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UPCOMING HOLIDAY The Three Weeks Jul. 4 – Jul. 25

clip-The Three Weeks

The Three Weeks

From Wikipedia,

The Three Weeks or Bein ha-Metzarim (Hebrew: בין המצרים, “Between the Straits”) (cf “dire straits”) is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the first and second Jewish Temples. The Three Weeks start on the seventeenth day of the Jewish month of Tammuz — the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tammuz — and end on the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av — the fast ofTisha B’Av, which occurs exactly three weeks later. Both of these fasts commemorate events surrounding the destruction of the Jewish Temples and the subsequent exile of the Jews from the land of Israel. According to conventional chronology, the destruction of the first Temple, by Nebuchadnezzar II, occurred in 586 BCE, and the second, by the Romans, in 70 CE. Jewish chronology, however, traditionally places the first destruction at about 421 BCE. (See Missing years (Hebrew calendar) for more information.)Read More Button--orange

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Rav Zamir Cohen – Les prophéties sur la fin des temps [subtitles:Francais]

Rabbi Raymond Haber Nedarim daf 9,,02.06.2015

הדף היומי:הרב משה ביתן שליט’א

מטרת הערוץ להרבות תורה:
א- להעלות שיעורי דף יומי בגמרא ,
ב’- להעלות שיחות בפרשת השבוע,
ג’ להעלות אירועים ושמחות בקהילתינו.

The Key to Blessing

Ever wonder where the power to bless comes from?
Oorah’s Thursday-Thought series continues with a thought-provoking look at the Torah portion of this week, Parshas Naso, featuring TorahMates coordinator Rabbi Chaim Leib Marmorstein. Short and to the point, guaranteed to fill your week with inspiration.

מסילת ישירים פרק י”א חלק ל – חמדת הכבוד and more…▶ ▶ ▶

דוגמאות לכבוד שמוציא את האדם מן העולם
ידיעת שהכבוד הוא לה’ יגרום לאדם לתקן את דרכיו ויטיב לו באחריתו.

האתר הרישמי של הראשון לציון הרב עמאר

מאמר מלוקט ד”ה רני ושמחי בת ציון חלק א שנת תשכ”ז

מאמר ד”ה רני ושמחי בת ציון תשכז פרשת בהעלותך הרב יואל כהן אידיש שנת תשע”ג

Mourning During the Three Weeks

We begun the period of the Jewish calendar known as the Three Weeks. This is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the Temple. The period began with the Fast of 17 Tammuz which was observed on Sunday, July 8th. On the 17th of Tammuz the walls of Jerusalem were breeched which eventually led to the destruction of the two Holy Temples, first by the Babylonians and then by the Romans. This period of mourning is a good time to think about deprivation and sadness.

We have begun the period of the Jewish calendar known as the Three Weeks. This is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the Temple. The period began with the Fast of 17 Tammuz which was observed on Sunday, July 8th. On the 17th of Tammuz the walls of Jerusalem were breached which eventually led to the destruction of the two Holy Temples, first by the Babylonians and then by the Romans. This period of mourning is a good time to think about deprivation and sadness.

Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Director of the National Jewish Outreach Program, explains that he is taken aback when someone wishes another person that they should “know no sorrow”. What does that mean? Only dead people know no sorrow. Sorrow is part of life. Sometimes those sad times are opportunities for good to come out of them. While we celebrate during happy and secure times, there are many others who are not happy. If we think about the recent storms that have devastated the United States this summer, we see that many were affected by the weather. No power, no clean water, homes destroyed. Let’s think of the period of the three weeks as an opportunity to collect our good feelings and try to help those that are deprived in their lives and use this time to better their condition and ours as well. While we are remorseful, its important to use this as an opportunity to think of others who have less than we have and to work to better their condition.

To learn more about the Three Weeks, please see the article below from the Jewish Treats archives.

“When Av enters, we must lessen our rejoicing,” declare the Talmudic sages in Ta’anit 26b.

In truth, however, this period of “sadness” begins on the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz (observed yesterday) and lasts exactly three weeks – until Tisha B’Av (the Ninth of Av), the day on which we mourn the destruction of both the First and Second Temples.

While all Jewish communities mark the 17th of Tammuz by mourning and fasting, in Ashkenazic communities, this mourning continues during the rest of the month of Tammuz by refraining from haircuts and shaving, listening to music, reciting a sheh’heh’cheh’yanu blessing on new garments, and celebrating weddings.

From the first day of the month of Av onward (July 20, 2012), however, almost all Jewish communities have accepted upon themselves the period of mourning referred to as “The Nine Days.” During these nine days, we customarily avoid the following activities (along with all of the above):

1) Eating meat or drinking wine (except on Shabbat).

2) Bathing or swimming for pleasure. Some people take quick showers using cool water instead of hot so as not to derive pleasure from the shower. (One may bathe on Friday in preparation for Shabbat.)

3) Doing laundry or wearing freshly laundered clothing (except for Shabbat). It is therefore customary to choose outfits for the nine days and wear them in advance of the nine days for a few minutes so that they are not “fresh.” Children’s clothing may be laundered as needed.

Copyright © 2012 National Jewish Outreach Program. All rights reserved.

moussar : la brisure des tables

Cours du Bendrihem de Jérusalem –
Préparation au jeûne du 17 tamouz

Our Opinion And Hashem’s Opinion


Intimacy and Chassidus

Intimacy and Chassidus Part II: An Informal Discussion

The Meaningful Life Center is dedicated to helping everyone to lead a more meaningful life. Unlock yourself. Discover the tools to find YOUR mission in life. Brought to you by Rabbi Simon Jacobson and The Meaningful Life Center Team.

13 Reasons You Might Want to Keep That Sefira Beard

When Reb Berel Wiess, a successful businessman, asked the Rebbe for a blessing to have both wealth and Torah knowledge, the Rebbe told him that this particular blessing requires a special vessel which Reb Berel was yet to acquire.

From Living Torah Volume 140 Program 557

It’s Up To God!

Tractate Sotah, which is customarily studied between Passover and Shavuos, discusses the laws concerning a woman who is suspected of infidelity by her husband.

The last folio of the Tractate discusses the onset of the Jewish people’s long exile, which is compared to the separation between husband and wife, G-d and the Jewish people.

Fortunately, the tractate also presents an opinion that this separation is the result of the husband’s intense love for his wife, giving our exile an entirely new dimension.

4 Sivan, 5742 – May 26, 1982

From Living Torah Volume 140 Program 558

Shavuos 5775 part 1,,,,Rabbi Nasan Maimon

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Shavuos 5775 part 2,,,,Rabbi Nasan Maimon,

הרה”ג שלמה הכהן שליט”א Shavuot שבועות התשע”ה

יום ראשון כח’ אייר התשע”ה

Lag Baomer Historia de Amor 1 R Dudu Levinzon

Chassidut Chabad é um tesouro em compreender D-us, o mundo, a vida. Nela contem muitos conecitos de Ciencias exatas e Ciencias Humanas.

▶ ▶ ▶ The Sefirotic Tree Kabbalah Series

Kabbalah: The Secret of the Tree of Knowledge – Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Spiritgrow – Josef Kryss Center
Introducing the Kabbalah and Hassidut of ‘The Sefirotic Tree’.
with Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Centre, Melbourne, Australia

This is Part 1 of the Sefirotic Tree Kabbalah Series

The Tree of knowledge is more than a metaphoric passage of the Chumash. It introduces a cosmic change in the nature of human consciousness.
Our dual nature, dual body parts e.g. two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two hands, two feet etc. are spiritually mirrored by our inner duality of ego and other. All our thoughts, words and behaviour are either self-centred (self protection, survival, emotional gratification ) or other centred (empathy, compassion, sharing). These derive from our soul flows of Nefesh Behamit (self-centredness) and Nefesh Elokit (other-centredness). Likewise it plays out in our lifelong work of distinguishing right from wrong.
This spiritual duality was occasioned through the eating of the ‘forbidden fruit’ — from the Tree of Knowledge. Prior to that the human being was in a state of true innocence. Even nakedness provided no cue for shame or embarrassment. Once the fruit was eaten, the sense of temptation entered into human existential condition. Since then the work of self-mastery has become a life-long process.

▶ ▶ ▶…. emouna

Dans cette série de cours, le Rav Yoel Ben Haroch nous parle et nous fait découvrir des notions telles que la téchouva, la guéoula, la sainteté d’Israël et son rôle dans le monde. A travers les écrits du Rav Harlap, le Rav Yoel

Rabbi Manis Friedman

מהלכות ערב שבועות מפי הרב ארז אלחרר שליט”א א’

שיעור בהלכה,מוסר,חיזוק אמונה ,והתבוננות מפי הרב מוסר השיעור השבועי בבית כנסת הספרדי מרכזי הוד-השרון הרב ארז אלחרר שליט”א
קצת מהלכות ערב שבועות 2015

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Shavuot

אמונה וביטחון הרב עמנואל מזרחי

▶ ▶ ▶ ,,הילה ברוכי

עיקר וטפל בעבודת השם מאת הרב משה אלחרר שליטא

עיקר וטפל בעבודת השם מאת הרב משה אלחרר שליטא

 בול פגיעה – הרב יוסף מזרחי | משיח השלב האחרון | מציאות המשיח 2015


Shiur – Moroccan Customs of Shavuot

Rabbi Abba’s Short Jewish Lectures

Rabbi Perelmuter launched into a series of stories on Chasidism’s relationship to tikkun olam

Rav Yoel Rackovsky Pre-Shavuot Shiur to Alumni 5774

Rabbi Yerucham Olshin – ATIME ShasAThon 5774

Rabbi Avraham Benhaim Rabbi Akiva Story and Teachings 2010 05 11

Rabbi Avraham Benhaim

Powerful Words Of Encouragement From The Sassoon Father – Who Lost 7 Children in Fire

Powerful Words Of Encouragement From The Sassoon Father – Who Lost 7 Children in Fire – PLEASE SHARE – LIKE –

The remains of seven Jewish children killed when a devastating house fire ripped through their family home are being flown to Israel so they can be laid to rest.

A procession of hearses from their funeral on Sunday in Brooklyn led their coffins to New York’s JFK airport where they were boarded onto a flight bound for Jerusalem where they will be buried on Monday.

The heartbreaking leg of the journey began hours after their father Gabriel Sassoon, broke down during his eulogy.

He described how they all ‘had faces of angels’ before starting to weep in front of hundreds of mourners packed inside the Shomrei Hadas Chapel in Borough Park.

Mr Sassoon was at a religious retreat early Saturday morning when a fire broke out at his home in Brooklyn, New York – sparked by a malfunctioning hot plate that was left on to keep food warm during the Sabbath, as Jews do not light fires or turn on appliances on their day of rest.

His wife Gayle and 14-year-old daughter Tzipora were the only two in his family to survive the blaze, after jumping from the second floor.

Sons Yakob, 5, Moshe, 8, Yeshua, 10, and David, 12, and daughters Sarah, 6, Rivkah, 11, and Elian, 15, did not survive.

Lag Ba Omer Rashbi


Temple Talk Radio: An Apple on the Temple Mount and World War III

Lag BaOmer Special: Tannaitic Tales for Our Time

The Sabbath of the Land and Mount Sinai: The Torah of This World

Lag Baomer R.Shimon Bar Yochai

Lag Baomer R.Shimon Bar Yochai By Rabbi David Bitton

ימי הספירה – ימים של התעלות

חברת פינטו עברית

Parshas Emor and Dinim of Sefira

מהפכות בעולם האסלאם הרב זמיר כהן

אנו נמצאים בתקופה של שינויים מהותיים בעולם המוסלמי. האם יש משמעות רוחנית לדברים, מה הקשר לנבואות אחרית הימים, וכיצד מתחברת לכך הנבואה על מלחמת העולם השלישית? הרב זמיר כהן בהרצאה אקטואלית

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at Kohelet Yeshiva

“Our Faith & Our Future” – An Armchair Conversation with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at Kohelet Yeshiva High School on March 16, 2015.

תהלוכת לג בעומר הרב אשכנזי


Rabbi Cowen – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai / lag baomer

Rabbi Cowen – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai / lag baomer. Dvar Tora from the hilula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.


מלחמת גוג ומגוג – חייבים לראות!!!!! אדיר!!!

סרט דוקומנטרי מדהים על מלחמת גוג ומגוג שמתארים התנ”ך ומאמרי חז”ל – אודות יום הדין של האנושות כולה!!! ׁ(הצפייה והתתחזקות מהסרטון הזה היא לע”נ נלי נלה בת בת ציון באסיה וכן לעילוי כל נשמות ישראל שנפטרו מאז בריאת העולם ועד עתה ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.)

Yechiva d’Aix-les-Bains

La Yechiva Hahkmei Tsarfath d’Aix-les-Bains est l’une des principales académies talmudiques de France.

Une yechiva est établie par Ernest Weill à Neudorf (Strasbourg), en 19331. Dirigée par le Rabbin Simcha Wasserman, fils de l’éminent talmudiste Elchonon Wasserman, elle est alors la seule yechiva de France. En 1938, le Rabbin Wasserman émigre aux États-Unis, laissant la direction de la Yeshiva de Neudorf à Yitzchak Chaikin, disciple du Chofetz Chaim et d’Elchonon Wasserman, fraichement débarqué. Il est bientôt déporté en Allemagne, et la yechiva doit fermer ses portes en 1939 jusqu’à la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.Read More Button--orange




Hesped du Rav Errera par le Grand-Rabbin Wertenschlag


Hesped du Rav Errera par le Rav Yi’hya Teboul




Rav Errera

Mélavé Malka à Sarcelles le 29 janvier 2011 avec rav Errera d’Aix-Les-Bains 103 ans et en présence du Psdt de la communauté M. Richard Halimi ainsi que le Grand Rabbin Chalom BERROS.Cours sur Chalom Baït

Rav Errera

Rav Haim,Jaskin Haykine Zal d’Aix Les Bains



La yechiva d’Aix les Bains1.wmv

La yechiva d’Aix les Bains2.wmv

Yechiva d’Aix-les-bains3.VOB

Une yechiva est établie par Ernest Weill à Neudorf (Strasbourg), en 19331. Dirigée par le Rabbin Simcha Wasserman, fils de l’éminent talmudiste Elchonon Wasserman, elle est alors la seule yechiva de France. En 1938, le Rabbin Wasserman émigre aux États-Unis, laissant la direction de la Yeshiva de Neudorf à Yitzchak Chaikin, disciple du Chofetz Chaim et d’Elchonon Wasserman, fraichement débarqué. Il est bientôt déporté en Allemagne, et la yechiva doit fermer ses portes en 1939 jusqu’à la fin de la seconde Guerre mondiale.
Son collège académique décide de rouvrir ses portes après la guerre à Aix-les-Bains, où elle s’établit définitivement. Elle est toujours dirigée par le rabbin Yitzchak Chaikin1, revenu de captivité et accueille d’ailleurs de nombreux rescapés de la Shoah :
La Yeshiva Chachmei Tzorfas [la Yechiva des Sages de France] est déjà une réalité – pas simplement un bâtiment élégant, mais un palais. Environ une centaine de jeunes trouveront leur place ici. À présent de nombreux garçons venant de Buchenwald et de Dachau sont inscrits. La yeshiva attend leur arrivée. Le premier Rosh Hayeshiva (doyen) est déjà ici: le Rabbin Chaikin, un ancien étudiant de la Yeshiva de Radin. Lui aussi vient juste de rentrer de captivité [en Allemagne].2
Elle est dirigée aujourd’hui par le Rabbin Yits’hak Weill.

Aix Les Bains – French Alps

פסח שני בחוקותי התשעד


Parashat Ahare Mot-Kedoshim,,,,Maalat Eretz Yisrael By Rabbi David Bitton

Sefiras Haomer With Nadvorna Yerushalayim Rebbe – 5775

האדמו”ר מנדבורנה ירושלים בספירת העומר
Sefiras Haomer With Nadvorna Yerushalayim Rebbe – 5775
יסוד שבנצח: צפו בתמונות מכ”ק האדמו”ר מנדבורנה ירושלים שליט”א בספירת העומר במנגינתו המיוחדת בנוסח נדבורנה, בבית המדרש הגדול ברח’ עזרא שבירושלים

הרב אמנון יצחק – חובת הלבבות – שער הביטחון

A Hesped on Rabbi Ahron Lichtenstein by Rabbi Yochanan Schrader

Baruch Dayan Emet. One of the greatest has left us. This is a Hesped said by Rabbi Yochanan Schrader, in the Beit Midrash of Akiva Hebrew day school in Southfield Michigan.
The photo is from a Shiur that Rav Lichtenstein gave in the Beit Midrash of the Hesder Yeshivah of Yerucham.

יחיאל נהרי הבדלה נתניה פרשת אחרי מות קדושים תשע”ה


pesach sheni

Masechet Kiddushin (end of) Perek 1

This video explains the gemarah in Kiddushin on daf 30a about the mitzva of teaching Torah to children and grandchildren

✡ TV Kolel Happy Hour! ✡

Este é um canal de aulas de torá e judaismo ortodoxo.
Por favor, não assista os vídeos em shabat e yom tov.
לעילוי נשמת חנן זאב בן ישראל שלמה ז”ל
לרפואה שלמה שרה אסתר בן טובה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל
Abaixo você confere os links dos livros que nós estudamos. Bons estudos!

Tiferet Sicha – Rabbi Shalom Gold – Perspectives on Yom Haatzamaut

Rabbi Shalom Gold gives us a greater appreciation for Medinat Yisrael and what it means to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut in this fiery Sicha.

DY,, Daf Yomi Italiano


Bienvenue sur la chaîne de KLC,
Etudiez en ligne la torah (paracha, halakha, daf hayomi,…), connaître les évènements de la communauté ou les revivre…

Talmud Daf Yomi Gemarrah Rabbi Weisblum

Moshe Peretz “mon frère” A’h chéli, משה פרץ – אח שלי

Learn What Life is About Before it’s Too Late! – Ask the Rabbi Live with Rabbi Mintz

Oorah’s founder, Rabbi Chaim Mintz, giving his weekly Tuesday night class at Oorah’s Torah Spot in Staten Island. The class is streamed live at each Tuesday night at8:30.
“Ask the Rabbi” session begins at 9:00. Send your question to be answered by Rabbi Mintz to

Chabad Keeping the Faith – in Atlantic City

Meet the rabbi and his family instilling Jewish values in an unlikely place.

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein: Love of the Torah and Love to a Fellow Jew

Interview with Rabbi Moshe Taragin, Yeshivat Har Etzion

קול צופייך | תזריע-מצורע תשע”ה | יום השואה | הרה”ג שמואל אליהו

לתכנים שיעורים וסרטים נוספים של הרב שמואל אליהו
בקרו באתר הרב מרדכי אליהו

Our Opinion And Hashem’s Opinion

To contact Rabbi Mizrachi directly please visit…

Rabbi Mizrachi is a world renowned speaker proving that the Torah given to us by Moshe is divine without any doubt. Visit for other lectures, events, DVD’s, and more!

Do all you can to bring Moshiach

24 years ago today, the Rebbe delivered an impassioned talk about Moshiach.

The address sparked concern among Chassidim motivating them to throw themselves into fulfilling the Rebbe’s vision of perfecting the world through Torah and Mitzvos in even higher gear.

28 Nissan 5751 – 1991

Rav A. Somekh – Yom Tov Sheni shel Galuyot 1


Torino 18.3.2015 Il secondo giorno di Mo’èd nella Diaspora 1

פסח שני בחוקותי התשעד

הרב הגאון בן ציון מוצפי שליט”א

Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Pesach Sheni

The “Second Passover” sacrifice was offered as a restitution for the Pascal sacrifice, for someone who was ritually impure or too far away from the Temple at the time of Passover. But Jewish law rules that a non-Jew who converts to Judaism right after Passover, or a child who comes of age right after Passover, must also bring a “Second Passover” sacrifice, even though they were not obligated to bring a sacrifice on the first Passover. The Talmudic commentaries explain that Second Passover has two facets to it: On the one hand, it is “restitution”; on the other, it is a celebration in its own right.

There are two lessons taught by Second Passover. First, there is the famous adage of my father-in-law, the Rebbe, that Second Passover teaches us that “no situation is ever completely lost.” But this is relevant only to someone who appears to be “lost.” What about the person who hasn’t “lost” anything at all, for he was never “obligated”? Second Passover comes and teaches a second, new, concept: every Jew must continuously progress in G-d’s ways. A Jew may never be satisfied with his present spiritual state, even if everything appears to be perfect. When a new month comes along, it demands that you reach a new spiritual level, even compared to what you attained last month, on Passover.

14 Iyar, 5744 · May 16, 1984

From Living Torah Disc 88 Program 349


<<< LINK TO >>> previous videos >>>





UPCOMING HOLIDAY Second Passover May 3 2015

Pesach Sheni – Rabbi Einbinder

Rabbi and Director of Chabad of Tarzana, Rabbi Mordechai Einbinder, addresses the senior students of Cheder Menachem, imparting the true meaning of Pesach Sheni

Cheder Menachem

Section Chassidut.Shiurim Daf Yomi, Tanya Shiurim,Hayom Yom


Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – Mussar Talk In Philadelphia

Rabbi Danny Myers

Rabbi Raymond Haber

Popular Daf Yomi videos

Rabbi Dovid Feinstein

 Daf Rabbanim



Daf Hayomi Advancia israel

Rav Dov Roth-Lumbroso –


Daf Yomi Kolel Happy Hour

Este é primeiro o canal de shiurim ao vivo em português no You Tube do mundo!

הרב יוסף בן פורת

Rabbi Zamir Cohen עולם התורה

…שיעור דף יומי הרב גלעד בניאל מסכת …. דף

Daf Yomi Talmud …. Yom Tov page … Gemarrah Festival Rabbi Moshe P. Weisblum דף יומי תלמוד גמרא ביצה ל”ו

Daf Yomi Megillah Talmud Rabbi Weisblum דף יומי מגילה ‘ הרב משה ויסבלום

Daf Yomi Talmud Succah  Gemarrah Succot Rabbi Weisblum דף יומי תלמוד גמרא סוכה

Section Chassidut.Shiurim Daf Yomi, Tanya Shiurim,Hayom Yom



Rabbi Naftali Citron Torah Learning Channel.

תניא 001 – עמוד השער – תניא יומי ל י”ט כסלו בשנה פשוטה


לימוד ספר התניא עם הרב מרדכי אלון שליט”א

לימוד בוקר בית המדרש “ו אהבת” מושבה מגדל

מחזור תשע”ב

לימוד דף השער

נלמד א כסלו תשע”ב

תניא יומי יג בתשרי תניא יומי בוכריס

תניא יומי

KollelBethYossef , “Daily Halacha”


KollelBethYossef , Rabbanim …the “Day of Study”

Tanya For Teens with Rabbi Manis Friedman


Rabbi Manis Friedman on Tanya


Tous les cours de Tanya

Cours de Tanya du Rav Haim Mellul 

Cours de Tanya du Rav  Chmouel Azimov

Cours de Tanya  Rabbanim


les 8 chapitres de Rambam Rav Yéhouda Ben Ichaï -“Les 8 chapitres du Rambam” 1

13 Princípios da Fé Judaica por Rambam Maimonides

Rabbi Yaakov Benlev – …Português

dailychassidus great videos selection . Select your shiur!Rav Paltiel

KABBALAH of the HEART | Sefer Tanya


Who’s the boss of your body: your heart or your brain? Rabbi Tzvi Freeman explores the untapped powers of the mind.


Rambam on Medicine


Ramabas directives on health!

Основные принципы воспитания детей 6. Переходный возраст

Learn Mitzvot

Li’kutay Moharan

Lectures From Rabbi Dror Moshe Cassouto, Yeshivat Chut Shel Chessed, Jerusalem, Israel

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Les 8 chapitres du Rambam 7 eme partie.

31.03.2014   Yechiva Or Gabriel

Section Chassidut.Shiurim Daf Yomi, Tanya Shiurim,Hayom Yom


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Please Say Tehillim

תהילים פרק לרפואה

Refuah Shlema Tehillim PEREK 20  .

for דבורה בת שרה

קריאת ספר תהילים השלם – אבידני יובל – ספרדי ירושלמי – Complete Tehilim by Avidani Yuval

Rav DovBer Pinson. TheIYYUNCenter


 Rabbi Itzhak Yehoshua

Yeshiva World News

24JEWISH By Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson. About Seeds of Wisdom, Knowledge vs. Wisdom, Bridges of Tradition, Inward Travel, Rocket Science, Loving or Learning ,First Things First

Kollel BethYossef  the “Daily Halacha”

Shiurim, torah classes recorder at the Kollel and updated frequently,

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Mitzvah Tantz With The Bobover Rebbe Zt”l In Israel – כ״ק האדמו”ר מבאבוב זצ״ל


The Bobover Rebbe Zt”l dancing Mitzvah Tantz at the wedding of his granddaughter to the grandson of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe Zt”l.

Daily Mussar

Daily Zohar

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Shiur with Rabbi Avraham Gaon
Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Etzion

Daily Dose Of Emuna

Parshat Mikeitz: Chanukah Dreaming

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Siyum Harambam at Kotel (Western Wall) #1

Rabbi Eli Feldman performs a Siyum Harambam at the Kotel, witnessed by his Birthright group from Australia

Siyum Harambam at Kotel (Western Wall) #2

Global Online Siyum HaRambam Webcast, Part 2 Section on the right side,Living Torah – Talks Great Videos Selection


Celebrating Study of Rambam

Rabbi Shmuel Butman recalls the day the Rebbe called him to his house, requesting that he publish a book commemorating the worldwide celebrations of the annual completion of the Mishneh Torah.

His due date? Three weeks.

Living Torah Disc 134 Program 536

In the Beginning: The Genesis of My Shlichus – Chabad Lay Leadership Conference

Rabbi Bentzion Butman, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzki, Rabbi Shmuel Lew and Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn at the Chabad Lay Leadership Forum 5774-2013

Siyum HaShas in MetLife Stadium – Full Video 7 Hours

93,000 Jews Dancing at Siyum Hashas

Most people seemed to agree, the most inspiring moment of the Siyum Hashas at MetLife stadium was the 15 minutes of music and dance. 90,000 Yidden, Kein Yirbu.

Siyum At The Nadvorna Yeshiva In Bnei Brak – 2014/5775

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The Nadvorna Rebbe participates in a Siyum in honor of the completion of Masechta Bava Kamma by students of his Yeshiva.

Twelfth Siyum Hashas – Metlife Stadium – FULL VIDEO

Entertainment Before the Twelfth Siyum Hashas at Metlife

Mendy Werdyger, Sruly Werdyger, Shragee Gestetner, Chilu Posen with the Hamezamrim choir singing before the starting of the Twelfth Siyum Hashas at Metlife Stadium, Aug. 1, 2012

Chanukah? and more …..Rabbi Israel Landa


Chanukah: Kindling and Channeling the Light

Tehillim תהלים – Chapter ,,,, / פרק א (Moroccan Marocain מרוקאי)



Périmon cours – Cours sur Ain Beth ch6 du Rabbi Rachab par YY Périmon


Introduction to Chassidut and Chassidic stories – Rav Menachem Weinberg in Yeshivat Hamivtar

Yeshiva World News

ערוץ שפע

Rav Chmouel Azimov


Yeshivat Lev HaTorah-Yerushalayim