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Who’s Misameach?


A Studio123 productions
Directed by Shia Fried
Edited by JACK MASO

בא אל פרעה כי אני הכבדתי את לבו יהונתן שטנצל יציאת מצרים שירי פסח bo el paro

לקראת פרשת וארא אולפני ר’ חיים בנט עם מקהלת הילדים “רננו חסידים” שחררו שיר מיוחד של “בא אל פרעה כי אני הכבדתי את לבו”, הלחן מיוחד ומלא הומור והוקלט בחודש האחרון לראשונה , של נוסח עתיק ששמעו בבית משפחת שטנצל של בא אל פרעה כי אני הכבדתי את לבו.
שיר זה היה נוהג לשיר מזכה הרבים רבי שלמה שטנצל זצ”ל, בעקבות פטירתו בנו בעל התפילה הרב יונתן שטנצל החליט להקליט שיר זה על מנת ששיר זה, יהיה לנחלת הכלל, וגייס לעניין את מקהלת “נרננה” ואת המעבד המוכשר איתן פרישברג , את ר’ חיים בנט שגייס את מקהלת “רננו חסידים”


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Parshat Behar: Sustainable Farming in the Torah

Betcha didn’t know that the Torah has lots to say about sustainable farming practices. Organic farmer Emily Freed explains the laws of the land in down-to-earth language. So get your hands, or at least your ears, dirty!

This is Parshat Behar (בְּהַר “on the mount” Leviticus 25:1–26:2) Episode 32 of the weekly Torah cartoon from Each week, a different storyteller – some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion…and then we animate it!

Parshat Bechukotai: What Happens When We Break The Covenant

Camp Ramah

Camp Ramah in New England is a Jewish overnight camp serving New England, parts of New York, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We provide an inspiring Jewish experience each summer to over 700 campers and 200 staff.

Being a Man

Why is 13 the age for a Bar Mitzvah?

By Charlie and Moshe Harary

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Machon Meir is a Center for Jewish Studies that is located in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel in the neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe. It was established by Rabbi Dov Bigon shortly after the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Rabbi Bigon was a commander in the Israeli Defense Force that helped liberate Jerusalem and the Western Wall from the Jordanian Legion. After the war he began to contemplate the meaning of the Jewish Nation and decided to enroll himself in the Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Bat Mitzvah NY Shabbaton – Chabad of Dollard

The Bat Mitzvah Girls enjoyed an amazing weekend in New York!

Sami and Tuvia – Who’s Bike is it Anyway? – Part I

Judaism for Kids – Sami and Tuvia – Who’s Bike is it Anyway? Part I
Sami finds a bike by the dumpster, which he thinks was sent just for him. Little does he know that this bike belongs to someone else and is very important to him. What is Sami to do when he finds out someone is looking for this bike?

The Ultimate in Jewish Rock

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Participating in the Torah

סיפור ילדותי


Noa raconte la paracha ,,,,,,,,,

Chemah Koli: introduction,comment apprendre à lire dans le Sepher Thora? – 613TV

Raphaël David Skouri vous présente CHEMAH KOLI, une nouvelle émission de cette année pour 613TV!!

Pour plus de vidéos, abonnez-vous sur Free/Numericable/Darty-box

Torah Aura Productions

La Paracha avec Boubach saison — !!

Paracha …..Rosée de Miel

Parashas para niños

Un Cafe Con Dios

David Ben Yosef

Benny Hershcovich

Chabad House Bowery

כוכבית אתרוג

תלמוד תורה יסדת עוז תשעד

Yavneh Hebrew Academy

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Celebrate 60 years of NCSY at the historic Shabbaton this Spring. Sign up online at your regional website or go to

Popular Shabbaton & Chabad videos

A fantastic group of Young Adults from Chabad NDG in the heart of Montreal’s trendy Monkland Village went down to Crown Heights, New York for an incredible Shabbaton weekend. It was the best of both the physical and spiritual worlds. This is a 6 minute documentary of our journey, reflections and inspiration
s… hope you enjoy it!

Filmed by Rabbi Yisroel Bernath on Canon Powershot SD1400 IS
Edited in iMovie for iPhone

Mitzvah Boulevard #3 – Shabbos Trailer

WEEKLY TORAH FOR  KIDS:  Parshat Behar-Bechukotai

Iyar 24, 5775 · May 13, 2015
Care to Win
By Mendy Loewenthal

“You must pass the ball to each other,” Mr. Gibson said. “If you want your team to win, you all need to work together, if you just try to run down with the ball and play your own game then your team will lose.”

Ben’s team was in the middle of the first game of the interschool competition and they had a new coach. They all stood huddled around him at halftime, listening to his words of wisdom and inspiration intended to keep them going through the second half and carry them through to a win.

“It doesn’t sound as if he cares whether we win or lose,” Ben said to David as they jogged out to the field. “All he says is, ‘if you do this you will win, if you do that you will lose.’ It’s all ‘if you,’ ‘if you.'”

“Instead of telling us that we will lose, it would be nice if he would encourage us…””Yeah,” David said. “Instead of telling us that we will lose, it would be nice if he would encourage us to play well in a positive way.”

“It’s like this week’s Torah reading,” Ben said. “The reading starts with the words ‘If you follow My laws.’ We had a long discussion in class about the word ‘if.’ Does it mean ‘if,’ or does it mean ‘please'”?

“What’s the difference?” David asked as they waited for the whistle to blow.

“Well, this little word,” Ben explained, “changes the whole meaning of the verse. It could make G‑d sound as if He doesn’t really care whether we win or lose, and all He is saying is ‘if you keep the mitzvot you will be blessed.’ Or, it could be a passionate plea from G‑d that we should keep the mitzvot and learn Torah, and consequently we will be blessed.”

“So,” David said, “what did you decide, does G‑d care if we do the mitzvot?”

“The Talmud says,” Ben explained “that G‑d is pleading with us to do the mitzvot. G‑d wants us to live a life filled with positive things. He wants us to study Torah and do the mitzvot, such as being kind to each other and kind to our parents, to our brothers and sisters and being good to a lonely person, and like Shabbat and kosher and so on.”

“Wow! Pleading with us! That’s amazing,” said David.

“Yeah,” said Ben. “But most importantly He wants us to win the game!”

“Remember to pass…!” David yelled as he ran for the ball… Update

Make a Duct Tape Rose & Cheesecake for Shavuot!

Iyar 21, 5775 · May 10, 2015
Hey kids!
We’re so lucky—the Jewish calendar is filled with holidays, and the next one, Shavuot, is fast approaching. On Shavuot we celebrate the giving of theTorah on Mount Sinai, when the children played a very important role!When G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish people, the Jewish children were the guarantors! G-d knew that He could count on the Jewish boys and girls to make sure the Jewish people would love the Torah, learn it, and do its holy mitzvahs.

Every year we celebrate this special day, by going to the synagogue and hearing the Ten Commandments being read. On Wednesday, May 24, 2015, make sure to go to your local synagogue and hear the Ten Commandments.

On Shavuot, it’s also traditional to eat dairy and decorate the house withflowers and greenery.

We’ve got some great videos, crafts, recipes and stories to help you get ready for the holiday. Enjoy!

Have a great week,

Your friends at

PS. Stay tuned for the opportunity to do the Shavuot mitzvahs and win great prizes in the upcoming Shavuot mission.

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