jewish sensibilities of the son of Yiddish-speaking .



Kosher Wines

 Tarbut Sefarad

Victoria Pelegrin, teniente de Alcalde, participó en el acto conmemorativo celebrado el 4 de julio en el call de Tarragona en representación del ayuntamiento de la ciudad. El suyo fue un discurso emotivo y comprometido con la recuperación de la judería tarraconense.

Holocaust Survivor Zofia Landau Testimony (Espanol)

This testimony from Jewish Holocaust Survivor Zofia Landau is from the archive of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute.–TsaoL9uT5w

USC Shoah Foundation

The Idan Raichel Project הפרויקט של עידן רייכל

Strictly Kosher 1,2,3

All rights belong to ITV.

Strictly Kosher – Series 2 – Episode 1

Strictly Kosher – Series 2 – Episode 2

LivWise Foundation Liv, Love & Lyrics

2014 Concert — My Soul Longs For You: Melodies

Bais Chana

Meet Bais Chana women. They’re warm, smart, funny, unguarded and theyre interested and savvy about what they want to do with their Jewish lives.

Schonert playes The Jewish music and Gershwin

Schonert playes The Jewish music and Gershwin

ירושלים: מאות השתתפו בהכנסת ס”ת לע”נ בנות משפחת גרוס

30.10.2014 2424news
בירושלים התקיימה הערב תהלוכת ‘הכנסת ספר תורה’ שנתרם לעילוי נשמת אביגיל פסיה ויעל גרוס ז”ל, שנספו ב’אסון ההרעלה’ בגבעת מרדכי בירושלים.

התהלוכה יצאה מבית הכנסת ‘משכן שמואל’ בשכונת גבעת מרדכי בירושלים, לעבר בית הכנסת חניכי הישיבות ‘אוהל דוד’ שבסמוך לישיבת חברון.

צוותי כיבוי ומתנדבי איחוד הצלה איבטחו את התהלוכה שעברה ללא אירועים חריגים.

צילום: יוסי אייזנשטיין – סוכנות הידיעות “חדשות 24”

Chabad Novosibirsk – Siberia Russia .Rabbiner Mendel Schtroks

Dimitry exclusive driver of the Mitzwe Tank from Moscow to Novosibirsk.
Picked up Shalom and David from Omsk to drive around Siberia to find Jews to teach them more Jiddishkeit.

בסוכה של אלי וחיה זקן 10.2014 The “Sukkah” of Eli & Haya Zaken

שמחה גדולה בסוכה של אלי וחיה זקן היקרים 11.10.2014. אלי זקן סקסופון
אלברט בירון קלידים.
11.10.2014 great joy at the “Sukkah” of dears Eli & Haya Zaken
Video By Moti Gabay

Diner En Blanc and mre…

The white picnic flash mob that originated in Paris is now taking hold in Tel Aviv.
“Diner en Blanc” is flash-mob-style picnic event started in Paris 25 years ago. Everybody dresses in white and eats off white tablecloths. And now Diner en Blanc has come to Tel Aviv!
Says host Shahar Cohen: “I see all these people that came and met together not for any cause, only to sit together and have a good time. People came from different places, with different foods and different beliefs and not because of religion and not because of anything else, only because they want to sit together and enjoy themselves from a really nice and quality evening.”

Elchanan Berkovitz

 Jew in the City


JCC Association

Popular Kosher wine Videos

אנדרדוס – העמוד הרשמי

Michael Ganoe Insight to Israel

reshet tv

The Voice ישראל

חינוכית ראשונים בעולם

Popular Farbrengen & Chabad videos

Guimel Tamuz 5771 (2011) – Sinagoga Pequena – Rabino Shamai Ende (Histórias)

Guimel Tamuz 5771 Rebe 3 Tamuz 2011 julho NY NYC New York City United States of America Nova Iorque Estados Unidos Crown Hights 770 Eastern Parkway Kingston Avenue Street Grupo Sao Paulo Brasil Brazil Rebbe Rabino Rabbi O shil Oshil Itaim Richard Tamesgui Yossi Shmuli Schildkraut Zal Hakatan

12Tribe Films

12Tribe Films Foundation is a program provider specializing in movies and cultural events that show a side of the Jewish and Israeli narrative that receives little attention in the public discourse today. Our aim is to provide programs that allow people to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel today.
See our premier production:

One People One World

Salomon Says channels

Focus your efforts on prayer. It makes a difference.

Please pray for the safe and speedy return of Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, and Eyal ben Iris Teshura.



Channel of Breslev Israel

Breslev Israel Films is your cyber haven for love, soul, and joy.
Spreading the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev of blessed memory, and our contemporary spiritual leader Rabbi Shalom Arush, our English-speaking rabbis include (alphabetically) Dr. Zev Ballen, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rabbi Dror Moshe Cassutto, Rabbi Elchanan Elgorod, and Rabbi Natan Maimon.
Our channel also features inspirational clips and music from the Jewish music world’s leading performers.
Check out our multi-language web portal at

The Jewish World

WorldJewish Congress


Jewish life in Ukraine today: Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Vice-President of the WJC, offers his perspective on the challenges ahead of one of the biggest Jewish communities in Europe. Distributed by

Centre for Jewish Life – London·

Transformational Tuesdays: TED Style – Keith Breslauer


The Centre for Jewish Life offers a varied and exciting programme of discovery as you explore classic and mystical themes in a format tailored to you.

Chabad House Bowery


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