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Learn Yiddish at … This is the
Unit intro for Unit 1. You can sign up for free online Yiddish lessons. Audio and video help you to develop basic skills to read Yiddish and speak Yiddish. We have some great Jewish culture and Yiddish phrase pages up too.

Itche Goldberg interviewed in YIddish

In this film (83 minutes) in Yiddish , 101-year-old educator, essayist, literary critic, poet, and editor Itche Goldberg discusses his life: his upbringing, schooling in Poland and Canada, his work as an educator and editor and his views as a literary critic. Itche speaks candidly with interviewer Eugene Orenstein of McGill University about the linke shuln (progressive schools), which he helped to shape, and very honestly assesses their strengths and shortcomings. Among other things, he recalls both a conflict with famed anarchist Emma Goldman and “kashering” a Yiddish reader with a photo of Lenin! What emerges is a multi-faceted picture of the world of a man who attended the funeral of the great Yiddish writer I.L. Peretz over 90 years ago and who remained creatively, intellectually and politically active in the Yiddish world until his death at 102!

Itche Goldberg (1904-2006) was born in Apt, Poland, and grew up in Warsaw. Since his arrival in Canada in 1920 as a teenager, the name Itche Goldberg has been synonymous with the linke (progressive) Yiddish movement. In 1925 Itche started Yungvelt, Canada’s first secular Jewish children’s camp. In 1932 he moved to New York City and from 1933 until the mid-1970s he was director of the Yiddish schools and cultural programs of the International Workers Order/Jewish People’s Fraternal Order (JPFO).(Beginning in 1953, following the dissolution of the IWO due to McCarthyism, the schools were run by the newly named Service Bureau for Jewish Education.) Itche edited Yidishe Kultur and the children’s magazine Yungvarg. In the 1950s he established the Zhitlowsky Foundation for Jewish Culture. He is the recipient of two major literary awards: Israel’s Itsik Manger Prize in 1985 and the Dovid Hofshteyn Prize in 1990. His latest book Eseyen — Tsvey (Essays — Two) was published in 2006.

Eugene Orenstein is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Jewish Studies at McGill University where he teaches modern Jewish history and Yiddish literature. He was a student in the Ordn-shuln (schools of the Jewish People’s Fraternal Order) where Itche Goldberg was his teacher. This was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

Josh Waletzky

‫A Celebration of Yiddish Creativity אַ יום־טובֿ פֿון ייִדישער שאַפֿערישקייט‬

A Celebration of Yiddish Creativity

On Sunday, May 5, 2013, the League for Yiddish held a historic program, “A Celebration of Yiddish Creativity,” in honor of the publication of its book, New Yiddish Literature, Afn Shvel Issue # 358-359.

The program features: greetings from Prof. David G. Roskies of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America; dramatic readings from the book by actor Hy Wolfe; a discussion on “Prospects for Contemporary Yiddish Writing” with Professors Marc Caplan, Dov-Ber Kerler, and Sheva Zucker; and new Yiddish songs composed and sung by Josh Waletzky. (Those interested will be able to hear the songs when Waletzky’s new CD is released.)

The volume being honored (see the cover and excerpts at…) encompasses the work of 30 people writing in Yiddish, ranging from college students to venerable older Yiddish writers, living on four continents and in seven countries.

The evening was organized in partnership with the Program in Modern Jewish Studies of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

אַ יום־טובֿ פֿון ייִדישער שאַפֿערישקייט

זונטיק, דעם 5טן מײַ 2013, האָט די ייִדיש־ליגע אָפּגעהאַלטן אַן איין־מאָל־אין־אַ־יובֿלדיקער פּראָגראַם, „אַ יום־טובֿ פֿון ייִדישער שאַפֿערישקייט”, לכּבֿוד דעם אַרויסקום פֿון איר ביכל, נײַע ייִדישע ליטעראַטור (אויפֿן שוועל נומ’ 358־359).

די פּראָגראַם באַשטייט פֿון: אַ באַגריסונג פֿון פּראָפֿ’ דוד־הירש ראָסקעס פֿון דעם ייִדישן טעאָלאָגישן סעמינאַר; דראַמאַטישע פֿאָרלייענונגען פֿונעם ביכל פֿון אַקטיאָר חיים וואָלף; אַ דיסקוסיע, „פּערספּעקטיוון פֿאַר דער הײַנטצײַטיקער ייִדישער ליטעראַטור, מיט די פּראָפֿעסאָרן מאַרק קאַפּלאַן, דבֿ־בער קערלער און שבֿע צוקער; און נײַע לידער געשריבן און קאָמפּאָנירט פֿון דזשאַש וואַלעצקי. (די לידער וועט מען ערשט קענען הערן ווען וואַלעצקיס נײַ קאָמפּאַקטל קומט אַרויס.)

דער באַנד וואָס ווערט געפּראַוועט (זעט די הילע, תּוכן־בלעטל, און אויסצוגן אויף…) נעמט אַרײַן די שאַפֿונג פֿון 30 יחידים וואָס שרײַבן אויף ייִדיש, פֿון אוניווערסיטעט־סטודענטן ביז חשובֿע עלטערע ייִדישע שרײַבערס, וואָס וווינען אויף פֿיר קאָנטינענטן און אין זיבן לענדער.

דער אָוונט איז אָרגאַניזירט געוואָרן בשותּפֿות מיט דעם אָפּטייל אין מאָדערנע ייִדישע לימודים אין דעם ייִדישן טעאָלאָגישן סעמינאַר פֿון אַמעריקע.

הגדה של פסח נוסח מרוקו בהנחייתו של ג’ו עמר ז”ל ,,, ▶ ▶ ▶

מימונה מחרוזת מרוקאית- שרון לביא ,מרקש, פנחס,,,, ▶ ▶ ▶

Y-Studs – Hashem Melech

Shpil, di Fidl/Yidi Mitn Fidl: Maxwell Street Klezmer Band

Vocalist Kimber Leigh Nussbaum performs Shpil, di Fidl/Yidi Mitn Fidl (Play, You Fiddle/Yidl With His Fiddle) at Maxwell Street’s 30th Anniversary Concert on November 3, 2013 at the Old Town School of Folk Music. A. Koffman, Arr. Videography by Jeremy Mangan. Visit Maxwell Street at



Der Lambeth hop (The Lambeth Walk in Yiddish)

This was sung by George Kessler to Ben Stonehill in the Hotel Marsellaise in the summer of 1948. Stonehill was an amateur ethnomusicologist collecting songs from Jews recently released from DP camps. Some of his songs, including this one, can be found at

If Books Could Talk: The Story of Three Jewish Treasures Rescued from the Vilna Ghetto

Monday, November 24, 2014 | 7pm
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Ruth Gay Seminar in Jewish Studies

What are the secret lives of books? In the Vilna Ghetto, Yiddish poets Abraham Sutzkever and Szmerke Kaczerginski and others risked their lives to rescue Jewish treasures from destruction and looting by the Nazis. David Fishman (Jewish Theological Seminary) selects three of the extraordinary items they saved—Theodor Herzl’s diary, the minute-book from the Vilna Gaon’s synagogue, and an original manuscript of Jacob Gordin’s classic Yiddish play ‘Mirele Efros’—and reveals their “biographies”: their composition and significance; the story of their acquisition by YIVO; their rescue; and their retrieval after Vilna’s liberation. Two of these works were safely transported to YIVO in New York, but the third work encountered a very different fate in Soviet Lithuania.

The Ruth Gay Seminar in Jewish Studies was established in 2008 in honor of Ruth Gay (1922-2006), the noted American Jewish historian and writer, with a generous gift from the family of Ruth Gay. The seminar series is given by scholars who have conducted research in the YIVO Archives and wish to share their work with the public.

La vie quotidienne des juifs au Maroc – Video rare –

Cette vidéo très rare jusque là, d’une bonne qualité pour l’époque, nous donne en images, quelques traits de la vie quotidienne du Judaisme en terre Marocaine. Nous nous excusons pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas l’hébreu. Nous vous le remettons tel que pour visionnement.


Saturday, March 7 – 7:00PM @ O Cinema Miami Beach

Fighting the Global Demonization of the Jewish State – Featuring Shmuley Boteach and Ron Prosor


Kesher Luncheon 2014 Video 1-5

Kesher Luncheon 2014 Video 1-5

Natalie Portman’s “A Tale of Love and Darkness”

Based on Amos Oz’s novel, “A Tale of Love and Darkness” tells the story of the author’s childhood during the transitive years when Palestine was reclassified as Israel. The clip is about the “Paraable f Two Monks”.

סיפור על אהבה וחושך-מסע אל רובנו של עמוס עוז

Fania Oz returns to family building in the city Rivne, Ukraine
בספר, שעלילתו אינה קווית, מתאר עוז בגוף ראשון ילדות בשכונת כרם אברהם, בירושלים ונעורים בקיבוץ חולדה. הסיפור מתנהל על רקע תקופת המנדט והחיכוך עם ערביי ארץ ישראל, הקמת המדינה ושנותיה הראשונות. עוז מתאר גם את הדורות הקודמים של משפחתו המזרח אירופאית.

הספר, בנוסף להיותו תיעוד תרבותי, הוא תיאור אישי וכאוב מאוד של ילדות בצל נישואיהם המיוסרים של הוריו: אם דיכאונית ואב מלומד, קרוב אך גם מרוחק, שהקריירה שלו הוחמצה בצלו של הדוד הגדול. הטרגדיה המשפחתית מגיעה לשיאה כאשר אמו של עמוס, ילד בן שתים עשרה, מתאבדת אחרי תקופה ארוכה של ייסורי נפש.

הספר רצוף בהרהורים פוליטיים וספרותיים ומצייר בעוקצנות, אך גם במידה של אמפתיה, אנשי רוח ופוליטיקאים בהם נתקל: דוֹד אביו, חוקר תקופת בית שני, יוסף קלוזנר, ש”י עגנון, שגר בסמוך לקלוזנר, דוד בן-גוריון, שהתכתב עם עוז מעל דפי דבר והזמינו לפגישה, ואחרים. אהבתו הראשונה של עוז, הייתה, כך הוא מספר, המשוררת זלדה, שלימדה אותו בכיתה ב’. אחד הקטעים המרשימים בספר הוא זה שבו נזכר עוז בפרץ השמחה העצום עם אישור האו”ם את תוכנית החלוקה ב-כ”ט בנובמבר.

“סיפור על אהבה וחושך-מסע אל רובנו של עמוס עוז” דברי עוז בתום ההקרנה

דני ליטני – סיפור של אהבה

”Schindler’s List” – John Williams – violin solos by Itzhak Perlman

Celebrating Hebrew Wikipedia 10th anniversary with Channel 2 – Sivan Rahav Meir

Wikimedia Israel looked for a special way to celebrate the Hebrew Wikipedia 10th anniversary – something that has never been done before.
The result was a unique collaboration with TV Channel 2, the most viewed channel in Israel! For an entire week, five of the most senior Channel 2 reporters, who learned to edit Wikipedia by our volunteers, wrote or extended an article on Hebrew Wikipedia.
Then, each recorded a one minute video, explaining why they have decided to write on this specific topic. Every day, just before the evening news broadcast, the video was broadcasted and while the anchor presented the project, he explained “we wanted to celebrate Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary and show that everyone can write an article on Wikipedia” .

Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv

the official Youtube channel of Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball

Reportajes y documentales: 90 minutos Alemania-Israel

90 minutos Alemania-Israel – Fútbol entre Tel Aviv y BerlínCuando el Bayern Múnich juega en torneos internacionales, sus seguidores israelíes en Tel Aviv no pierden detalle. Cuando el jugador israelí Almog Cohen llegó a Núremberg, fue recibido por los hinchas locales con banderas de Israel. Y un alemán, Michael Nees, diseña el futuro del fútbol israelí como director técnico de la selección sub-21 y director técnico de la federación. Todo esto era impensable hace 50 años, cuando Alemania e Israel establecieron lazos diplomáticos. El fútbol jugó, y juega, un papel protagónico en la normalización de las relaciones germano-israelíes. Pero, ¿de qué hablamos cuando decimos “normales”? ¿Cómo viven los futbolistas judíos en Alemania? Y, ¿cómo vive un entrenador alemán en Israel, flanqueado por la realidad en Oriente Medio y el lastre de la historia?

Hava Nagila – Amrutam Gamaya – Music Mojo Season 3 – KappaTV

Hava Nagila by ‘Amrutam Gamaya’ a cover of “Hava Nagila” (הבה נגילה Havah Nagilah, “Let us rejoice”) an Israeli folk song traditionally sung at Jewish celebrations. It is considered to be perhaps the first modern Israeli folk song in the Hebrew language that has become a staple of band performers at Jewish weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

The Lady Lifers: A moving song from women in prison for life

The ten women in this chorus have all been sentenced to life in prison. They share a moving song about their experiences — one that reveals their hopes, regrets and fears. “I’m not an angel,” sings one, “but I’m not the devil.” Filmed at an independent TEDx event inside Muncy State Prison, it’s a rare and poignant look inside the world of people imprisoned with no hope of parole.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.

Lionel Rocheman – Margeritkele (Yiddish Song)

Lionel Rocheman – Margeritkele
from the album “Yiddisch Story”
released 1978 in France

Lionel Rocheman – Die Werbe (Yiddish Song) France 1978

Lionel Rochman – Die Werbe
from the album “Yiddisch Story”
released 1978 in France


Easy Rashi
Leshem yichud tefilin Anatomy of Tefillin

Yiddish lebt! (3) Tal Hever

Tal Hever Chybowski présente aux adhérents du groupe FB “Yiddish pour les Nuls”, les activités marquantes de la Maison de la Culture Yiddish pour le printemps et l’été 2015.
En Yiddish sous-titrés français

Yiddish lebt 2 Violette Szmajer

Yiddish lebt! Rochelle Zucker

 Israel by Drone


Dibbukim – Hinter dem tol (Live in Lund, Sweden) +++++
Swedish Klezmer/Yiddish Metal band, Dibbukim,

Tomb of Bnei Issachar

Cantor Benzion Miller Alberto Mizrahi And Naftali Hershtik Singing Tumbalalaika

Filmed Live At The Historic Portuguese Synagogue In Amsterdam

התקווה – HaTikva – Israel Anthem Song – ROCK VERSION BY NIRO KNOX

Performed Live 29.04.09 ID 61 Party in LONDON (J-Events)



Israel National Anthem (Hatikva) – Heavy Metal Instrumental

Once of the Greatest nation in the World. For Georgian-Israeli brotherhood.
My own Tribute – Heavy Metal Style Instrumental Version of Hatikva.

ברגע של האומה הגדולה ביותר בעולם. עבור האחים גאורגיה ישראל.
מחווה שלי – רוק כבד סגנון גרסה אינסטרומנטלית של התקווה.

Upshernish Jewish Traditional Hair Cutting Ceremony

erlin 1900 in colour!!!!

this is a video showing berlin, the german capital around the year 1900, although the last scenes are from 1914. ENJOY!

Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

That’s how it looked like just after the Second World War in Berlin!

Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945, just after the Second World War and the capitulation of Germany. Daily life after years of war.

Pictures from the destroyed city, the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linden, rubble women working in the streets, the tram is running again.

A collage of archive material
produced by: Kronos Media

Voici à quoi ressemblait Berlin juste après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale !

Ces fascinantes vidéos en couleur nous montrent la situation de la ville lors de l’été 1945, directement après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale et la capitulation de l’Allemagne. Voici la vie quotidienne
des Berlinois après des années de guerre.

Les images nous dévoilent une ville détruite, le Reichstag, la porte de Brandebourg, l’hôtel Adlon, le bunker du Führer, l’avenue Unter den Linden, les femmes des ruines à l’œuvre dans les rues, et les trams à nouveau en fonctionnement.

Un assemblage d’images d’archive
production par Kronos Media

שירים מיוחדים

LvivKlezFest-2011 (телепередача Мазл Тов, 16.08.2011)

All-Ukrainian Jewish Charitable Foundation “Hesed-Arieh”

LvivKlezFest-2014. Гала-концерт Фестивалю, частина 1

film by Tader
13.07.2014 р., м.Львів, Львівська обласна Філармонія

ГАЛА-КОНЦЕРТ за участю клезмерських колективів з Ізраїлю, Великобританії, Латвії, Молдови, Німеччини, Польщі, Росії, США, України, Швеції.

Всеукраїнський єврейський благодійний фонд “Хесед-Ар’є”
вул. Котляревського, 30, м.Львів, 79013, Україна
тел.: +38 (032) 238-98-69, +38 (032) 238-98-61, +38 (032) 238-11-78

Naomi Less – Thank You

Sh’ma Yisrael – Listen Israel (Fran Gordon and Naomi Less and more ▶▶▶

What Happens When a Catholic Monk and Two Rabbis Get Real?

Jerusalem panorama from Mount of Olives

Taken by Roman Kriman (RomKri) for

Virtual Israel Touring – Into Robinson’s Arch mikveh

Rabbi Aryeh A. Leifert and take us into a Second Temple-era mikveh (Jewish ritual bath). For more information on Virtual Israel Touring, visit

Virtual Israel Touring

Rabbi Aryeh A. Leifert and

Ahavat Israel baneshama – אהבת ישראל בנשמה

AND MORE+++++++

Mix – אביהו מדינה – שבחי ירושלים

Elie Wiesel: In Hasidism – The Wonders of Rabbi,,and more+++++

Dan Nichols “Beyond” (live)

SHOMER ISRAEL Guardian De Israel HD Hebreo – Español

שמחה לארצך \ אסף נוה שלום

Jewish Prayer Songs שירי קדושה

Jewish Prayer Songs שירי קדושה

שירים על אמונה ואהבת ה’, זמירות שבת, שירי חגים לילדים, שירים רגועים ושמחים, למבוגרים ולילדים, להרגעת הלב, להרגשת הנשמה ולחיזוק האהבה והביטחון.
למעוניינים בשיעורים פרטיים בליווי, אילתור והלחנה בפסנתר, בירושלים, במחירים נוחים, ניתן להתקשר לאסף – 0509568116
Songs of Faith and Love of G-d, Sabbath songs, holiday songs for children, relaxed songs and happy songs, for adults and children, to
calm the heart, to calm the soul and strengthen the feeling of love, and Sanctity
Songs of Faith and Love de D.ieu, des chansons, des chansons sabbat de vacances pour enfants, chansons détendus et heureux, chansons pour enfants et adultes, pour calmer le cœur, pour calmer l’âme et de renforcer le sentiment d’amour et de sainteté
Canciones de la Fe y el Amor de Dios, canciones Sabbath, canciones de vacaciones para niños, canciones relajadas y canciones felices, para adultos y niños, para calmar el corazón, para calmar el alma y fortalecen el sentimiento de amor y santidad

ISRAEL MUSIC HISTORY Zionist Labor Movement 19th Century “Techezakna ” ביאליק ברכת עם

רס”ר ירון בן צבי — חיפשנו אתונות ויצאנו חמורים

ISRAEL MUSIC HISTORY WWII Jewish Brigade Music Farewell of Slavianka בין גבולות

פרשת הלמו: בועז גוטמן זוכה מחוסר אשמה,7340…
Attorney Boaz Guttman Acquitted Lack of Guilt Ynet 12/12/14

ISRAEL MUSIC HISTORY U.S. Army Band Hebrew Song סביבון בתזמורת צבא ארה”ב

פרשת הלמו: בועז גוטמן זוכה מחוסר אשמה,7340…
Attorney Boaz Guttman Acquitted Lack of Guilt Ynet 12/12/14

When the Rebbe saved three lives

Dr Harold Serebro is a leading medical practitioner, entrepreneur and author of several books.
He recalls how one a busy afternoon, a panicked Rabbi Bernhard walked into his Johannesburg practice holding a file of x-rays belonging to a congregant.
The Rabbi’s dilemma: Doctors were insisting on immediate surgery, but the Rebbe was of an entirely different opinion.
Living Torah Disc 134 Program 534

Hamilchama Ha’achrona – Yehoram Gaon

Beautiful song by Yehoram Gaon about the sacrifices of various units and divisions in the Israeli army during Israel’s wars. Enjoy!

Israel – We Wont Move From Here – מכאן

Achay Giborey Hatehilah – Shai Abramson / אחי גיבורי התהילה – שי אברמסון

אחי גיבורי התהילה – החזן הראשי לצה”ל סא”ל שי אברמסון
Achay Giborey Hatehilah – IDF Chief Cantor Ltc. Shai Abramson

לערוץ הרשמי של החזן הראשי לצה”ל:
לדף הרשמי בפייסבוק:

Hebrew Songs

V’haer Einenu written by Reb. Shlomo Carlebach. Yigdal Elohim Chai written by Kay Smith. Video produced by Luis and Jano Skinfill of Skinfill Entertainment Records, The Worship TV Channel.

Israel: Defying the Odds

Amazing facts about Israel
Taken from
Produced by Rabbi Ephraim Shore, one of the directors of Aish HaTorah Jerusalem, and the Israel Director for and the Hasbara Fellowships for campus Israel activism. Prior to making aliyah, he was Executive Director of Aish Miami and Aish Toronto.

Yom Haatzmaut 2015: So Many Reasons to Love Israel! | NBN

21.04.2015 – Thousands of Olim merit to live the dream of Aliyah. This is what they love about living in Israel. Get inspired this Israel Independence day!


Production Company: The Bakery, Yuval Nathan and Michael Patrick,
Music Composition: Tomer Biran,
Vocals: Ido Dankner
Acco Material: Shai Cohen and Jonathan Carmi,
Southern Israel Material: Icy Media,
Charter Flight Material: Jerusalem Media Group,

Thank you:
Nefesh B’Nefesh Staff
To the Olim who made this video possible
Aimee Loshinksy

Israel – what a beautiful country

The renewed growth of anti-Israeli attitudes is also irritating. Old and new resentments are being nurtured, revived, and advanced. Irraels will for self-defense and self-preservation is being distorted, and Israels right to act accordingly is being disputed. In this respect, our sympathy has certain priorities, and the latent left-wing anti-Zionism is shocking and annoying. Comparing Israelis with Nazis, calling their politics fascistic should in turn regard Germans as victims of an unaccepted defeat. Those who sell the terror initiated by the Palestinians as fight for freedom and who deny Israel the right for self-defense, who deny the positive sides of this one and only respectable justice system in the Near-East, nauseate us with their ideological untruthfulness.
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israel for ever

Are Your Lights On?!

Oorah kicks off a new weekly series with a thought-provoking look at the Torah portion of the week, Parshas Shmini, featuring TorahMates coordinator Rabbi Mordechai Beer. Short and to the point, guaranteed to fill your week with inspiration.

Zupfgeigenhansel – Lomir sich iberbetn (Yiddish Song)

Zupfgeigenhansel – Lomir sich iberbetn
from the album “Jiddische Lieder – ‘ch hob gehert sogn”
recorded 1979

Leonard Cohen – Un As Der Rebbe Singt – Vienna 1976

Leonard Cohen – Un As Der Rebbe Singt
Arena Vienna 1976 Jiddische Lieder

Als der rebe singt (if the rabbi sings)

Efim Aleksandrov sings.

Sephardic Jewish Israelis: Would you take Spanish/Portuguese citizenship?


מא תאקשי ביא * ריימונד אבקסיס

מא תאקשי ביא * ריימונד אבקסיס

אצולה מרוקאית
ריימונד אבקסיס, מייק קרוצ’י, נטע אלקיים
מנצח ראשי, מנהל מוסיקלי ומעבד: תום כהן

צילום ועריכה אבי נישניב

Becoming Frum: How Newcomers Learn the Language & Culture of Orthodox Judaism

In her book, “Becoming Frum: How Newcomers Learn the Language and Culture of Orthodox Judaism,” Sarah Bunin Benor describes how newly orthodox Jews have to adopt not only the laws and customs, but also new speech patterns.
Speaker Biography: Sarah Bun


talks to Soul Star about his Feature Documentary ‘SACRED SPERM’ which looks deeply & sensitively at an aspect of Ultra Orthodox Hasidic Judaism which is rarely discussed in public

Sacred Sperm – Rabbi Simcha Cohen

A glimpse from the editing suite
of documentary film “Sacred Sperm”

חומרים מחדר העריכה של הסרט “זרע קודש” – הרב שמחה כהן

טריילר לסרט התעודי “זרע קודש”
בכורה בישראל
פסטיבל הסרטים היהודי
סינמטק ירושלים

הרב יוסי מזרחי: תיקון הברית — הוצאת זרע לבטלה

חשיפה ראשונה לחינוך המיני בעולם החרדי – זרע הקודש

מסע אישי – חוויתי, מטלטל ומסקרן במהלכו יוצא הבמאי החרדי אור ישר ובנו המתבגר שהגיע לגיל חינוך, למסע בעקבות אחד מהאיסורים הקשים, החשובים והמורכבים ביותר ביהדות – הוצאת זרע לבטלה, שנחשב לעוון החמור ביותר ביהדות.

File:Yad Vashem BW 2.JPG


Janusz Korczak and the children, memorial at Yad Vashem

Janusz Korczak

From Wikipedia,

Janusz Korczak, the pen name of Henryk Goldszmit[1] (22 July 1878 or 1879 – August 7, 1942[2]), was a Polish-Jewish educator, children’s author, and pediatrician known as Pan Doktor (“Mr. Doctor”) or Stary Doktor (“Old Doctor”). After spending many years working as director of an orphanage in Warsaw, he refused freedom and stayed with his orphans when the institution was sent from the Ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp, during the Grossaktion Warsaw of 1942.[3]   Photo by Wikipedia  Read More Button--orange

The Last Korczak Boy

Itzchak Belfer never really left Yanusz Korczak’s orphanage on Krochmalna Street in Warsaw, Poland. Even though he is now 90 years old, a well-known Israeli artist, he will always be little Itzchakele from Warsaw, and Korczak is always with him in thought and spirit. The Polish doctor and educator lives on in Belfer’s drawings and paintings, and Yanusz Korczak’s spirit dwells in the artist’s soul.

Belfer shares with us his amazingly clear memories from the orphanage on Krochmalna Street in pre-World War II Warsaw. He reveals Korczak’s unique view of children as, first of all, human beings to be treated with the same dignity and consideration as adults.

He warmly describes the work of Korczak and his assistant, Stepha Wilczyńska, at the orphanage, their love for the children and their total dedication to saving them, which led to their tragic end.

Janusz Korczak

(Source: Yad Vashem)…

(Pen name of Henryk Goldszmit; 1878/9-1942)

Polish Jewish doctor, author and educator. Born in Warsaw to an assimilated Jewish family, Korczak dedicated his life to caring for children, particularly orphans. He believed that children should always be listened to and respected, and this belief was reflected in his work. He wrote several books for and about children, and broadcast a children’s radio program. In 1912 Korczak became the director of a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw.

When World War II broke out in 1939, Korczak first refused to accept the German occupation and heed their regulations (consequently spending time in jail). However, when the Jews of Warsaw were forced to move into a ghetto, Korczak refocused his efforts on the children in his orphanage. Despite offers from Polish friends to hide him on the “Aryan” side of the city, Korczak refused to abandon the children.

On August 5, 1942, during a 2-month wave of deportations from the ghetto, the Nazis rounded up Korczak and his 200 children. They marched in rows to the Umschlagplatz with Korczak in the lead. He never abandoned his children, even to the very end. Korczak and the children were sent to Treblinka, where they were all murdered.

Israel Tel Aviv Museum of Art New Building

Tel Aviv Museum of Art opened its new building on November 2011.
The new building designed by Preston Scott Cohen — the head of Harvard University School of Architecture.

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive – Morocco Music

Name: Morocco – Music of the Jews from North Africa
Year: 1994
Duration: 00:29:04
Language: English

Abstract: Part of the Israel Music Heritage Project. A look at the mixture of Arab melodies with Hebrew text that forms the basis of Moroccan Jewish music.

The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive –
The 500 films, selected for the virtual cinema, reflect the vast scope of documentary material collected in the Spielberg Archive. The films range from 1911 to the present and include home movies, short films and full length features.

שם: מרוקו: המוסיקה של יהודי צפון אפריקה
שנה: 1994
אורך: 00:29:04
שפה: אנגלית

תקציר: חלק מפרויקט המוסיקה של ישראל, “עם וצליליו”. המזיגה שבין מנגינות ערביות וטקסטים עבריים העומדת בבסיס המוסיקה היהודית המרוקנית.

ארכיון הסרטים היהודיים על שם סטיבן שפילברג –
חמש מאות הסרטים שנבחרו עבור הקולנוע הווירטואלי משקפים את ההיקף הנרחב של החומר התיעודי בארכיון שפילברג. באתר ישנם סרטים משנת 1911 ועד ימינו אלה ביתיים, קצרים ובאורך מלא.

כל הזכויות שמורות לארכיון הסרטים היהודיים על שם סטיבן שפילברג ולאוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים 2010; דף הבית;

דני רובס – משהו חדש מתחיל

Conversation with Noam Chomsky

John Nichols’ conversation with Prof. Noam Chomsky March 15, 2015 in Tucson, AZ as part of the 150th Anniversary of The Nation Magazine

Noam Chomsky, american terrorism Terrorism

15 ème Festival du Cinéma israélien de Paris


Cupcakes – Edmonton Jewish Film Festival 2015

***Edmonton Jewish Film Festival May 3-5 & 10-12, 2015***
Cupcakes – Tuesday May 12th, 2015 @ 9:15 PM at Landmark Cinemas 9 City Centre Edmonton

Natalie Portman speaking Hebrew

עברי לידר – ילדות והעיר הגדולה

סינגל רביעי מתוך האלבום החדש ‘האהבה הזאת שלנו’, לרכישת השיר ולהזמנת האלבום:

Edon – “Clarity” (by Zedd ft. Foxes)

Edon – “Clarity” available now on iTunes:

Directed/Edited by Nick Brazinsky:
Produced by Fox & The Mule Productions:
Recorded at Dr. Caw Recording:
Mixed/Mastered by Drew Mantia at CarterCo Recording:

Allegra Montanari – Cello
Ken Elsenbroek – Drum Pads

Original composition of “Clarity” by Zedd ft. Foxes

Singing Khad Gadyo (Chad Gadya) in Yiddish and Ladino

Singing Chad Gadya in Yiddish and Ladino from Yiddish Book Center.

Boris Rubinstein sings part of the traditional Passover song in two

Anthony Russell, Yiddish Opera Singer

Anthony Russell, singer, describes his artistic journey from opera to Yiddish folk song.

To learn more about the Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project, visit:

Shalom Rav – Kol B’Seder with Zamir

from a live concert with the Zamir Chorale of Boston at Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA, June 3, 2007

Jewish Prayer Songs שירי קדושה

اجمل اغاني يهوديه من التراث اليمني  Yemeni Jewish

Aharon Amram – Subhanak אהרון עמרם – סובחאנך yemen music

زيون جولان – اهلا بمن جا אהלאן במן גא – ציון גולן

Tsion Golan ( Zion Golan ) – Ahlan Bmn Ja – Yemenite Song


احلا رقص على اغنية يمنية روعة بصوت الفنانة اليهودية شمعة مالسبب مالسبب

Beautiful song voice Yemeni Jewish singer Candle
נרות יפים שיר קול תימני יהודים הזמר

The Exodus as Cultural Memory- Ron Hendel

Ron Hendel Ph.D., Norma and Sam Dabby Professor of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies, University of California at Berkeley
The Exodus is a central event in biblical and Jewish memory. But according to the archaeological and historical record, it is unclear what it is a memory of. I propose that it is, in part, a transformed memory of the demise of the Egyptian Empire in Canaan, which facilitated the emergence of Israel as an independent people. The story served as an engine of a distinctive cultural identity, a function that it continues to perform today.

Omer Meir Wellber & Filarmonica della Fenice at a rehearsal ++++

Omer Meir Wellber, Conductor & Composer.

Bente Kahan

From Wikipedia

Bente Kahan (born 1958) is a Norwegian solo vocalist best known for her renditions and productions of Yiddish folk music and plays. For years she has lived and worked in Poland.  Photo by Wikipedia  Read More Button--orange



Bente Kahan

פסח חג החרות | יובל דיין

Hanalisa Omer- Yosef Begun- Jerusalem exhibit: “My Journey as an Artist”

The colors of Jerusalem

Visit the biggest archive of Jerusalem Photos –


Lia van Leer

From Wikipedia,

Lia van Leer (Hebrew: ליה ון ליר‎, August 8, 1924 – March 13, 2015) was a pioneer in the field of art film programming and film archiving in Israel. She was the founder of the Haifa Cinematheque, the Jerusalem Cinematheque, the Israel Film Archive and theJerusalem Film Festival.

Lia van Leer (Greenberg) was born on August 8, 1924 in the Bessarabian city of Bălți, then in Romania, now in Moldova. Her father, Simon Greenberg, was a wheat exporter and her mother, Olga, was a WIZO volunteer. She attended a public high school and spent summer holidays in the Carpathian mountains. In 1940, her parents sent her to Palestine to visit her sister Bruria, a dentist, who had immigrated in 1936 and was living in Tel Aviv. She never saw her parents again.[1] In July 1941, the Germans occupied Beltsy and murdered her father and other Jewish community leaders. Her mother and grandmother were deported to Transnistria and died in a concentration camp. Lia moved to Jerusalem in 1943 to attend the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1952, she married Wim Van Leer, a Dutch engineer, pilot, playwright and film producer, and settled in Haifa.[2] They founded the country’s first film club in 1955.Read More Button--orange

ליה ון ליר בפתיחת סינמטק ירושלים המחודש 2007 Lia Van Leer

פתיחת סינמטק ירושלים המחודש בקיץ 2007 היה אחד ההישגים החשובים של ליה ון ליר. לסינמטק נוסף אגף חדש ובו שני אולמות חדישים ושטחי האיכסון של אוסף הסרטים הורחבו. בסרט קצר זה תיעדתי את ליה באחד הרגעים השמחים בחייה.באמצע שנות השמוים לחייה היתה שופעת מרץ ורעיונות לקידום תרבות הקולנוע בישראל ובמיוחד בירושלים. אני רוצה להאמין שהסינמטק יקרא על שמה. “סינמטק ירושלים ע”ש ליה ון ליר”

ליה ון ליר – הגברת הראשונה של תעשיית הקולנוע בישראל – מברכת את הבמה הרעיונית ה – 2 של א.מ.י.ר.

ליה ון ליר, כלת פרס ישראל והגברת הראשונה של תעשיית הקולנוע בישראל, מספרת על אהבתה לקולנוע, זיכרונות מבית אמא ברומניה, מביעה דעה על הקולנוע הרומני ומברכת על הישגי קהילת יהודי רומניה.
הראיון התקיים במסגרת הבמה הרעיונית השנייה ע”ש יצחק ארצי ז”ל של ארגון א.מ.י.ר. – ארגון מאוחד של יוצאי רומניה בישראל הדואג לשימור והנצחת מורשת יהדות רומניה ומנציח את הישגי קהילת יהודי רומניה בישראל ותרומתם למדינה.
במה זו התמקדה בתרומת יהדות רומניה למדינת ישראל בתחומי התרבות והתקשורת.
28.11.13 – כפר המכביה , ר”ג

One Day / Israel

On a journey in the Middle East, brothers Robert and Adam Kolodny (from the Brooklyn based production explored the diverse adventure that is the State of Israel and the region it exists in. They went with a group then later went off backpacking, staying with friends they met along the journey and at hostels. This is the document of what was observed on this journey through one of the most complex, misunderstood, important and beautiful places in the world. This film is a message of hope and equality.
Shot on location in Jerusalem, The West Bank, Haifa, The Negev, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Tiberias, Netanya, Golan Heights, Tsfat and Hebron.


There’s so much more to 21st century Israel than the conflict that dominates media coverage.
The reality of daily life in Israel is about commerce and research; art and culture; music and dance; community and family. Through ISRAEL21c’s original and aggregated content, we hope to convey this vibrancy to you.

לאטמה -למה שתתעצבן לבד?

אם גם אתה אלרגי לתקשורת הישראלית
אתה מוזמן להצטרף למועדון,
למה שתתעצבן לבד ?
לאטמה בפייסבוק
לאטמה בטוויטר

Going to Freedom

About The JWRP

Passover: Seeing The True You

27.03.2015 Tzvi Sytner
Breaking free from your inner slave mentality. (Just Breathe video blog)

“Voodoo Chile”, Lazer Lloyd in Jerusalem

“Voodoo Chile”, Lazer Lloyd in Jerusalem

Lazer Lloyd

Jew in the City

How Much Do People Know About Orthodox Jews? (Man on the Street )
How much does your average New Yorker know about Orthodox Jews? Find out here!
Filmed by Arielle Burstein, edited by
Outfit by

TEL AVIV Waterfront Cities of the World Discovery Channel new HD full documentary

Sparks Next

Founded in 2009, Sparks Next has fast made a name for itself, raising the bar in the world of cinematography. Founded by filmmaker Danny Finkelman, a Manhattan Beach resident, Sparks Next has brought a previously unprecedented level of professionalism to the Jewish entertainment business, with its staff of young and talented filmmakers, an award winning screenwriter and world renowned musicians.
A boutique production house, Sparks Next scripts, produces, shoots and edits every project from start to finish and has worked with virtually every major artist in the Jewish music industry. Sparks’ list of credits is long and varied and includes the ensemble video Unity for Justice, which featured over 40 Jewish music stars in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Sholom Rubashkin, The Japan Song, filmed on site at the Chiba Detention Center, and Rainbow in the Night, a short retrospective of the Holocaust created to educate today’s youth about the horrors of World War II.

KOLture Shock Hatikva – קולצ’ר שוק התקוה

KOLture Shock and Im Tirtzu teamed up for a flash mob on the Jerusalem light rail right before the Israeli elections.

Idan Raichel Project – “Ayal Ayale” (Live)

The Idan Raichel Project is an Israeli musical collective that features singers from Ethiopia, and a cross-cultural roster of Yemenite, Arab, African and Caribbean musicians. Superstars in Israel, The Idan Raichel Project is about to release their music worldwide on the new Cumbancha label, which was founded by the longtime head of A&R at Putumayo World Music. Visit for more information.

Abraham G-Medhin and Solomon Haile Tribute Song to Meles Zenawi

The late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, was a dynamic and visionary leader who left his marks not just on Ethiopia but also on the continent of Africa as a whole. RIP Meles.

Abraham Gebremedhin

Matzo in Samarkand


On the same page: first ever group of women complete full Talmud study

For the first time since 1923, daily Talmud study group learned and taught exclusively by women completes 7.5 year cycle this week.

Laurence Sherr, Sonata for Cello and Piano–Mir zaynen do!, World premiere

Holocaust remembrance composition utilizing songs from the ghettos, camps, and partisans as source material

Premiere performance at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Jan. 15, 2015 (video timeline below)
Karen Becker, cello
Jay Mauchley, piano

00:55 Sherr comments: “Favored and Forbidden”

3 source songs for Sherr’s Sonata, Kate Butler, mezzo-soprano
04:12 Ilse Weber, Wiegala
08:14 Zog nit keynmol
10:30 Yugnt himn

13:00 Sherr comments and performer demo: Sonata for Cello and Piano, movement III

Laurence Sherr, Sonata for Cello and Piano–Mir zaynen do!, World premiere
18:50 I. Resolute
26:06 II. From Another World
34:50 III. Partisan March

The Synagogue Experience: Beth Sholom Synagogue

The Synagogue Experience is a series of thirteen documentary shorts that immerse visitors in post-World War II synagogue architecture, a period of great diversity and inspiration as American Jews began to express themselves through the construction of monumental synagogue edifices. Featuring breathtaking timelapse photography and interviews with synagogue congregants and clergy, the films delve into the meaning and symbolism of the unparalleled architectural work of such esteemed architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, Percival Goodman, William Harrison and Max Abramovitz, and Minoru Yamasaki. Beyond the architecture, the films also reveal how the distinct characteristics of Jewish communities from New York to Texas to California manifested in the diverse architectural expression evident in the films. An interactive touchscreen in the gallery allows visitors select the film they would like to see projected.

Chabad Hebrew School Pesach 2015

Chabad of the Lehigh Valley celebrates Pesach with a chocolate seder and games that were so much fun!

midnight rabbi

Bulletproof Stockings, All Women Band, Offering Hope Through Melodies
JP Updates
The music begun to flow, catching fire, as the media became more interested in this “Jewish band”, their backgrounds deeply rooted in traditional …


Popular Bulletproof Stockings Videos


Section 24Jewish funny videos : 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection videos and feeds in each section





Section Jewish Parshat language hebrew, french, english, spanish, german, russian, Machon Meir, CHABAD, The Jewish Woman, YOUTH/TEENS SHIURIM & COMMENTARIES

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Jewish comedy clips

Chabad Mafia Style Funny Commercial

You will be able to watch Top Funny Moments 2015 on our channel
Ridiculous selections of The Best Funny videos!

The Flying Rabbi Dovid Sandek Talks Chassidus

Funny old guy dancing

funny jewish vids

Chabad at McGill Raffle

Purchase your raffle ticket to enter in a for a chance to win $12,000 and to help Chabad at McGill continue their efforts at McGill university.

The Office – the Yiddish Office parody

Coming soon! As The National Yiddish Theatre – Folksbiene approaches 100, we thought we’d share that journey with you. Completely unscripted, you’ll be thrown into the incredibly busy,sometimes confusing, and often hilarious world of professional theatre with the country’s premier Yiddish arts Institution. Stay turned as we prepare to launch to pilot episode this summer!
Director, Marketing Communications: Christopher Massimine

Oorah Prank Prize Rap

We may have been pranked, but we are proud of it!
We give these bochurim a lot of credit for coming up with a very innovative way to order prizes!
You can order prizes in your own rap by calling 877-7-Auction or go to
We salute Tova G. for being super cool about it.

The Fiveish Dance 2 – In Israel! See Oorah’s Fiveish and freinds perform the world famous Fiveish Dance all over Israel.

Dance The Fiveish! from Oorah’s Shmorg Everybody is dancing the Fiveish, Oorah! and now you can too! Get your free fivish by donating $260 to Oorah’s Auction. Get your very own copy of the Shmorg 3 by donating $36!

Oorah’s Fiveish And Friends from Shmorg 4 – Fiveish Get’s Ready For Shabbos

Oorah presents “Fiveish and Friends”,
Join Fiveish and his friends as they prepare for Shabbos!

Jewish Lady Gaga Parody – Chagaga!! – Jewish (& Frum) Lady Gaga

Yeshiva Tiferes Torah(YTT) ..Lag Ba’omer ….Cutler Boys


Playing Hasidic Yiddish Women – FUNNY YIDDISH JOKE

Playing Hasidic Yiddish Women – FUNNY YIDDISH JOKE

Teaser Lag Ba’Omer 2015 : Hashomer Hatzaïr


Jewish Mothers Question & Answer

Elie Semoun

Discovery Family Daytime: Orangutan plays with tiger cubs


להקת היום השמיני – יאלילי – הקליפ הרשמי

אנו מודיעים שאין אנו בעלי זכויות היוצרים אלא הזמר או מפיקו

בוגרי בית הספר לקולנוע יהודי בעולם הקולנוע

המכללה לאומנויות ‘תורת החיים’

שיר התהלוכה – ל”ג בעומר – חב”ד

ביום ל”ג בעומר מקיימים מאות בתי חב”ד בישראל אירועי הפנינג לילדים בכל רחבי הארץ • קליפ מוזיקה לשיר התהלוכה • צפו ושתפו את החברים

Twins from France Chabad Twin Video at Upshernish Hair Cutting Ceremony

Госсекретарь США сделал селфи со слоненком

Госсекретарь США Джон Керри в ходе официального визита в Кению сделал селфи со слоненком. Импровизированная фотосессия главного дипломата Соединенных Штатов состоялась в приюте для слонов в Национальном парке Найроби.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist Goes to Israel | Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map




The Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour

Stand-up comedy collective Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour takes a self-effacing and fresh look at loaded issues.

Israel Student Comedy Competition 2014 (1 of 2)

Israel Student Comedy Competition 2014 (2 of 2)

Jerusalem Open Mic – Comedy, Poetry & Music

Ces images ont vraiment marqué le monde entier !

Ces images très touchantes montrent qu’il y a encore de l’humanisme dans ce monde. La planète entière en a été émue, vous aurez votre dose à coups sur.

Accent – Hatikvah (Israeli National Anthem)

Today we take on a bit of a different project: the national anthem. Interestingly, it’s not from one of our 5 native countries. This evening marks the beginning of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, so we decided to honor Israel with this original rendition of their anthem. It would be a great goal for us to record all national anthems of the world!
Happy 67th birthday, Israel!

imitation Douer David Oiknine yom atsmaout yabne

Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds

Do angry birds have a choice to be angry?

לירן יקוטי&לויס אפוטה – טקס המשואות יום העצמאות 2015

פורטל בידור ופנאי –
טקס המשואות יום העצמאות 2015 שלושה קטעים קורעים.
לירן יקוטי העמוד הרשמי & לויס אפוטה העמוד הרשמי

עצמאות. יום העצמאות. חג עצמאות שמח!

יום עצמאות שמח!
גרפינס טישרטים מעוצבים ומתנות מאוירות

המתנחל – עונת הבחירות – קליפ סיום עונה

חנוך דאום המתנחל – עונת הבחירות – קליפ סיום עונה

Making the Israeli Wedding Band: the Documentary

A comedic documentary, produced and developed by Funkbox productions, in Jerusalem.
English subtitles have been added where there is Hebrew.
Two wedding video guys decide they would rather be a wedding band, in spite of the fact that neither of them know how to play a musical instrument.

Israeli Comedy Saddam Hussein Interview Subtitled

HOT Israeli mossad funny commercial

Israeli GPS Commercial

Israeli TV: GPS Commercial – Funny if a little Irreverent.

YES HDTV – Chassidic commercial

Rabbi Jacob dance – Bar Mitsva Daniel (5).avi

Bar Mitsva Daniel – בר מצווה של דניאל
Bnei Sim’ha – Yossef Harakdan – 054-5244525
בני שמחה – יוסף הרקדן – 054-5244525

Jewish Wedding (and Mitzvahs): An Unexpected Surprise!

You won’t believe who “crashes” this beautiful Jewish Wedding! Click SUBSCRIBE & see their fun B’nai Mitzvah surprise appearances! View our other videos.

Fiddler on the roof – Bottle dance

Bottle Dance (Wedding Dance)

Bottle Dancers – New York

These talented, high-energy dancers will add a joyous and traditional touch to your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, other simcha or private or corporate affair. (Are you listening, Republican National Convention!??)

Hasidic Bottle Dance – the amazing bottle dancers

A Hasidic Bottle Dance performed by the Amazing Bottle Dancers ( at Glen Burtnik’s Xmas Xtravaganza at the State THeatre in New Brunswick, NJ, 12/06.

משהו גדול מגיע לירושלים – כביש מס’ 1 החדש

פרויקט בניית כביש מס’ 1 החדש נמצא בעיצומו ובסופו נהנה כולנו מנסיעה מהירה, בטוחה ונוחה בציר התנועה הוותיק והחשוב ביותר במדינה – כביש הגישה לבירה. הפרויקט הענק כולל הוספת נתיב שלישי לאורך קטע של 16.5 ק”מ משער הגיא עד הכניסה לירושלים, שדרוג מחלפים, הרחבת השוליים, ביטול סיבוב מוצא ובניית גשרים במקומו, כריית מנהרות וסלילת כביש מהיר תת-קרקעי מתחת לרכס הראל ועוד שורה של עבודות לשיקום נופי, תאורה ושילוט אלקטרוני.

Pranking Your Friends…With Science

Prank your friends with these incredible tricks that work using science!

Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos!

Everyday Objects Dancing On Sound

“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations”

Pub sixt biggestinisrael nov2012ok

Pub sixt insurance nov2012

Pub sixt nov2012OK

Bibilou Yatsanou Mimitsrayim ! (Humour)


ניקוי ראש – חד גדיא

מערכון שכתב חתולי (אלי שרייבר) מתוך תוכנית 3, 6.6.1974.
משתתפים: טוביה צפיר (הרב הראשי עובדיה יוסף), שמעון לב ארי (הרב הראשי שלמה גורן), שבתאי קונורטי (ח”כ יצחק רפאל), דובי גל (ח”כ זבולון המר), אהרון אלמוג (ח”כ יוסף בורג).

מעשנים?! לי זה לא מתאים-פרויקט הלהקה 2, בשיתוף האגודה למלחמה בסרטן

אנדרדוס – אחד מי יודע

יוצרים: אנדרדוס – מתן צור, אשר בן אבו, נדב נוה, יאיר יעקבי
אהבתם? הצטרפו לדף הפייסבוק שלנו וקבלו מידע על הופעות!

Fiveish in Flight – AMAZING 3D Animation – Full Feature Trailer

Oorah just upped the level of Jewish entertainment in a BIG way, with a full featured 3D animated film!
Join Fiveish & co. as they fly off on a journey full of excitement, danger, and a whole lot of laughs!

Pesaj 5775 – Lamroth Hakol


Etgar Yoram Hen 24 1 2015

7 Hours fun biking in the Israeli Negev desert. The winter brought with it a new life and blossom to the desert.

Der Albtraum von Peace Now

Hand in Hand With Israel

Let’s wipe out hunger this Pesach. Say YES to YES (Yad Ezra v’Shulamit). Donate now! -…
Yad Ezra V’Shulamit is one of the largest Jewish charities in the world. We provide thousands of food baskets that are delivered to the hungry weekly.

PASSOVER SPACE – Taylor Swift “Blank Space” Passover Parody

Ari Blau: “Passover Space.”
Taylor Swift: “Blank Space” Parody!

Google Exodus – Passover movie

Passover like you’ve never experienced before

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שיר מחנה קיץ 2014-שבט אופק

Dating Advice From Bubbe and Zayde

For you, a little mazel: In honor of Sweetheart’s Day (February 14), we have some dating advice to those seeking love at any age from experts who have seen it all before. Sympathetic and wise; practical and nurturing; funny and sweet — seniors at the Los Angeles Jewish Home make the perfect matchmakers. They know from experience what it takes to light a spark and turn it into a flame.

The Maccabeats – Dayenu – Passover

Music video for “Dayenu,” a multi-genre twist on the classic Passover Seder song.
For lyrics and translation click here:


Wonders of Hashem #2 – Under the Sea

Ari and his Abba are off on another fun adventure! This time, their travels take them under the ocean! What is there to see under the sea?

Come along as they learn about the many species of fish and other creatures found in the sea and learn about the AMAZING WONDERS OF HASHEM. This FUN, exciting and educational
DVD is packed with JOKES, “FASCINATING FACTS” and “IN THE TORAH” highlights! Your children will laugh and learn NEW THINGS EACH TIME THEY WATCH IT!

Featuring cartoon animation, film footage of fabulous fish images and AMAZING graphics.

Recommended for children ages 3 and up.

For more videos, games, and books go to

Batmoses – Freedom Rises


A.K.A. Pella Presents: 2014- A Pesach Medley

Here it is, the Pesach parody you’ve all been waiting for… times six! Six awesomely reimagined songs, rolled together into one fun medley, expressed in this hilarious music video! Oh, and did we mention? It’s all a cappella!!! We’re sure you’re going to love it, and hope you spread the love far and wide! On behalf of Team A.K.A. Pella, we would like to wish a Chag sameach/Gut Yom Tov/Happy Passover to all!

1,000 Dance Shake & Donate on Main Street, Ridgefield, CT

On November 22, 2014, approximately 1,000 people gathered to dance on Main Street in Ridgefield, CT to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off in support Parkinson’s disease. This is what it looked like.
 clip-Passover Funk

24Jewish Video Jewish Clip of the Day ! Passover Funk – “Uptown Funk” PARODY , Part 2 Section on the right side, Aish Video,., Great Videos Selection


24Jewish Video Jewish Clip of the Day ! Six13 – Uptown Passover, Part 2 Section on the right side, Six13,., Great Videos Selection

Orthodox Jew High Fiving Strangers in NYC

Looking for a taxi cab is a common sight in the city. For some people, an outstretched arm is usually the sign for hailing a cab. A few other folks see it as something else.

Dancing Behind People in Jerusalem

Directed/Starring: Meir Kalmanson

Crank That Kosha Boy by Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E

Jewz N The Hood

Clip from the short film By Joshua Stern, “JEWZ N THE HOOD”
Starring Adam Shapiro, Anthony Leeds, Ben Goldstein, Ben Newmark, Simon Chernin, Chuck Carter, Jonathan Murphy, and Joe Egender

אנדרדוס – מר פודלמן – ביעור חמץ

יוצרים: אנדרדוס – נדב נוה, מתן צור, אשר בן אבו, יאיר יעקבי
אהבתם? הצטרפו לדף הפייסבוק שלנו וקבלו מידע על הופעות!


Prince of Egypt Mash up
All video and cinematic copyright belongs to Dreamworks and Paramount Studios.
Song performed by Shtar

Things Not To Say On A Shidduch Date – Bloopers

RebbeSoul – “Let My People Go” (Official Music Video)

New Video 4/14 for REBBESOUL “Let My People Go” in honor of 2014 Passover.

Directed by: Stephen Estey & Atif Ekulona

Yidcore – Dayenu דַּיֵּנוּ

Remedy – Exodus

מה, אתה לא מלך?!

danzas Judias en plena calle de Jerusalem. mp4

flash mob – hora jerusalem פלאש מוב הורה ירושלים

Updated Jerusalem YMCA FlashMob (Official)

The Jerusalem International YMCA members and friends celebrate the holiday season at the outdoor Mamilla Mall just outside the walls of the old city and down the street from the JIY

פלאשמוב אחד במאי – נחלת בנימין תל אביב 2010 – May Day Flashmob

ריקוד ‘פלאש מוב’ בירושלים – Flash Mob Michael Jackson Dance in Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem Flash Mob – Taglit Birthright-Israel: Mayanot

Updated Jerusalem YMCA FlashMob (Official)

Anger over Singer Lipa Schmeltzer in IDF Uniform: Hassidic Singer Upsets Haredi Jews

They Tried To Kill Us (We Survived, Let’s Eat!) [The Passover Song]

Best Seder in the USA (The Passover Song)

Jewish Treats and @JewishTweets invite you to the “Best Seder in the USA”!

I Will Survive – Hilarious Pesach Cleaning Song With Lyrics

I do not own this song. This song is from the album Jewish Housewives. Lyrics by Estee Stimler. Starring Marion Hermes, Ayelet the Kosher Komic and Caroline Cohen. I just added the images and lyrics so that it can be shared here 🙂
Disclaimer: It’s a female singing…

Stuff People say on Pesach

A.K.A. Pella Presents: 2014- A Pesach Medley

The Maccabeats – Les Misérables – Passover

The Pesach Blues from Oorah’s Shmorg

Dayenu, Coming Home – The Fountainheads Passover Song

Six13 – P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R

Six13 – Chozen (A Passover Tribute)


Envisioning Freedom – Passover Video

Jew Direction – “Not Slaves Anymore” Passover Parody of Katy Perry’s “Roar” ✡D

Are you Smarter than a 10 year old Passover Dilemma

The Chumrah Song

Lev Aryeh 2015 Purim Teaser (NEW VIDEO)

Shoshanas Yaakov – Lev Aryeh 2015 (NEW) Purim Music Video – Catwalk

Six13 – P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R

Six13 – Pesach Shop (2013 Passover Jam)

Six13 – Chozen (A Passover Tribute)

The Mashal Man Treasury – AMAZING new trailer!

The Mashal Man Treasury features more than 3 hours of high-quality exciting entertainment! Your kids (and you!) will find themselves watching this over and over again, learning the incredible lessons that “The Mashal Man” teaches in his incredible, unique style.
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The 2015 Pesach Miracle

a Superio® Commercial

Superio, parent company to the Miracle household cleaning brand, presents this adorably creative commercial, which has been developed in celebration of Pesach 2015. Follow an animated incarnation of the final moments before kriyas yam suf, as the yidden stood trapped between the angry mitzri’im and the crashing sea.

Produced by GCNY Marketing and Co-produced Meedio Digital

ארץ נהדרת פסח 2015

קטע מתוך ארץ נהדרת לכבוד פסח שהי לכם פסח שמח

הגדה של פסח מצחיק!!!

Between Two Jews: The Inside Scoop To Travel Deals & Credit Card Points – Part 2

This week on “Between Two Jews” we bring you the inside on travel deals and credit card points with the CEO of Miles Marketeer Chaim Hertzel. Special thanks to Benshimon Studios for the filming location.

Stand Up Comedy By Reb Velvel Goldstein – Chatzatzka Rebbe

A Sneak Peak at Lifetimes New Series Kosher Soul

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Section Events, Jewish Life : 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection in each section

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Section Jewish Parshat language hebrew, french, english, spanish, german, russian, Machon Meir, CHABAD, The Jewish Woman, YOUTH/TEENS SHIURIM & COMMENTARIES

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Mally Mazal-Davidoff. Jewish Life in Pre-State Israel

Mally Mazal-Davidoff was born to a family of Yemenite and Sephardic Jews who lived in Jerusalem for more than five generations. Born in the East Jerusalem village of Kfar Hashiloach, present day “Silwan”, she recalls her memories of Arab – Jewish relations in pre-State Israel. She vividly remember the Hebron Massacre, Yom Kippur at the Kotel, and the Old City of Jerusalem in the 1930s and 40s.

Jewish Life at Northeastern Hillel

We asked Northeastern students to tell us about their Hillel experience. Check out what they had to say!

Stuart Klein – OFJCC President’s Award Honoree

The Oshman Family JCC is pleased to present Stuart Klein with the first ever President’s Award for his outstanding service to the Jewish Community in the Bay area and his key role in the founding of the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life. Thank you Stuart!

Arutz Sheva TV @ Celebrate Israel 2015


You Will Never Look at Israel the Same Again

When a second earthquake hit Nepal, Israel sent another rescue team into the devastated areas. Some of the best rescue units in the world from the Israeli army were deployed to a nation halfway around the world. Discover why Israel invests its resources to help men, women, and children in other nations.

Religious Jewish youth revel to singer, Edon, at Israel Day Concert in NYC Central Park

http://JooTube.TV Affiliated, observant Jewish young people revel to EDON at Israel Day Concert in NYC Central Park, 2013.

Edon – Imagine – Jewish Justin Bieber –

12-year-old “Jewish Justin Bieber” Edan Pinchot sings for NCSY’s annual auction. Support the Jewish future and win amazing prizes, go to

A Rare Inside Look At Hasidic Village of New Square

Kal Holczler returns to his home in the ultra-orthodox village of New Square, New York to confront his parents and engage them to join his fight against sexual abuse of children in their community.

 Amazing Hasidic dance ,,,, ▶ ▶ ▶

Jerusalem Day, 2015: Rightful Owners of the Temple Mount

The holiday known as ‘Jerusalem Day’ is observed in Israel every year on the Hebrew date of Iyar 28 – the day corresponding with June 7th, 1967 on which the city of Jerusalem was liberated and united by the paratrooper brigade of the Israel Defense Forces in the Six Day War.

48 years later to the day, on May 17th, 2015, a crowd numbering 1,000 Jews converged at the gate of the Temple Mount, eager to ascend the mountain in joyous acknowledgment of the miraculous return of the city to Jewish sovereignty and in fulfillment of the Biblical commandment to revere the place of the Holy Temple. Most of all, they came to pray at the holy site.

The discriminatory practices and self-styled, anti-democratic ‘rules’ of the police prevented Jewish prayer, but once again fully allowed the demonic incitement of crowds of Muslim thugs and mercenaries who dogged every step of the Jewish pilgrims on the Mount and generally did their best to cause the Jews misery. And while the Jewish worshipers waited on line in the sun for as long as three hours for a chance to ascend even briefly on this special day, many were turned away in disappointment.

But the Jews who gathered that morning at the Mugrabi Gate waiting to ascend to the Temple Mount had the honor of welcoming and hearing a hero in their midst: renowned Torah scholar Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder and president of the Temple Institute, was himself an IDF paratrooper who fought for the liberation of the Temple Mount on this very day, 48 years ago. The rabbi addressed the enthusiastic crowd and spoke of his experiences as a soldier in this very spot on that fateful day. Rabbi Ariel recalled his fallen comrades who gave their lives for the return of the Temple Mount to the Jewish people, and encouraged the assembled to continue in the heroes’ footsteps by demonstrating Jewish presence and rightful ownership of the Mount.

Rabbi Shmuley’s Address at Jerusalem Day Celebrations

A Part of Rabbi Shmuley’s Address at Jerusalem Day Celebrations Attended by PM Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett

Happy Jerusalem Day 2015


Jerusalem of Gold – Yerushalayim shel Zahav -Ofra Haza- with English Lyrics

“Jerusalem of Gold” (Hebrew: ירושלים של זהב‎, Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) is a popular Israeli song written by Naomi Shemer in 1967. The original song described the Jewish people’s 2000-year longing to return to Jerusalem; Shemer added a final verse after the Six-Day War to celebrate Jerusalem’s unification under Israeli control.
At that time, the Old City was under Jordanian rule; Jews had been barred from entering, and many holy sites had been desecrated. Only three weeks after the song was published, the Six-Day War broke out. The song was the battle cry and morale booster of the Israeli troops. Shemer even sang it for them before the war and festival, making them among the first in the world to hear it. On 7 June, the Israel Defense Forces captured the eastern part of Jerusalem and the Old City from the Jordanians. When Shemer heard the paratroopers singing “Jerusalem of Gold” at the Western Wall, she wrote a final verse, reversing the phrases of lamentation found in the second verse. The line about shofars sounding from the Temple Mount is a reference to an event that actually took place on 7 June.
This beautiful version is from the late OFRA HAZA.

Jerusalem Day 2015

Damascus Gate, May 17, 2015
17:45 p.m

Jerusalem Day dancing @ Downtown Jerusalem


Jerusalem Day Cotel 2015


Israel Day Concert 2015 promo

מירון התשע”ה – אלי אביב ONE

The Festival of Shavuot

Intimately connected to the land of Israel, Shavuot is the festival of the bringing of the first-fruits to the Holy Temple. Shavuot is also the anniversary of the Sinai revelation and the receiving of Torah by Israel, and since the destruction of the Holy Temple the emphasis of Shavuot has been Torah study. Ultimately, Torah study and the bringing of the first-fruits are both expressions of the centrality of Torah in our lives. When we build the Holy Temple we best exemplify the fulfillment of Torah in this world by the bringing of the first-fruits.

▶ ▶ ▶ ,,Yehuda Glantz

Daily Rebbe Video

Watch: Special Lag Ba’Omer Program on Arutz Sheva


Lag BaOmer Over Meah Shearim | [4K] צילום אווירי של מאה שערים בל”ג בעומר

On the eve of Lag BaOmer, the streets of Jerusalem and most other cities in Israel come alight in the magical glow of the bonfire meduras. We put together a short clip of mesmerizing footage from the heart of Meah Shearim, from Toldos Aharon, Breslov, and Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok.

‫באיאן מירון ל”ג בעומר תשע”ה – Boyan Bonfire in Miron on Lag Bi’Omer 2015

אירוע ההדלקה המרכזי והראשון במתחם הרשב”י במירון, היה של חסידות באיאן. כ”ק האדמו”ר עלה על גג הציון, להדלקה המסורתית, ומסביבו החסידים הנעימו בזמירות ובריקודים. אלפי עיניים היו נשואות לעבר כ”ק האדמו”ר, כשהוא מתכונן ומכוון כוונות ארוכות ברגעים שלפני ההדלקה.

-ל״ג בעומר תשע״ה במירון – קבר הרשב״י חסידים רוקדים בטרנס אדיר את ״אדונינו בר-יוחאי״ לקולות תזמורת קר

Lag Baomer Efrat Israel 2015 ל”ג בעומר אפרת ישראל


Sights And Sounds lag BaOmer At Yeshiva Veretsky


תהלוכת לג בעומר – כפר חב”ד תשע”ה


ואמרתם כל לחי רבי שמעון בר יוחאי – ישראל דגן.

לכבוד התנא רבי שמעון בר יוחאי זיע”א
ישראל דגן.
הועלה בל”ג בעומר התשע”א

Lag B’omer in Meron 2012 “AMAZING FOOTAGE” ל״ג בעומר במירון תשע״ב

Lag Baomer~

Lag Baomer 5770

Lag Baomer

Nigun “Sheyiboneh” sung @ a lag Baomer parade with the Lubavitcher Rebbe

From Living Torah (Volume 47, Episode 185)

La Gran Fogata de Lag BaOmer en Jerusalén / Rabino Shalom Arush y Rab Yonatán D. Galed

Una exclusiva oportunidad para experimentar la alegría y la energía de la celebración de Lag BaOmer con el Rabino Shalom Arush, autor del gran éxito En el Jardín de la Fe, y el Rab Yonatan D. Galed, Director de ‘Breslev Español’, en la Yeshivá Jut shel Jesed – Hilo de Bondad, en Jerusalén. Lag BaOmer es una celebración en honor del gran Justo de la época de la Mishná, el Rabí Shimon Bar Yojai, autor del sagrado libro del Zohar. Cada año, en esta misma fecha, agradecemos por la Luz que llegó, a través de Rabí Shimon Bar Yojai, al mundo entero y al Pueblo de Israel en especial. ¡Que lo disfruten!

Lag Baomer 5774 With Toldos Aharon Rebbe In Miron

Lag Baomer 5774 With Toldos Aharon Rebbe In Miron

lag baomer – מראות ההוד מלג בעומר הילולת רבי שמעון בר יוחאי

מראות ההוד מלג בעומר כש מאות אלפי יהודים היתרפקו על הציון הקדוש ובאו מכל רחבי העולם לציון הקדוש להישתתף בשמחה.

ריקוד הבקבוקים במירון

Prominent NY Rabbi Arthur Schneier Honored With Papal Knighthood

Lenny Bruce famously said that even a Catholic in New York is Jewish, but that didn’t stop one of the city’s most prominent Jewish leaders from accepting a touch of the Holy See on Monday.

Rabbi Arthur Schneier of Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue was knighted and made a member of the Papal Order of St. Sylvester at a ceremony on the Upper East Side, joining luminaries such as industrialist Oskar Schindler and comedian Bob Hope who have held the title.

“It’s Pope Francis’ very touching and tender way of confirming [Rabbi Schneier] and the good works that he’s done on behalf of religious freedom, international peace and justice,” said longtime pal and neighbor Cardinal Timothy Dolan, head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

The cardinal grinned broadly as he pinned the order’s gold cross to the 84-year-old Holocaust survivor’s lapel. “It’s an honor.”

During his career, Rabbi Schneier campaigned vigorously alongside other faith leaders for greater religious freedom and tolerance, as well as helping to build ties between Jews and Roman Catholics following World War II.

“In 1965, in the height of religious persecution in the Soviet Union, I mobilized with Robert Kennedy religious leaders of all faiths in an appeal to our first religious freedom mission to Moscow, but via Rome,” Rabbi Schneier said. “We need to strive together…for a world of mutual acceptance—not tolerance, acceptance.”

Rabbi Schneier has been associated with the Park East Synagogue since 1962.

After the ceremony, the new knight shared a Champagne toast with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Mayor David Dinkins and former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, as well as half a dozen of the city’s most prominent religious leaders.

“I’m here to pay tribute to a dear friend and a good leader,” Dr. Kissinger said. “He’s contributed to the solution of one our great problems,” promoting peace between the major world faiths.

The knighthood, which may be bestowed on Catholics and non-Catholics alike, is intended to honor significant contributions to humanity.

The ancient order’s origin is somewhat murky, though it apparently was first intended to honor lay Catholics who showed intense devotion to the church.

In 1905, Pope Pius X changed the Order of St. Sylvester to include non-Catholic honorees, separating it from the so-called Golden Militia, of which it had previously been a part.

In addition to the gold cross, the official St. Sylvester regalia includes a red-and-black uniform and a sword.

“You mentioned about my getting a sword? I have a problem with a sword, though,” Rabbi Schneier insisted. “I’m for peace!”

“Turn it into a plowshare,” Cardinal Dolan suggested.


ever wanted to learn how to wrap tefillin? CHABAD.ORG


Lubavitcher Rebbe visits Camp Gan Yisroel in 1960

Lubavitcher Rebbe visits Camp Gan Yisroel, Swan Lake, NY in 1960. Compiled from individual shots taken from a recently scanned 16MM film that was photographed by Rabbi Yosef Goldstein. Our thanks to the family for letting us enjoy these treasures.

Holocaust Concert Shanghai

Jerry Silverman on L’Chayim

The President CEO of the JFNA (Jewish Federations of North A

24Jewish Video Jewish Clip of the Day ! Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin ordered the President’s Residence to Chabad emissaries’ children in Nepal , Part 2 Section on the right side,President Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin,., Great Videos Selection



24Jewish Video Jewish Clip of the Day ! 100,000 Jews Celebrate the Liberation of the Old City on Yom Yerushalayim at the Kotel, Part 2 Section on the right side,Israel Defense Forces,., Great Videos Selection

Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) in Israel
Sun May 17 2015
Yom Yerushalayim, also known as Jerusalem Day, commemorates Jerusalem’s reunification in 1967. This day begins on 28th day of the month of Iyyar in the Hebrew calendar.

Jerusalem Day

From Wikipedia

Jerusalem Day (Hebrew: יום ירושלים‎, Yom Yerushalayim) is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalemand the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War. The day is officially marked by state ceremonies and memorial services. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel declared Jerusalem Day a minor religious holiday to mark the regaining of access to the Western Wall.[1] While the day has lost its significance for most secular Israelis,[2][3][4] the day is still very much celebrated by Israel’s Religious Zionist community[5][6] with parades and additional prayers in the synagogue.Photo by Wikipedia Read More Button--orange

Brothers in arms IDF

This is an eye-watering video made by the IDF spokes person in dedication to the thousands of soldiers fighting everyday to protect the lives of the Israeli civilians from the terrorists who wish to end them.

Cantor Ushi Blumenberg Yedidim Choir – Yismechu | חזן אשר בלומנברג וידידים – ישמחו

Talented cantor Ushi Blumenberg performing “Yismechu” composed by the great jewish cantor, the world famous Yosele Roanblatt, backed by Yedidim Choir, Masterly arranged and conducted by Tzvi Blumenfeld at a recent event in Brooklyn, NY.

h1>Yom HaZikaron – IDF Maj (res) Aviv Wishkovsky at Mount Herzl

In this moving video, filmed at Israel’s national cemetery on Mt. Herzl, Maj (res) Aviv Wishkovsky talks about about the young people buried there, who died defending the State of Israel and what their sacrifice means to him, to the young people who wear the uniform of the IDF today and to all of the people of Israel.

Remember Me – תזכרו אותי

Remember Me – The Israeli version.
הקליפ הזה מוקדש לכל חיילי צה”ל וכוחות הביטחון באהבה ובהערכה רבה.

Once a Bedouin, now an Israeli Diplomat

An Israeli Bedouin Sheikh tells INN TV that he is of Jewish descent. Historian claims most Bedouin, Arabs in Israel are Jewish.

This programme looks at the Bedouin lifestyle, loyalty to the military and we’ll also be looking at the growing threat of the Israeli Apartheid Week with it’s sole purpose to demonise and delegitim.

These are the original inhabitants of the land. visit to watch and purchase documentaries on these amazing people.

Bawsani and other yemeni silver designed rings make a delicate addition to any antique jewellery collection.

Parshat Tazria-Metzorah – A Blessing in Disguise – Margot Reinstein, NJ & Upstate NY and NCSY Give

Would a world with tzara’at really be so bad? Margot Reinstein, a former advisor from Upstate NY and NJ NCSY, and a former bus head of NCSY GIVE, shares some important thoughts about the different forms of tzara’at, seeing spots, and what it all has to do with Yom Ha’Atzmaut and the Land of Israel.

Mt. Herzl


The Walking Dead

Oorah’s thought-provoking “Thursday-Thought” series continues with a look at the Torah portion of the week, Parshas Tazria-Metzora, featuring TorahMates coordinator Mrs Sarah Feldman. Short and to the point, guaranteed to fill your week with inspiration.

ערב חדש – 21.04.2015 – תכנית מלאה

ערב יום הזיכרון לחללי צה”ל ופעולות איבה ולקראת יום העצמאות ה-67, ראיון טלוויזיוני ראשון עם האלוף הפורש גרשון הכהן; פרופ’ שמחה גולדין, אביו של סגן הדר גולדין ז”ל, מספר על הבן שנהרג במבצע ‘צוק איתן’, על החיים עם השכול, הציפיה להחזרת גופתו שנמצאת כנראה בידי החמאס ועל הערכים שלאורם חינך את ילדיו, כולם קצינים בצה”ל.

הפלמ”חניק האחרון: סרן עמרי טל ז”ל </h1
סרן עמרי טל ז”ל, מפקד מחלקת הסיור בגדוד 53 חטיבה 188 בשריון, נפל במבצע ‘צוק איתן’ ב- 31.7.2014 כתוצאה מפגיעת פצצת פצמ”ר בחבל אשכול. עמרי אהב בני אדם, אהב את הארץ ואת המדינה, היה אדם צנוע בעל חיוך מאיר. בסרט זה מנסים בני משפחתו לשמר את זכרו ולספר עליו כך שייחודיותו תהא צרובה בליבנו.

Pesach 5775 In Vien

Pesach 5775 In Vien

Skver Rebbe Counting The Omer Pesach 5775

Skver Rebbe Counting The Omer Pesach 5775


How different from this time yesterday…

Ceremony to mark the end of Yom Hazikaron and the beginning of Yom Haatzmaut begins in Israel…


This truly is a must watch video from the Yom Ha’atzmaut ceremony
(Dedicated to all the haters out there, you know who you are!)

יום העצמאות ה67 – Yom Ha’atzmaut

This year Israel is celebrating its 67th Independence Day. In this video we’ve collected our aerial video excerpts of this beautiful land, made during the year. Congrats to all the Israelis!

Phantom 2, ZenmuseH3-3D and GoPro Hero 4 Black.

Yom Ha’atzmaut 5775 – The Rt. Hon Theresa May Home Secretary

22nd April 2015 – Yom Ha’atzmaut 5775 , London.

Yom Ha’atzmaut 5775 Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Popular Hallel & Yom Ha’atzmaut videos

Maariv and Hallel with Jonny Turgel – Bnei Akiva Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut 2012

Yom Hazikaron יום הזיכרון

Bnei Akiva Chinuch Channel

The IDF Has Your Back!

Soldiers from the Golani Brigade help a member of their community work out. Our soldiers always push themselves be the best they can be!

Ahoy! 12 Hours Aboard the IDF’s INS Degel

An in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes on the INS Degel, a Dvora-class patrol ship based out of Haifa.

יום העצמאת בהופ! – תוכניות ברצף לילדים

בואו לחגוג את יום ההולדת למדינת ישראל עם ערוץ הופ! – שירים ותוכניות לילדים ברצף לחג העצמאות. עצמאות בהופ!

ערוץ הופ! – “לגדול בידיים טובות” – תוכניות חינוכיות מובחרות מהארץ ומהעולם, עם דגש על הפעלה יצירתית לילדים.

The Rabbi And The Gypsy Lady – Ayeh (HD)

The incredible duo The Rabbi and The Gypsy Lady performing on the street in Kikar Tzion in Jerusalem.

Life In Israel

Symphonies for IDF Soldiers,,, Avi Pilcer

PM Netanyahu at Mimouna Celebrations

ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו ורעייתו הגברת שרה נתניהו משתתפים בחגיגת המימונה באור עקיבא.

וידאו: לע”מ

Yom Hashoah Message

A short and moving message by Rabbi Benji Levy to mark the occasion of Yom Hashoah.



Yom Hashoah 2015 – JBS Programming Preview

Check for details.

Buchenwald: 70th anniversary of Nazi concentration camp’s liberation

Survivors and veterans have been gathering at what was Buchenwald Concentration Camp

70 años de la liberación de Buchenwald

El 11 de abril de 1945 los 21 000 presos del campo de concentración de Buchenwald, ubicado cerca de Weimar, fueron liberados por el ejército estadounidense. Más de 56 000 personas fueron asesinadas en este infierno circundado de alambradas.

Thousands attend inter-faith march in Brussels

Around 5,000 people gathered in the centre of Brussels on Sunday to participate in a march calling for peace and tolerance between religious faiths.

Seder Table for Missing Israelis


The Jerusalem Opera Festival June 2015

L’eliser d’amore will be performed in Jerusalem’s Sultan’s Pool. The magnificent backdrop of the Old City, set the ideal tone for this breathtaking opera. june 24-28, 2015
For more information:

Israel’s President Shimon Peres in the The Norwegian Nobel Institute

Israel’s President Shimon Peres was on a state visit to Norway 12 and 13 May 2014. He gave an interview at The Norwegian Nobel Institute.

Recording by Med Israel for fred,, the largest pro-Israel website in Scandinavia.

Israeli Female Jumper Wins Bronze in Prague

Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko became the first Israeli woman to win a medal at the European Indoor Championships in Prague.
For more news and videos:

Assi Rose ++++

Israel housing crisis protest Revolution Rothchild Tel Aviv מאבק האוהלים ברוטשליד

שניאור שיף

A new anti-Semitism? Why thousands of Jewish citizens are leaving France

Some Jewish citizens in France say there is a rising tide of a new, more dangerous anti-Semitism in the country. In turn, thousands are leaving for Israel and other countries. In an effort to reassure Jewish people in France that they are safe, the government has taken strict measures against anti-Semitic demonstrations. Special correspondent Martin Seemungal reports.

Why have anti-Semitic attacks on French Jews nearly doubled in one year?

Last month’s terror attack at a Kosher supermarket in Paris called attention to rising anti-Semitism in France. This week, attackers slashed three soldiers guarding a Jewish community center in Nice. French authorities believe a small number of radicalized young men from North Africa are responsible for a disproportio

Historic Practice Passover Offering



As reported earlier, in preparation for the upcoming festival of Passover, this past Wednesday (5 Nisan – 25 March) the ‘Priestly Training Academy’ established by the Temple Institute held a Passover offering

תרגול קרבן פסח תשע”ה – Korban Pesach 5775

צולם על ידי LiveGiving TV
02-6246460 צילום אירועים עסקיים ופרטיים ושידור חי באינטרנט Shmuel Benhamou עורך: מתניה אליה בן חמו

Memorial Ceremony for Mrs. Maria Finkle z”l. March 15, 2015: Rabbanit Chana Henkin’s remarks


Bobover Rebbe & Thousands Chassidim At The Kosel

מוצש”ק פרשת יתרו תשע”ה
כ”ק אדמו”ר מבאבוב שליט”א בכותל המערבי עם 4000 חסידים.

Bobover Rebbe shlita and thousands of chassidim at the Kosel. Motz”k Yisro 5775

For Bobove Rebbe speaking see here:

Bobov Rebbe At Hachnusas S”T In Bnei Brak 5775

Bobov Rebbe Shlita Was For Massive “Masa Eretz Yisroel” Shvat 5775 Feb. 2015


כל הסרטים בערוץ זה צולמו ע”י בעל החשבון. לצפייה באיכות גבוהה מומלץ לצפות בהם ממחשב נייח או מאפליקציית יוטיוב מפלאפון חכם, אחרת איכות הצפייה נמוכה.
All the videos in this channel filmed by the owner of the channel

Happy Pesach ! פסח שמח

With so many of us wondering on the best wine choices for the Arba Kosos, VIN News photographer Shimon Gifter paid a visit to The Wine Cave in Flatbush for a crash course on wines, wine glasses and all things oenological.

Erev Pesach in Boro Park Part 1

Erev Pesach in Boro Park Part 2

Biur Chametz

Kosher For Passover Cigarettes Explained [HD] דוגמיות חינם סיגריות כשר לפסח

Cigarette manufactures in Israel are ramping up their advertising campaigns ahead of passover, aggressively targeting the ultra-orthodox community by offering free sample cigarettes outside of supermarkets in orthodox neighborhoods around the country. Their main selling point are the multiple kashrut certifications that they are kosher for passover.

Non Profit Gives Kosher Foods to Needy Families for Passover in Williamsburg

BROOKLYN – With the Jewish holiday of Passover just days away, one non-profit is offering help to those who need it most.

State of Israel Preparing for Pesach


Meet David Smith, The YouTube Chossid

David Smith traveled around the world, has seen many things.

But he never saw the Rebbe.

“We celebrated the holidays, my mother bentched licht,” Smith says. “We had an identity, we knew who we were – but it was a secular lifestyle.

“My mother would say in Yiddish, ‘You’re a Jew! You should be practicing Judaism!'”

And then one day, he says, he “met” the Rebbe, via YouTube.

Uzi Hitman – Shirei Yeladim

מחרוזת שירי פסח ברצף – שירים לילדים לפסח בילדות ישראלית +++

פסח בילדות ישראלית. מחרוזת שירים לילדים לחג הפסח.
שירי המחרוזת של פסח: שמחה רבה, עבדים היינו, מה נשתנה ועוד.

Turkey’s Great Synagogue inaugurated after restoration

The Great Synagogue, which is considered the third largest in the Europe and the largest in Turkey, has been inaugurated for worship after a-four-year-long restoration in northwestern Edirne province of Turkey on March 26, 2015. The synagogue was in use until 1983 and the restoration was launched by Turkey’s General Directorate of Foundations. (Footage by Salih Baran / Anadolu Agency)

Historical synagogue in Turkey’s northwest to open soon

A historical synagogue, the subject of an outcry due to a governor’s remarks to turn it into a museum, is waiting to be reopened for services at the end of the month.

The Great Synagogue, in the northwestern province of Edirne, will open on March 26, after undergoing a four year restoration.

Jewish community head, İshak İbrahimzadeh, who visited the synagogue before the opening ceremony, said the opening of the restored synagogue was a milestone that made him very happy.

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç and Turkey’s chief rabbi, İshak Haleva, will attend the opening, along with many other Jewish community members from both Turkey and abroad.

As Europe’s second largest synagogue, the Edirne Synagogue was built in 1907 after a widespread fire in 1905 that burnt down 13 separate synagogues. The synagogue was constructed using the architectural model of Vienna’s Leopoldstadter Tempel and abandoned in 1983.

The temple was transferred to Thrace University to be used as a museum after its restoration but after much criticism from the Jewish community in Turkey, the building was transferred back to the General Directorate for Foundations.

Edirne Gov. Dursun Şahin created uproar when he told reporters on Nov. 21, 2014, that the synagogue would be turned into a museum, citing the recent Israeli raid on the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

“While those bandits blow winds of war inside al-Aqsa and slay Muslims, we build their synagogues,” Şahin said.

Şahin later offered an “apology” to Haleva, claiming that his proposal to turn the synagogue into a museum as a reprisal for Israel’s policies over Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque “had no connection” to the Turkish Jewish community.

Sefer Torah Celebration in Memory of Har Nof Terror Victims


Colel Chabad Pesach 2015

Preparing the (more than 98,000) Food Crates for Passover 5775/2015 distribution to 19,700 families.

התנדבות בקהילה | פסח של נתינה בקבוצת פרטנר

עשרות עובדי הקבוצה התנדבו באריזת חבילות מזון ונתנו מעצמם כדי להביא שמחת חג גם לאחרים. נתראה בפעילויות נתינה נוספות.

Chassidic Matza Baking

Matzas must be baked within 18 minutes from the time water is added to the flour until the matzas are totally baked. The Melitzer Rebbe and his staff are some of the world’s fastest bakers; their shmura matzas are kneaded and baked from start to finish in less than six minutes. Filmed in the Komemyut Moshav bakery in the south of Israel.

Lets Bake Passover Matzah

The Complete process of Passover matzah baking,
from the wheat field to the flour mill, to the matzoh bakery, including the art of kosher wine making , by Sholom B. Goldstein

Popular Tomchei Temimim & Chabad videos

pesach 2015 italy vacations פסח 5775 חופשות פסח 2015 PASSOVER IN ITALY EDEN PRESTIGE

A Fabulous Pesach 5775- Glatt Kosher pessach 2015
Exceptional Program! Dream Destination!
San Remo (Italy), French Riviera

Preparing The Seder Plate

Learn how to prepare the items for the Passover Seder Plate

YOUR HOLIDAY GUIDE: Passover 5775 – 2015 (April 3-11, 2015)

Your Passover Guide – 2015

Editor’s NotePassover begins this year on Friday evening, April 3, 2015, and continues until nightfall, April 11, 2015. We bring you a brief overview of how and when to prepare your home for Passover, along with a daily holiday schedule for the entire holiday. If you have any further questions please consult your local orthodox rabbi or, in case you don’t have one, write to us read this guide in its entirety before the beginning of the holiday. Some holiday items need pre-holiday “action.” We welcome you to print it and carry it with you in the days before Passover for easy reference, and to distribute this guide to whomever will benefit from it.


Operation Zero Chametz

Passover is a holiday that mandates our complete involvement, not just during its eight days but for weeks before. Aside from the regular holiday obligations, we are also commanded (Exodus 13:3–7): “No leaven shall be eaten . . . For seven days you shall eat unleavened bread . . . and no leaven shall be seen of yours [in your possession].”

We accomplish this by cleaning and inspecting our homes well before Passover, and gradually eliminating chametz from every room and crevice. This intensive cleaning takes place in Jewish homes throughout the world.

What is Chametz?

Chametz is any food product made from wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, or their derivatives, which has leavened (risen). Our sages have determined that flour from any of these five grains that comes in contact with water or moisture will leaven, unless fully baked within eighteen minutes. As we are commanded by the Torah, if a food contains even a trace of chametz, we don’t eat it, we don’t derive benefit from it, and we make sure not to have any of it in our possession for all the days of Passover.

To be certain that a product is kosher for Passover, it must have rabbinical certification. Otherwise it is possible that it contains chametz ingredients, or traces of chametz if it was processed on the same equipment as chametz products. Thus, unless a product is certified Kosher for Passover, we consider it chametz, and make sure not to have it in our possession on Passover.

Note: Matzah used all year round might be pure chametz, and not for Passover use. Only matzahs baked especially for Passover may be used on Passover.


The medieval Jewish sages placed a ban on eating legumes (kitniyot) on Passover, because they are similar in texture to chametz—even bread can be made out of their flour—so people might assume that if, for example, cornbread can be eaten on Passover, wheat or rye bread can be eaten too. This prohibition includes rice, beans and corn. This injunction was unanimously accepted by Ashkenazic Jews; many Sephardic Jews, however, continue to eat kitniyot on Passover. If you are Sephardic, speak to your rabbi to determine your family and community tradition.

The prohibition is only with regards to consumption ofkitniyot; there is no obligation, however, to destroy or sell kitniyot products before Passover.

Getting Rid of Chametz

Search and Destroy
Any area where one can reasonably suspect that chametz might have been brought throughout the year must be thoroughly cleaned. This includes the home, office, cars, garage, etc. Check carefully to ensure that no crumb is left behind: check and clean desks, drawers, closets, clothing pockets (especially the children’s), pocketbooks, briefcases and attache cases, beds, dining and living room furniture, bookcases, etc.

If You Can’t Destroy it, Sell It
Chametz that you don’t want to destroy, and utensils used throughout the year (and not koshered for Passover), should be stored in closets or rooms which will be sealed for the duration of Passover. The chametz should be sold to a non-Jew through a rabbi.Click here to sell your chametz online.

Preparing the Kitchen

Every part of our homes is cleaned for Passover, but we pay special attention to the kitchen, because (a) that’s where most of our chametz hangs out during the year, and (b) we will be using our kitchens to prepare our Passover food.

Dishes and Utensils
Today, most Passover-savvy homes have a special set of dishes, silverware, pots, pans and other utensils for Passover use only. If necessary, certain year-round utensils can be used—provided they are koshered for Passover. This gets rather complex—you’ll need to consult a competent rabbi about your particular utensils, but you can click here for the basic koshering procedures.

Thoroughly clean and scour every part of the stove. Heat the oven to the highest temperature possible for 1–2 hours. Heat the grates and the iron parts of the stove (and the elements, if electric) until they are red-hot. It is suggested that the oven and the stove top should be covered with aluminum foil afterwards for the duration of Passover.

Microwave Ovens
Clean the oven thoroughly. Fill a completely clean container, that was not used for 24 hours, with water. Turn on the microwave and let it steam heavily. Turn it off and wipe out the inside.

To use the microwave during Passover, use a flat, thick, microwave-safe object as a separation between the bottom of the oven and the cooking dish. When cooking or warming, the food should be covered on all sides.

For 24 hours before koshering the sink, do not pour hot water from chametz pots into it. Meticulously clean the sink, boil water in a clean pot which was not used for 24 hours, and pour three times onto every part of the sink, including the drain stopper. Then line the sink with foil or liner.

Refrigerator, Freezer, Cupboards, Closets, Tables, and Counters
Thoroughly clean and scrub them to remove any crumbs and residue. Afterwards, place a heavy covering over those surfaces that come into contact with hot food or utensils.

Tablecloths and Napkins
Launder without starch.

Cars, Garages, etc.
Vacuum your car or van; thoroughly clean your basement, garage, or any property you own. Special care should be taken with items you will be using, or rooms you will be accessing, during Passover.

Passover Shopping

While shopping for Passover we must be careful that the foods we buy are not only kosher, but are also kosher for Passover—that is, chametz-free.

Starting “From Scratch”

All fruits and vegetables, as well as all kosher cuts of meat and kosher fish, are kosher for Passover, provided they have been prepared in accordance with Jewish law and have not come into contact withchametz or chametz utensils.

The prevailing custom in Ashkenazi communities is that on Passover we do not eat rice, millet, corn, mustard, legumes (beans, etc.) or food made from any of these.

Commercially Prepared Products

Today there are many kosher-for-Passover packaged foods available. However, care must be used to purchase only those packaged foods that have reliable rabbinical supervision which is valid for Passover.

Obviously, all leavened foods made from—or that contain among their ingredients—wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt are actual chametz and are prohibited on Passover. Examples are bread, cake, cereal, spaghetti, beer and whiskey.

Check That Medicine Cabinet!

Many medicines, sprays, and cosmetics contain chametz. Consult a competent rabbi as to which ones may be used on Passover. The same applies to pet food.

Click here to to purchase your Passover essentials from our store.

The Passover Calendar—2015

Thursday  April 2—13 NissanDid you remember to sell your chametz? Your local Chabad rabbican help, or complete an online “Authorization for the Sale of Chametz” form by clicking here.Search for the chametz after dark (click here for the exact time). Recite the blessing prior to the search, and the nullification of thechametz (Kol Chamira) following the search. Click here for more information on the search and removal of chametz.
Friday April 3—14 Nissan
The day before Passover
Fast of the Firstborn. For a male firstborn to be exempt from fasting, he must participate in a meal marking the fulfillment of a mitzvah; such a meal is generally held in a synagogue after morning prayers on this day.Have you sold your chametz? Final call! Your local Chabad rabbican help, or complete an online “Authorization for the Sale of Chametz” form by clicking here.Stop eating chametz before the end of the fourth seasonal hour (click here for the exact time).Burn your remaining (unsold) chametz before the fifth seasonal hour (click here for the exact time).It is customary to recite the “Order of the Passover Offering” after the afternoon Minchah prayer.Light the Passover candles, reciting blessings 2 & 4. Click here for the blessings, and here for local candle-lighting times. Click herefor a summary of the laws of Yom Tov.According to Chabad custom, complete Hallel is recited during Maariv (evening) services.First Seder: The Seder contains the observance of many biblical and rabbinical mitzvot, including: eating matzah, eating maror(bitter herbs), drinking four cups of wine, relating the story of the Exodus to our children, reclining as a symbol of freedom, etc. (Click here for a How-To Seder guide.)To locate a public Seder near you, please click here.The first night of Passover is referred to as leil shimurim (a night of guarding), based on Exodus 12:42.
Shabbat April 4—15 Nissan
1st day of Passover
Morning service. Full Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark.
Torah reading: Exodus 12:21–51 and Numbers 28:16–25.
Haftorah: Joshua 3:5–7, 5:2–6:1, 6:27.Beginning with the Musaf Amidah, we recite morid hatal, the prayer for dew, and we omit the prayer for rain. This practice continues until Shemini Atzeret, the day after Sukkot.The priests bless the congregation with the priestly blessing during the Musaf prayer.Festive lunch meal.According to Chabad custom, complete Hallel is recited during Maariv evening prayers, followed by the “Counting of the Omer.” We count the 1st day of the Omer. The counting of the Omer is recited during each of the next 49 days, leading up to the holiday of Shavuot on the 50th day. The 49 days embody the 49 steps of self-improvement—beginning with the departure from our “personal” Egypt, until our arrival at Mount Sinai, when we are ready to accept the wisdom of the Torah.After dark, light candles for the second day of Passover, using an existing flame, and recite blessings 2 & 4. Click here for the blessings, and here for local candle-lighting times.Second Seder: The Seder contains the observance of many biblical and rabbinical mitzvot, including: eating matzah, eatingmaror (bitter herbs), drinking four cups of wine, relating the story of the Exodus to our children, reclining as a symbol of freedom, etc. (Click here for a How-To Seder guide.)
Sunday April 5—16 Nissan
2nd day of Passover

Morning service. Full Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark.
Torah reading: Leviticus 22:26–23:44 and Numbers 28:16–25.
Haftorah: II Kings 23:1–9, 21–25.The priests bless the congregation with the priestly blessing during the Musaf prayer.Festive lunch meal.After nightfall, count the 2nd day of the Omer, and perform thehavdalah ceremony, omitting the blessings on the spices and candle.Celebrate Passover’s intermediate days. Between now and the last two days of Passover, we may resume much (not all) of our regular workday activities; but, of course, we continue to eat Kosher for Passover foods exclusively. It is customary to drink a glass of wine each day, in celebration of the festival.
Monday April 6—17 Nissan
3rd day of Passover
1st day of Chol Hamoed (intermediate days)
Morning service: In many communities, throughout the intermediate days of Passover, tefillin are not worn.Half-Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark. Torah reading: Exodus 13:1-16 and Numbers 28:19–25. The Musaf Amidah is recited. During all of the intermediate days, “Yaaleh Veyavo” is inserted during all prayers and in the Grace After Meals.The intermediate days are observed with limited work restrictions.After nightfall, count the 3rd day of the Omer.
Tuesday April 7—18 Nissan
4th day of Passover
2nd day of Chol Hamoed (intermediate days)
Morning service: In many communities, throughout the intermediate days of Passover, tefillin are not worn.Half-Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark. Torah reading: Exodus 22:24–23:19 and Numbers 28:19–25. The Musaf Amidah is recited. During all of the intermediate days, “Yaaleh Veyavo” is inserted during all prayers and in the Grace After Meals.The intermediate days are observed with limited work restrictions.Light Shabbat candles and recite blessing 1. Click here for the blessing, and here for local candle-lighting times.After nightfall, count the 4th day of the Omer.Festive holiday meal, complete with kiddush.
Wednesday April 8—19 Nissan
5th day of Passover
3rd day of Chol Hamoed (intermediate days)

Torah reading: Exodus 33:12-34:26 and Numbers 28:19–25.
Haftorah: Ezekiel 37:1-14.
Morning service: Half-Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark. During all of the intermediate days, “Yaaleh Veyavo” is inserted during all prayers and in the Grace After Meals.Festive holiday meal, complete with kiddush.Evening prayers and havdalah, including the blessings on the spices and fire, are recited after dark.After nightfall, count the 5th day of the Omer.
Thursday April 9—20 Nissan
6th day of Passover
4th day of Chol Hamoed (intermediate days)
Morning service: In many communities, throughout the intermediate days of Passover, tefillin are not worn.Half-Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark. Torah reading: Numbers 9:1–15 and Numbers 28:19–25. The Musaf Amidah is recited. During all of the Intermediate Days, “Yaaleh Veyavo” is inserted during all prayers and in the Grace After Meals.The Intermediate Days are observed with limited work restrictions.Light candles for the 7th day of Passover, and recite blessing 2.Click here for the blessing, and here for local candle-lighting times.Evening prayers. After the Amidah, count the 6th day of the Omer.Festive holiday meal, complete with the holiday kiddush.It is customary in many communities to remain awake all night, studying Torah, in commemoration of the great miracle of the splitting of the sea, which occurred on the 7th day of Passover.
Friday April 10—21 Nissan
7th day of Passover—Shevi’i Shel Pesach
Morning service. Half-Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark.
Torah reading: Exodus 13:17–15:26 and Numbers 28:19–25.
Haftorah: II Samuel 22:1–51.The priests bless the congregation with the priestly blessing during the Musaf prayer.Festive lunch meal.Evening prayers. After the Amidah, count the 7th day of the Omer.Light candles after dark for the 8th day of Passover before sunset, using an existing flame, and recite blessing 2. Click here for the blessing, and here for local candle-lighting times.Festive holiday meal, complete with the holiday kiddush.
Shabbat April 11—22 Nissan
Final Day of Passover—Acharon Shel Pesach
Morning service. Half-Hallel is recited. Two Torah scrolls are taken out of the ark.
Torah reading: Deuteronomy 14:22–16:17 and Numbers 28:19–25.
Haftorah: Isaiah 10:32–12:6.The Yizkor memorial service is recited following the Torah reading.The priests bless the congregation with the priestly blessing during the Musaf prayer.Festive lunch meal.On this final day of Passover we strive for the highest level of freedom, and focus on the final redemption. Following the Baal Shem Tov’s custom, we end Passover with “Moshiach’s Feast”—a festive meal complete with matzah and four cups of wine, during which we celebrate the imminent arrival of the Messiah. The feast begins before sunset and continues until after nightfall.Evening prayers. After the Amidah, count the 8th day of the Omer.After nightfall, perform the havdalah ceremony, omitting the blessings on the spices and the candle.Nightfall is the official end of Passover (for the exact time, click here). Wait an hour to give the rabbi enough time to buy back yourchametz before eating it.
Wednesday April 12—23 NissanThe day following the holiday is known as Isru Chag. It is forbidden to fast on this day.

Passover Candle-Lighting Blessings

Note: Please refer to the Holiday Calendar above to determine which blessings are recited on which holiday and Shabbat nights.


Blessed are You, L‑rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to kindle the light of the holy Shabbat.


Blessed are You, L‑rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to kindle the Yom Tov light.


Blessed are You, L‑rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us to kindle the Shabbat and Yom Tov light.


Blessed are You, L‑rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has granted us life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this occasion.

The Seder Ingredients

Matzah, the “Food of Faith”
When our forefathers left Egypt, they were in such a hurry that there was no time to wait for the dough to rise. They therefore ate matzah, unleavened bread. With only this food (but with great faith), our ancestors relied on the Almighty to provide sustenance for the entire Jewish nation—men, women and children. Each year, to remember this, we eat matzah on the first two nights of Pesach, thereby fulfilling the Torah’s commandment, “Matzot shall you eat . . .”

The Humblest of Foods
Matzah symbolizes faith. In contrast to leavened bread, matzah is not enriched with oil, honey or other substances. It consists only of flour and water, and is not allowed to rise. Similarly, the only “ingredients” for faith are humility and submission to G‑d, which come from recognizing our “nothingness” when compared with the infinite wisdom of the Creator.

One of the holiday’s primary obligations is to eat matzah during the Seder. It is strongly recommended to use shmurah matzah to fulfill this commandment.

Matzah is eaten three times during the Seder:

  1. After telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt (Maggid), washing our hands for bread (Rachtzah) and reciting the blessings (Motzi Matzah), 1¾ ounces of matzah are eaten.
  2. For the sandwich (Korech), ¾ of an ounce of matzah is eaten.
  3. For the afikoman at the end of the meal (Tzafun), a minimum of ¾ of an ounce (and ideally 1½ ounces) of matzah are eaten.

In each instance, the matzah should be eaten within 4 minutes.

How much is one ounce of Matzah?
Half a piece of shmurah matzah is generally one ounce.

If store-bought matzot are used, the weight of the box of matzot divided by the number of pieces shows how much matzah is the equivalent of one ounce.

Shmurah Matzah

Shmurah means “watched,” and it is an apt description of this matzah, the ingredients of which (the flour and water) are watched from the moment of harvesting and drawing.

The day chosen for the harvesting of the wheat is a clear, dry day. The moment it is harvested, the wheat is inspected to ensure that there is absolutely no moisture. From then on, careful watch is kept upon the grains as they are transported to the mill. The mill is meticulously inspected by rabbis and supervision professionals to ensure that every piece of equipment is absolutely clean and dry. After the wheat is milled, the flour is again guarded in its transportation to the bakery. Thus, from the moment of harvesting through the actual baking of the matzah, the flour is carefully watched to ensure against any contact with water.

The water, too, is carefully guarded to prevent any contact with wheat or other grain. It is drawn the night before the baking, and kept pure until the moment it is mixed with the flour to bake the shmurah matzah.

Also in the bakery itself, shmurah matzot are under strict supervision to avoid any possibility of leavening during the baking process. This intensive process and careful guarding gives the shmurah matzah an added infusion of faith and sanctity—in fact, as the matzah is being made, all those involved constantly repeat, “L’shem matzot mitzvah”—“We are doing this for the sake of the mitzvah of matzah.”

Shmurah matzot are round, kneaded and shaped by hand, and are similar to the matzot that were baked by the Children of Israel as they left Egypt. It is thus fitting to useshmurah matzah on each of the two Seder nights for the matzot of the Seder plate.

Click to order your own shmurah matzah.

Passover Wine

For each of the four cups at the Seder, it is preferable to use undiluted wine. However, if needed, the wine may be diluted with grape juice. (One who cannot drink wine may use grape juice alone.)

One drinks a cup of wine four times during the Seder:

  1. At the conclusion of kiddush.
  2. After telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt, before eating the matzah ofMotzi Matzah.
  3. At the conclusion of the Grace After Meals.
  4. After reciting the Hallel.

It is preferable to drink the entire cup each time. However, it is sufficient to drink only the majority of each cup.

How large a cup should be used? One that contains at least 3½ fluid ounces.

The Bitter Herbs

The bitter herbs are eaten once after the matzah (step 9 of the Seder), and then again with matzah in the Korech sandwich (step 10).

How much bitter herbs should one eat each time? Three-quarters of an ounce (a little more than 7 grams).

Either of two different types of bitter herbs may be used at the Seder, individually or in combination:

  1. Peeled and grated raw horseradish.
  2. Romaine lettuce. [Some suggest that the stalks be used rather than the leafy parts, because of the difficulty in properly examining and ridding the leafy parts of commonly present tiny insects.] Three-quarters of an ounce of stalks covers an area 3″ × 5″.

Click here to learn more about the bitter herbs used on the Passover seder plate.

Introduction to the Seder Plate

Preparing the items for the Seder plate requires some time. It is best to prepare all the Seder foods before the onset of the holiday, in order to avoid halachic questions.

Three matzot are placed on top of each other on a plate or napkin, and then covered. (Some also have the custom to separate the matzot from each other with interleaved plates, napkins or the like.)

The matzot are symbolic of the three castes of Jews: Priests, Levites, and Israelites. They also commemorate the three measures of fine flour that Abraham told Sarah to bake into matzah when they were visited by the three angels (Genesis 18:6).

On a practical level, three matzot are needed so that when we break the middle matzah, we are still left with two whole ones to pronounce the hamotzi blessing (as required on Shabbat and holidays).

On a cloth or plate placed above the three matzot, we place the following items:

The Shank Bone

A piece of roasted meat represents the lamb that was the special Paschal sacrifice on the eve of the exodus from Egypt, and annually, on the afternoon before Passover, in the Holy Temple.

Since we can’t offer the Paschal sacrifice in the absence of the Holy Temple, we take care to use something that is relatively dissimilar to the actual offering. Accordingly, many communities have the custom to use a roasted chicken neck or the like.

Preparation: Roast the neck on all sides over an open fire on the stove. Afterwards, some have the custom to remove the majority of the meat of the neck.

Role in the Seder: The shank bone is not eaten. After the meal it is refrigerated, and used a second time on the Seder plate the following night.

The Egg

A hard-boiled egg represents the holiday offering brought in the days of the Holy Temple. The meat of this animal constituted the main part of the Passover meal.

Preparation: Boil one egg per Seder plate, and possibly more for use during the meal.

Role in the Seder: Place one egg on each plate. As soon as the actual meal is about to begin, remove the egg from the Seder plate and use during the meal.

A popular way of eating these eggs is to chop and mix them with the saltwater which was set on the table. The eggs prepared this way are then served as an appetizer before the fish.

The Bitter Herbs

Bitter herbs (maror) remind us of the bitterness of the slavery of our forefathers in Egypt. Fresh grated horseradish, romaine lettuce, and endive are the most common choices.

Preparation: This must be done before the holiday begins. Peel the raw horseradish roots, and rinse them off well.

Note: Dry the roots very carefully, since they will be eaten with the matzah later on for the korech sandwich; to avoidgebrokts, not even a drop of water should be left on the horseradish.

Next, grate the horseradish with a hand grater or electric grinder. (Whoever will be grating the horseradish will begin to shed copious tears or cough a lot. Covering the face with a cloth from the eyes downwards helps prevent inhalation of the strong, bitter odor.)

The lettuce or endive leaves must be washed, carefully checked for insects, and thoroughly dried. You can instead use just the stalks, which are easier to clean and check.

Place the horseradish on the Seder plate, on top of a few cleaned, dried leaves of romaine lettuce.

Role in the Seder: After the recital of most of the haggadah comes the ritual handwashing. Then matzah is eaten, followed by some maror, followed in turn by a sandwich of matzah and maror.

The Paste

A mixture of apples, nuts and wine which resembles the mortar and brick made by the Jews when they toiled for Pharaoh.

Preparation: Shell walnuts and peel apples and chop finely. Mix together and add a small amount of wine.

Role in the Seder: This is used as a type of relish into which the maror is dipped (and then shaken off) before eating.

The Vegetable

A non-bitter root vegetable alludes to the backbreaking work of the Jews as slaves. The Hebrew letters of the word karpas can be arranged to spell “perech samech.”

Perech means backbreaking work, and samech is numerically equivalent to 60, referring to 60 myriads, equaling 600,000, which was the number of Jewish males over 20 years of age who were enslaved in Egypt.

Preparation: Peel an onion or boiled potato. Cut off a slice and place on Seder plate. On the table, next to the Seder plate, place a small bowl of salted water.

Role in the Seder: After recital of kiddush, the family goes to the sink and ritually washes hands, but without saying the usual blessing.

Then the head of the household cuts a small piece of the root vegetable used, dips it in saltwater, and gives each person at the table a very small piece over which they say the appropriate blessing. Care should be taken that each person eats less than 17 grams (about ½ ounce).

The Lettuce

The lettuce symbolizes the bitter enslavement of our fathers in Egypt. The leaves of romaine lettuce are not bitter, but the stem, when left to grow in the ground, turns hard and bitter.

So it was with our enslavement in Egypt. At first the deceitful approach of Pharaoh was soft and sensible, and the work was done voluntarily and even for pay. Gradually, it evolved into forced and cruel labor.

Preparation: Romaine lettuce is often very sandy. Wash each of the leaves separately, checking very carefully for insects. (Pat gently with a towel and let sit until completely dry, so that there will be no moisture to come in contact with the matzah.)

Depending on how much romaine lettuce is needed, it can take several hours to prepare. This task should be completed before candle-lighting time on the first night. Prepare enough leaves for both nights and store in the refrigerator. Soaking of the romaine leaves may not be done on the holiday.

Role in the Seder: The lettuce is used in conjunction with horseradish. It is used when eating the maror and when eating the matzah-and-maror sandwich.

Place the leaves in two piles on the Seder plate, one under the maror and one separately at the bottom.

Keep a stack of extra cleaned leaves handy in the refrigerator in case additional leaves are needed.

The Seder Service in a Nutshell

Click here for a more detailed Seder wizard, and here for a spiritual guide to the Seder.

In Our Forefathers’ Footsteps

At the Seder, every person should see himself as if he were going out of Egypt. Beginning with our Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we recount the Jewish people’s descent into Egypt and recall their suffering and persecution. We are with them as G‑d sends the Ten Plagues to punish Pharaoh and his nation, and follow along as they leave Egypt and cross the Sea of Reeds. We witness the miraculous hand of G‑d as the waters part to allow the Israelites to pass, then return to inundate the Egyptian legions.

Kadesh—the Benediction

The Seder service begins with the recitation of kiddush, proclaiming the holiness of the holiday. This is done over a cup of wine, the first of the four cups we will drink (while reclining) at the Seder.

The Four Cups of Wine

Why four cups? The Torah uses four expressions of freedom or deliverance in connection with our liberation from Egypt (see Exodus 6:6–7). Also, the Children of Israel had four great merits even while in exile: (1) They did not change their Hebrew names; (2) they continued to speak their own language, Hebrew; (3) they remained highly moral; (4) they remained loyal to one another.

Wine is used because it is a symbol of joy and happiness.

Why We Recline

When drinking the four cups and eating the matzah, we lean on our left side to accentuate the fact that we are free people. In ancient times only free people had the luxury of reclining while eating.


We wash our hands in the usual, ritually prescribed manner as is done before a meal, but without the customary blessing.

The next step in the Seder, Karpas, requires dipping food into water, which in turn mandates, according to Jewish law, that either the food be eaten with a utensil or that one’s hands be purified by washing. On the Seder eve we choose the less common observance to arouse the child’s curiosity.

Karpas—the “Appetizer”

A small piece of onion or boiled potato is dipped into saltwater and eaten (after reciting the blessing over vegetables).

Dipping the karpas in saltwater is an act of pleasure and freedom, which further arouses the child’s curiosity.

The Hebrew word karpas, when read backwards, alludes to the backbreaking labor performed by the 600,000 Jews in Egypt. [Samech has the numerical equivalent of 60 (representing 60 times 10,000), while the last three Hebrew letters spell perech, hard work.]

The saltwater represents the tears of our ancestors in Egypt.

Yachatz—Breaking the Matzah

The middle matzah on the Seder plate is broken in two. The larger part is put aside for later use as the afikoman. This unusual action not only attracts the child’s attention once again, but also recalls G‑d’s splitting of the Sea of Reeds to allow the Children of Israel to cross on dry land. The smaller part of the middle matzah is returned to the Seder plate. This broken middle matzah symbolizes humility, and will be eaten later as the “bread of poverty.”

Maggid—the Haggadah

At this point, the poor are invited to join the Seder. The Seder tray is moved aside, a second cup of wine is poured, and the child, who by now is bursting with curiosity, asks the time-honored question: “Mah nishtanah ha-lailah hazeh mikol ha-leilot? Why is this night different from all other nights?” Why only matzah? Why the dipping? Why the bitter herbs? Why are we relaxing and leaning on cushions as if we were kings?

The child’s questioning triggers one of the most significant mitzvot of Passover, which is the highlight of the Seder ceremony: the haggadah, telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt. The answer includes a brief review of history, a description of the suffering imposed upon the Israelites, a listing of the plagues visited on the Egyptians, and an enumeration of the miracles performed by the Almighty for the redemption of His people.

Rochtzah—Washing Before the Meal

After concluding the first part of the haggadah by drinking the second cup of wine (while reclining), the hands are washed again, this time with the customary blessings, as is usually done before eating bread.

Motzi Matzah—We Eat the Matzah

Taking hold of the three matzot (with the broken one between the two whole ones), recite the customary blessing before bread. Then, letting the bottom matzah drop back onto the plate, and holding the top whole matzah with the broken middle one, recite the special blessing “al achilat matzah.” Then break at least one ounce from each matzah and eat the two pieces together, while reclining.

Maror—the Bitter Herbs

Take at least one ounce of the bitter herbs. Dip it in the charoset, then shake the latter off and make the blessing “al achilat maror.” Eat without reclining.

Korech—the Sandwich

In keeping with the custom instituted by Hillel, the great Talmudic sage, a sandwich of matzah and maror is eaten. Break off two pieces of the bottom matzah, which together should be at least one ounce. Again, take at least one ounce of bitter herbs and dip them in the charoset. Place this between the two pieces of matzah, say “kein asah Hillel . . .” and eat the sandwich while reclining.

Shulchan Orech—the Feast

The holiday meal is now served. We begin the meal with a hard-boiled egg dipped into saltwater.

A rabbi was once asked why Jews eat eggs on Passover. “Because eggs symbolize the Jew,” the rabbi answered. “The more an egg is burned or boiled, the harder it gets.”

Note: The chicken neck is not eaten at the Seder.

Tzafun—Out of Hiding

After the meal, the half-matzah which had been “hidden,” set aside for the afikoman(“dessert”), is taken out and eaten. It symbolizes the Paschal lamb, which was eaten at the end of the meal.

Everyone should eat at least 1½ ounces of matzah, reclining, before midnight. After eating the afikoman, we do not eat or drink anything except for the two remaining cups of wine.

Berach—Blessings After the Meal

A third cup of wine is filled and Grace is recited. After the Grace we recite the blessing over wine and drink the third cup while reclining.

Now we fill the cup of Elijah and our own cups with wine. We open the door and recite the passage which is an invitation to the Prophet Elijah, the harbinger of the coming of Moshiach, our righteous Messiah.

Hallel—Songs of Praise

At this point, having recognized the Almighty and His unique guidance of the Jewish people, we go still further and sing His praises as L‑rd of the entire universe.

After reciting the Hallel, we again recite the blessing over wine and drink the fourth cup, reclining.


Having carried out the Seder service properly, we are sure that it has been well received by the Almighty. We then say “Leshanah haba’ah bee-rushalayim—Next year in Jerusalem.”

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Jewish Youths From India on a Visit to Israel

Birthright Israel is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a half a million participants, including 22 youngsters from the Jewish community of India. A dwindling minority in their country, they see Israel as their possible home. Shahar Peled reports

Музыкальная традиция евреев Индии / Songs of Indian Jews

Концерт Анны Гофман, Геннадия Лаврентьева и Дмитрия Игнатова в рамках вечера “Индийские евреи” (20.04.2015). Проект
Тексты песен и другие материалы вечера доступны на сайте “Эшколот”:

Yemenite synagogue restored in Shiloach


מחווה ליהדות מרוקו “דאר דיילנא”1/6 90FM–juifs du maroc,,, ▶ ▶ ▶

Motzei Shavuos 5775 In Satmar KJ

Motzei Shavuos 5775 In Satmar KJ

Brooklyn family keeps Latino Jewish traditions alive

Chabad and Lag BaOmer



From Wikipedia

Matthew Paul Miller (born June 30, 1979),[citation needed] known by his Hebrew and stage name Matisyahu (“Gift of God”), is an American reggae rapper and alternative rock musician.

Matisyahu at the Roskilde Festival in 2006.

Matisyahu performing live at the Republik Music Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii. June 8, 2014

Known for blending Orthodox Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip hop beatboxing sounds, Matisyahu’s 2005 single “King Without a Crown” was a Top 40 hit in the United States.[2] Since 2004, he has released four studio albums as well as two live albums, two remix CDs and two DVDs featuring live concerts. In addition, Matisyahu played the role of Tzadok in The Possession, a supernatural horror film directed by Ole Bornedal and co-produced by Sam Raimi. Through his career, Matisyahu has worked withBill Laswell, reggae producers Sly & Robbie, and Kool Kojak.  Photos by Wikipedia Read More Button--orange

“An Acoustic Evening With Matisyahu” Full Concert Live – London

Full Live Concert “An Acoustic Evening with Matisyahu”

Recorded live December 23, 2012 @ O2 Academy – London, UK

Produced, Directed and Edited by Jay Lawrence

00:56 – I Will Be Light
5:13 – Sunshine
8:35 – Dispatch the Troops
12:56 – Jerusalem
17:21 – Crossroads
23:24 – Darkness Into Light
30:20 – King Without A Crown
37:07 – Live Like A Warrior/Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover)
42:53 – Running Away (Bob Marley Cover)
49:36 – Searchin/Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover)
1:03:18 – One Day/ No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley Cover)
1:11:21 – I Believe In Love
1:14:23 – So High So Low

TJC’s Jewish News Week in Review: May 8, 2015

07.05.2015 Ethiopian-Israelis protest against racism; Netanyahu’s remarks to the Ethiopian IDF soldier who was a victim of police brutality that was caught on tape; Israeli legislation regarding ultra-Orthodox communities is rolled back as incentive for haredi parties to join Netanyahu’s coalition government; Meredith Ganzman explores the Jewish history of New York’s famed Algonquin Hotel; and a preview of Steven I. Weiss’ Up Close interview with Vanderbilt professor Amy-Jill Levine, author of “Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi.”

Reel Pe’er House Lag B’Omer CHABAD PERSIAN YOUTH and ▶ ▶ ▶

Pictures + Rabbi Pe’er Teachings + More Pictures!
CPY Chabad Persian Youth

Lag Ba’omer 2015: the Torah parade in Tsfat

תהלוכת ספר התורה בל”ג בעומר תשע”ה מבית עבו בצפת לכיכר המגינים, בדרכה לתחנה המרכזית בצפת.
The unual parade of the Torah in Tsfat (Israel) from the Abu residence to Hameginim square, on their way to Tsfat central station.


06.05.2015 Gal Einai en Español desde Israel
# 33 – Semana 5 día 5

Recap of the year at Chabad at ASU

A recap of the year at Chabad at ASU – Seniors Farewell BBQ – 2015

שירי טיולים ומפעלים

השומר הצעיר

ערוץ היוטיוב הרשמי של תנועת הנוער השומר הצעיר.

LAG BAOMER Johannesburg


Chabad of Fairfield Building Campaign Kick Off

Video highlighting the Rebbe’s humorous push to constantly push further and Chabad of Fairfield’s building campaign.

Rykestrasse Synagogue Berlin 06, Ma Tovu, Cantor Alberto Mizrahi, Cantors Assembly

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi, Anshei Emet Synagogue, Chicago, Illinois, on Thursday June 28, 2012 at the Rykestrasse Synagogue, Berlin, Germany.

Munich Herkulessaal 20, You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel), Cantor Alberto Mizrahi

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi sings: You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel) by Rodgers and Hammerstein, July 4 2012 at the Munich Herkulessaal. Cantor’s Assembly Mission to Germany and Israel Fourth of July Concert, “From Mahler to Mack the Knife”

Alberto Mizrahi “El mole rachamim”

Alberto Mizrahi singt “El mole rachamim” “Herr,voller Barmherzigkeit”
Andor Izsàk, Orgel
St. Michaeliskirche Hamburg, Mai 1997

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi – “Nessun dorma”

Russian Shabbaton # 6 Melaveh Malkah Concert of Gad Elbaz

2015 , Sixth Russian Shabbaton. Stamford CT.

Video Clip from Melaveh Malkah Concert of Jewish Star – Gad Elbaz

Upshernish Jewish Traditional Hair Cutting Ceremony

A deeper explanation: Major mystic acts on the physical plane of human existence are defining milestones that imprint on the life of a Jew. At birth, the Holy Act of Circumcision brings him into a covenant with the heritage of Abraham. The Kabalah explains that many “evil forces” hover around a developing baby and toddler, the so-called “evil eye”, and that the way to confound these forces is to leave the natural growth of hair untouched, and thus the gender of the toddler is disguised. At precisely the Third Year the hair is cut short (Opshernish), and the child, who during his last two years heard comments like “what a cute girl !”, and “what is it, a boy or a girl?”, is now given a Kipah and Tzit-tzit, and asked “What are you, a boy or a girl?” He looks in the mirror and responds: I AM A BOY ! At this moment, Gender Definition and Identification takes solid root in his consciousness. He is truly a boy now, in the eyes of his family and friends. (The female child, according to Jewish mystical awarenes, is bestowed a soul that functions in a higher spiritual domain, and is not beset with the “confounding” forces attacking her gender. She tends to grow in femeninity and identifies solidly with her mother.) The importance of this milestone cannot be underestimated for the Jewish community! (His next milestone will be at the Thirteenth Year, when Responsability for his Actions is established in his consciousness.)
If you would like more information visit or if you live near Dix Hills, Long Island visit

Edirne Grand Synagogue

Taglit-Birthright Israel with Sachlav IsraelontheHouse

10 horas caminando por Montevideo siendo judío – 10 hours walking in Montevideo as a Jew

El Rabino Mendy Shemtov fue invitado a ser filmado durante 10 horas caminando por Montevideo.
Rabbi Mendy Shemtov was invited to be recorded while walking 10 hours in Montevideo.

Estos son los resultados/These are the results

Realizado por: Nicolás Lejtreger, Ari Kaplan, Ali Kaplan, Mendy Shemtov.

VP Biden Quotes Lubavitcher Rebbe at New American Jewish History Museum

Philadelphia, PA – Drawn by the chance to celebrate 350 years of American Jewish history at the newest addition to the most historic square mile in the nation’s first capital, hundreds of people from across the country descended on Philadelphia last month, to hear Vice President Joseph Biden announce that a new museum’s Jewish stories were, in fact, manifestations of distinctly American ideals.

“In telling the story of the American Jewish experience, this museum in my view, tells the story of America’s identity,” Biden said Sunday at festivities in front of the new $150 million home of the National Museum of American Jewish History.

In hailing the contributions of a host of American Jews, Biden — a Scranton, Pa., native who represented neighboring Delaware in the U.S. Senate before ascending to the White House — quoted from a diary entry written by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, upon his 1940 departure from Lisbon, Portugal, and much-awaited arrival in the United States. The diary page is on permanent display in the museum’s “Only in America” exhibit, along with two other items connected to the Chabad-Lubavitch leader.

The Rebbe taught that “every living thing, and especially living persons, must not remain static, but [they are] expected to grow from strength to strength,” stated Biden, they “must always add even if [they have] already achieved good things and holy things. [They] should never be satisfied with what was achieved yesterday, no matter how perfect or good it was.”

Adding that the museum, “gives all of us the opportunity to make sure that we don’t remain static,” the Vice President emphasized that more can always be done to perfect the world.

at Mark 9:07. quotes the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Credit: National Museum of American Jewish History

בית חבד לדוברי רוסית בישראל Бейт-Хабад

Chabad of Fairfield Building Campaign


Music Video You Are My Home

Music Video for The Gan Yisroel Song You Are My home
Lyics: Zalmy Schreiber
Vocals: Zalmy Schreiber, Avremy Kievman,
Aron Kogen, Mendel Kaplen

Intro For First Time Campers At Gan Yisroel NY

Remembering Bezalel Part 1

Remembering the contributions that Charles Goldstein (Bezalel) made to starting the largest Yeshiva in the world, in Lakewood NJ. He helped bring Rav Aaron Kotler to Lakewood and donated his library of Sforim to the Yeshiva to start its library. Beth Medrash Gevorah placed a plaque outside the library to commemorative these events.

Rav Aaron Kotler (grandson of Rav Aaron Kotler gave the Goldstein family an extensive tour of all of the developing campuses of the Yeshiva as well as the main buildings…….This is part 1 of two parts.

Remembering Bezalel Part 2 / History Of Lakewood Yeshiva, BMG

Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Speaks with Torah UMesorah – VIDEO BY HILLEL ENGEL

©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

Rabbi David Fine


Breakfast At Nepal Chabad House Monday Morning

©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

2015-03-15 Chabad of Weston – A Jewish Community in Exile

3/15/2015 A Jewish Community in Exile presented by Chabad of Weston. Guest speaker Rabbi Shalom Gopin – Chief Rabbi Eastern Ukraine. Chabad of Weston, Rabbi Yisroel Spalter – Director


Chabad Center in Nepal a Crisis Hub After Massive Earthquake

More than 2,200 killed, with thousands injured and missing as aftershocks continue

Kathmandu TV-Show Best Moments קטמנדו

Watch the funniest and most emotional scenes of season one of the brand new tv-show Kathmandu. Please comment and let me know what you think and if you’d like me to make another one for the soon-to-be-released season 2!

Torah Celebration in Memory of George Abboudi- Chabad House Kathmandu Nepal- Family Travel Blog

A Frum Survivor Tells Her Story Publicly – For the First Time

Like JCW on Facebook:…

Every survivor of child sexual abuse has a story. Most are untold.
On 3/22/15, in front of a large Los Angeles crowd, Sima Yarmush publicly told her story. For the first time.

For an image and information about her abuser click here:

Sima represents a wave of a new generation in the religious community that will no longer tolerate silence and cover ups.

This is her full uncut speech at the Jewish Community Watch event in Los Angeles 3/22/15.

Support survivors! Support JCW!

Tell your story! We are listening!

Show support by liking and sharing this video!

Video produced by: Mendy Pellin Media

Brooklyn Landlords Arrested for Allegedly Forcing Out Rent Stabilized Tenants

16.04.2015 JewsOnTelevision
BUSHWICK – A pair of Brooklyn brothers accused of forcing long-term rent-stabilized tenants out of their apartments was arrested and arraigned today.

District Attorney Ken Thompson says that brothers Joel and Aaron Israel destroyed their tenants’ apartments and made them unlivable, forcing the tenants out of their rent-stabilized homes.

Thompson says that the two landlords destroyed the apartments so that they could put them on the market at much higher rates. He says that the tenants in the Israels’ building on Linden Street were living in horrible conditions.

“Our landlord destroyed our kitchen and bathroom,” said tenant Michelle Crespo. “For 18 months, we had to use other people’s bathrooms, including public facilities as well.”

Both men pleaded not guilty in court.

The judge ordered a $50,000 cash bail for Joel Israel and a $25,000 cash bail for Aaron Israel. They are due back in court on June 18.

Mob In Beit Shemesh Screams NAZI At Charedi Soldie

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Crazy April Thunder and Hail Storm in Jerusalem 2015 הסערה רעם וברד המטורף בניסן בירושלים

©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

המתנחל עונת הבחירות – חנוך דאום מתנחל אצל זהבה גלאון

חנוך דאום מתנחל בבית של זהבה גלאון, יו״ר מרצ. המתנחל – עונת הבחירות, כל יום ראשון מיד אחרי גב האומה, בערוץ 10

אלי וקנין – אמא

מחרוזת מגרבית


J’en ai marre / אנא מא נווית פרקהו * מייק קרוצ’י

J’en ai marre / אנא מא נווית פרקהו * מייק קרוצ’י

Israel Jerusalem Mea Shearim מאה שערים‎

A throwback to older times.
Mea Shearim ( מאה שערים‎) is one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem.
The quarter was established in 1874 and was surrounded by a wall .
The community created a list of regulations to preserve a religious atmosphere.
Mea Shearim today remains an insulated neighborhood with ultra cv population.

Satmar Kuf Alef Kislev NYS Armory 5772-2011

Exclusive: Satmar Kuf Alef Kislev 2013 | כ”א כסלו ב’סאטמאר תשע”ד ניו יארק סטעיט ארמארי

The 21st day of Kislev is celebrated annual by Satmar chasidim worldwide as the day R’ Yoel Teitelbaum Zt’l the founder of Satmar Chasidis in America, escaped from Hungary and this year marks the 67th anniversary of the Grand Rebbe’s escape from the Nazis.

R’ Teitelbaum was among over 1600 people who were transported out of Hungary by train due to the efforts of Rudolf Kastner, one of the leaders of Budapest’s Vaadat Ezra V’Hatzalah, who brokered a deal with Adolph Eichmann to let the passengers leave in exchange for a large sum of money, diamonds and gold. While Eichmann reneged on the deal and had the train sent to Bergen Belsen, the train was finally released after four months of negotiations and the passengers finally obtained their freedom when they arrived in Switzerland.

כ”א כסלו יום ההצלה של כ”ק מרן הרה”ק בעל הדברי יואל מסאטמאר זיע”א מציפורני הנאצים ימ”ש התאספו רבבות חסידי סאטמאר מכל רחבי ארה”ב בראשות כ”ק אדמו”ר מסאטמאר שליט”א לציין ולהודות לה’ יתברך על חסדו הגדול


est un minhag séfarade consistant à célébrer la cuisson de la première pâte cuite avec du levain (‘hametz) à l’issue de Pessa’h. Comme l’ensemble des fêtes juives, la Mimouna commence à la sortie des étoiles et se termine au coucher du soleil le lendemain.

מימונה מחרוזת “אהלאן וסהלאן” להקת שפתיים

מימונה מחרוזת “אהלאן וסהלאן” להקת שפתיים
לאתר ד’אר דייאלנה:
לפייסבוק ד’אר דייאלנה:
חג המימונה-מנהגי החג במרוקו:
יש כמה עדויות המוכיחות את קיום המימונה כבר במאה ה- 18 ואפילו קודם. הרב יוסף בן נאים זצ”ל,מרבני פאס,נתן בספרו ארבע טעמים לחג:
א.”מימונה”-מאמינים,בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידים להיגאל .
ב.בארבעה פרקים העולם נידון:בפסח על התבואה.אי לזאת מביאים שיבולים ומברכים עליהם ונוהגים מפרי הארץ ומטובה.
ג.שמחת הרגל אינה שלמה בחג שאין משלימים את ההלל,ולכן בא חג המימונה להשלים את שמחת החג.
ד.באסרו חג פסח נפטר רבי מימון,אביו של הרמב”ם ומאחר שאין הולכים להילולה בחודש ניסן,באה המימונה כעין תחליף להילולה.
לעוד מידע על חג המימונה כנסו לאתר ד’אר דייאלנה:


מימונה מחרוזת “הלאלה מימונה” – להקת קזבלנקה

מימונה מחרוזת “לאלה מימונה” להקת קזבלנקה
לפייסבוק ד’אר דייאלנה:
חג המימונה-מנהגי החג במרוקו:
יש כמה עדויות המוכיחות את קיום המימונה כבר במאה ה- 18 ואפילו קודם. הרב יוסף בן נאים זצ”ל,מרבני פאס,נתן בספרו ארבע טעמים לחג:
א.”מימונה”-מאמינים,בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידים להיגאל .
ב.בארבעה פרקים העולם נידון:בפסח על התבואה.אי לזאת מביאים שיבולים ומברכים עליהם ונוהגים מפרי הארץ ומטובה.
ג.שמחת הרגל אינה שלמה בחג שאין משלימים את ההלל,ולכן בא חג המימונה להשלים את שמחת החג.
ד.באסרו חג פסח נפטר רבי מימון,אביו של הרמב”ם ומאחר שאין הולכים להילולה בחודש ניסן,באה המימונה כעין תחליף להילולה.
לעוד מידע על חג המימונה כנסו לאתר ד’אר דייאלנה בקישור מעל.
תרבחו ותסעדו !

La communauté juive beglo-marocaine fête la Mimouna – Maghreb TV

Le Rabin Guigui, Maurice Tal et les membres de la communauté juive belgo-marocaine fêtent la Mimouna à Bruxelles.

MIMOUNA | Colorful Traditional | North African Jewish Celebration |

Celebrating MIMOUNA, Hosted by Zaavah & Kobi Atias. The mimona is a colorful traditional North African Jewish celebration held the day after Passover. It marks the start of spring and the return to eating chametz, i.e., leavened bread and bread by-products, which are forbidden throughout the week of Passover. Some believe the source of the name is Maimon, the father of the Rambam, Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, and the Mimouna marks the date of his birth or death. resent research by Yigal Bin-Nun , provide another point of view – relic to a paganism ritual to ladyluck Mimouna is also the name for the seasonal change and its festival in tribal languages in northern Mali and Mauritania from which the custom may also have originated

Chabad Israeli Center Bar Mitzvah – Leor

Chabad Israeli Center Bar Mitzvah – Leor
Bar Mitzvah coverage by IsaacImage Toronto Wedding Photography Studio.
Klezmer music performance by

A Bar Mitzvah in Colorado Springs

Rabbi Moshe Liberow moved to Colorado Springs to establish a Chabad Jewish Center. His son Mendy who just turned 13 is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. This video shows the experience of being a chabad shliach,becoming a bar mitzavh, and what it all means.
VIDEO BY CJ STUDIOS 718.781.6405

“Две половины одного целого” лекция р. Хилеля Хаимова.mp4

Kaykov TV Presents lecture by Rabbi Hillel Khaimov “Two halves of one whole ” in Bukharian language May 14, 2012. @ Bukharian Jewish Center
Camera: Grigoriy & Roman Kaykov
Editing: Roman Kaykov

Ester: Real story (promo)

В моей жизни назревает что-то грандиозное – пытаюсь определить и не могу…Высвобождение из тесных пеленок? Примерка еще не подогнанного по размеру нового “я”? Перелет из былой реальности в смежную? Может быть, вы сможете сформулировать точнее, если увидите и услышите самую правдивую историю Эстер, изложенную в фильме обо мне. Для всех желающих помочь этому фильму состояться – горячая ссылка:

Lecture Esther Segal

Канал Эстер Сегаль,,,,,Esther Segal

VIDEO: Hatzolah Working On Trampled Victims At Levaya Of Rav Wosner

©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

rav wozner.wmv
Kupat Ha’ir
The Tzedaka of the Gedolei Yisroel

Ruchama Clapman


Koson Nichum Avelim – Nisan 5775

Koson Nichum Avelim – Nisan 5775

Highlights Of The Tenth Siyum Hashas Of Daf Yomi – September 28,1997

©2014 The Gedolim Gallery – All Rights Reserved

Some highlights from the national celebration of the Tenth Siyum Hashas of Daf HaYomi. The celebrations took place on Sunday, September 28, 1997 at the Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum and throughout many cities worldwide.

Zamir Choral Foundation

Tzaddik KaTamar – Louis Lewandowski – HaZamir Festival 2015
The 2015 HaZamir Tutti Ensemble singing Tzaddik Katamar (from Psalm 92; Mizmor Shir L’yom HaShabbat), composed by Louis Lewandowski, at the HaZamir Gala Concert in 2015, conducted by
Guest Conductor Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer and Matthew Lazar, Founder & Director of the Zamir Choral Foundation
Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center

HaZamir: The International High School Choir is a project of the Zamir Choral Foundation,

Soloist(s) are [Soloist name] of [Chapter].

HaZamir: The International High School Choir is a project of the Zamir Choral Foundation,

Meyer Seewald: (Full Speech) ”Why I Founded Jewish Community Watch”

Jewish Community Watch is an organization dedicated toward the eradication of child sexual abuse within the orthodox Jewish community. As a victim advocacy group and community awareness center, JCW provides information to community members relating to accused predators as well as providing training and resources for survivors and their families.

Meyer Seewald, Director of JCW, recounted his story and reasons for creating the organization.

There is a growing new wave of people in our community that are standing with us to support the victim and prevent future victims. Join us by sharing this video and ‘LIKE’ing us on Facebook:

Witness Who Called 911 Describes Fatal Fire Horror Where 7 Siblings Died


Chabad Naples Sanctuary Restoration

Chabad Naples Sanctuary Restoration (239) 262-4474

Brooklyn Leaders Emphasize Fire Safety As Jewish Community Mourns

In the wake of a tragic fire that killed seven children this past weekend, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Monday night Brooklyn needs to have its own burn center

R’ Gavriel Sassoon Gives YWN Edited Version of ‘Cry No More’ Recording Without Kol Isha

The attached audio / video has been given to YWN by R’ Gavriel Sassoon, and has been edited of all Kol Isha. Last Year on Chanukah the entire Sassoon family gathered in a music studio, and recorded themselves singing Yaakov Shwekey’s “Cry No More”.

Mr. Sassoon was distraught after learning that the audio with his wife and daughters singing had gone viral, and made sure that a new version was edited in a music studio today. The audio was subsequently given to YWN to share.

Listen to the song as it takes on a whole new meaning in light of recent events….

©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

Nets Hold Moment Of Silence For Sassoon Children

©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

Levaya of Sassoon Family in Boro Park

Levaya of Sassoon Family in Boro Park

Kevurah of the Sassoon Children


Chief Rabbis at Sassoon Levayah


PJ Library is a Jewish engagement program

PJ Library is a Jewish engagement program implemented on a local level throughout North America.
We mail free, high-quality Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis.
Visit today!

Chabad’s Gala 20, Part 1

Chabad’s Gala 20, Part 2

Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Boynton – Beis Menachem celebrated two decades of Jewish Community Building aboard The Luxury Yacht Catalina, paying Tribute to Chabad’s Newest Founders; Hans & Susan Klein and robert & Mindy Licht.

Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens Inaugural Gala Video March 22 2015

Chabad 30 Year Anniversary Honoring Rabbi Chaim & Rivkie Block

Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning
Annual L’chaim Event

Chabad PBG building Dedication in memory of Devorah Krinsky obm

Devorah Krinsky, Rabbi Dovid and Chana Vigler

Freshmen Tannenbaum Chabad Review 2015


Chabad in Israel

Chabad of Princeton University
Spring Break, March 2014

++++,,,Legislator Wieder giving his remarks before the full Rockland County Legislature 3/16/15


Shas Campaign in Har Nof on Israeli Election Day קמפיין הבחירות של ש”ס בנוף הר

Israeli Elections

MK Gafni Speaks At Yahadut Hatorah Victory

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Bnei Emunim Hachnosas Sefer Torah For Children – Adar 5775

Bnei Emunim Hachnosas Sefer Torah For Children with several rebbes and rabonim in attendance- Adar 5775

21 Adar 5775 In Lizensk

Reb Shlomele on Reb Elimilech from Lizensk

Reb Shlomo Carlebach on Reb Elimilech mlizensk

Levayah Of The Radmishla Rov R’ Chuna Heilpern Zt”l In Israel 28 Shevat 5775


Select Section Events, Jewish Life language german : Jüdische Nachrichten, Das Jüdische leben, Das Jüdische Museum 24JEWISH ALERTS large selection in each section

Antisemitismus im 21. Jahrhundert ▶ ▶ ▶

breakingnews-jlife3  breakingnews-jfrance2   breakingnews-jgerman2





Section Jewish Parshat language hebrew, french, english, spanish, german, russian, Machon Meir, CHABAD, The Jewish Woman, YOUTH/TEENS SHIURIM &amp; COMMENTARIES

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Israel Heute

Israelnetz Nachrichten


Breslev Deutsch

שלום לכולם וברוכים הבאים!

כמו באתר “ברסלב ישראל”, גם כאן נשתדל להעלות תכנים של שמחה, אמונה ואהבה על פי תורתו של רבי נחמן מברסלב, ברוח ספרי הרב שלום ארוש, “גן האמונה”, “גן הגעגועים”, “שעריו בתודה” ועוד

Hafazat Hatora

Musik auf Münchens Strassen: Alex Jacobowitz

Alex Jacobowitz spielt sein Xylophon in München Mai 2010 Teil 1

Alex Jacobowitz spielt sein Xylophon in Muenchen Mai 2010 Teil 2

Klezmer night at Cafe Oberwasser (Prenzlauerberg, Berlin)

Alex Jacobowitz – Wuppertal, Germany – Workshop (marimba) – February 23, 2013

Alex Jacobowitz teaching ideas about marimba/xylophone at Tony Miceli’s Vibraphone Workshop at the Music School in Wuppertal. Video: David Friedman

Moses Sofer

from Wikipedia

File:Chasamsofer.JPGMoses Sofer, deutscher Name: Moses Schreiber oder Mosche Schreiber, bekannt als Chatam Sofer (geboren im September 1762 in Frankfurt am Main; gestorben am 3. Oktober 1839 in Pressburg/Bratislava), war ein führender orthodoxer Rabbiner des 19. Jahrhunderts..,,,,,,,

Sofer wuchs in Frankfurt am Main auf, wo Pinchas Horowitz und Nathan Adler seine bedeutendsten Lehrer waren. 1776 wechselte er an die Jeschiwa des Rabbi David Tebele Scheuer (1712–1782) im nahen Mainz. Dort wurde er bis zu seiner Rückkehr nach Frankfurt 1777 von Rabbi Mechel Scheuer (1739–1810), dem Sohn des Rabbi Tebele, unterrichtet.,,, Lesen Sie weiter Button - OrangePhoto by Wikipedia 




Mausoleum of Moses Sofer.jpg

“Mausoleum of Moses Sofer” by (Smerus at en.wikipedia at 08:56, on 30 June 2006. File name: File:Sofermausoleum.jpg) – Self-photographed (Original caption: “Interior of mausoleum of Moses Sofer. I took this picture.”). Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Events jüdische Gemeinde Krefeld ,,, +++

tagesschau 20:00 Uhr, 13.05.2015

Themen der Sendung: Flüchtlingsproblematik: EU-Kommission plant Quotenregelung, NATO-Außenrat berät zum Ukraine-Konflikt, Merkel und Poroschenko beraten über prekäre Lage in der Ostukraine, Offenbar Militärputsch in Burundi, Anti-Nazi-Aktivisten Beate und Serge Klarsfeld mit Bundesverdienstkreuz ausgezeichnet, Kabinett beschließt Strategie gegen multi-resistente Keime in Krankenhäusern, CDU-Sprecher Pfeiffer unterstützt Grüne beim Vorstoß zur Freigabe von Cannabis, Jahresbericht zum Thema “Jugendschutz im Internet” in Berlin vorgestellt, Schlichtung im Tarifstreit der Lufthansa vorerst gelungen, Hamburgisches Oberverwaltungsgericht urteilt zu Gefahrengebieten, 68. Internationale Filmfestspiele in Cannes eröffnet, Die Lottozahlen, Das Wetter

Israel und Deutschland feiern 50 Jahre diplomatische Beziehungen

Größtes ehemaliges KZ auf österreichischem Boden: 22.000 gedenken der Befreiung des KZ Mauthausen

70 Jahre Kriegsende: militärische Leistungsschau in Moskau

Dutzende Tote bei Nachbeben in Nepal

LILMOD Chaya Tal Auf in das Heilige Land! 11 Mai 2015

WWW.LILMOD.ORG – online video conference, Judaism and Jewish Culture in Russian, German, Hebrew, English.
Подписаться на новостную рассылку LILMOD.ORG/RU

Israel und Deutschland feiern 50 Jahre diplomatische Beziehungen

President Rivlin receives official state welcome in Germany at Bellevue Palace

President of Israel Reuven Rivlin was today received with a guard of honor and an official state welcome at Berlin’s Bellevue Palace, the residence of German President Joachim Gauck, who warmly welcomed President Rivlin. President Rivlin signed the guestbook where he quoted Psalms 122:6, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; May they that love three prosper.”

Еврейское ницшеанство / Jüdischer Nietzscheanismus


Berlin – Ruine 1945 – Metropole 2000

Diese Berlin-Dokumentation zeigt in eindrucksvollen Rückblenden in die Nachkriegszeit und mit Filmaufnahmen aus den 90er Jahren den Wandel der Stadt Berlin nach 1945 und nach der deutschen Wiedervereinigung. Farbige Luftaufnahmen amerikanischer Kameramänner von der Ruine Berlin im Jahre 1945 erzählt vom Leben in einer Trümmerwüste. Dies Aufnahmen der Berliner Trümmerlandschaft werden der Metropole von heute Jahren gegenübergestellt, die Entwicklung wird lebendig, vom Neubeginn nach 1945 bis zur Teilung der Stadt 1961, von der unterschiedlichen Stadtentwicklung in West – und Ostberlins bis zur Wende. Die rege Bautätigkeit nach dem Mauerfall dokumentieren Luftaufnahmen von 1992, ’97 und ’99. An drei markanten Punkten wird das Gestern und Heute besonders deutlich: am Potsdamer Platz, am Brandenburger Tor und am Reichstag.

Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

That’s how it looked like just after the Second World War in Berlin!

Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945, just after the Second World War and the capitulation of Germany. Daily life after years of war.

Pictures from the destroyed city, the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linden, rubble women working in the streets, the tram is running again.

A collage of archive material
produced by: Kronos Media

Voici à quoi ressemblait Berlin juste après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale !

Ces fascinantes vidéos en couleur nous montrent la situation de la ville lors de l’été 1945, directement après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale et la capitulation de l’Allemagne. Voici la vie quotidienne
des Berlinois après des années de guerre.

Les images nous dévoilent une ville détruite, le Reichstag, la porte de Brandebourg, l’hôtel Adlon, le bunker du Führer, l’avenue Unter den Linden, les femmes des ruines à l’œuvre dans les rues, et les trams à nouveau en fonctionnement.

Un assemblage d’images d’archive
production par Kronos Media

LILMOD Rabbi Apel Geheimnis der juedischen Existenz 3 Mai 2015

WWW.LILMOD.ORG – online video conference, Judaism and Jewish Culture in Russian, German, Hebrew, English.
Подписаться на новостную рассылку LILMOD.ORG/RU

Vom Wiener Lehrling zum Friedensnobelpreisträger

(c) Andreas H. Landl für

AK Präsident Herbert Tumpel erwies Wiens Friedensnobelpreisträger die Ehre. Tumpels Vater war Esperantist und ein Mann er Lettern, sprich gelernter Drucker wie der Friedensnobelpreisträger. Tumpel ist ein Anliegen, dass die von den Nazis verbrannten Bücher der Pazifisten in Österreich wieder zugänglich gemacht werden. Denn was nicht gedruckt vorliegt ist nicht zugänglich und kann tot geschwiegen werden. Ab jetzt wir “zurückgedruckt”, denn:

Im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten schaffte ein Bursche aus elendigen Verhältnissen eine Karriere mit Lehre. Er wurde der einzige Wiener Friedensnobelpreisträger. Bis 2006 war das in Wien kaum jemandem bekannt. Denn der war Freidenker aus einer jüdischen Familie, Pazifist, Gewerkschafter, Friedensjournalist, Internationalist und Freimauerer. Soviel Friedensengagement war natürlich für die Militaristen im deutschsprachigen Raum ab 1914 zuviel des Guten. Fried und seine Werke wurden bekämpft. Er musste zweimal fliehen. Einmal aus Österreich und einmal aus Bayern. Rechtsextreme aller Couleur säuberten die Bibliotheken in vier Wellen von seinen Werken. So kam es, dass selbst Friedensbeweger wie ich oder Herbert Tumpel der Präsident der Arbeiterkammer bis 2006 nichts über den Wiener Friedensnobelpreisträger wussten. Walter Göhring stieß bei der Recherche über Ferdinand Hanusch auf den Wiener Friedensnobelpreisträger und macht erstmals 2006 breiter publik, was fast vollkommen verdrängt war.

Am 11.04.2012 18:00 Uhr gab es eine hochkarätige Veranstaltung des

Instituts für Gewerkschafts- und AK Geschichte und derAlfred Hermann Fried Gesellschaft Löcker Verlag in der AK Bibiliothek in Wien.

“Zwei Mal in der Geschichte ging der begehrte Friedensnobelpreis auch an ÖsterreicherInnen:
1905 an Bertha von Suttner (1843-1914) und 1911 an
Alfred Hermann Fried (1864-1921).

Die Leistungen des Friedensnobelpreisträgers Alfred Hermann Fried standen lange Zeit im Schatten Bertha von Suttners. Vielfach unbekannt ist, dass Fried
* als Buchhandelslehrling eine Jugendgewerkschaft gründete, die in die Gewerkschaft der Kaufmännischen Angestellten mündete, eine der Vorläufer organisationen der heutigen GPA-djp.
* Ab 1892 gab er gemeinsam mit Bertha von Suttner die pazifistische Zeitschrift „Die Waffen nieder!” heraus, in der er u.a. seine pazifistischen Ideen artikulierte.

Dass Fried damit zu den Vorkämpfern der europäischen Friedensbewegung gehörte, ist heute ebenfalls vielfach vergessen: mit seiner

Zeitschrift “Die Friedenswarte”

schuf Fried ein Organ, in dem die Ideen für ein neues demokratisch geeintes Europa ihren Niederschlag fanden.

Der Zeithistoriker Walter Göhring hat sich in Archiven und Bibliotheken in der Schweiz, in den USA, den Niederlanden, Ungarn, der Slowakei und Österreich auf die Spuren Alfred Hermann Frieds begeben. Ergebnis dieser Spurensuche sind Publikationen und Beiträge sowie eine Ausstellung über Alfred Hermann Fried, der mit seinen Arbeiten bis in die Gründung der UNO und der Europäischen Union hineingewirkt hat.

Sein Werk ist heute aktueller denn je.”

Entfetzung für Wiener Friedensnobelpreisträger Alfred Hermann Fried nach 100 Jahren

Wien – 1911 vor 100 Jahren erhielt der Wiener Pazifist Alfred Hermann Fried den Friedensnobelpreis. Der revolutionäre Pazifist, Friedensforscher und erste Friedensjournalist von Weltrang erhielt nun gestern nach fast 100 Jahren seine 1. Gedenktafel in Wien.

Vor Widerhofergasse 5 wo Fried 1911 wohnte versammelten sich am 25.5.2011 abends über 200 Menschen und nahmen am Festakt teil.

Klaus Maria Brandauer enthüllte die Gedenktafel während der Brunnenchor
Kayra Silo (Mandingo/En: The Way of Peace)

Hevenu Shalom (Wir haben Euch Frieden gebracht) sang.

Der Nahostkonflikt im Blick der Medien – Jüdische Gespräche 2006 FFM

Immer noch aktuell ist dieses Thema der Podiumsdiskussion vom 05. Sept. 2006. Leider wird in deutschen Medien immer mehr einseitig und falsch zum Nachteil Israels berichtet, so war es schon in den letzten 10 Jahren.

Datei:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-86686-0008, Baden-Baden, Festnahme von Juden.jpg

Nach dem Novemberpogrom wird eine Kolonne Juden zur Schutzhaft ins KZ Dachau gebracht, Baden-Baden, November 1938

KZ Dachau

Das Konzentrationslager Dachau, in der Folge KZ Dachau genannt, bestand vom 22. März 1933 bis zu seiner Befreiung durch Truppen der US Army am 29. April 1945. Das NS-Regime errichtete es bereits wenige Wochen nach der Machtübernahme. Es war das erste durchgehend betriebene KZ und wurde dadurch eines der bekanntesten Konzentrationslager. Es war zwölf Jahre durchgehend in Betrieb, d. h. mehr als doppelt so lange wie die meisten späteren Konzentrationslager.

Das Gelände lag ungefähr 20 Kilometer nordwestlich von München. Zunächst diente es der Inhaftierung von politischen Gegnern des NS-Regimes. Heinrich Himmler, 1933 Reichsführer SS und Münchener Polizeipräsident, ließ es östlich der Stadt Dachau auf dem Gelände einer ehemaligen Munitionsfabrik errichten. Es diente – v. a. in seinen Anfangsjahren, als die NSDAP ihre Macht festigen wollte – zur Inhaftierung und zur Abschreckung politisch Andersdenkender..  Read More Button--orangePhotos by  Wikipedia 

KZ-Befreiung vor 70 Jahren – Gedenken in DACHAU – 03.05. 2015

KZ Dachau – (Kurz-)Dokumentation | german/deutsch [HD]

Konzentrationslager (KZ) Dachau – Sie sehen eine (Kurz-)Dokumentation über das KZ Dachau. Die wichtigsten Infos wurden herausgesucht und mit zum Teil originalen Aufnahmen zu einer kleinen Dokumentation verarbeitet. Lizenzierungen am Ende des Videos.

70 Jahre Befreiung KZ Dachau

Dachau: Nachbildung der gestohlenen KZ-Tür eingesetzt

Am 70. Jahrestag der Befreiung des Konzentrationslagers Dachau ist eine Nachbildung der Tür mit dem Schriftzug “Arbeit macht frei” eingesetzt worden. Das historische Original wurde vor fast einem halben Jahr gestohlen. Von den Dieben fehlt jede Spur. Täter, die 2009 in Ausschwitz den Schriftzug am Eingang stahlen, wurden gefass


Neue Ausstellung im Jüdischen Museum München: “Jukebox. Jewkbox! Ein jüdisches Jahrhundert auf Schellack und Vinyl”

Impressionen der Vernissage zur Ausstellung “KRIEG! JUDEN ZWISCHEN DEN FRONTEN 1914–1918”

Im diesjährigen Gedenkjahr widmet sich die Ausstellung KRIEG! JUDEN ZWISCHEN DEN FRONTEN 1914–1918 im Jüdischen Museum München dem Ersten Weltkrieg aus einer jüdischen Perspektive heraus. Durch Feldpostbriefe, Tagebücher, Photographien und andere persönliche Objekte wird das historische Ereignis in individuell erlebte und beschriebene Momente zerlegt und damit greifbarer gemacht. Der Patriotismus vieler jüdischer Deutscher und deren Mitwirken am Krieg spielt dabei ebenso eine Rolle wie der zutiefst verstörende Alltag im Schützengraben und die religiöse Erfahrungsdimension jüdischer Soldaten. Auch der zunehmende Antisemitismus in Militär und Gesellschaft während der Kriegsjahre und die politische Dimension des Gedenkens nach 1918 werden in der Ausstellung durch vielfältige Dokumente und Exponate thematisiert.

»Der Erste Weltkrieg in der jüdischen Erinnerung«

»Der Erste Weltkrieg in der jüdischen Erinnerung«
Kabinettausstellung im Jüdischen Museum Berlin
3. Juli 2014 bis 16. November 2014

Im Labyrinth des Schweigens Offizieller Trailer (2014) – German | Deutsch HD

Offizieller Deutscher Im Labyrinth des Schweigens Trailer von Giulio Ricciarelli mit Alexander Fehling, André Szymanski, Gert Voss
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“Deutschland Ende der Fünfziger Jahre: Die Wirtschaft brummt, den Menschen geht es wieder gut und die Geschehnisse, die keine zwanzig Jahre zurückliegen, geraten langsam aber sicher in Vergessenheit. Eines Tages sorgt jedoch der Journalist Thomas Gnielka (André Szymanski) im Frankfurter Gericht für Aufruhr, als er einen ehemaligen Auschwitz-Wärter anzeigen will, den ein Freund auf einem Schulhof identifiziert hat und der jetzt als Lehrer offenbar unbehelligt durchs Lebens gehen kann. Der Journalist stößt jedoch auf Ablehnung. Nur der junge Staatsanwalt Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling) schenkt ihm Gehör und will die Vorgänge aufklären. Rückendeckung erhält er vom Generalstaatsanwalt Fritz Bauer (Gert Voss), der ihm die Leitung der Ermittlungen überträgt. Radmann stürzt sich akribisch in den Fall und vernachlässigt sein Privatleben völlig. Selbst Marlene (Friederike Becht), die er gerade erst kennenlernte, vermag nicht auf ihn einzuwirken. Aber er überwirft sich auch mit Freunden und schottet sich von seiner Umwelt ab, um das Labyrinth aus Verleugnung und Verdrängung aufzuarbeiten und die Täter zu überführen und zu bestrafen.

Kinostart: 6. November 2014
Regie: Giulio Ricciarelli
Mit: Alexander Fehling, André Szymanski, Gert Voss
Genre: Historie , Drama
Nationalität: Deutschland ”

Erdbeben in Nepal / Nepal Earthquake Shocking Moments Terremoto en Nepal 2015

Erschütternde Bilder haben unsere Redaktion heute aus Nepal erreicht!
Nach letzten Informationen sind es bis jetzt über 3500 Menschen die Ihr
leben verloren haben.

Holocaust survivors gather at the Bergen-Belsen memorial site

Holocaust survivors and officials gathered at the memorial site of the former concentration camp Bergen-Belsen in northern Germany, in a solemn ceremony to commemorate the liberation of the camp 70 years ago.

Die Befreiung vom Konzentrationslager Bergen-Belsen [Doku HD]

Im Sommer 1937 wurde mit dem Bau des Konzentrationslagers Buchenwald begonnen. In dem KZ auf dem Ettersberg bei Weimar wurden 8 Jahre lang Juden, Sinti und Roma, politischer Gegner und Nonkonformisten interniert. Mit Beginn des Krieges 1939 wurden Menschen aus ganz Europa nach Buchenwald gebracht. Als das KZ am 11.April 1945 von amerikanischen Soldaten befreit wird, stoßen sie auf 48.000 Inhaftierte, darunter auch viele Kinder und Jugendliche.
Das ca. 60 Kilometer nordöstlich von Hannover gelegene KZ Bergen-Belsen wurde 1941 im Rahmen der Kriegsvorbereitungen gegen die Sowjetunion erbaut. Schon kurze Zeit nach der Errichtung wurden erste Gefangene in das KZ transportiert. Ab März 1944 fungierte das ehemals als Gefangenenlager konzipierte KZ als “Austauschlager” in welches später auch Anne Frank deportiert wurde. Als britische Soldaten am 15. April 1945 das KZ befreiten, fanden sie ein grausames Bild vor.

Gedenken in BERGEN-BELSEN – Erinnerung an die KZ-Befreiung vor 70 Jahren – 26.04. 2015

Auschwitz – Bilder aus der hölle – Documentary (Deutsch)

Auschwitz – Bilder aus der hölle – Documentary (Deutsch)
©Copyright “Nazi Scrapbooks From Hell”, visuele inhoud beheerd door National Geographic.

Datei:EvaKor2011.jpgEva Mozes Kor

Eva Mozes Kor (geborene Eva Mozes; * 31. Januar 1934 in Portz, heute: Porț, Gemeinde Marca, Kreis Sălaj, Rumänien) ist eine Überlebende des Holocaust und wurde zusammen mit ihrer Zwillingsschwester Miriam von Josef Mengele für Experimente in derZwillingsforschung missbraucht.

Sie löste mehrfach kritische Reaktionen bei anderen Holocaust-Überlebenden aus, u.a. als sie am 50. Jahrestag der Befreiung vonAuschwitz persönlich allen Nationalsozialisten ihre Taten vergab.

Kor wurde 1944 mit ihrer Familie nach Auschwitz deportiert und erhielt die Gefangenennummer A-7063. Ihre Eltern und die zwei älteren Schwestern starben in den Gaskammern. Sie und ihre Zwillingsschwester überlebten die grausamen Experimente und kehrten nach dem Krieg nach Rumänien zurück. .Read More Button--orangePhotos by  Wikipedia 

Eva Mozes Kor zu Besuch in Wetzlar: Eine Überlebende von Auschwitz berichtet – Teil 1 –


Eva Mozes Kor zu Besuch in Wetzlar: Eine Überlebende von Auschwitz berichtet – Teil 2 –

Eva Mozes Kor zu Besuch in Wetzlar: Eine Überlebende von Auschwitz berichtet – Teil 3 –

Eva Mozes Kor zu Besuch in Wetzlar: Eine Überlebende von Auschwitz berichtet – Teil 4 –

Datei:Child survivors of Auschwitz.jpeg

Brandenburg: Gedenken an die Opfer der Konzentrationslager Ravensbrück und Sachsenhausen

Widerstand im Holocaust – Gedenken an WARSCHAUER Aufstand vor 72 Jahren – 19.04.2015

Marcel Reich-Ranicki im Bundestag (Gedenken an Holocaust-Opfer) 2012

Marcel Reich-Ranickis bewegende Rede im Bundestag; Am Jahrestag der Auschwitz-Befreiung hat der Literaturkritiker Marcel Reich-Ranicki vor dem Bundestag gesprochen. Als Überlebender des Warschauer Ghettos berichtete der 91-Jährige von seinen eigenen Erfahrungen mit den Untaten des NS-Regimes. In einer Rede im Bundestag hat Marcel Reich-Ranicki zum 67. Jahrestag der Befreiung des Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz an die Untaten des Nazi-Regimes und das Leid der Gefangenen erinnert.
Marcel Reich-Ranicki (gebürtig Marceli Reich; * 2. Juni 1920 in Włocławek, Polen) ist ein deutscher Publizist und gilt als der einflussreichste deutschsprachige Literaturkritiker der Gegenwart.

Isreality Academy: 70 jaar na de Holocaust, Interview met Betty Bausch 

and more,,,

Lokalzeit aus Duisburg Betty Bausch


Betty Bausch am 6. Juni im Berufskolleg Geldern

Gedenktag an den Holocaust – Yom HaShoah 2012 יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה

יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה

Heute abend, am 27. Nisan, beginnt Yom HaShoah, der israelische Gedenktag an die 6 Mio. Opfer des deutschen Völkermordes an den Juden im 2. Weltkrieg. Leider weicht der “Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus” in Deutschland von diesem Datum ab, bei uns wird er am Jahrestag der Befreiuung des KZ Auschwitz-Birkenau am 27. Januar 1945 begangen und ist seit 1996 ein offizieller Gedenktag.

In ISRAEL wird nur eine Woche nach Yom HaShoah der Unabhängigkeitstag des Jüdischen Staates

Lieblingsstücke – Ein Interview mit Rabbiner Yitzhak Ehrenberg

Essen und Trinken – über jüdische Speisegesetze

Zum 10. Jubiläum des Jüdischen Museums Berlin gaben prominente Gäste Führungen, in denen sie ihre Lieblingsstücke vorstellen.
Im Interview erzählen sie davon.

Serfaus – jewish life with a Summer vacation

In the Tyrol Serfaus community has several hotels on Jewish-Orthodox guests specialized. Seit vier Jahren immer im Juli und August haben sie ausschließlich für orthodoxe Juden ihre Betriebe geöffnet. For four years – always in July and August – they have only for Orthodox Jews their businesses open. Keine einfache Aufgabe, gilt es doch, auf strenge religiöse Vorschriften Rücksicht zu nehmen. No easy task, but it applies to strict religious rules to be taken. So verlangen etwa die jüdischen Speisegesetze (Kaschrut), dass Milch- und Fleischprodukte nicht miteinander vermischt werden dürfen. To ask about the Jewish dietary laws (Kaschrut) that milk and meat products can not be mixed together. Auch die Schabbat-Ruhe da ist orthodoxen Juden das Bedienen elektrischer Geräte verboten stellt das Hotelpersonal vor Herausforderungen. Also, the Shabbat rest – there’s Orthodox Jews use electrical appliances banned – the hotel staff as challenges. Bericht: Kurt Reindl, Länge: 6 Minuten Report: Kurt Reindl
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Hallel – Teil 1 (Aus Psalmen 113-117) – Singen im jüdischen Gottesdienst – Breslev Deutsch – הלל

Rabbi Schalom Arusch, Rabbi David Kraus und Schüler, bei einer Feier in Jerusalem, beten das Rosch Chodesch (Neumond) Gebet (Kislev 5771) – das „Hallel” (“Lobgesang”) nach der Tradition der Chassidismusbewegung Breslev – mit bekannten jüdischen Melodien gesungen.

Hebräisch mit Untertitel in deutscher Sprache

Psalm 113
Halleluja (Lobet Gott)! Lobet, Knechte des Ewigen, lobet den Namen des Ewigen!
Gepriesen sei der Name des Ewigen von nun an bis in Ewigkeit!
Von Sonnenaufgang bis zu ihrem Niedergang sei der Name des Ewigen gelobt!
Erhaben über alle Völker ist der Ewige, über dem Himmel ist Seine Herrlichkeit.
Wer ist dem Ewigen, unserem Gott, gleich, der in der Höhe thront,
doch auch das Niedrigste beachtet, im Himmel und auf Erden?
Der aus dem Staub den Armen aufrichtet, aus dem Schmutz den Bedürftigen erhebt,
um ihn neben Edlen zu setzen, neben Edlen Seines Volkes.
Er belebt das Haus der Kinderlosen, (indem Er) sie zu einer fröhlichen Mutter macht. Halleluja!

Psalm 114
Als Israel aus Ägypten zog, das Haus Jakobs aus dem fremden Volk,
da wurde Jehuda zu Seinem Heiligtum, Israel wurde Sein Reich.
Das Meer sah und floh, der Jordan wich zurück.
Die Berge hüpften wie Widder, die Hügel wie junge Schafe.
Was ist mit dir, o Meer, dass du fliehest? Mit dir, o Jordan, dass du dich zurückweichst?
Ihr Berge, dass ihr hüpft wie Widder? Ihr Hügel, wie junge Schafe?
Vor dem Herrn erbebe, du Erde, vor dem Gott Jakobs!
Der Fels in Wasserteich wandelt, Kieselstein in Wasserquelle.

Psalm 115 (12-18)
Der Ewige hat unser gedacht, Er segnet.
Segnet das Haus Israels, segnet das Haus Aarons.
Segnet Gottesfürchtige, die Kleinen samt den Großen.
Der Ewige vermehre euch, euch und eure Kinder.
Gesegnet seid ihr für Gott, den Schöpfer von Himmel und Erde.
Die Himmel sind des Ewigen Himmel, aber die Erde hat Er den Menschen gegeben.
Nicht die Toten loben Gott, und nicht die, die in die Grabesstille hinabsteigen.
Wir aber preisen Gott von jetzt bis in Ewigkeit.
Von jetzt bis in Ewigkeit. Halleluja!

Psalm 116 (12-19)
Wie soll ich dem Ewigen all die Wohltaten erwidern, die Er mir erwiesen hat?
Den Kelch der Rettung will ich erheben, und den Namen des Ewigen anrufen.
Wie soll ich dem Ewigen all die Wohltaten erwidern, die Er mir erwiesen hat?
Den Kelch der Rettung will ich erheben, und den Namen des Ewigen anrufen.
Meine Gelübde werde ich dem Ewigen vor Seinem ganzen Volk bezahlen.
Schwer ist in den Augen des Ewigen das Sterben Seiner Frommen.
Bitte Ewiger, ich bin Dein Knecht, ich bin Dein Knecht, Sohn Deiner Magd.
Ich bin Dein Knecht, Sohn Deiner Magd. Du hast meine Fesseln gelöst.
Dir will ich Dankopfer darbringen, und den Namen des Ewigen anrufen.
Meine Gelübde werde ich dem Ewigen vor Seinem ganzen Volk bezahlen,
in den Höfen des Hauses des Ewigen, inmitten Jerusalem.
Inmitten Jerusalem. Halleluja!

Psalm 117
Lobet den Ewigen, alle Völker, rühmet Ihn, alle Nationen!
Denn mächtig ist Seine Liebe über uns, und die Wahrheit des Ewigen währt ewig. Halleluja!

Hallel – Teil 2 (Psalm 118, 1-4) – Singen im jüdischen Gottesdienst – Breslev

Hallel – Teil 3 (Psalm 118, 5-25) – Singen im jüdischen Gottesdienst – Breslev



Reise der jüdischen Gemeindevorsteher

300 jüdische Gemeinde-Mitglieder reisen aus den USA nach Deutschland, 70 Kantoren der amerikanischen “Cantors Assembly” und ihre Angehörigen. Kantoren oder Chasan, die Vorbeter jüdischer Gemeinden, sind aus alter Tradition Meister der Liturgie mit herausragenden Stimmen. Ihre Stationen in Deutschland sind Orte der Erinnerung an jüdisches Leben genauso wie Orte, an denen jüdisches Leben noch lebendig ist – aber vor allem Orte, wo Musik ist, wie die Synagoge in der Berliner Rykestraße.

·  Jüdische Kulturtage

Die jüdische Gemeinde in Regensburg: Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft

Regensburg Jüdische Gemeinde

Regensburg Pläne für ein neues Zentrum

Israel: Jewish daily life – Israel: Jüdischer Alltag – ישראל: חיי היומיום יהודים

Leben als Jude in Israel..

Mein neues Leben in Jerusalem – Eine Deutsche unter orthodoxen Juden

Porträt der ins Judentum konvertierten Deutschen Elishewa, die in Jerusalem mit ihrem Mann und sieben Kindern das abgeschottete, entbehrungsreiche und streng reglementierte Leben der ultraorthodoxen Juden führt. Elishewas Familie befolgt streng die Regeln der Thora, die durch zahllose detaillierte Gebote und Verbote den Alltag regeln. Kontakte zur säkularen Welt, Internet und Fernsehen sind unterbunden. Die Ultraorthodoxen unterhalten eigene Medien, Bücher und ihr eigenes Bildungssystem. Der soziale Umgang schreibt weitgehende Geschlechtertrennung vor. Die Jungen und Männer verbringen in der Regel die Tage in der ganztägigen Thora-Schule und arbeiten nur im notwendigen Rahmen. Mädchen hingegen bekommen eine bessere Allgemeinbildung, denn sie müssen später für den Unterhalt der Familie arbeiten. Finanzielle Unterstützung leisten Sponsoren und die Gesellschaft

7 Tage… unter Juden | 7 Tage | NDR

Sarahs Schwestern – Jüdische Frauen in Deutschland

Nach den Festen, den Hochzeiten, der Architektur und der Kindheit, stehen 2010 die Frauen im Zentrum der Dokumentationsreihe “Religionen in Deutschland”. Ob Judentum, Buddhismus, Islam oder Katholizismus: Frauen wird von den Religionen eine ganz bestimmte Rolle zugewiesen. Inwieweit gläubige Frauen diese erfüllen bzw. sich bewusst dagegen entscheiden, will die 4-teilige Serie anhand von ausgewählten Beispielen beleuchten. Im Zentrum stehen dabei pro Film zwei sehr unterschiedliche Frauen, die ihre Religion und ihren Glauben aus ihrer ganz persönlichen Sicht erklären. Die Rabbinerin Irit Shillor ist gebürtige Israelin. Mit den Ritualen des Judentums ist sie wie selbstverständlich groß geworden, eine besondere, religiöse Erziehung hat sie jedoch nicht genossen. Als sie nach ihrem Mathematikstudium nach England zog, lernte sie die liberale Strömung des Judentums kennen und lieben. Heute pendelt sie zwischen England und Deutschland, wo sie in der kleinen Hamelner Gemeinde als Rabbinerin tätig ist. Als religiöses Vorbild will sie ihrer Gemeinde vor allem die Gleichstellung von Mann und Frau nahe bringen. Joelle Spinner ist orthodoxe Jüdin und nimmt die religiösen Vorschriften sehr ernst. Die aus der Schweiz stammende Frau ist wie selbstverständlich mit der Orthodoxie aufgewachsen.Die promovierte Kunsthistorikerin ist verheiratet mit dem Vorsitzenden der Lauderfoundation und hat mit ihren drei Töchtern und dem Haushalt, der jede Woche am Shabbat seine Türen für Gäste aus aller Welt öffnet viel zu tun. Ihr Mann und sie kamen 2000 nach Berlin, sie waren die ersten, sichtbaren Juden am Prenzlauer Berg. Joelle Spinner zeigt, wie es gelingen kann als moderne, weltoffene Frau das orthodoxe Judentum ganz selbstverständlich hier in Deutschland zu leben.

Arte Doku: Nicht ganz koscher

613 religiöse Gebote und Verbote regeln den Alltag gläubiger Juden. Aber wie orientiert man sich an dieser verwirrend hohen Anzahl von Vorschriften und ihren vielen Ausnahmen? Wie lebt man also “koscher”? Dabei bedeutet “koscher” aus dem Hebräischen übersetzt in etwa “als richtig geprüft” oder “bestätigt”. Der jüdische Mensch unterzieht sich permanent dieser “Qualitätsprüfung”. Filmemacherin Ruth Olshan hat selbst jüdische Wurzeln, wuchs aber nicht mit der jüdischen Kultur auf. So hat sie sich auf die Suche nach ihrer eigenen jüdischen Identität gemacht und geht gleichzeitig humorvoll der Frage nach, was koscheres Leben eigentlich ist.

Dabei taucht Ruth Olshan tief ein in den facettenreichen jüdischen Alltag. Liberale und orthodoxe jüdische Familien und Rabbiner weihen sie in die Geheimnisse der koscheren Küche ein, erklären den Außenstehenden kurios erscheinenden Umgang mit Hygiene, Bekleidung und anderen Dingen des Alltags. Auch die Sexualität sparen sie dabei nicht aus. Die Filmemacherin erfährt und erlebt Überraschendes, Erstaunliches, Erheiterndes und vieles, was sie nachdenklich stimmt.

Plötzlich war ich Jüdin – Das unglaubliche Leben der Inge Deutschkron

HEBRÄISCH – SPEAKIT! – – (Videokurs) #52000

HEBRÄISCH – reden Sie einfach drauflos! (3432) | PROLOG

Hebräisch lernen – Die Zahlen

Jiddisch Deutsch vergleich

Wie der Titel stellt, dies ist ein kurzer Vergleich zwischen die beiden Sprachen, Jiddisch und Deutsch. Wir sind beiden Studenten des Deutsches (das meint dass wir nur Hochdeutsch gelernt haben, mindestens ich, verdammnt noch mal!), und wir muessten einen kurzen Endprojekt fuer unsere Professorin ueber diesem…wir dachten es wuerde Spass machen, dies schnell auf Youtube einzuladen! Also, ich weiss nicht weil du dies beobachtet, aber hoffentlich wirst du diesen kurzen Film sehr viel geniessen!!

Jewrovision 2015 Auslosung der Startplatzierung

Der bekannte Rapper Ben Salomo lost die Startplatzierung der Jewrovision 2015 aus.

Hier und Heute : Alles Koscher in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf hat die drittgrößte jüdische Gemeinde Deutschlands
– mit eigener Kita und eigener Grundschule.
Reporter Stefan Quante ist in schwierigen Zeiten tief in das faszinierende Gemeindeleben eingetaucht.

Schalom am Rhein – Judentum in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf hat die drittgrößte jüdische Gemeinde Deutschlands – mit eigener Kita und eigener Grundschule. Michael Szentei-Heise sieht gleichwohl Anzeichen für wachsende Judenfeindlichkeit auch bei uns. Reporter Stefan Quante hat sich in schwierigen Zeiten im faszinierenden Gemeindeleben umgesehen.

Juden in Frankreich nach den Anschlägen: Gehen oder bleiben? – reporter

Achim Doerfer, Jüdische Gemeinde Göttingen: “Mehr Juden werden Europa jetzt verlassen”

Achim Doerfer, Vorstandsmitglied der Jüdischen Gemeinde Göttingen, ist sich sicher: „Die Zahlen der Juden, die Frankreich verlassen, werden zunehmen.“
Der Rechtsanwalt und Buchautor Doerfer hat selbst ein Jahr in Paris gelebt und kennt die Sicherheitslage gut. Was hat sich nach den Anschlägen auf die Redaktion von “Charlie Hebdo” und einen jüdischen Supermarkt verändert? Er erwartet, dass sich das Klima massiv verschlechtern wird. Seiner Meinung nach müssen, ähnlich wie in Deutschland, jüdische Einrichtungen künftig auch in Frankreich massiv bewacht werden.
Im Skype-Talk mit Hendrik Holdmann spricht Doerfer über Antisemitismus in Europa, die Pegida-Bewegung und seine Ehe mit einer gläubigen Muslimin.

Deutsche Muslime und Antisemitismus: Woher kommt die Judenfeindlichkeit?

Einige Muslime vertreten antisemitische Thesen. Abdul-Ahmad Rashid spricht mit dem Berliner Rabbiner Daniel Alter und dem Psychologen Ahmad Mansour, der sich gegen Judenfeindlichkeit stark macht. (14.06.2013)

Immer wieder gibt es Angriffe auf Juden in Deutschland. Mutmaßliche Täter sind häufig muslimische Jugendliche. Zuletzt war das Anfang Juni im hessischen Offenbach so: Nach dem Angriff auf einen Rabbiner hat ein 14-Jähriger die Tat gestanden. Wie kommt es zu diesem Judenhass unter Muslimen? “Forum am Freitag”-Moderator Abdul-Ahmad Rashid spricht darüber mit Rabbiner Daniel Alter aus Berlin, der selbst Opfer eines Anschlages geworden ist, und dem Psychologen Ahmad Mansour, der mit Jugendlichen gegen Antisemitismus vorgeht.

Wenn Rabbiner Daniel Alter auf die Straßen Berlins geht, trägt er meistens zwei Mützen: die Kippa und darüber eine weitere – aus Gründen des Selbstschutzes: “Antisemitismus bekommt in der jüngeren Vergangenheit eine neue, offenere und aggressivere Qualität”, sagt der Rabbiner. Berlin ist die Stadt Deutschlands mit der größten jüdischen Gemeinde: Rund 10.000 Juden leben in der Hauptstadt. Immer mehr von ihnen wollen aber unerkannt bleiben. “Viele Mitglieder unserer Gemeinde versuchen es zu vermeiden, sich öffentlich als jüdisch zu identifizieren”, sagt Alter. Was passieren kann, wenn man als Jude ausgemacht wird, hat Alter am eigenen Leib erfahren: Vor den Augen seiner kleinen Tochter wurde er von Jugendlichen verprügelt. Einfach nur, weil er Jude ist.

Alltäglicher Antisemitismus

Viel häufiger begegnet einem der Antisemitismus unter muslimischen Migranten aber im Alltag, auf Schulhöfen, in Schulklassen, Moscheen, auf Facebook: “Jude” sei unter muslimischen Jugendlichen ein Schimpfwort geworden, schreibt Ahmad Mansour in einem Bericht für die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (BpB). Mansour, der mit Jugendlichen im Projekt “Heroes” arbeitet und dort judenfeindliches Gedankengut bekämpft, hört aber auch regelrechte Verschwörungstheorien: Es geht dort um die “Herrschaft der Juden” oder ihre aktive Rollen bei der Finanzkrise oder bei den Anschlägen am elften September.

Bei muslimischen Jugendlichen tritt antisemitisches Gedankengut dabei nicht nur vereinzelt auf. Die BpB spricht von einer “problematischen Größe“. Präzise Zahlen gibt es in Deutschland nicht, aber einige Studien, die Aufschluss geben. In einer Studie aus dem Jahr 2010 wurde die Zustimmung zur Aussage “Juden haben in der Welt zu viel Einfluss” abgefragt. 35,8 Prozent der arabischen und 20,9 Prozent der türkischstämmigen Jugendlichen stimmten ihr zu. Bei Jugendlichen ohne Migrationshintergrund lag der Wert bei lediglich 2,1 Prozent.

Maßnahmen gegen die Judenfeindlichkeit

Muslime, die solchen Thesen zustimmen, haben meist eins gemeinsam: Sie haben noch nie in ihrem Leben einen Juden persönlich getroffen oder mit ihm gesprochen. Sie assoziieren beim Wort “Jude” israelische Soldaten oder radikale Siedler. “Dass aber in Deutschland und anderswo Juden leben, die mit Israel kaum oder wenig zu tun haben, ist ihnen unbekannt.”, schreibt Ahmad Mansou für die BpB. Wenn Jugendliche etwa im Schulunterricht Holocaustüberlebenden begegnen oder einem Rabbiner, dann relativieren sich ihre antisemitischen Thesen. Mansour, der selbst palästinensische Wurzeln hat, hält es in Klassen mit einem hohen Anteil muslimischer Jugendlicher für sinnvoll, die Frage des Antisemitismus, des Holocaust und des Nahost-Konfliktes miteinander verknüpft zu behandeln. Leider fehlten dafür zurzeit noch die Unterrichtskonzepte, bedauert er im “Forum am Freitag”-Gespräch.

Purim 5775 (2015) _Rav Cherky

Rav Cherky spricht über das jüdische Purim-Fest, welches dieses Jahr am 04.03.15 stattfinden wird.

Anschläge in Kopenhagen: Dänische Polizei erschießt mutmaßlichen Attentäter


Schießerei in Kopenhagen: Björn Staschen, NDR, mit Informationen


Neue Stadtführung “Spurensuche jüdischen Lebens”

Die Aktion Zivilcourage bildet im Rahmen des Projektes “Spurensuche jüdischen Lebens in Pirna” neue 7 neue Stadtführer aus. Die Route für die Führung haben Ramona Meisel von der Aktion Zivilcourage und der Historiker Hugo Jensch zusammengestellt.

Rabbi Schalom Arusch – Die spirituelle Bedeutung von Purim und seine Gebräuche – פּוּרִים

purim agudas achim 2012

purim 2012 Zürich

ISRAEL MUSIC HISTORY Purim – Das Purimfest “Jüdischer Karneval” Auch in den Synagogen 2011

Purim 2012 Jüdische Gemeinde Dresden

ZDFinfo Videos

»Schützt höhere Bildung vor Rassismus und Antisemitismus?«

»Schützt höhere Bildung vor Rassismus und Antisemitismus?«
Vorstellung einer Studie und Podiumsdiskussion am 20.2.2014 in der Akademie des Jüdischen Museums Berlin

Wie verbreitet ist ausgrenzendes Denken im akademischen Milieu? Vorgestellt und diskutiert werden die Ergebnisse einer empirischen Studie von Wassilis Kassis und Charlotte Schallié.

— Einführung von Yasemin Shooman (0:08)
— Vorstellung der Studie durch die Autoren (4:56)
— Podiumsdiskussion (20:50)

Teilnehmer der Podiumsdiskussion:
— Wassilis Kassis (Universität Osnabrück)
— Charlotte Schallié (University of Victoria, British Columbia, Kanada)
— Iman Attia (Alice Salomon Hochschule)
— Stefanie Schüler-Springorum (Technische Universität Berlin)
— Andreas Zick (Universität Bielefeld)

Deutsche und Juden – Trotz allem Versöhnung? – HISTORY LIVE am 10.11.2013

Deutsche und Juden – Trotz allem Versöhnung?
Kein Verbrechen, das je an einer Bevölkerungsgruppe begangen wurde, war so menschenverachtend und dabei so systematisch organisiert wie der Holocaust. Die Reichspogromnacht jährt sich in diesem Jahr zum 75. Mal. Dies ist für Guido Knopp Anlass, sich 70 Jahre nach dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs in History LIVE mit dem Holocaust und seinen Folgen für das deutsch-jüdisch-israelische Verhältnis auseinander zu setzen.
Guido Knopp diskutiert mit den Historikern Michael Wolffsohn und Götz Aly sowie dem Publizisten Yves Kugelmann.

“Jüdische Genies” – Warhols Juden

13. März 2012, Eröffnung der Ausstellung “Jüdische Genies” – Warhols Juden im Museum Judenplatz

Die Judenschublade – Junge Juden in D.

Ich bin Jüdin, aber ich heiße Sharons Politik nicht gut, mein Vater trägt keinen schwarzen Kaftan und ich mache meine Freunde, die so alt sind wie ich, nich.,,,,,,

Die jüdische Gemeinde in Saarbrücken

Aus der SR-Sendung “Direkt dabei” vom 27.10.2014.

O-TON: Zum Tod von Richard von Weizsäcker

Weizsacker Rede zum 8. Mai 1985 part 1-5

Deutsch-jüdische Spurensuche: Argentinien | Kultur 21

Deutsch-jüdische Spurensuche – Diesmal USA | Kultur 21

Deutsch-jüdische Spurensuche in Südafrika | Kultur 21

Spurensuche – Deutsch-jüdisches Kulturerbe weltweit | Im Focus

Brandenburgs erste Synagoge wird in Cottbus eingeweiht

Landesrabbiner Nachum Presman und Staatssekretär (MWFK) Martin Gorholt zur neuen Synagoge. Anschließend noch ein Teil des Thora-Festzuges in der mit Interessierten gefüllten Sprem.

Anne Frank Teil 1

Anne Frank Teil 2

Anne Frank

from Wikipedia

Annelies Marie „Anne“ Frank (geboren 12. Juni 1929 in Frankfurt am Main als Anneliese[1] Marie Frank; gestorben Anfang März 1945im KZ Bergen-Belsen) war ein jüdisches deutsches Mädchen, das 1934 mit seinen Eltern in die Niederlande auswanderte, um der Verfolgung durch die Nationalsozialisten zu entgehen, und kurz vor dem Kriegsende dem nationalsozialistischen Holocaust zum Opfer fiel. Zuvor hatte sie sich mit ihrer Familie in einem Hinterhaus in Amsterdam versteckt gehalten, wo sie ihre Erlebnisse und Gedanken in einem Tagebuch niederschrieb.

Das nach dem Krieg von ihrem Vater Otto Frank veröffentlichte Tagebuch der Anne Frank gilt als ein historisches Dokument aus der Zeit des Holocaust und die Autorin als Symbolfigur für alle Opfer der Vernichtungspolitik der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus. Photo by Wikipedia    Gedenkstele an Anne Franks Geburtshaus im Marbachweg Nr. 307, in Ffm, von Bernd Fischer. Read More Button--orange

Chabad Berlin: Schabbat Nugget mit Rabbiner Yehuda Teichtal. Januar 16., 2015


7 Tage unter Juden (Reportage)

Datteln, Zimt und Kiddusch-Wein kommen zusammen in eine Küchenmaschine. Es duftet nach einer fremden Welt in der jüdischen Gemeinde zu Oldenburg. “Jede Zutat, jedes Gericht hat hier eine Bedeutung”, erzählt Oshra Levi. Sie kocht für die Pessach-Feiertage. Pessach ist das Fest, das an den Auszug der versklavten Israeliten aus Ägypten erinnert.
Tradition wird großgeschrieben

Jüdischen Museums Berlin

Wir freuen uns, eine Auswahl an Videos über die Sammlungen, Ausstellungen, Aktivitäten und Themen des Jüdischen Museums Berlin zeigen und teilen zu können.


focus online


Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster, producing TV, radio and Internet programming for you in 30 languages – wherever you are in the world (YouTube programming in German).

Jüdische Musik

International Holocaust Remembrance Day videos

»Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Die Erschaffung der Welt« — Ausstellungseröffnung am 3.4.2014

»Die Erschaffung der Welt« — Illustrierte Handschriften aus der Braginsky Collection
Sonderausstellung vom 4.4.2014 bis 3.8.2014

Der Schwerpunkt der Sammlung liegt auf illustrierten Handschriften, die im 18. Jahrhundert in Mittel- und Nordeuropa entstanden und einen Höhepunkt der jüdischen Handschriftenkunst darstellen.

Weitere ausführliche Informationen zur Ausstellung auf der Website des Jüdischen Museums Berlin:


Shraga Elam

Das Gespräch wurde am 9. Juli 2014 aufgenommen.


R. Jaron Engelmayer,Rav Dani Fabian,R. Marcel Bordon,R.Yitchak Ziskind,R. Yechiel Brukner, und mehr…….

lecture , Veranstaltungen the Jewish Museum Berlin

Chabad Berlin: Schabbat Nugget mit Rabbiner Yehuda Teichtal. Oktober 8., 2014

and more…..

Rabbiner Mendel Schtroks

Chabad Berlin: Schabbat Nugget mit Rabbiner Yehuda Teichtal. Oktober 2., 2014


Bet Halevi – Golan Yonatan

Israel Tourism  Israel Active Interest Tour

Ralph Giordano

Yiddish Lessons

Shiur mit Rav Albert Shamonov.

Jüdischer Kultursommer 2011 Sephardische Melodie – Max Doehlemann Jazz Trio

Konzert Max Doehlemann Jazz Trio mit Saxofonen
Jüdischer Kultursommer im Jüdischen Museum Berlin, 2011
“Sefardische Melodie”
animrecip2 (zur Startseite)

“Schalom” heißt die wöchentliche Sendung des Landesverbandes der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinden

Äthiopische Juden in Israel – Bürger zweiter Klasse? – 05.06.2015

Äthiopische Juden in Israel – Bürger zweiter Klasse?
Ein Beitrag von Silke Fries, sowie
Parascha Behaalotcha von Joel Berger.

Ein neues Gemeindezentrum in Regensburg – 29.05.2015

Regensburg erhält ein neues jüdisches Gemeindezentrum. Der Neubau entsteht dort, wo die 1912 erbaute mächtige Synagoge stand , die bei dem Pogrom am 9. November 1938 abgebrannt und später abgebrochen wurde. Thomas Muggenthaler hat sich vorab informiert.
Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

49 Tage nach Pésach. Schavu´óth 5775 – 22.05.2015

49 Tage nach Pésach wird Schawuot gefeiert, das “Wochen-” oder “Gesetzgebungsfest”. Annemarie Ruf hat sich dazu in der Jüdischen Gemeinde Augsburg umgehört und mit Gemeinderabbiner Henry Brandt gesprochen. Sowie Parascha “Schawuot” von Rabbiner Joel Berger

Die 14ten Europäischen Makkabi-Spiele – 15.05.2015

Wer zur Mehrheitsgesellschaft gehört, kann das nur bedingt nachfühlen, wie das ist, ein anderer zu sein, in der Schulklasse, im Kollegenkreis, fast überall. Umso wichtiger sind Gleichgesinnte. Im Sommer treffen sich (zum ersten Mal) in Berlin rund 2000 jüdische Sportler und Sportlerinnen zur größten jüdischen Sportveranstaltung in Europa, zu den 14ten Europäischen Makkabi-Spielen. Tobias Kühn über die Vorbereitungen.

Palästinensische Kinder beim Arzt in Israel – 08.05.2015

Silke Fries erzählt uns die Geschichte von Júval Roth. Einem israelischen Helfer, der Grenzen überschreitet und palästinensische Kinder medizinisch versorgt. Sowie Parascha “Emór” von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

“Wenn ich das KZ überlebt habe, werde ich auch das überleben” – 24.04.2015

“Wenn ich das KZ überlebt habe, werde ich auch das überleben”. Tibor Sands – Budapest, KZ Buchenwald, KZ Flossenbürg, Todesmarsch nach Dachau und dann gefeierter Fotograf und gefragter Kameramann in Hollywood. Thomas Muggenthaler über das Leben und Über-Leben von Tibor Sands.
Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Einer der letzten Auschwitz-Prozesse – 17.04.2015

Am kommenden Dienstag steht in Lüneburg Oskar Gröning (93) vor Gericht. Der SS-Mann ist angeklagt wegen Beihilfe zum Mord in 300 000 Fällen. Ein Beitrag von Silke Fries. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

“Jukebox. Jewbox! Ein jüdisches Jahrhundert auf Schellack und Vinyl” – 10.04.2015

“Jukebox. Jewkbox! Ein jüdisches Jahrhundert auf Schellack und Vinyl” – Ulrich Trebbin hat sich die neue Ausstellung im Jüdischen Museum München am Jakobsplatz für uns angesehen. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

“Pésach 5775” in Regensburg – 03.04.2015

Pésach 5775. Thomas Muggenthaler hat sich für uns im Gemeindehaus Regensburg umgehört, wie man dort die beiden Seder-Abende heute und morgen feiert. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Jüdische Gemeinde “Beth Schalom” – 27.03.2015

20 Jahre liberale jüdische Gemeinde “Beth Shalom”. Münchens liberale Juden haben letzten Sonntag ihr Jubiläum gefeiert – im Festsaal der orthodoxen IKG. Ein Beitrag von Barbara Weiß. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Judentum in Baiersdorf – 20.03.2015

Vor 150 Jahren haben 440 Juden im mittelfränkischen Baiersdorf gelebt und waren ein Drittel der Bevölkerung. Thomas Senne ist mit dem Heimatforscher Horst Gemeinhardt durch die Stadt gegangen

Purim 5775 – 06.03.2015

Was steckt hinter Purim, dem Losfest – und wie wurde im Lauf der Geschichte die Purim-Geschichte ausgelegt und umgedeutet. Kathrina Edinger hat nachgeforscht. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Wie lebt man nach der Erfahrung im KZ weiter? – 27.02.2015

Wie lebt man nach der Erfahrung im KZ weiter? Elsa Weiss hat Ghetto und vier KZ überlebt. Ein Beitrag von Kristina Dumas, sowie die Parascha Tezawe von Joel Berger.

“Jewrovision” in Köln – 20.02.2015

Die “Jewrovison 2015” unter dem Motto “Make A Difference” beginnt am Wochenende in Köln. Durch das jüdische Musik- und Tanz-Spektakel führt der Berliner Rapper Ben Salomo. Gerald Beyrodt hat sich mit ihm getroffen. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

“Jewrovision” in Köln – 20.02.2015

Die “Jewrovison 2015” unter dem Motto “Make A Difference” beginnt am Wochenende in Köln. Durch das jüdische Musik- und Tanz-Spektakel führt der Berliner Rapper Ben Salomo. Gerald Beyrodt hat sich mit ihm getroffen. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Endstation: der Wald von Bi?ernieki – 13.02.2015

Endstation: der Wald von Bi?ernieki. Die Ermodung deutscher Juden in Riga. Ein Beitrag von Julia Smilga. Sowie Parascha “Mischpatim” von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Mehr Transparenz und Effektivität – Aufbruch der IKG Nürnberg – 06.02.2015

Thomas Senne berichtet über die Kehliáh in Nürnberg, über eine Gemeinde mitten im Aufbruch. Sowie Parascha “Jitro” von Rabbiner Joel Berger. (zur Startseite)Bucharajuden – Der letzte Rabbi von Buchara – 30.01.2015

Vor etwa 2600 Jahren zogen aus der Gefangenschaft freigelassener Juden nach Usbekistan, in das damaligen Handelszentrum Buchara. Heute gibt es in Buchara nur noch eine verschwindend kleine jüdische Gemeinschaft. Julia Smilga war auf Spurensuche in Usbekistan. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Leon Weintraub – Überlebender des Rassenwahns – 23.01.2015

Leon Weintraub hat nicht nur Auschwitz überlebt, sondern auch Getto Litzmannstadt, die Konzentrationslager in Groß-Rosen, Flossenbürg und Natzweiler und den Todesmarsch. Thomas Muggenthaler hat mit dem “Überlebenden des Rassenwahns” gesprochen. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.


Rabbanim Shiurim

Rav Joseph Pardes


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UPCOMING HOLIDAY The Three Weeks Jul. 4 – Jul. 25

clip-The Three Weeks

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Yaakov Petro Singing “Pia Pascha – Eishes Chayil” At His Own Wedding

Yaakov Petro Singing “Pia Pascha – Eishes Chayil” At His Own Wedding, Music by Shloime Friedman Productions On March 4th 2013 in Lake Terrace – Lakewood NJ

Yaakov Petro▶ ▶ ▶ 

Chadashot Belz,,,,, 2015,▶ ▶ ▶

Cantor Ari Klein Live Selichos 1980

Hailed as a child prodigy cantor, Ari began singing as a small boy in synagogues throughout Montreal, Canada and recorded his first album at the age of 12. Across the years, he has transformed communities, blending traditional hazzanut/cantorial music with the music of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, niggunim (worldless melodies) and popular music. Whether in South Africa, Canada, Australia or New York, his dynamic personality and sheer energy has infused synagogues with greater fervor, his kaleidoscope of sounds opening the heart as it speaks to the soul. Having most recently served as the cantor at the prestigious Park East Synagogue, his outstanding range of voice quality and his versatile repertoire through Hasidic soul to classical traditional and popular music delights all who hear and daven with him. In 2006, Ari founded the New York School of Voice and Cantorial Training. He lives in New York with his wife Lauren and their children.

Hináj Yafá/Cuán hermosa eres [Shir Hashirim/Cant. 2:1,14 & 4:1] Canta: Gad Elbaz

▶ ▶ ▶ and more
Suscríbete y disfruta de hermosas melodías y voces todos con traducción y fonética para que los aprendas. Síguenos en Facebook:

The Mezamrim Choir Singing

Bobov’er Rebbe (45) At A Wedding In Boro Park

Singin’ in the Rain @ Israel Day Concert Backstage


Thank You, God

If we’d take a few moments each day to ponder the magnificent blessings in our lives that we take for granted, we’d never be unhappy.

Freilach ft. Yoely Greenfeld & Zemiros – Amar Rabbi Elazar גרינפעלד זמירות ופרייליך – אמר ר׳ אלעזר

Music of today is upbeat and great, however classics of yesteryear are timeless. One such song is Amar Rabbi Elazar written by the prolific Yossi Green, originally recorded by powerhouse voice DEDI on his third album V’ohavto. Not only did the song have a myriad of moving parts vocally, but the original arrangement by the maestro Mona Rosenblum was a symphony of sound to thrill the scenes.

פתח ליבך (הקליפ הרשמי) לזכרם של אייל יפרח, נפתלי פרנקל וגיל-עד שער

הקליפ לשיר “פתח ליבך”, בהשתתפות חבריהם לישיבה של הנערים החטופים ומשפחות הנערים, רואה אור לראשונה.
הקליפ מלווה את המסע שעברו בחודשים שחלפו מאז החטיפה, משפחות הנערים החטופים, חבריהם לישיבה ועם ישראל כולו.
דוד ד’אור, כותב ומלחין השיר: “פחות משנה חלפה מאז נעתקה נשימתו של עם שלם. עם שלם התפלל כאיש אחד לשובם

Prayer for,,,,Lazer Brody

Mix – יונתן רזאל – קטנתי (קליפ) – (Yonatan Razel Katonti

Duddy Knopfler & Meshorerim Choir – “Rebbe Rebbe”

The great Chasidic singer Duddy Knopfler with the Meshorerim Choir stuns the crowd in a heartwarming and amazing performance of the hit song “Rebbe Rebbe” Originally sung and Recorded by Yehudah Green on his latest album “Barchenu” At a recent ‘Kumzitz’ with Shloimy Wachter on keys

לייבלה ליפסקר והזמר צוקר


Mendy Jerufi & Motty Steinmetz Sing Chabad Niggunim at Yud Alef Nissan In Israel

Three Chassidic singers, participated at the “Stadium Kinus” Monday night March 30th 2015 in honor of Yud Alef Nissan, Celebrating 113 years since the birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Eretz Yisroel. R’ Mendy Jerufi, R’ Motty Steinmetz and R’ Berel Tzuker sang emotional Niggunim to inspire the crowd

אלפי חסידי חב”ד גדשו ומילאו את היכל הארנה החדש בחולון, במעמד עוצמתי וענק, לכבוד יום הבהיר י”א ניסן המציין את יום הולדתו של הרבי מליובאוויטש. את החלק האומנתי מילאו מענדי ג’רופי, נער הפלא מוטי שטיינמץ ובערל צוקר

Mendy Jerufi & Berel Tzuker Dancing for Moshiach at Yud Alef Nissan In Isra

Three Chassidic singers, participated at the “Stadium Kinus” Monday night March 30th 2015 in honor of Yud Alef Nissan, Celebrating 113 years since the birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Eretz Yisroel. R’ Mendy Jerufi, R’ Motty Steinmetz and R’ Berel Tzuker sang emotional Niggunim to inspire the crowd

Motty Steinmetz, Mendy Jerufi, Berel Tzuker – Anim Zemiros at Yud Alef Nissan In Israel

Three Chassidic singers, participated at the “Stadium Kinus” Monday night March 30th 2015 in honor of Yud Alef Nissan, Celebrating 113 years since the birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Eretz Yisroel. R’ Mendy Jerufi, R’ Motty Steinmetz and R’ Berel Tzuker sang emotional Niggunim to inspire the crowd

Moshe Habusha – Mawal Maqam Kurd (A)

Moshe Habusha – Mawal Maqam Kurd (A) (Israel)

ערוץ המוסיקה המזרחית קלאסית של המוסיקאי אריאל כהן

חיים ישראל חומות של תקווה – הופעה חייה קומזינג 2

הַלְּלוּ – דיוואן הַלֵּב

הַלְּלוּ – מתוך האלבום: דיוואן הלב.

תשעה באב – תאור חורבן בית המקדש הראשון – חלק 3

סרטי יהדות מזוית אחרת :
חורבן בית המקדש המקדש הראשון
בית ראשון נחרב בשנת 421 לפני הספירה. נבוכדנצר מלך בבל הגלה את ממלכת יהודה לבבל. בניו של צדקיהו המלך נשחטו אל מול עיניו, עיניו נעקרו והוא הובל עם יתר הגולים לבבל. חורבן ירושלים ובית המקדש מתוארים בספר מלכים, בספר דברי הימים ובספר ירמיה: “וישרף את בית ה’, ואת בית המלך; ואת כל בתי ירושלם, ואת כל בית גדול-שרף באש”. (מלכים ב כה,ט)
“וכל כלי בית האלוהים הגדולים והקטנים ואוצרות בית ה’ ואוצרות המלך ושריו, הכל הביא בבל. וישרפו את בית האלוהים וינתצו את חומת ירושלם. וכל ארמנותיה שרפו באש, וכל כלי מחמדיה להשחית. ויגל השארית מן החרב אל בבל ויהיו לו ולבניו לעבדים עד מלוך מלכות פרס. למלאות דבר ה’ בפי ירמיהו עד רצתה הארץ את שבתותיה כל ימי השמה שבתה למלאות שבעים שנה” (דברי הימים ב’, ל”ו, י”ח-כ”א )

Nachas – Bischar Zeh Audio Preview

It’s been four years since Nachas released his first single and since that time, the smooth voiced singer has been churning out one hit single after another, slowly but surely building a base of die-hard music fans, eager to hear more from one of Jewish music’s brightest rising stars. After numerous live concert appearances, five blockbuster music videos and countless hours in the recording studio, Nachas’ highly anticipated debut album, Bischar Zeh, is ready to roll, capturing the singer’s trademark energy and enthusiasm in fourteen fabulous songs.

Bischar Zeh is vintage Nachas, bursting with different musical genres, giving him the ability to display his incredible versatility in each and every track. Nachas, who also composed 10 songs on the album, has found his niche, bridging the gap between old style Jewish music and today’s more updated sounds, resulting in an incredible array of music that has rare universal appeal.

Produced by Ruli Ezrachi, Bischar Zeh features seven exciting new songs and fabulous updated versions of the popular hits that have made Nachas a household name. The album includes the talents of composer Yitzy Waldner, Shloime Kauffman, the Chaveirim choir and musicians Gal Gershovsky, Shlomi Cohen, Nachman Dreyer and Ruli Ezrachi and was mixed by Larry Gates.

Bischar Zeh is being distributed by Aderet Music and will be available May 26th at your local Judaica store and online at and ITunes

▶ ▶ ▶,,,,,משה דוויק אפתח פי בשירה

מקהלת מלכות אל הנער הזה | Malchus Choir El Hanaar Hazeh




Shloime Daskal & Yedidim Choir “Tefilat Kallah & Im Eshkocheich” An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Shloime Daskal & Yedidim Choir “Tefilat Kallah-Shwekey & Im Eshkocheich-Lev Thaor” – At a Wedding in the Hilton Meadowlands On March 8, 2015 Conducted by Yisroel Lamm an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Stage Manager: Motty Jay

Zishy Green & Brothers Perform at Sisters Wedding

Green Brothers Zishy, Chaim, and Sruly Performing at their Sisters Wedding accompanied by Sympinny Orchestra and Zemiros Choir

Shimmy Levy, Meshorerim Choir and Levy Falkowitz – Energetic Wedding Dance

Shimmy Levy on the keys with Levy Falkowitz Accompanied by the Meshorerim Choir at a recent Wedding in Boro Park.

Straight down energy from beginning to end !!!

for more info
Shimmy levy – 1347-986-7084
Meshorerim Choir – 1347-709-8113

Nafshenu Orchestra Featuring Simcha Leiner – Chupah Medley

Simcha Leiner singing an amazing chupah performance with Nafshenu Orchestra.

To view additional video clips of many of the top featured vocalists please visit our website at or call 516-371-6660.

shalom alejem / שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם / Que la paz esté con ustedes – benny friedman / בני פרידמן

SHALOM ALEJEM La Paz Sea Con Vosotros HD Hebreo y Español

Tema musical:
Shalom Alejem ( La paz sea con vosotros)
Canta: Lahakat Mashiv Haruaj.

סיי הלו I איציק דדיה Say Hello I Itzik Dadya

Itzik Dadya, Baruj Hashem, Español y Hebreo

בני וגד אלבז – אם אשכחך ירושלים Bnei End Gad Elbaz If I forget Jerusalem

גד ובני אלבז מתארחים התוכנית “כתר המזרח” עם ירון אילן ונופר מור
Join my Facebook page הצטרפו לעמוד הרשמי של גד אלבז בפיסבוק -…
האתר הרשמי –

הפקה: ZOAB Entertainment
שלומי כהן Shlomi Cohen
להזמנת הופעות: 972524339353+

Motty Steinmetz at Tomchei Shabbos Dinner Lakewood 2015

Motty Steinmetz at Tomchei Shabbos Dinner Lakewood 2015

▶ ▶ ▶ ,,Shavuot Songs

משה דוויק אפתח פי בשירה


משה דוויק יפה ותמה


▶ ▶ ▶ ,,כּיסופים

אנא בכח- כּיסופים- אולפנת בהר”ן בשירי סעודה שלישית

לא תצרוב!!
מילים: ר’ נחוניא בן הקנה לחן: הרב משה נוימן
מתוך- כּיסופים
אולפנת בהר”ן בשירי סעודה שלישית
שירת נשים
סיון התשעלהשיג באימייל י

▶ ▶ ▶ ,, Nigun

Shlomo Carlebach – Lakewood, c. 1950s (Part 1)

Carlebach sings Modzitz, Chabad, Bobov
קרליבך שר מודז’יץ, חב”ד, באבוב

Shlomo Carlebach – Lakewood, c. 1950s (Part 2)

Bar Yochai/ Lag B’omer Dance Track!!!

Upbeat fast dance track to the tune of the traditional “Bar Yochai” sung on the Jewish fesitival of Lag Ba’omer in honor of the YohrTzeit of the holy Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Acapella: Shea Berko and Yedidim – Kol Torah | ווקאלי: יושע ברקו וידידים – קול תורה

Yedidim Choir brings you an Acapella version of the newly released song ‘Kol Torah’, Composed by the great Yossi Green, and originally sung by Eli Marcus, now covered by the talented Shea Berko, where they perform it with their own twists in a Acapella arrangement by well known Avrumi Berko

ואפילו בהסתרה – יוסף קרדונר הופעה חיה and more ▶ ▶ ▶

לקבלת כלים רוחניים לחיזוק הנפש באמנה וביטחון

Motty Steinmetz Lag BaOmer Rebbe, Rebbe – Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai 2015

Motty Steinmetz Lag BaOmer Rebbe, Rebbe – Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai 2015

Yaniv Raba

הלובים – נדודים (מסע אל הפיוט הלובי) The Libyans – Wandering
זהו אלבום הפיוטים של יהודי לוב – ‘נדודים’ – הרואה עתה אור לאחר שנתיים ממושכות של איסוף וליקוט חומרים, עיבודים מוזיקליים והקלטות בהן לקחו חלק נגנים מהשורה הראשונה בז’אנר מוזיקת עולם, הפייטן יצחק חיון ואמנים ישראליים מובילים המתארחים באלבום, כמו ברי סחרוף, ארז לב ארי, שי גבסו ורביד כחלני.
האלבום, והמופע שלצדו, מציגים לראשונה את המסורת המוזיקלית העשירה של יה

8th Day – Celebrate

Its here!! “Celebrate”! The first single/video from the -soon to be released- new 8th Day album “Inner Flame”. For more info go to:

Credits for “Celebrate”:
Produced and directed by Bentzi Marcus
Cinematography: Yoni Oscherowitz
Gaffer: Daniel Williams
2nd Camera Operator: Tomi Rosenthal
Edited and special effects by Moshe Bree
Dance Choreography: Cheryl Baxter
PA: Sean Miller
Graphic Design: Menachem Krinsky
Backline: Samson Sound Productions

Filmed at Green Screen Downtown

Special thanks to; Shmuli Rosenberg, Sholom Lieberman, Matt Thorne, Lieder’s Catering, Spaun Drums, Drew Shankweiler, Georgiana and everyone at Green Screen Downtown, Rashi Marcus, Bluma Marcus, Chaim Marcus, Eiri Sharvit, Nechama Marcus, Shlomo Dahan, Zalman Simons, Dave Donnelly, Zalman Marcus, Avi Feder, Avremi G, Mendy Werdyger.

yitzchak fuchs in antwerp feb2013

The big, gala dinner in antwerp with, yanky lemmer, yitzchak fuchs ,mushmush ,dor asaraf, moishe damen, !! feb 2013

Bentzi Marcus and Dovid Dachs – ‘Yedid Nefesh’

Darchai Menachem Chinese Auction

Chazan Binyomin Levin obm Hineni הנני העני ממעש, החזן בנימין לוין

Chazan Binyomin Levin obm
תחינת השליח ציבור הנני העני ממעש, נרעש ונפחד מפחד יושב תהילות ישראל

Slichos Chazan Binyomin Levin – Haneshomo Loch, חזן בנימין לוין – הנשמה לך והגוף פעלך

Musique] Compilation musicale

Torah-Box et le D.J Charles Cohen vous offre une compilation musicale exceptionnelle avec les chanteurs : Itsik Eshel, Haim Israel, Itsik Orlev, Elika Bouta,…

Mordechai Ben David Sings New Song מרדכי בן דוד שיר חדש ▶ ▶ ▶

Mordechai Ben David sings new song at the Simchas Bais Hashoeva of congregation Shaarei Torah Los Angeles, CA. Composed by philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz.

Simchas Beis HaShoeva 2014 With Mordechai Ben David Complet Movie

שמחת בית השואבה תשע”ה של ישיבה תיכונית רמת גן באולמי קונקורד הסרט המלא עם ענק הזמרים החסידיים של כל הזמנים מרדכי בן דוד – בליוי תזמורתו של עמי כהן – צילום וידיאו יניב סירי – מאת נתן איבג

MBD sings Someday – “We learn Chitas and Rambam!”

Mordechai Ben David 5775. Crown Heights 2015
At the Melavah Malka in Oholei Torah benefiting Keren Simchas Chosson V’Kallah. KSCVK.

גד אלבז אנא בכוח

Yeshiva Darchei Torah Choir – Shalom Aleichem

Music video of Benny Friedman’s Shalom Aleichem, performed by the Yeshiva Darechi Torah Boys Choir. (5th Grade) Directed by Rabbi Yisroel Kleinman, The video was produced by Skyline Music & Kol Rom Media. The song was originally produced by Avi Newmark, arranged by Ian Freitor, and composed by Ari Goldwag.

“THE JAPAN SONG” – Official Music Video

Learn more or donate visit
Buy the song for 99 Cents….

Please note: The Tzunami footage in the clip was implemented as a sign of solidarity with the tragedy that struck the great Japanese nation.

In an effort to raise both funds and awareness for two Israeli young men who are still being held in a Japanese prison almost three years after unknowingly bringing drugs into the country, Danny Finkleman, producer of the Unity project to benefit Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, has created another stunning music video, this one featuring two of the top names in Jewish music, superstars Shloime Daskal and Avraham Fried.

While filming in Japan, Daskal and Finkelman had the opportunity to spend thirty minutes with each of the two young men. Meeting them and spending time at the Chiba Detention Center left Daskal and Finkelman feeling even more inspired than ever to do whatever they could to help the pair.

Shloime Daskal, Avrohom Fried

Produced and Directed by: Danny Finkelman

Director of Photography: Mauricio Arenas

Edited by Nicole Gonzales

Music by Eli Lishinsky and Nir Graff

Lyrics by Motti Ilowitz and Moshe Kravitsky

Vocals recorded by Ruli Ezrachi and Shragee Gestetner

For the latest projects, check out


Israel Day Concert 2015 – Promo

Get ready for biggest Jewish music concert of the year
On May 31, 2015 in Central Park NYC

Israel Day Concert 2014 – Promo

Show solidarity as we stand UNITED FOR JERUSALEM

Come join the concert of the century!
At the Israel Day Concert on Sunday, June 1st, 2014 2:30 – 7:30pm

At Central Park SummerStage (Rumsey Playfield)

Starring: Gad Elbaz, Lipa, Benny Friedman, Edon, Shloime Dachs, Michael Elias, Ari Lesser, Nachas, Elron Zabatani, Meir Goldberg, Shabi Soffer, Chaim Kiss, Broadway Youth Ensemble, Born dancers, Simcha Squad, Yaakov Rostein, Meir Kalmenson

Hosts: Nachum Segal, Zvika Bornstein

KEAYAL TAAROG Como un Cervatillo HD Hebreo y Español


Shloime Daskal Lag Baomer An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Shloime Daskal sings Lag Baomer Songs at a Wedding in Birchwood Manor in Whippany NJ, on May 22 2011, Conducted by Yisroel Lamm an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Cantor Ushi Blumenberg Yedidim Choir – Yismechu | חזן אשר בלומנברג וידידים – ישמחו

Talented cantor Ushi Blumenberg performing “Yismechu” composed by the great jewish cantor, the world famous Yosele Roanblatt, backed by Yedidim Choir, Masterly arranged and conducted by Tzvi Blumenfeld at a recent event in Brooklyn, NY.

‘עבודת הניגון’ במלווה מלכה יחד עם חיליק פרנק – ישיבת עתניאל

ישיבת עתניאל
התוועדות מלווה מלכה יחד עם חיליק פרנק שהתקיימה בישיבת עתניאל מוצש”ק פרשת ´וארא´ (שבת מברכין) תשע”ה. בערב נוגנו ניגונים וחיליק שיתף את הציבור כיצד לדעתו מתבטאת עבודת ה´ בניגון.

הניגונים שנוגנו:
לכה דודי – חסידי בובוב
ניגון ‘לכבוד שבת’ – קרלין (מיוחס לרבה מאפטא)
ניגון ‘לא תבושי’ – צאנז
ניגון ‘הצמח צדק’

מקהלת ‘מלכות’ מגישה ביצוע ווקאלי מרהיב: מי שברך | Malchus Choir Vocal – Mi Shebeirach

Malchus Choir Sings “Mi Shebeirach” Composed by Cantor Samuel Malavsky

קליפ חדש מבית מקהלת ‘מלכות’: קומפוזיציה מוזיקאלית מפוארת בביצוע ווקאלי מושקע במיוחד, מפציעה מבית היוצר של המקהלה בניצוחו של פנחס ביכלר.

הפעם זו יצירתו האגדית של החזן שמואל מלבסקי ז”ל ‘מי שברך’, אשר מבוצעת בחי בהיכל בית הכנסת המפואר של יוצאי קהילות הקווקזים בשכונת בית ישראל בירושלים.

על העיבוד וההפקה המוזיקאלית: פנחס ביכלר. סולני ‘מלכות’: ברוך ויזל ויואלי ויינברגר. צילום ועריכה: יחיאל שדה. הפקה: שלום וגשל.

Benny Friedman Makes A Surprise Appearance At Bar Mitzvah

NACHAS introduced Benny Friedman at the Lightman Bar Mitva and they rocked the house together

Mendy Wax Does A Kumzits At The End Of A Bar Mitzvah With All The Bochurim.mp4

 Shlomo Simcha Playing with the YBO ,,,and more ▶▶▶

Gad Elbaz Sings Hashem Melech At Brooklyn Concert

Chabad Centennial Chassidic Symphony (EXCERPTS)

A SPECTACULAR MUSICAL CELEBRATION! Immerse yourself in an incredible philharmonic journey, spanning 300-years of Chabad-Chassidic musical masterworks, captured live by Emmy-award winning video and audio directors! The Chabad Centennial Symphony was performed before an audience of 2,000, in March of 2002, showcasing over 40 songs and melodies, arranged in ten thematic suites, as orchestrated and conducted by Yisroel Lamm. Purchase the full DVD at

Cantor Chaim Adler – El Male Rachamim | חזן חיים אדלר – אל מלא רחמים

Chazan Chaim Adler & Jerusalem Great Synagogue Chior – Conductor ELli Jaffe Singing “El Male Rachamim” on Yom Hazikaron April 22 2015 at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, in attendance of the Israeli chief rabbis Rabbi David Lau and Rabbi Yitzak Yosef

Rachmastrivka Rebbe Spends Shabbos In Monsey – Iyar 5775

Rachmastrivka Rebbe Spends Shabbos In Monsey – Iyar 5775
האדמו”ר מראחמסטריווקא שבת בעיר מונסי
צילום י סנדיק

Beri Weber With Meshorerim Choir and more…

Niggun Sheyibone

May it be Your will, L-rd our G-d and G-d of our fathers, that the Holy Temple be rebuilt speedily in our days, and grant us our portion in your Torah.” From the daily prayers.

10 Shevat 5735 Maamar Bosi Legani

As we prepare for Yud Shevat, here is the Maamar Bosi Legani 5735 corresponding to this year’s chapter of Bosi Legani

בינו נא מורדים – בביצוע ר’ חיים לוק Binu Na Mordim with R. Haim Louk

פיוט מענה שנכתב ע”י ר’ דוד בוזגלו, גדול פייטני מרוקו במאה העשרים, לשירו של חיים גורי “באב אל וואד”.
מתוך סדרת המופעים “שירת המגרב” בעריכת חנה פתיה
שירה: ר’ חיים לוק

‘עבודת הניגון’ במלווה מלכה יחד עם חיליק פרנק – ישיבת עתניאל

ישיבת עתניאל
התוועדות מלווה מלכה יחד עם חיליק פרנק שהתקיימה בישיבת עתניאל מוצש”ק פרשת ´וארא´ (שבת מברכין) תשע”ה. בערב נוגנו ניגונים וחיליק שיתף את הציבור כיצד לדעתו מתבטאת עבודת ה´ בניגון.

הניגונים שנוגנו:
לכה דודי – חסידי בובוב
ניגון ‘לכבוד שבת’ – קרלין (מיוחס לרבה מאפטא)
ניגון ‘לא תבושי’ – צאנז
ניגון ‘הצמח צדק’

לצפיה בניגונים נוספים ושיעורים מבית ישיבת בית ועד הר חברון – עתניאל בקרו באתרנו:

Mordechai Ben David, Ma Ashib, Musica Judia


Rebbe Elimelech & Israeli dance – France, 1965

f.r.i.e.d performs a down memory lane medley

live in concert singing his earliest album hits

Sanz – Seret Viznitz – Kretchnif Wedding – Adar 5775

אלפי חסידי צאנז השתתפו בשמחת בית צדיקים בנישואי נכד כ”ק מרן האדמו”ר מצאנז שליט”א בן לבנו הרה”צ הגרימ”ד הלברשטאם ראש רשת הישיבות צאנז עם נינת כ”ק האדמו”ר מסערט ויז’ניץ נכדה לחתנו אב”ד קוסוב ויז’ניץ בת להרה”צ ר’ איתמר רוזנבוים בן כ”ק האדמו”ר מקרעטשניף שליט”א • השמחה נערכה בהיכל הגדול בקרית צאנז עד לשעות הקטנות של הלילה • צפו ברגעים המלהיבים והמרוממים בעלוץ קריה בטוב צדיקים

cantor shlomo glick – בריך שמיה – בביצוע החזן שלמה גליק

★ צפו בקליפ המלא של החזן שלמה גליק מבצע את בריך שמיה.. יחד עם המנצח הדגול מרדכי סובול והפילהרמונית ★

Rajem, Español Y Hebreo, Yaakov Shwekey

Sham’a Vatismach Tziyon Cantor Simon Cohen Composed by Dr Mordechai Sobol Chazzanut accompanied by Dr Mordechai Sobol and the Yuval Choir and Symphony Orchestra, sings Sham-ah Vatismach Tsion. This composition was composed especially by Mordechai Sobol for Simon. The composition can be found in Psalm 97 or in the Kabalat Shabbat Friday evening service. Enjoy!
החזן סיימון כהן שר שמעה ותשמח ציון אשר הולחן ע”י ד”ר מרדכי סובול במיוחד עבורו.

Tzaly Gold – Geroishen! With Sympinny and Yedidim | צלי גאלד – גערוישן אין הימל – סימפיני וידידים

Enjoy this fabulous performance of MBD’s all time hit מי כעמך ישראל presented here by Tzali Gold and Yedidim Choir, at an event in upstate New York.

Mix zemiros and more,,,

חיים ישראל שר ואפילו בהסתרה וניגון חבד בחברון פסח תשעה

 דוד מימון אוטמזגין

Nafshenu Orchestra: Featuring Simcha Leiner – Chupah

Simcha Leiner singing an amazing chupah performance with Nafshenu Orchestra.

To view additional video clips of many of the top featured vocalists please visit our website at or call 516-371-6660.

Seret Viznitz – Apta Wedding 2

Seret Viznitz – Apta Wedding in Boro Park November 10 2010

Moshe Laufer

Chabad with Moshe Laufer 3 – Preview | משה לאופר מנגן חב”ד 3 – פרומו

MIX++++,,חיים ישראל שר ואפילו בהסתרה וניגון חבד בחברון פסח תשעה,

Al Dumi Lach (Salmo 83) Canta: Motty Steinmetz

Sigue más de cerca el proyecto de música hebrea bíblica e inspirada

Nafshenu Orchestra: Featuring Shloime Daskal

To view additional video clips of many of the top featured vocalists please visit our website at
or call 516-371-6660. Aaron Appelbaum 516-371-6660

Time To Say Goodbye -A Team orchestra Feat. Amram Adar & The Meshorerim Choir

The A Team Orchestra Chuppah series presents: ‘Time To Say Goodbye – Bo’ee B’Shalom’ Featuring Adar accompanied by Meshorerim Choir.

Baryo ● “Or Halevono” ♫ “בריו חקשור – “אור הלבנה ● (The official music video)

For Events – להזמנות לאירועים
U.S.A (347) 361-2181
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‘עבודת הניגון’ עם חיליק פרנק – מלוה מלכה בישיבת עתניאל

מלוה מלכה עם חיליק פרנק שהתקיים בישיבת עתניאל במוצאי שבת פרשת ‘וארא’ אור לב’ שבט התשע”ג. בערב נוגנו ניגונים וחיליק שיתף את הציבור כיצד לדעתו מתבטאת עבודת ה’ בניגון.

לניגונים נוספים של חיליק פרנק בעתניאל ולשיעור תורה של רבני הישיבה מוזמנים לבקר באתר הישיבה:

אבי בן ישראל – הראשון לציון רבי יצחק יוסף | Avi Ben Israel – Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef

הזמר המיוחד אבי בן ישראל מוציא בימים אלו שיר חדש ומרומם על הראשל”צ ונשיא בית הדין הרבני הגדול הגאון רבי יצחק יוסף שליט”א.

מילים: הוא עמל בתורה יומם ולייל , שעורים בהלכה לעם ישראל , שפתותיו שזורות בתורה וזיו , מרים קרן התורה בדרכיי אביו , הוביל ישיבתו כרועה של צאן , מוליך את עמו באמונה ורצון , פוסק ודורש כל ימיי חייו , כותב ומלקט מאוצרות מרן ,
פזמון: הוא הראשון לציון רבי יצחק יוסף , מחבר הספרים , אוצרות ילקוט יוסף
הוא נבחר כאביו להנהיג את העם , כי ראשון לציון הנה הינם., גאון הדור ואור לעולם , בליבו ונשמתו אהבת חינם ,לומד ושוקד בתורת אמת , וידיו פרושות להעניק ולתת , מאחלים אנו לך , את כל הברכות , שתצעד בהצלחה , בדרך האבות , והקל איתך תמיד , במעשה ידך , וממעל בהשגחה , גם מרן איתך.

הראשון לציון – רבי יצחק יוסף / מילים: קטרין ברכה ואבי בן ישראל. לחן: חיים בר ואבי בן ישראל. תמונות: יעקב כהן , עיבוד: אלי אסרף

Freilach feat. Shloime Daskal & Zemiros Group – “Golus Mitzrayim”

In honor of Pesach, we are proud to present to you this new video of the Freilach band and famed vocalist Shloime Daskal, accompanied by the melodious voices of the Zemiros Group, performing “Golus Mitzrayim” – Originally recorded by the King of JM Mordechai Ben David on the album ‘Let My People Go’ back in the 80’s.

Wishing all of our clients and Klal Yisroel, a Chag Kosher V’someach!
Mixed – Mendy Hershkowitz
Video – Motty Engel

93,000 Jews Dancing at Siyum Hashas

Most people seemed to agree, the most inspiring moment of the Siyum Hashas at MetLife stadium was the 15 minutes of music and dance. 90,000 Yidden, Kein Yirbu.

Brit (Covenant) Shimshai & Assi Rose Playing at Shimshai’s Home in California

This is the first time I heard the song… and the first time I played it… right in front of the camera… not even a second take… that was it… fresh.. as soon as I heard it I was thinking man.. how come I never heard that song before.. then Shimshai said he composed it, I was speechless… its A classic, and we are now creating History.. these are the moments captured while I am thinking those thoughts…
הלכתי לבקר את שימשיי בבית שלו בלב הג’ונגל בדרום קליפורניה- לקראת ההופעות הראשונות בארץ שאלתי אותו אם הוא מכיר שירים בעברית והוא שלף את השיר הזה- שהוא בעצמו הלחין– מיד ידעתי שמדובר בקלאסיקה שכולם בעתיד יאהבו, הרגשתי שיש לשיר הזה מסר וכח, ועד היום אני ממשיך לשיר אותו ולהפיצו בכל מקום ובכל אפשרות

Vehi sheomdah Yonathan Razel Yaakov Shwekey pesaj.Por Siempre Israel.

No Llores Mas Jerusalem (Subtitulado) – Yaakov Shwekey

Una canción dedicada a todos.

Kolos Choir singing at a Sheva Brochos

Kolos Choir a new upcoming group singing at a sheva brochos in Spinka Hall in Boro Park.

Dovid Kish on the keys

For bookings call: 347-486-0031

Moshe Hecht – Believers (Official Music Video)

Get the album today:
The video, directed by New York/Miami based filmmaker Ferrel Goldsmith of Yeoville Productions (, features a young woman who is trying to return a lost item and ends up finding

Moshe Hecht

“מִי שֶׁעָשָׂה נִסִּים” – Blue Melody ft. Chaim D. Berson & Zemiros Group

A timely powerful תפלה encapsulated in a powerful Melody.

As חדש ניסן is upon us, the month of חרות, the month of גאולה, one cannot help but think about all of the צרות that we are facing across every part of the world. Without exception. We are all in it together. We can feel each others worry and pain. Who can say they are not ready nor anxious to see the גאולה שלימה immediately!

This coming Pesach let’s come together as one. Let us Sing as One Nation in harmony. A תפלה in אחדות. A cry that will pierce the above from all corners of earth.

מי שעשה נסים לאבותינו וגאל אותם מעבדות לחרות. הוא יגאל אותנו בקרוב ויקבץ נדחינו מארבע כנפות הארץ חברים כל ישראל, ונאמר אמן.

המנגנים | קומטאנץ | שרולי ורדיגר – ייבנה המקדש | Kumtantz | Yisroel Werdyger – Yiboneh Hamikdosh

תזמורת המנגנים: קומטאנץ | שרולי ורדיגר – ייבנה המקדש
מקהלת שירה: שרגי גולד, זבי פריד, הרשי וינברגר, יואלי הורוביץ, אלי שפריי

המנגנים | קומטאנץ 1 – תקציר וידאו | Hamenagnim | Kumtantz 1 Official Trailer

Shwekey Live In Nokia – Mi Sheberach

Yaakov Shwekey au Palais des Congrès de Paris le Lundi 17 Novembre 2014 avec la participation exceptionnelle de Shlomi Shabat

Mendy J – Habeit Reimagined (Ft. Chananya Begun)

Music video by Mendy J Performing Habeit Reimagined Ft. Chananya Begun. (C) 2015 New Sound Productions

Mendy J- Sim Shalom (Official Music Video) מענדי ג’- שים שלום

Adir Hoo – Folk – Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – אדיר הוא – עממי – רבי שלמה קרליבך

Adir Hoo – Folk – Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – אדיר הוא – עממי – רבי שלמה קרליבך

The Naftali Kalfa Project – Full Album

Naftali Kalfa

Lo Yaavod – Yaakov Shwekey

Time to Dance – Yaakov Shwekey

Yaakov Shwekey au Palais des Congrès de Paris le Lundi 17 Novembre 2014 avec la participation exceptionnelle de Shlomi Shabat

Dance! Wedding with Menachem Moskowitz and Naftali Schnitzler | רקוד! חתונה חסידית מנחם מאשקאוויטש

Chasidic Wedding with Menachem Moskowitz and Naftali Schnitzler

Avraham Fried and Avrumi Halpern Live in Manchester

Avraham Fried Live in Manchester at the Zichron Menachem concert – Event City. A selection of English classics

Siman Tov by Shauly Waldner (Official Music Video)

Shauly Waldner presents his all new music video, Siman Tov, from the debut album Tov Hashem. This original music video brings out the Simcha in a unique and fresh way.

Al Naharot Bavel – Boaz Davidoff, Martin Widerker | על נהרות בבל – בועז דוידוף, מרטין וידרקר

Director: Yizik Grovais
Script and Production Manager: Israel Bergman
Photography Director: Mendy Or
Photographer: Yakov Salem
Aerial Photography: “Hyper”
Editing & After Effects: “Hyper”
Set Manager: Yidi Grusgot
Composer: Martin Meir Widerker
Singing and Music Arrangements: Boaz Davidoff

Tzaly Gold – Geroishen! With Sympinny and Yedidim | צלי גאלד – גערוישן אין הימל – סימפיני וידידים

Enjoy this fabulous performance of MBD’s all time hit מי כעמך ישראל presented here by Tzali Gold and Yedidim Choir, at an event in upstate New York.
צלי גולד – גערויש אין הימל – סימפיני וידידים

Freilach feat. Shmueli Ungar & Shira – Moshe Rabeinu מקהלת שירה, פריילך ושמילו – משה רבינו

הכל אפשרי כשצוות מוזיקאלי מנצח נפגש יחד על במה אחד ולוטשת יהלום של שיר
כל זה קרה בחתונה של נגיד הקהילה בבארא פארק שבברוקלין מסביב שולחנות ערוכי באוכל משובח ויינות עתיקים
הנגיד ביקש מחברי המקהלה שיר ביידיש משהו אופייני לכבוד חג הפסח הקרב ובא. חברי המקהלה החליטו ללכת מקורי על חומר משובח ועתיק של
״מונה רוזנבלום״
ועיבד את השיר ושיגר את זה היישר לאוזני האורחים שקפצו מכיסאותיהם כששמעו את הביצוע
הזמר שמילו אונגר תרם בקולו החזק והמתוק וביצע את הלחן בטוב טעם וחן כשתזמורת פריילך מלווה את השיר עם גרוב מוזיקאלי מיוחד

לחן ומקור : מונה רוזנבלום מתוך הדיסק ״מונה 4״
שירה מקורית ומילים : ליפא שמלצער

Yumi Lowy & Yedidim Choir “The Second dance set ” an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Yumi Lowy & Yedidim Choir Singing The “Second Dance set “At a Wedding in the Hilton Meadowlands On March 8, 2015 Conducted by Yisroel Lamm an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Avrum Mordche Schwartz Singing “4 Sides To One Story” At The RCCs KJ Dinner,
RCCS provides an array of services for cancer-stricken patients in need; primary among them is the subsidizing of health insurance.

RCCS “Balaichtungen” Official music video – Yoely Greenfeld

Yoely Greenfeld sings “Balaichtungen” a tribute to RCCS – Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society.

The video captures a father to a sick child as he travels to meet different people who encourage him and his son.

Produced by Danny Finkelman
Director of Photography Sean Sinderbrand
Co-directed by Tzvi Waldman
Starring: Shai Wiener, and Gedalya Rauch.
Music by Leib Yaakov Rigler
Composed by Noam Kamelhar and Michoel Pruzansky
Lyrics by Motti Illowitz
Choir by Yedidim

Isaac Honig & Malchus Choir with Hamenagnim Orchestra – Kinesher

מעמד סיום המחזור הראשון של הדף היומי בהלכה של ארגון דרשו

Simply Tzfat – Instrumental



Cantor Yanky Lemmer, Frank London & Michael Winograd – Project Ahava Raba – Studio Session

Project Ahava Raba

A prayer, a Nusach and most importantly an invocation of the the abundant love between man and his Creator.

It is through this project that Cantor Yaakov Lemmer, trumpeter Frank London and clarinetist Michael Winograd elicit these emotions.

The project was conceived while touring Europe and performing at various Jewish Culture festivals. It is a marriage of Klezmer, Chazzanut, with an old school feel yet a refreshening energy and vibe.

Reuven Stone Bookings

24JEWISH ALERTS videos and feeds Jewish News חדשות יהודיות JEWISH ACTUAL NEWS

SHOCK Israeli Bus Refuses To Let Ambulance Pass

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Out of Control Fire Burning at Dimona Chemical Plant

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UPCOMING HOLIDAY The Three Weeks Jul. 4 – Jul. 25

clip-The Three Weeks




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Arutz Sheva TV

IBA News

IDF the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Adam Milstein Speaks about the Campus Maccabees Summit


Five Jewish Cantors & Singers Perform New York’s PIX11 TV

Five of New York’s most famous Jewish cantors and Chassidic singers will be performing in a free concert at Summerstage in Central Park as part of KulturfestNYC on Tuesday, June 16. The five cantors are like the Three Tenors of Jewish music. KulturfestNYC, the first-ever international festival of Jewish performing arts, will bring together hundreds of global acts in Jewish and Yiddish theater, music, dance, cabaret, and film, from more than two-dozen countries, performing in multiple citywide locations from June 14-21.

It’s presented by The National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene and the Museum of Jewish Heritage. For more information or tickets go to

We wanted to produce a commercial for “Unity Day” on June 3, 2015

The Jerusalem Unity Prize in Memory of Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali is a joint initiative between the families of Eyal Ifrach, Gil-ad Shaer and Naftali Fraenkel, the three teens kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in the summer of 2014, together with the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat and Gesher.

Chabad ‘We Want Moshaich’ Balloon Lands In Lebanon

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Jewish Community Mourns Prominent Brooklyn Rabbi Binyomin Klein

BROOKLYN – A prominent Brooklyn Jewish leader has passed away at the age of 79.

Rabbi Binyomin Klein served his community in Crown Heights for nearly 50 years. He was the longtime aide to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

His funeral procession was held Friday at the Chabad on Eastern Parkway.

Klein was among the founders of Yeshivah Gredolah in Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout his illustrious career, Rabbi Klein traveled to South America and Cuba to bring Jewish literature and inspiration.

Klein was influential with Israel’s political, military and security leaderships, developing deep connections with leaders who would often seek his guidance and counsel.

Those who knew Rabbi Klein best say that he will be truly missed, but his legacy will live on.

“Rabbi Klein leaves a legacy of a very dedicated, humble aide as secretary of the Rabbi. Someone who cared for people and made a lasting impact on the lives of many people,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

According to reports, Rabbi Klein died in his sleep.

Orange’s Pullout From Israel Gives Lift to Boycott

French telecom giant Orange SA’s declaration that it wants to cut business ties with Israel has given a boost to the burgeoning anti-Israel boycott movement while also drawing a sharp rebuke from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday. The move bodes poorly for Israel at a time of growing international anger over its West Bank settlements and could potentially put almost any Israeli company in the crosshairs of the boycott campaign. It also has illustrated just how deeply intertwined Israeli settlements are with the rest of the country. Netanyahu responded angrily on Thursday, calling on “the French government to publicly repudiate the miserable statement and miserable action by a company that is under its partial ownership.” The remarks came a day after Orange’s chief executive Stephane Richard said he would end his company’s relationship with Partner Communications “tomorrow” if he could, but that he was bound by a contract for the time being.

How Israel became a leader in water use in the Middle East

Over the past few years in Israel, the country’s water shortage has become a surplus. Through a combination of conservation, reuse and desalination, the country now has more water than it needs. And that could translate to political progress for the country in the Middle East, one of the most water-stressed regions in the world. NewsHour’s Martin Fletcher reportsow Israel became a leader in water use in the Middle East

Former US Ambassador to the UN @ Israel Day Concert 2015

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach @ Israel Day Concert 2015






BFMTV Suivez toute l’actualité française et internationale avec les News 24/7

Dov Lipman

Middle East


Jewish News One

Israel Now News

Shalom TV


JewishNewsTV  Exclusive Interview: Tim Wilson

Video Journalism At Your Fingertips

 JPost TV

JPostTV report: JPost TV brings you exclusive video coverage on Israel, the Middle East & the Jewish world.

The Jewish View

The News Today – Special Edition i24News


the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations.

The official YouTube channel of the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations.

This channel is dedicated to promoting diplomatic relations, economic growth and friendship between the State of Israel and the UN Member States

YWN The Yeshiva World News

Lowell interviews….


News Israel

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UPCOMING HOLIDAY The Three Weeks Jul. 4 – Jul. 25

clip-The Three Weeks

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jerusalemplus tv

Tsahal – Armée de Défense d’Israël

i24news FR

infolive tv

28 minutes : l’intégrale

28 minutes- ARTE

CRIF , Roger Cukierman

7-6-2015 (1)Bagneux, commémoration des Morts juif pour la France


7-6-2015 (2)Bagneux, commémoration des Morts juif pour la France


Roger Cukierman s’exprime sur les propos de Stéphane Richard, PDG d’Orange, sur Israel

Au cours d’une conférence en Egypte, le Président d’Orange a déclaré “je sortirais d’hier demain si c’était possible”. Après quelques jours, il annonce regretter ces propos.
Roger Cukierman, Président du CRIF, s’exprime sur ces événements.

Magadlou Baleine Tetsave


(screen capture : )

Salonique-Istanbul-Izmir: splendeurs de la culture urbaine juive

M.C. Bornes-Varol – linguiste – H. Nahum – enseignant, modérateur – M. Shaul – éditeur – G. Veinstein – historien



Orange se retire d’Israël, qui réclame des excuses

Orange a annoncé son retrait d’Israël, après le tollé provoqué par son PDG, accusé d’avoir cédé aux pressions d’organisations pro-palestiniennes.

Reportage : Les Bonbons Cachères…L’Homosexualité d’après le Judaïsme…Cacheroute : attention à la gélatine de porc

03.06.2015 Torah Box

Jérusalem: un juif orthodoxe chante, un curé le rejoint et l’accompagne

La scène se déroule en plein cœur de Jérusalem dans la rue Yaffo. Un musicien de rue juif orthodoxe chante. Passe un curé en soutane qui se saisi d’un second micro. Le duo inattendu va interpréter devant des badauds médusés le célèbre « Allelouya » de Léonard Cohen. A la fin de leur prestation, le chanteur déridé annonce à la foule, que c’est bien la première fois qu’un curé chante avec un rabbin et que les temps messianiques sont peut-être arrivés car en ces temps, « le loup côtoiera l’agneau », même si, précise-t-il en plaisantant, « on ne sait pas qui est le loup et qui est l’agneau ». Grisé par leur première tentative, le duo improbable s’apprête à poursuivre leur récital avec la chanson « My way », mais la vidéo elle, s’arrête là

Rabbanite Myriam Mettoudi: ”souvenirs souvenirs” / souviens-toi – 613TV

Rabbanite Myriam Mettoudi et 613TV ont le plaisir de vous donner, Mesdemoiselles et Mesdames, des explications essentielles et importantes dans les “souvenirs”.

La circoncision et la science morderne – 613TV

CONCERT: Musique tunisienne – Youval Taieb – 613TV

Chute spirituelle après la Bar Mitsva : que faire ? et+++ ▶ ▶ ▶


Rav DynoviszTV

Ce cours va sauver des couples ! -Nasso- 31 Mai 2015

”Demain les juifs de France’

Les juifs de France face à Israël, soutien et controverse  (120 min)
C. Askolovitch – journaliste – A. Finkielkraut – philosophe – A. Goldmann – président du FSJU – V. Guedj-Bellaiche – journaliste, modératrice – M. Gurfinkiel – journaliste – C. Weill-Raynal – journaliste

Complement d’Enquête 25/09/14 – Juifs de France

L’antisémitisme est-il de retour en France? Les actes antisémites ont augmenté de 91% en un an. Complément d’Enquête sur une communauté inquiète.

Rav Immanouel ELGRABLI “LE ROI DAVID” 22 MAI 2015

.Rav Immanouel ELGRABLI ! directeur du centre ” ZÉHOUT ” a Créteil


Juifs de France : la tentation de quitter la France

Les événements du 7 et 11 janvier 2015 à Paris ont renforcé le sentiment de certains membres de la communauté juive d’Ile de France : l’antisémitisme, estiment-ils, gagne du terrain et “il vaut mieux renter au Pays”. Avant même la tuerie de Vincennes, les chiffres de l’immigration confirmaient, encore une fois, que de nombreux juifs français décident de faire leur “alyah” ( “la montée” en hébreu) et de traverser la Méditerranée. Depuis l’attaque de Charlie Hebdo, les réunions d’information organisées par l’Agence Juive drainent dix fois plus de monde que d’ordinaire
A Paris et à Jérusalem, Alexandre Lindha et Yohan Malka ont suivi ces familles qui ont décidé de franchir le pas.

Reportage Inédit Mariage D’un Algérien Kabyle Et D’une Juive !

Conférence du Rav Yossef David Cohen – “Les conversions”


Cours en français du Rav Eliahou ZINI sur le sujet de l’identité juive, à partir de l’article d’Emmanuel LEVINAS “Pièces d’identité”.
Cours donné aux étudiants du Technion, du groupe Massa Prépa et de la Yéshiva OR VISHUA le lundi 3 ‘Hechvan 5775 (27 octobre 14) au Technion de Haïfa.

Irma Mico: la résistance juive

A l’occasion de la Journée de la Résistance, Irma Mico, qui en fut, nous parle de la place des Juifs immigrés dans la résistance.
Pour en savoir plus:

Document Rare : Shavouoth au Kotel en 1946

Le document que vous allez voir est un témoignage rare de la vie juive en Israël, deux ans avant la création du pays. L’esplanade du Kotel, (le mur occidental), n’est encore qu’une ruelle coincée entre les maisons insalubres des quartiers juif et arabe. Les soldats britanniques gardent les lieux et les autorités de sa gracieuse majesté ont refusé en bloc les demandes d’aménagement du site. Les Juifs se contentent donc d’un espace de quelques mètres et sont autorisés à venir y prier au compte-goutte.

Serge et Beate Klarsfeld : les mémoires d’un couple face à l’Histoire

C’est un couple qui a inscrit son nom dans l’Histoire. Beate Klarsfeld, 76 ans, et son mari Serge Klarsfeld, 79 ans, deux chasseurs de Nazis parmi les plus redoutés au monde, ont conscré leur vie à parcourir la planète pour faire comparaître les dignitaires du IIIème Reich devant la justice. Ils viennent de publier leurs Mémoires, chez Flammarion.
Leur histoire démarre au hasard d’une rencontre dans le métro parisien en 1960. La rencontre entre un homme français, et juif, et une allemande non-j…

L’antisémitisme en Belgique, un an après l’attentat au Musée juif

Il y a un an jour pour jour, Mehdi Nemmouche entrait dans le musée juif de Belgique, à Bruxelles, pour y perpétrer un attentat sanglant. Quatre personnes perdaient la vie sous les tirs de ce terroriste, toujours derrière les barreaux en attendant la suite de la procédure judiciaire. Pour l’historien Paul Delmotte, “l’antisémitisme revient sous certaines formes”. Enquête en Belgique.

Le jour ne se lève plus à Pinczow

Documentaire sur la vie juive avant-guerre à Pinczow, Pologne. Documentary upon the jewish social life in Pinczow, Poland before WWII

Shavouot de l’émancipation à la maturité – Gd Rabbin Gilles Bernheim

Pour Chavouot : la valeur de la Tora

Rav Ron Chaya et Leava vous présentent “Chavouot : la valeur de la Tora”

CHAVOUOT selon Rabbenou et ses consignes,,Rav TOUITOU




TANAKH la responsabilite d un roi d’Israel


Rabbanite Myriam Mettoudi: “Le Omer, les secrets de la persévérance ” – 613TV

La Rabbanite M.Mettoudi vous propose un chiour unique et magnifique sur l’Omer.

Pour plus de vidéos, abonnez-vous sur Free/Numericable/Darty-box

Rabbanite Myriam Mettoudi: ” L’Omer, la force de la parole” – 613TV

La Rabbanite M.Mettoudi vous propose un chiour unique et magnifique sur l’Omer.

Pour plus de vidéos, abonnez-vous sur Free/Numericable/Darty-box

Yoni Shlomo chante “La Torah & les Nations” (Torah-Box)


19 kislev 5768 Yoni Shlomo Yossef Brami Cirque d Hiver

Irène Landau – La thérapie de couple 2/2 – 613TV

IRENE LANDAU , Coach et Psychothérapeute dirige le Centre de la Guérison Psychosomatique à Jérusalem.
Elle est l’auteur du livre Internet :
” la Mise en scène de la maladie et des symptômes “: 118 histoires thérapeutiques pour soulager vos troubles ”
Après une très longue formation incluant la psychanalyse, la psychogénéalogie, le décodage des maladies, la thérapie familiale, la thérapie de couple, les fleurs de Bach, l’EFT, la PNL, le coaching, l’hypnose, elle a pû venir en aide à des centaines de patients dans des domaines très variés.
Irène Landau et 613 TV ont le plaisir de vous faire découvrir des conférences passionnantes qui vous permettront de faire une “ouverture de conscience” et d’avancer ainsi sur le chemin du mieux -être, de la guérison et de l’épanouissement.
Pour contacter Irène Landau
Appelez depuis la France :
00 972 522 083 666
Ou depuis Israël : 0522 083 666
Mail :

Irène Landau – La thérapie de couple 1/2 – 613TV


Irène Landau – Les tensions dans le couple – 613TV

IRENE LANDAU , Coach et Psychothérapeute dirige le Centre de la Guérison Psychosomatique à Jérusalem.

Le jour de Jérusalem ! – EXCLU 613TV

Découvrez un extrait d’un de nos reportages depuis les caméras de 613TV !

Rabbi Shmuel Mann

Zhumen binen (Les abeilles) – Oyzer Kavka et la Chorale Populaire Juive

IEMJ 2015
« Zhumen binen » (Les abeilles)
Interprété par Oyzer Kavka et la Chorale populaire juive auprès de l’U.J.R.E.
Paroles : E. Kozakevitch – Musique : L. Yampolski

La Chorale populaire juive auprès de l’Union – Union des Juifs pour la Résistance et l’Entraide (UJRE) est née dans les années 1920 à Paris, au sein de la Kultur Lige, une organisation juive de gauche qui visait à organiser la vie culturelle des immigrants juifs d’Europe de l’est. L’U.J.R.E. était une organisation juive résistance créée en 1943 et communiste.

Eva Golgevit raconte, dans une conférence publiée dans son livre Ne pleurez pas, mes fils… (Éd. Le Manuscrit / FMS – 2010), qu’elle a rejoint la chorale dans l’après-guerre, au retour de sa déportation à Auschwitz, alors dirigée par Ilya Holodenko, qui avait pris la suite d’Arié Kaufman. Si la chorale a cessé de se produire en 1981, Jean Golgevit, le fils d’Eva, a repris le flambeau et dirige aujourd’hui sa propre chorale.

La chanson « Zhumen binen » (Les abeilles) est, selon Itzik Gottesman, une chanson soviétique sur les apiculteurs juifs ! Il précise aussi, sur le fantastique blog « Yiddish Song of the Week », où on peut trouver d’autres versions de cette chanson, que l’auteur Emmanuel Kazakevitch (1913 – 1962) était connu pour ses liens avec le Birobidjan, état juif créé par Staline dans les années 1920. La musique est le fruit du compositeur soviétique prolifique Leyb (Lev) Yampolsky. La chanson aurait été écrite, toujours selon I. Gottesman, pour la pièce de Kazakevitch Milkh un honik (Lait et miel) en 1938 et jouée par la troupe du GOSET de Birobidjan en 1940.

Le refrain nous dit :

« Oy, sara rakhves, keyn eyn-hore,
S’iz di erd mit zaft fargosn
Makhn honik iz gevorn
Shoyn a yidishe parnose. »

« Oh, quelle richesse, au loin le mauvais œil !
La terre regorge de jus.
Faire du miel est devenu
Une façon juive de gagner sa vie. »

Sursis pour l orchestre 1980 FRENCH Film Complet en Francais

Des Juives retenues dans un camps de concentration parviennent à garder la vie sauve en échange de représentations pour leur geôliers nazis.

24 Jours La Verite Sur L Affaire Ilan Halimi 2014 FRENCH Film Complet en Francais

Elle est entrée dans une boutique de téléphonie sur le boulevard Voltaire. Elle a fait mine de s’intéresser aux nouveaux portables, a obtenu le numéro du vendeur et s’en est allée. Elle l’a rappelé dès le lendemain, lui a dit qu’elle voulait le revoir. Ilan ne s’est pas méfié. Il avait vingt-trois ans, la vie devant lui…
Comment pouvait-il se douter qu’en rejoignant cette jolie fille dans un café de la porte d’Orléans, il avait rendez-vous avec la mort ?
Le vendredi 20 janvier 2006, Ilan Halimi, choisi par le gang des Barbares parce qu’il était juif, est enlevé et conduit dans un appartement de Bagneux. Il y sera séquestré et torturé pendant trois semaines avant d’être jeté dans un bois par ses bourreaux. Retrouvé gisant nu le long d’une voie de chemin de fer à Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, il ne survivra pas à son calvaire.
Dans ce film, Ruth Halimi revient sur ces 24 jours de cauchemar. 24 jours au cours desquels elle aura reçu, elle et son mari, Didier, plus de six cents appels, des demandes de rançon dont le montant ne cessera de changer, des insultes, des menaces, des photos de son fils supplicié… 24 jours d’angoisse de toute une famille, contrainte de garder le silence pour laisser travailler la police criminelle.
Mais le 36 Quai des Orfèvres ne sait pas à quels individus il a affaire. Personne ne mesure la haine antisémite qui habite les ravisseurs, et ne s’imagine qu’Ilan allait perdre la vie

▶ ▶ ▶ ,,,,Interviews ,,, Conversion To Judaism

Rav Ouri Cherki:”Bienvenue à Meir TV, la connaissance du monde juif

▶ ▶ ▶,, “Jérusalem, je t’aime ! ” Par le Rav David Partouche



▶ ▶ ▶,,La Thora comme nature

u fil du calendrier juif, le rav David Partouche nous fait partager les évènements forts que nous traversons et pendant lesquels nous devons, par exemple, faire téchouva au mois d’ Eloul, nous efforcer de prier avec plus de

▶ ▶ ▶,,Le mariage juif

Quelles sont les sources du mariage dans la Thora ?
Comment la Thora considère les relations entre l’homme et sa femme ?

C’est à Dieu d’agir ! ▶ ▶ ▶

Le Rabbi de Loubavitch:
Le traité Sota, qu’on a coutume d’étudier entre Pessa’h et Chavouot, traite des lois relatives à une femme mariée qui est soupçonnée d’infidélité par son mari.

Ahavat Israel

Dans ce cours, le Rav Shaul Sillam explique les aspects profonds de la Mitsva d’amour du prochain, selon un developpement du Rabbi Tsemah Tsedek de Loubavitch. Vous trouverez d’autres cours du Rav Sillam sur le site:

De Pessah à Chavouot

Dans ce cours, le Rav Shaul Sillam nous explique quel est le Service Divin specifique a la periode du ‘Omer

Vous trouverez d’autres cours du Rav Sh. Sillam sur

Lionel Rocheman – Die Werbe (Yiddish Song) France 1978

Lionel Rochman – Die Werbe
from the album “Yiddisch Story”
released 1978 in France

Des chercheurs israéliens ont trouver un moyen de détecter le cancer du côlon par un simple test sanguin

Des chercheurs israéliens du Maccabi health et du  Medial Research ont développé un système pour identifier les personnes à risque d’un cancer colorectal par un simple test de numération sanguine de routine. Cerise sur le gâteau le système pourrait être utilisé pour détecter d’autres types de cancer. +++

Hava Nagila – Gad Elbaz הבה נגילה – גד אלבז


Hava Nagila – Amrutam Gamaya – Music Mojo Season 3 – KappaTV

Hava Nagila by ‘Amrutam Gamaya’ a cover of “Hava Nagila” (הבה נגילה Havah Nagilah, “Let us rejoice”) an Israeli folk song traditionally sung at Jewish celebrations. It is considered to be perhaps the first modern Israeli folk song in the Hebrew language that has become a staple of band performers at Jewish weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Devinez ce que va interpréter cette chorale de Corée du Sud ?

La Busan Harmony Chorus conduite par Choi Jung , l’une des respectables chorale de Corée du sud, a intégré dans ses tours de chants à traversla planète deux classiques israéliens très appréciés du public. Selon le chef de choeur, “les adaptations de ces chants sont parmi les plus applaudis et représentent un lien naturel entre les deux pays”.

émision du 08 05 2015

REPLAY de l’émission du 08 mai 2015 :
Emission avec le : Rav Bitton de Sarcelles : sur Lag Baomer et la Hilloula de Rabbi Chimone bar Yohai !
Suivi de l’émission spécial avec le Rav Chezky Lifshitz, du NEPAL !
Puis en direct avec : Yeochoua, Lior et Alexandra pour les questions des auditeurs !

Spécial lag baomer 5775: Cérémonie de lag baomer à ramoth alef


Spécial lag baomer 5775: chant habad de lag baomer ניגון חבד של לג בעומר

Saviez-vous que certains airs utilisés pour les chansons sur Bar Yo’hai sont des airs ‘habad authentique?

Lag Baomer 5773 : Cérémonie d’ouverture avec le Rabbi de Boyan !

Découvrez 1h26 de vidéo incroyable. Revivez l’allumage du premier feu (médoura) de Lag Baomer 5773 à Meron, par le Rabbi de Boyan. S’ensuit des chants rythmés par les danses des ‘Hassidim qui dureront toute la nuit de la Hiloula de Rabbi Chimon bar Yo’hai. Un évènement unique !

Hashomer Hatzair Belgium

Lag Baomer: la segoula de ce grand jour.

Rav Avraham Kadoch

La Depression; Comment s’en sortir ?


Pourquoi un deuil pour les 24.000 élèves de la Rabbi Akiva et pas pour la Shoah ?


Pourquoi fait-on une medoura (un feu) pour Lag Baomer ?


Lag Baomer : un p’tit Tour de Mérone !

Lag Baomer : chez les ‘Hassidim de Tsanz à Netanya

מירון לג בעומר הכל בו צילום 24 שעות סרט מיוחד

הרבי מביאן מדליק את ההדלקה המרכזית, ובשעה 2 בלילה מדלקים הדלקה על קברו של רבי יוחנן הסנדלר ושם מנגנים טובי המנגנים על קלרינטים, בשירי נוסטלגיה של מירון,ובראשם גדולי המנגנים במירון מוסה ברלין,וחיליק פרנק,ריקוד האדמור מרחמסטרווקא, ריקוד האדמור מתולדות אברהם יצחק, מירון לפנות בוקר, הכל מה שנעשה במירון במשך כל

Torah-Box selection ▶ ▶ ▶

Torah-Box selection 2 ▶ ▶ ▶

Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

That’s how it looked like just after the Second World War in Berlin!

Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945, just after the Second World War and the capitulation of Germany. Daily life after years of war.

Pictures from the destroyed city, the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linden, rubble women working in the streets, the tram is running again.

A collage of archive material
produced by: Kronos Media

Voici à quoi ressemblait Berlin juste après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale !

Ces fascinantes vidéos en couleur nous montrent la situation de la ville lors de l’été 1945, directement après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale et la capitulation de l’Allemagne. Voici la vie quotidienne
des Berlinois après des années de guerre.

Les images nous dévoilent une ville détruite, le Reichstag, la porte de Brandebourg, l’hôtel Adlon, le bunker du Führer, l’avenue Unter den Linden, les femmes des ruines à l’œuvre dans les rues, et les trams à nouveau en fonctionnement.

Un assemblage d’images d’archive
production par Kronos Media

Lag Baomer 5773 : Cérémonie d’ouverture avec le Rabbi de Boyan !

LAG BAOMER selon le Rabbi ,,, Rav TOUITOU

Le Rabbi de Loubavitch: Lag Baomer Carnaval

Lag BaOmer, la joie de Rabbi Chimon Bar Yo’haï

Lag Baomer : allumage géant du Rabbi de “Toledot Aharon”



Cacherout sur le Champagne, Brandy ou Cognac


Appel pour l’enterrement d’une femme démunie


Jean-Marie Le Pen suspendu du FN

Jean-Marie Le Pen suspendu du Front National. La decision du bureau exécutif du parti est tombée en début de soirée. Le co-fondateur du Front National en 1972 a été suspendu de son statut d adhérent et une assemblée extraordinaire devra decider dans les trois mois la suppression de son statut de president d’honneur.

Jean Marie Le Pen, avait refuse de se rendre devant le bureau politique ce matin et avait affiché la même determination à réitérer ses propos.

“Je parle librement, ce qui choque …

Fusillade de Toulouse : Réaction du rabbin d’Aix-les-Bains


Réaction du rabbin d’Aix-les-Bains sur l’attentat qui a entrainé la mort de 4 personnes devant le collège juif Ozar Hatora de Toulouse



Hesped du Rav Errera par le Grand-Rabbin Wertenschlag


Hesped du Rav Errera par le Rav Yi’hya Teboul




Rav Errera

Mélavé Malka à Sarcelles le 29 janvier 2011 avec rav Errera d’Aix-Les-Bains 103 ans et en présence du Psdt de la communauté M. Richard Halimi ainsi que le Grand Rabbin Chalom BERROS.Cours sur Chalom Baït

Rav Errera

Rav Haim,Jaskin Haykine Zal d’Aix Les Bains



La yechiva d’Aix les Bains1.wmv

La yechiva d’Aix les Bains2.wmv

Yechiva d’Aix-les-bains3.VOB

Une yechiva est établie par Ernest Weill à Neudorf (Strasbourg), en 19331. Dirigée par le Rabbin Simcha Wasserman, fils de l’éminent talmudiste Elchonon Wasserman, elle est alors la seule yechiva de France. En 1938, le Rabbin Wasserman émigre aux États-Unis, laissant la direction de la Yeshiva de Neudorf à Yitzchak Chaikin, disciple du Chofetz Chaim et d’Elchonon Wasserman, fraichement débarqué. Il est bientôt déporté en Allemagne, et la yechiva doit fermer ses portes en 1939 jusqu’à la fin de la seconde Guerre mondiale.
Son collège académique décide de rouvrir ses portes après la guerre à Aix-les-Bains, où elle s’établit définitivement. Elle est toujours dirigée par le rabbin Yitzchak Chaikin1, revenu de captivité et accueille d’ailleurs de nombreux rescapés de la Shoah :
La Yeshiva Chachmei Tzorfas [la Yechiva des Sages de France] est déjà une réalité – pas simplement un bâtiment élégant, mais un palais. Environ une centaine de jeunes trouveront leur place ici. À présent de nombreux garçons venant de Buchenwald et de Dachau sont inscrits. La yeshiva attend leur arrivée. Le premier Rosh Hayeshiva (doyen) est déjà ici: le Rabbin Chaikin, un ancien étudiant de la Yeshiva de Radin. Lui aussi vient juste de rentrer de captivité [en Allemagne].2
Elle est dirigée aujourd’hui par le Rabbin Yits’hak Weill.

Aix Les Bains – French Alps

Vidéo officielle : Les épouvantables camps de concentration nazis


Allemagne : installation de la réplique de la porte du camp de Dachau

La biographie du Maharal de Prague

Sinai, Purim & The MaHaRaL of Prague

Le Maharal de Prague sur Pourim: La force de la pensée

File:Tomb Of Rabbi Meir Baial Haness, 1894.jpg

Mausolée supposé de Rabbi Meïr baal Haness, en 1894

Meïr baal Haness

Rabbi Meïr baal Haness ou Baal Ness (hébreu : רבי מאיר בעל הנס « Rabbi Meïr le Miraculeux », acronyme Rambaha”n ou Ramba”n) est un faiseur de miracles dont la tombe fait l’objet d’un pèlerinage annuel. Son nom est également associé à des caisses de bienfaisance destinées aux Juifs nécessiteux résidant en terre d’Israël.

Identifié par la croyance populaire à Rabbi Meïr, il semble cependant issu d’une confusion entre ce Sage et un ou plusieurs homonymes.  Photo by Wikipedia Read More Button--orange

La Grandeur de Rabbi Meir Baal Ha-Ness


Visit to the Tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness | Kever Tzadikim

La grande force et l’histoire du Rabbi Meir Baal Haness – 613TV

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness

Rabbi Méïr Baal Haness – rabbi David PINTO (

Rabanit Iris Odani Elyashiv Rabbi Meir Baal Haness ENGLISH

Video Especial Rabi Meir Baal Hanes

histoires de nos sages – La phrase magique de Rabbi Méïr Baal Haness –

Rabbi Meir Baal Aness – Pessah Cheni

Rav Raphael Pinto


מוריס ויצמן




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Radio SHALOM, Charles Lugassy


Charles Lugassy is a cultivated journalist for Radio Shalom equipped with 15 years experience in journalism with Radio Canada, 20 years experience in immigration consulting and a highly active and reputable presence in the Jewish Sephardic community.

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Tensions au Proche-Orient : le processus de paix

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Derniers Témoins – Témoignages

Témoignage issu de la campage “Derniers Témoins”, réalisée par le Mémorial de la Shoah en partenariat avec la mairie de Paris en 2004.

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Casale Monferrato Synagogue in Piedmont, Italy, May 18, 2008

I gave two concerts in this synagogue, in 2007 and 2008 – it’s known to some as the most beautiful
synagogue in the world, and is more than 400 years old.
Owner and Camera: Alex Jacobowitz

This Day in Jewish History / An artist who sought to connect the ‘English’ with the ‘Jewish’ dies

Solomon Hart, the first Jew accepted to the Royal Academy of Arts, expressed these ties in such masterpieces as ‘The Conference of Menasseh ben …
File:Solomon Alexander Hart - The Feast of the Rejoicing of the Law at the Synagogue in Leghorn, Italy - Google Art Project.jpg
The Feast of the Rejoicing of the Law at the Synagogue in Leghorn, Italy

File:Milton visiting Galileo when a prisoner of the Inquisition. Wellcome M0006601.jpg

Milton visiting Galileo when a prisoner of the Inquisition. Oil painting by Solomon Alexander Hart, 1847.

Solomon Hart

From Wikipedia

Hart Self Portrait.jpgSolomon Alexander Hart (April 1806 – 11 June 1881) was a British painter and engraver. He was the first Jewish member of theRoyal Academy in London and was probably the most important Jewish artist working in England in the 19th century.

He was born at Plymouth, the son of Samuel Hart (fl. 1785–1830), a Jewish engraver and teacher of Hebrew. He remained an observant Jew all his life. He served as an engraver’s apprentice in London where he studied at the Royal Academy, and excelled in miniature painting. Hart became celebrated as a painter of historical scenes and characters, and in 1854 was appointed professor of Painting in the Royal Academy, and subsequently librarian.

Lesen Sie weiter Button - OrangePhoto by Wikipedia 

This Day in Jewish History / Air Force pioneer Al Schwimmer is born

What began as aircraft-maintenance company Bedek in 1953 soon became Israel Aviation Industries, today the enormous Israel Aerospace Industries,

Al Schwimmer – 1917-2011

Al (Adolph) Schwimmer, one of the founders of the Israel Air Force and the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and an Israel Prize laureate, died, Friday. He was 94.

Schwimmer, an American citizen, was born in New York in 1917. An aeronautics graduate and a licensed pilot, he served in the US Air Force during WWII, and was awarded a medal of valor.

In 1947 he volunteered to help the Haganah paramilitary group to acquire aircraft. Schwimmer formed an aviation company, purchased war surpluses and smuggled them to Israel via then-Czechoslovakia.

In 1950, however, he was convicted by US authorities of violating the UN imposed embargo for smuggling the planes. He was stripped of his rights, but not imprisoned. In 2001 he was pardoned by then President Bill Clinton.

“Ordered” by Israeli PM, David Ben-Gurion to leave the USA and start an aircraft overhauling facility in Israel, Schwimmer came to Israel and founded ‘Bedek National Aviation Institute’ – later to become the IAI.

He served as the technological advisor to the prime minister in two different governments in the 1970s, and founded the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Israel Institute of Technology.

In 2006 he was awarded the Israel Prize for his contributions to Israeli society.

File:Al Schwimmer.jpgAl Schwimmer

From Wikipedia

Adolph William “Al” Schwimmer (Hebrew: אל שווימר‎;‎ 10 June 1917 – 10 June 2011) was an American-born Israeli engineer and businessman. He was the founder and first CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries.

Schwimmer was born in New York in 1917 to Jewish parents who had emigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe. He never used his given birth name of Adolph, preferring the nickname “Al”.[1]

In 1939, Schwimmer began his aerospace career at Lockheed Corporation as an engineer and also received his civilian pilot license. During World War II, he worked for TWA and assisted the U.S. Air Transport Command as a flight engineer.[2]Lesen Sie weiter Button - OrangePhoto by Wikipedia 


An Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir C2 at the Muzeyon Heyl ha-Avir (Israeli Air Force Museum), Hatzerim Air Base, Israel, in 2006.

Israel Aerospace Industries BEDEK

Israel Aerospace Industries

From Wikipedia,

Israel Aerospace Industries (Hebrew: התעשייה האווירית לישראל ha-ta’asiya ha-avirit le-yisra’el) or IAI (תע”א) is Israel’s primeaerospace and aviation manufacturer, producing aerial systems for both military and civilian usage. It has 16,000 employees as of 2013. IAI is wholly owned by the government of Israel.

In addition to local construction of fighter aircraft, IAI also designs and builds civil aircraft (including for Gulfstream with aircraft such as the G100/G150 and G200/G250 mid-sized business jets) and performs local maintenance and reconfiguration of foreign-built military and civilian aircraft. In addition, the company works on a number of missile, avionics, and space-based systems.

Although IAI’s main focus is aviation and high-tech electronics, it also manufactures military systems for ground and naval forces. Many of these products are specially suited for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) needs, while others are also marketed to foreign militaries.  Lesen Sie weiter Button - OrangePhoto by Wikipedia 

This Day in Jewish History / A master of high comedy may have been born

S.N. Behrman, a child of Orthodox, Lithuanian immigrants, discovered a knack for knocking the higher classes, which he did with brilliant wit. By David ..

S. N. Behrman

From Wikipedia

Samuel Nathaniel Behrman (June 9, 1893 – September 9, 1973) was an American playwright, screenwriter, biographer, and longtime writer for for The New Yorker.  Behrman’s family immigrated from what is now Lithuania to the United States, where Samuel Nathaniel Behrman was born, the youngest of three sons, in a tenement in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1893.[1] His parents spoke little English, and his father was a Talmudic scholar. (Though known for his sophisticated comedies and worldly characters, Behrman fondly dramatized his family-centered, impoverished childhood in one of his last plays, the 1958 The Cold Wind and the Warm, an autobiographical drama starring Eli Wallach, Maureen Stapleton, and Morris Carnovsky.[2]) His own path, however, took him far from the Orthodox world of his parents. Lesen Sie weiter Button - OrangePhoto by Wikipedia 

‘No Time for Comedy’

Princeton Summer Theater will perform S.N. Behrman’s “No Time for Comedy” through Aug. 2 at the Hamilton Murray Theater as part of a series of student productions.

This Day in Jewish History / The ultimate hostess of enlightened Vienna dies

This Day in Jewish History / The ultimate hostess of enlightened Vienna dies. Fanny von Arnstein brought together European greats, from Mozart to …

File:Fanny Arnstein Litho.jpgFanny von Arnstein

From Wikipedia

Baroness Franziska “Fanny” von Arnstein, born Vögele Itzig (September 29, 1758, Berlin – June 8, 1818, near Vienna) was a leader of society in Vienna.

Fanny Arnstein was born the daughter of Daniel Itzig, and was a member of the extensive and influential JewishItzig family.

She married the banker Nathan Adam von Arnstein, a partner in the firm of Arnstein and Eskeles; her sister Caecilie (Zipperche) was married to the other partner, Bernhard von Eskeles. They brought the social influences of Berlin to Vienna, notably the concept of the intellectual salon, to the Vienna of Joseph II. The Arnstein mansion at Vienna and her villas at Schönbrunn and Baden bei Wien were regularly used for hospitality. She was also involved in charitable




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Baroness Fanny von Arnstein

Datei:Israelitischer Friedhof Währing September 2006 014.jpg


Image of the Jewish Cemetery in the Viennese district Währing and Döbling (Israelitischer Friedhof Währing). Parts of it were destroyed by the Nazis between 1938-45, the cemetery lay neglected as of September 2005.

Mordechai Gebirtig

קובץ:Mordechai Gebirtig plaque by Maire.jpg

לוח זיכרון המוקדש למרדכי גבירטיג, שהוצבה בעת פסטיבל התרבות היהודי השלישי בקרקוב (14 ביוני 1992) על קיר ביתו של גבירטיג ברח’ ברק יוסלביץ’ מס’ 5 בקרקוב.
בלוח תבליט דיוקנו, שעליו מצוין “מרדכי גבירטיג: נגר, משורר, זמר”; על פני הקשתות שמעל הדיוקן מתנוססות מילות הפואמה שלו “בלייב געזונט מיר, קראקע!” (ובפולנית: “Bądź zdrów mój Kraokwie”) – “היי לי בריאה, קרקוב”, או במשמעות האירונית של השיר: “היי שלום” [או “שלום ולא להתראות”], קרקוב”.

  This Day in Jewish History / A man of the people who sang of fire is murdered by Nazis

A German soldier shot down folk hero Mordechai Gebirtig and his wife in Krakow Ghetto as Jews were boarding a train for deportation to the east.Photo by Wikipedia

Mordechai Gebirtig

From Wikipedia,


Mordechaj Gebirtig


Mordechai Gebirtig, born Mordecai Bertig[1] (Yiddish: מרדכי געבירטיג‎, b. 4 May 1877, Kraków, Austria Hungary; d. 4 June 1942, Kraków Ghetto, General Government[1]) was an influential Yiddish poet and songwriter.

Mordecai Gebirtig (1877–1942) was born in Krakow and lived in its Jewish working-class quarter all his life, one which was ended by a Nazi bullet in the Kraków Ghetto on the infamous “Bloody Thursday” of June 4, 1942.[1] He is the preeminent “folk” artist in Yiddish literature and song. Gebirtig served for five years in the Austro-Hungarian army.[1] He was self-taught in music, played the shepherd’s pipe well, and tapped out tunes on the piano with one finger. He earned his livelihood as a furniture worker; music and theater were avocations.

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This Day in Jewish History / A Jew becomes leader of Russia, if not for long

Perhaps Yakov Sverdlov’s stint as top Bolshevik was dimmed in memory by his untimely death at age 33, under very mysterious circumstances indeed …
Snow-covered statue of Sverdlov inYekaterinburg, formerly Sverdlovsk.

Yakov Sverdlov ☭

Yakov Sverdlov, Bolshevik activist.



Sverdlov had to preside a great deal. He was Chairman of many bodies and at many meetings. He was an imperious Chairman. Not in the sense that he shut off discussion, or curbed the speakers, and so on. Not at all. On the contrary, he never quibbled or insisted on formalities. His imperiousness as Chairman consisted in this, that he always knew exactly what practical decision was before the body; he understood who would speak, what would be said, and why; he was quite familiar with the backstage aspects of the issue — and every big and complex issue has its own backstage; he was adept at giving the floor in time to speakers who were needed; he knew how to put the proposition to a vote in time; he knew what could be carried and he was able to carry what he wanted. These traits of his as Chairman were bound up indissolubly with all his qualities as a practical leader, with his ability to appraise people in the flesh, realistically, with his inexhaustible inventiveness in the field of organizational and personnel combinations.

During stormy sessions he was adept at permitting the assembly to become noisy and let off steam; and then at the proper moment he would intervene to restore order with a firm hand and a metallic voice.

Sverdlov was of medium height, of dark complexion, thin and gaunt; his face, lean; his features, angular. His powerful and even mighty voice might have seemed out of consonance with his physique. To an even greater degree this might be said of his character. But such an impression could be only fleeting. And then the physical image became fused with the spiritual. Nor is this all, for this gaunt figure with its calm unconquerable and inflexible will and with its powerful but not flexible voice would then stand forth as a finished image.

“Nichevo,” Valdimir Ilyich would sometimes say in a difficult situation. “Sverdlov will tell them about it in his Sverdlovian bass and the matter will be settled …”

In these words there was affectionate irony.

In the initial post-October period the Communists were, as is well-known, called “leatherites,” by our enemies, because of the way in which we dressed. I believe that Sverdlov”s example played a major role in introducing the leather “uniform” among us. At all events he invariably walked around encased in leather from head to toe, from his leather cap to his leather boots. This costume, which somehow corresponded with the character of those days, radiated far and wide from him, as the central organizational figure.

Comrades who knew Sverdlov in the underground days remember a different Sverdlov. But in my memory Sverdlov remains clothed in leather as in an armor grown black under the blows of the first years of the Civil War.

We were gathered at a session of the Political Bureau when Sverdlov, who was burning up with fever at home, took a turn for the worse. E.D. Stassova, the then Secretary of the Central Committee, came in during the session. She had come from Sverdlov”s apartment. Her face was unrecognizable.

“Jacob Mikhailovich feels poorly, very poorly,” she said. A glance at her sufficed to understand that there was no hope. We cut the session short. Vladimir Ilyich went to Sverdlov”s apartment, and I left for the Commissariat to prepare to depart immediately to the front. In about 15 minutes a phone call came from Lenin, who said in that special muted voice which meant great strain: “He is gone.” “He is gone.” “He is gone.” For a while each of us held the receiver in our hands and each could feel the silence at the other end. Then we hung up. There was nothing more to say. Jacob Mikhailovich was gone. Sverdlov was no longer among us.”

March 13, 1925

YakovSverdlov.jpgJakow Swerdlow


Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov (Russian: Я́ков Миха́йлович Свердло́в; IPA: [ˈjakəf mʲɪˈxajləvʲɪtɕ svʲɪrdˈlof]; known under pseudonyms “Andrei”, “Mikhalych”, “Max”, “Smirnov”, “Permyakov”; 3 June [O.S. 22 May] 1885 – 16 March 1919) was a Bolshevik party leader and chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee.

Sverdlov was born in Nizhny Novgorod as Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov to Jewish parents Mikhail Izrailevich Sverdlov and Elizaveta Solomonova. His father was a politically active engraver who eventually went into forgery, and arms storage and dealing partially to support his family. The Sverdlov family had six children

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This Day in Jewish History / The man who realized that mass murder depends on petty bureaucrats

Hilberg understood that Adolf Hitler genuinely intended to eliminate the Jews, but also believed the Holocaust was only made possible by a complex …

Shoah-Part 2: Interview with Raul Hilberg

Director Claude Lanzmann interviews Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg about the train schedules that represent the deaths of thousands of Jews, calling into question Walter Stier’s and other Germans’ claims that they knew nothing about the Final Solution.

File:Hilberg1.jpgRaul Hilberg

From Wikipedia

Raul Hilberg (June 2, 1926 – August 4, 2007) was an Austrian-born American political scientist and historian. He was widely considered to be the world’s preeminent[1][2][3] scholar of the Holocaust, and his three-volume, 1,273-page magnum opus, The Destruction of the European Jews, is regarded as a seminal study of the Nazi Final Solution.

Hilberg was born to a Polish–Romanian Jewish family in Vienna, Austria.

Hilberg was very much a loner, pursuing solitary hobbies such as geography, music and train spotting.[4] Though his parents attended synagogue on occasion, he personally found the irrationality of religion repellent and developed an allergy to it. He did however attend a Zionist school in Vienna, which inculcated the necessity of defending against, rather than surrendering to, the rising menace of Nazism  .Read More Button--orangePhoto by Wikipedia 

This Day in Jewish History / Enigmatic ‘living work of art’ and savior of German Jews shot down by

June 1, 1943, is the day on which Wilfrid Israel, the mysterious but saintly savior of many thousands of German Jews in the years leading up to the …

Trailer: Wilfrid Israel – The Savior from Berlin – The Story of a Forgotten Hero

Trailer of the new film: “Wilfrid Israel – The Savior from Berlin – The Story of a Forgotten Hero”. Learn more at
Currently the film runs in its Hebrew version with English subtitles.
Soon enough, the English version, and a bit later the German version will be available.

File:Wilfrid Israel - The Savior from Berlin.JPG

Wilfrid Israel

From Wikipedia,

Wilfrid Berthold Jacob Israel (11 July 1899 – 1 June 1943) was an Anglo-German businessman and philanthropist, born into a wealthy Anglo-German Jewish family, who was active in the rescue of Jews from Nazi Germany, and who played an important role in the Kindertransport.

Described as “gentle and courageous” and “intensely secretive”, Wilfrid Israel avoided public office and shunned publicity, but had, according to his biographer Naomi Shepherd, an “almost hypnotic” ability to influence frie