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Ariel U President: Keep Fighting BDS


NYC School Chancellor Carmen Farina Visit To Yeshiva Veretzky


NYPD Commissioner Bratton On Brooklyn 1990


SHOCK Israeli Bus Refuses To Let Ambulance Pass

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Out of Control Fire Burning at Dimona Chemical Plant

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Adam Milstein Speaks about the Campus Maccabees Summit


Five Jewish Cantors & Singers Perform New York’s PIX11 TV

Five of New York’s most famous Jewish cantors and Chassidic singers will be performing in a free concert at Summerstage in Central Park as part of KulturfestNYC on Tuesday, June 16. The five cantors are like the Three Tenors of Jewish music. KulturfestNYC, the first-ever international festival of Jewish performing arts, will bring together hundreds of global acts in Jewish and Yiddish theater, music, dance, cabaret, and film, from more than two-dozen countries, performing in multiple citywide locations from June 14-21.

It’s presented by The National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene and the Museum of Jewish Heritage. For more information or tickets go to KulturfestNYC.org.

We wanted to produce a commercial for “Unity Day” on June 3, 2015

The Jerusalem Unity Prize in Memory of Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali is a joint initiative between the families of Eyal Ifrach, Gil-ad Shaer and Naftali Fraenkel, the three teens kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in the summer of 2014, together with the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat and Gesher.

Chabad ‘We Want Moshaich’ Balloon Lands In Lebanon

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Jewish Community Mourns Prominent Brooklyn Rabbi Binyomin Klein

BROOKLYN – A prominent Brooklyn Jewish leader has passed away at the age of 79.

Rabbi Binyomin Klein served his community in Crown Heights for nearly 50 years. He was the longtime aide to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

His funeral procession was held Friday at the Chabad on Eastern Parkway.

Klein was among the founders of Yeshivah Gredolah in Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout his illustrious career, Rabbi Klein traveled to South America and Cuba to bring Jewish literature and inspiration.

Klein was influential with Israel’s political, military and security leaderships, developing deep connections with leaders who would often seek his guidance and counsel.

Those who knew Rabbi Klein best say that he will be truly missed, but his legacy will live on.

“Rabbi Klein leaves a legacy of a very dedicated, humble aide as secretary of the Rabbi. Someone who cared for people and made a lasting impact on the lives of many people,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

According to reports, Rabbi Klein died in his sleep.

Orange’s Pullout From Israel Gives Lift to Boycott

French telecom giant Orange SA’s declaration that it wants to cut business ties with Israel has given a boost to the burgeoning anti-Israel boycott movement while also drawing a sharp rebuke from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday. The move bodes poorly for Israel at a time of growing international anger over its West Bank settlements and could potentially put almost any Israeli company in the crosshairs of the boycott campaign. It also has illustrated just how deeply intertwined Israeli settlements are with the rest of the country. Netanyahu responded angrily on Thursday, calling on “the French government to publicly repudiate the miserable statement and miserable action by a company that is under its partial ownership.” The remarks came a day after Orange’s chief executive Stephane Richard said he would end his company’s relationship with Partner Communications “tomorrow” if he could, but that he was bound by a contract for the time being.

How Israel became a leader in water use in the Middle East

Over the past few years in Israel, the country’s water shortage has become a surplus. Through a combination of conservation, reuse and desalination, the country now has more water than it needs. And that could translate to political progress for the country in the Middle East, one of the most water-stressed regions in the world. NewsHour’s Martin Fletcher reportsow Israel became a leader in water use in the Middle East

Former US Ambassador to the UN @ Israel Day Concert 2015

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach @ Israel Day Concert 2015


The Future of Israeli Military Strategy

How has the nature of battle altered the course that lies ahead for the IDF?
Dr. Haim Assa, one of Israel’s leading military strategists, who served as adviser to the Foreign Ministry and as the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s national security adviser, joins VOI’s Yishai Fleisher in-studio. The co-author of “Diffused Warfare,” he talks about the future of the IDF and Israel’s struggle to survive in the Middle East.

You Will Never Look at Israel the Same Again

When a second earthquake hit Nepal, Israel sent another rescue team into the devastated areas. Some of the best rescue units in the world from the Israeli army were deployed to a nation halfway around the world. Discover why Israel invests its resources to help men, women, and children in other nations.

Interview with Mike Huckabee @ Israel Day Concert 2015


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Amnesty International Says Hamas Committed War Crimes

Amnesty International said in a report on Wednesday that Islamist Hamas committed war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip during last year’s war with Israel. A ceasefire last August ended 50 days of fighting between Gaza militants and Israel in which health officials said more than 2,100 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed. The human rights group’s report said, “Hamas forces carried out a brutal campaign of abductions, torture and unlawful killings against Palestinians accused of ‘collaborating’ with Israel and others during Israel’s military offensive against Gaza.”

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Tony Blair May Step Down As Middle East Peace Envoy

There have been reports that Tony Blair is to step down from his role as envoy for the Quartet of Middle East peace negotiators.

Matthew Doyle, Political consultant & former adviser to Tony Blair and Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times, discuss the reports.

Israel’s former PM sentenced to 8 months in jail for financial fraud

Olmert was convicted of corruption back in March. The 69-year-old is already facing a six-year prison sentence in a separate corruption case which is currently the subject of an appeal to the supreme court. Olmert’s lawyers say they’ll also appeal the new verdict. The ex-premier was acquitted of a series of corruption charges three years ago. He was sent for re-trial after his former office manager offered tape recordings of alleged conversations with Olmert about receiving cash. Judges say Olmert had used the money for personal reasons without reporting it.

Obama Calls Himself ‘Honorary Member’ Of The Jewish Faith

Speaking on Jewish American Heritage Month at the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C., this morning, President Barack Obama noted that one member of the congregation had once called him “the first Jewish president” and declared that his commitment to Israel’s security is “unshakeable.” “Earlier this week, I was actually interviewed by one of your members, Jeff Goldberg,” said Obama. “And Jeff reminded me that he once called me ‘the first Jewish President.’ Now, since some people still seem to be wondering about my faith, I should make clear this was an honorary title. But I was flattered.”

Goldberg, a writer for The Atlantic, interviewed Obama for that publication earlier this week. “And as an honorary member of the tribe, not to mention somebody who’s hosted seven White House Seders and been advised by, and been advised by, two Jewish chiefs of staff, I can also proudly say that I’m getting a little bit of the hang of the lingo,” said Obama. “But I will not use any of the Yiddish-isms that Rahm Emanuel taught me because I want to be invited back. Let’s just say he had some creative new synonyms for ‘Shalom.’”

Later in the speech, the president explained his “unshakeable” support for Israel’s security. “It’s particularly important to remember now, given the tumult that is taking place in so many corners of the globe, in one of the world’s most dangerous neighborhoods, those shared values compel us to reaffirm that our enduring friendship with the people of Israel and our unbreakable bonds with the state of Israel–that those bonds, that friendship cannot be broken,” said Obama. “Those values compel us to say that our commitment to Israel’s security, and my commitment to Israel’s security is and always will be unshakeable.

“And I’ve said this before: It would be a moral failing on the part of the U.S. government and the American people, it would be a moral failing on my part if we did not stand up firmly, steadfastly not just on behalf of Israel’s right to exist, but its right to thrive and prosper,” said Obama. “Because it would ignore the history that brought the state of Israel about. It would ignore the struggle that’s taken place through millennia to try to affirm the kinds of values that say everybody has a place, everybody has rights, everybody is a child of God.”

USA: Obama becomes third president to address an audience at a synagogue

US President Barack Obama became only the third sitting American president to speak to a congregation at a US synagogue, Friday when he delivered a speech from the pulpit of Adas Israel in Washington D.C.

The President Speaks on National Jewish American Heritage Month

President Obama delivers remarks at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C. in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month. May 22, 2015

President Obama Talks Iran Nuke Deal with Jewish American Community

President Obama addressed the Jewish-American community inside Adas Israel in Washington, D.C. and spoke about the tentative nuclear deal with Iran.

Robert Wistrich addresses Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism

Prof. Robert Wistrich, Head of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, one of the participants and speakers at the 5th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism, died several days later in Rome, on May 19, after suffering a heart attack. He was scheduled to address the Italian Senate on the rise of antisemitism in Europe. We mourn his passing.

Prof. Robert Wistrich was the Neuberger chair for Modern European History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been Head of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism 2002-2015. In 2013 he was awarded a prize for Lifetime Achievement by the New-York based Journal for the Study of Antisemitism which described him “as the leading scholar in the field of antisemitism study today”. Among his books are: Hitler and the Holocaust (Random House, 2001), which has been translated into 25 language. His 1,200 page book A Lethal Obsession: Antisemitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad, appeared in 2010, and From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, the Jews and Israel was published in 2012.

The Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism (GFCA) is the premier biennial gathering for assessing the state of Antisemitism globally, and formulating effective forms of societal and governmental response. The GFCA is an active coalition of public figures, political leaders, heads of civil society, clergy, journalists, diplomats, educators and concerned citizens dedicated to the advance of tolerance towards the other in public life and the defeat of Antisemitism and other forms of racial and ethnic hatred. The Forum serves as an important meeting place for exchange of knowledge and for formulating the global work plan for combating Antisemitism.

Akiva Tor & Sheikh Usama Hasan Discuss the Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism

Originally broadcasted at the Morning Edition, courtesy of I24NEWS

Akiva Tor is the Head of Bureau for World Jewish Affairs and World Religions at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Previously he served as Israel Consul General in San Francisco, Director of the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei; Deputy Director for Palestinian Affairs in the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and World Jewish Affairs Adviser to the President of Israel. He is a graduate of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, holds an MA degree from Hebrew University in Jewish political thought, and writes and lectures on Jewish values in the foreign policy of Israel and on ethical considerations in international relations.

Sheikh Dr. Usama Hasan, Senior Researcher in Islamic Studies at the Quilliam Foundation (the world’s first counter-extremism think-tank) is a scientist and religious scholar, holding traditional certifications and MA, MSc and PhD degrees (Cambridge and London). Served as an imam for 30 yrs in UK mosques, participated in interfaith dialogue and action for the past 15 yrs, and worked closely with the UK Board of Deputies of British Jews. Patron and/or trustee of the Israeli-Palestinian Parents’ Circle, UK (Bereaved Families’ Forum), the UK Forum for the Discussion of Israel and Palestine (FODIP) and One Voice Europe (OVE), who campaign for a two-state solution. Lectured “Is Islam antisemitic?” in a London Limmud event 2013.

Camera event Framing Israel Framing Jews


EU Foreign Policy Chief Mogherini visits Ramallah and Jerusalem

Ellie Hochenberg on the visit of the European Union’s top diplomat Federica Mogherini to the region

Richard Kemp The media in the anti Israel campaign

Colonel Richard Kemp lecture at Bar Ilan University on May 19, 2015.
Moral Battles, Immoral Battles: Israel’s Fight for Security and Fair Treatment.

שמעון פרס Shimon Peres


Netanyahu Jerusalem is capital of Jews

Netanyahu: Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people alone
Islamic extremism threatens city and entire world, premier says at Jerusalem Day ceremony; President Rivlin says Jerusalem belongs to all of it citizens – Arabs and Jews.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld on Jerusalem Day

French-Israeli tension over Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Diplomatic pressure on Jerusalem seems to be rising, with a French-led peace initiative, moving forward. here’s the news today’s diplomatic correspondent Ellie Hochenberg, with the details on the latest dispute

Israeli police clash with Palestinians protesting against Jerusalem Day

ROUGH CUT (NO REPORTER NARRATION) Clashes erupted on Sunday (May 17) between Jews marking Israeli Jerusalem Day and Palestinians who were protesting against the event near the Old City walls. The

Israel Disappointed As Vatican Recognizes “Palestinian State” — May 15, 2015

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Israel disappointed as Vatican recognizes “Palestinian State”; plus CBN’s Scott Ross looks at Jerusalem’s past, present and future – from conflict to prophecy fulfilled; and a beloved Jerusalem

American Israel Supporters Tell Pope: Stay Out of Politics

After Pope Francis moved to recognize a Palestinian state, some gung-ho defenders of Israel suggested the pontiff should stick to preaching and stay out of politics. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, a hawkish defender of Israel, said “I’m disappointed. The Pope is legitimizing a Palestinian state without requiring those who get recognition to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.” It wasn’t just Duncan. Several House conservatives seemed exasperated that Francis, who will address Congress this fall, approved the Vatican’s recognition of Palestine as a state. On Wednesday, critics said Rome needs to leave the question of Palestinian statehood to be sorted out in the Middle East. Others were frustrated that the pontiff would recognize a place that’s an avowed enemy of a U.S. ally like Israel.
Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said, “I’m surprised that the pope would recognize Palestine when they’re still haters who want to eliminate Israel off the map and don’t recognize Israel. The Pope is the head of his religion, and he makes those calls for himself, but I represent 700,000 people from East Texas and a vast majority agree with me.”

Vatican Move on Palestine Adds Fuel to European Debate

The Vatican’s decision to recognize the state of Palestine in a treaty for the first time has drawn a stern response from Israel, but it may usher in a freer debate in Europe about how to proceed on the vexed Palestinian question.
The Holy See has referred to Palestine since 2012, but the treaty concluded on Wednesday, which covers the Church’s activities in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, marks a more formal recognition, which Vatican officials said they hoped would benefit Israeli-Palestinian ties in time.
An Israeli foreign ministry official described the Vatican’s move as a “disappointment” and indicated that it may lead to reprisals, although he did not say of what kind.
The Vatican, increasingly proactive in foreign policy under Pope Francis, is far from the only state to have recognized Palestine — 135 members of the United Nations already do so, nearly 70 percent of the total. By comparison, 160 of the UN’s 193 members recognize Israel.

Controversy over Vatican recognizing Palestinian state

Ambassador Francis Rooney and Rabbi Steve Burg debate Pope Francis’ decision

Summit to Combat Religious Tension Held in Rockland County

SUFFERN – Jews, Christians and Muslims took part in a summit Wednesday morning to improve interfaith understanding in Rockland County.

Interfaith Summit Held at Rockland Community College

NYACK – An interfaith summit was held in Rockland Wednesday in an effort to ease tensions in the community.

PM Netanyahu Meets German Defense Minister Dr. Ursula von der Leyen

ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו נפגש עם שרת ההגנה של גרמניה ד”ר אורסולה פון דר ליין.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with German Defense Minister Dr. Ursula von der Leyen

וידאו: רועי אברהם, לע”מ
סאונד: איתמר בוטון, לע”מ

Malcolm Hoenlein’s Global Perspective

Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Malcolm Hoenlein joins Yishai in-studio for an exclusive interview about the state of affairs of the state of Israel. Is Iran gaining global momentum? Is the Israeli narrative losing global momentum? Will Argentinian Jews ever see justice?

Massive Wildfire In Ulster County NY Rt 209 & Rt 52

Netanyahu Signs Deal to Form Coalition Government

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, secures a last minute deal to form a coalition government with the Jewish Home party.

Germany: Gauck welcomes Israeli President Rivlin to Berlin with full military honours

German President Joachim Gauck welcomed Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to the Bellevue Palace in Berlin, Monday, with full military honours.

Rivlin is visiting Germany for two days on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel, which took place on May 12, 1965.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on the Challenges Ahead

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein joins VOI’s Dov Lipman to discuss the challenges facing the 20th Knesset, and opines on an array of issues, among them: religion and state; regional representation in the Knesset; and the Knesset’s being the first green parliament in the world.

Ayelet Shaked interview English (Israeli female politician right wing nationalist jewish home)

Ayelet Shaked interview English

Lieberman’s political bomb

With only 48 hours to go until the deadline expires, Israeli foreign minister and leader of the yisrael beytenu party, avigdor Lieberman, announced today hes NOT going to join Netanyahu’s government

LIVE: Merkel attends 70th anniversary of Dachau concentration camp liberation ceremony

German Chancellor Angela Merkel along with Minister-President of Bavaria Horst Seehofer will preside over the main service in Dachau commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp on May 3. Angela Merkel is due to hold an introductory speech while students from the Bavarian International School (BIS) and the Gymnasium Herzogenaurach will read memorial poems and texts in their mother tongues, including German, Russian, Italian, French, Polish and English.<Dachau concentration camp survivors on 70th anniversary of liberation


Dachau was Nazi Germany’s first concentration camp


Footage of Car Terror Attack That Killed Shalom Sherki


IDF Evacuates Israeli Tourists to its Nepal Field Hospital


Nepalese Man Thanks Israel in Hebrew


To Israel from Nepal – Home at Last


Awards for Outstanding Religious Figures in Israel


Israeli Forces Rush to Save Lives in Nepal


Zaka Preparations to Head to Nepal

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Special Magen David Adom Aid Team Departs for Nepa

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Pope Francis to Bestow Knighthood on New York Rabbi Arthur Schneier

There was big news at Park East Synagogue in Manhattan on Friday night.

As CBS2’s Lou Young reported, Rabbi Arthur Schneier sound out that he is about to be made a Knight of the Roman Catholic Church.

The rabbi knight will be part of one of the same orders that once took part in the crusades. This particular title is “The Pontifical Order of St. Sylvester, Pope and Martyr.”

It’s an honor few non-Catholics have ever received, although the job description has evolved since the old days.

“No horses, no swords, nothing like that,” Joe Zwilling, New York Archdiocese said.

This most unlikely Knight of the Catholic Church has been a rabbi at the East Side synagogue for more than 50 years. He is a holocaust survivor known around the world for learning from the past and urging the use of religion to unite, rather than divide.

“This is a clear message that Pope Francis is continuing rapprochement with the Jewish people,” he said.

Christian knights on horseback and their history are a curious ecumenical symbol, but the order that Rabbi Schneier is joining has been reformed twice. Other non-Christian knights include the likes of Oscar Schindler, who rescued Jews during the Holocaust.

Rabbi Schneier was visited by Pope Benedict in 2008, and greeted Pope Francis at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Now he gets an official post in the church.

He also had some advice for his sword-wielding brother knights of old.

“Ask for forgiveness, and make sure you do not repeat the mistakes you’ve made against humanity,” he said.

Schneier lacks a horse and sword and said his weapon will be conscience and his ally will be the Pope.

Israel at Aero India 2015



Created by professionals, for the pros, Defense-Update VideoReport® is covering aerospace, military and Homeland Security topics.

Nepal’s Earthquake POV [Long Video]

Yom Hazikaron: Saying Kaddish For Those Who Left No One Behind

VOI’s Judy Lash Balint follows a group of young Israelis to Mt Herzl Military Cemetery where they memorialize young Jews, mostly Holocaust survivors, who fell in battle leaving no survivors and no one to recite Kaddish for them. The informal group, brought together by word of mouth and social media, calls itself The Last Scion.

The IDF Has Your Back!

Soldiers from the Golani Brigade help a member of their community work out. Our soldiers always push themselves be the best they can be!
clip-Yom Haatzmaut

YOM HA’ATZMAUT 2015 Promo Video!



Yom Hazikaron

Yom Hazikaron (Hebrew: יום הזיכרון לחללי מערכות ישראל ולנפגעי פעולות האיבה‎, lit. Day of Remembrance for Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism) is Israel’s official Memorial Day. The national observance was enacted into law in 1963. While Yom Hazikaron has been traditionally dedicated to fallen soldiers, commemoration has now been extended to civilian victims of the ongoing armed dispute.

Enlace Judío – Momentos Previos a la Celebración de Yom Haatzmaut en el CDI

Reuven Rivlin

Israel Independence Day Celebration

Amb. Prosor reads Israel’s National Anthem at the UN Security Council

“Tomorrow, Israel will commemorate Yom Hazikaron and honor the 23,320 individuals who lost their lives to war and terror. We will remember the brave soldiers who died so that we can have our freedom and mourn the thousands of men, women, and children who were robbed of their lives simply because they were Israeli.

Yom HaZikaron – IDF Maj (res) Aviv Wishkovsky at Mount Herzl

In this moving video, filmed at Israel’s national cemetery on Mt. Herzl, Maj (res) Aviv Wishkovsky talks about about the young people buried there, who died defending the State of Israel and what their sacrifice means to him, to the young people who wear the uniform of the IDF today and to all of the people of Israel.

Over a Dozen EU Countries, Including Israel’s Allies, Petition for Labeling Settlement Goods

More than a dozen European governments have called for the labelling of goods produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Diplomats from 16 countries, including some of Israel’s closest allies, signed a letter calling on EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to start the process. A European diplomat confirmed the authenticity of the letter. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing internal EU affairs. Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 war.

Israeli Reporter Harassed in France


President Rivlin’s Message to March of the Living 2015


PM Netanyahu Meets Holocaust Survivor Avraham Niederhoffer

ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו נפגש עם ניצול השואה אברהם נידרהופר.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Holocaust Survivor Avraham Niederhoffer.

וידאו: איתי בית-און, לע”מ
סאונד: ניר שרף, לע”מ

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder @ Budapest March of the Living


Holocaust survivor revisits Buchenwald concentration

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A Holocaust survivor has revisited Buchenwald concentration camp, 70 years on from the camp’s liberation . Report by Hettie Maylam.

Holocaust Survivor @ Budapest March of the Living


Telling the Story of Jewish Heroes in the Holocaust


IDF nabs Hamas terrorists in nighttime Shechem raid


F-35 Training in High Gear at Eglin AFB

m 26.03.2014
As the lead F-35 training location, the Integrated Training Center at Eglin Air Force Base has qualified pilots and maintainers from the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, the U.K. and the Netherlands. The F-35 training system maximizes simulation to prepare pilots and maintainers before they head to the flight line.

צעיר ישראלי נרצח בברלין דובר משרד התובע בברלין על החקירה צילום רויטרס

צעיר ישראלי נרצח בברלין, דובר משרד בהתובע בברלין על החקירה
צילום רויטרס

לכתבה המלאה באתר הארץ:

חשד: צעיר ישראלי נרצח בברלין
גופת הצעיר התגלתה בתוך חורבות כנסיה סמוך לאלכסנדר פלאץ ועליה סימנים לאלימות קשה ולצדו נמצא דרכון ישראלי. “פניו של הנרצח הושחתו עד לבלי היכר”, אמר אחד החוקרים
בועז ארד, ברלין
משטרת ברלין חוקרת חשד לרצח צעיר שגופתו נמצאה ועליה דרכון ישראלי. הגופה התגלתה ביום ראשון בבוקר בתוך חורבותיה של הכנסיה הפרנציסקנית של ברלין, סמוך לאלכסנדר פלאץ ומול בית המשפט של רובע מיטה, כשעליה סימני אלימות קשים. עוברי אורח שחלפו במקום הבחינו בה והזעיקו את המשטרה.

הגופה היתה מוטלת מאחורי חומת אבנים ליד שער ברזל, ובתחילה חשבו במשטרה כי מדובר בחסר בית, מפני שהאזור ידוע כאזור שבו מסתובבים הרבה חסרי בית ואלכוהוליסטים.

הלויתו של שלום שרקי היד


אחיו של כתב ערוץ 2יאיר שרקי שנהרג בפיגוע הדריסה בצומת הגבעה הצרפתית ליד הפסל הלבן

PM Netanyahu at annual Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony

דברי ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו בטקס יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה ביד ושם.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the annual Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

וידאו: רועי אברהם, לע”מ

Holocaust Remembrance: Netanyahu warns against Iran | Journal

Speaking on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew parallels between Iran and Nazi-Germany. Netanyahu has criticized a nuclear deal between Tehran and the West. Israel sees Iran as a major threat to its existence, should Tehran get nuclear weapons.
More News and Videos:

Netanyahu likens Iran to Nazis at Holocaust ceremony

Netanyahu likens Iran to Nazis at Holocaust ceremony

Yom Hashoah Yad Vashem Ceremony 5771 Kel Maleh Rachamim

Kel Maleh Rachamim in memory of the 6 Million sung by IDF Chief Chazan (Cantor) Lt. Col. Shai Abramson
קל מלא רחמים
סא”ל שי אברמסון קל מלא רחמים – החזן הצבאי

Iran’s Supreme Leader Accuses White House Of Lying About Nuclear Deal – Forbes On Fox

Iran’s Supreme Leader Accuses White House Of Lying About Nuclear Deal – Forbes On Fox

Statement by PM Netanyahu

Statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

דברי ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו לתקשורת הבינלאומית.

וידאו: רועי אברהם, לע”מ.
סאונד: ניר שרף, לע”מ.

French Far-Right Feud: Le Pen drops out of election amid feud with daughter

The founder of France’s far-right National Front Party, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has announced he will not run in local elections. The announcement comes amid a feud between Le Pen and his daughter Marine Le Pen, who currently leads the nationalist party.

Israeli man man found beaten to death in Berlin Reuters

A 22-year-old man found dead in the ruins of a Berlin church on Easter Sunday was an Israeli citizen, according to a prosecutor who confirmed the victim was killed.

Germany to mark 70 years since Buchenwald’s liberation

Historical footage shows the horrors of Buchenwald concentration camp in April 1945, the same month it was liberated by American forces. Vanessa Johnston reports

Buchenwald: 70th anniversary of Nazi concentration camp’s liberation

Survivors and veterans have been gathering at what was Buchenwald Concentration Camp

70 años de la liberación de Buchenwald

El 11 de abril de 1945 los 21 000 presos del campo de concentración de Buchenwald, ubicado cerca de Weimar, fueron liberados por el ejército estadounidense. Más de 56 000 personas fueron asesinadas en este infierno circundado de alambradas.

Thousands attend inter-faith march in Brussels

Around 5,000 people gathered in the centre of Brussels on Sunday to participate in a march calling for peace and tolerance between religious faiths.

צעיר ישראלי נרצח בברלין דובר משרד התובע בברלין על החקירה צילום רויטרס

Israeli was killed with extreme violence in Berlin
Un Israélien a été tué avec une violence extrême à Berlin
Israeli wurde mit extremer Gewalt in Berlin getötet

צעיר ישראלי נרצח בברלין, דובר משרד בהתובע בברלין על החקירה
צילום רויטרס

לכתבה המלאה באתר הארץ:

חשד: צעיר ישראלי נרצח בברלין
גופת הצעיר התגלתה בתוך חורבות כנסיה סמוך לאלכסנדר פלאץ ועליה סימנים לאלימות קשה ולצדו נמצא דרכון ישראלי. “פניו של הנרצח הושחתו עד לבלי היכר”, אמר אחד החוקרים
בועז ארד, ברלין
משטרת ברלין חוקרת חשד לרצח צעיר שגופתו נמצאה ועליה דרכון ישראלי. הגופה התגלתה ביום ראשון בבוקר בתוך חורבותיה של הכנסיה הפרנציסקנית של ברלין, סמוך לאלכסנדר פלאץ ומול בית המשפט של רובע מיטה, כשעליה סימני אלימות קשים. עוברי אורח שחלפו במקום הבחינו בה והזעיקו את המשטרה.

הגופה היתה מוטלת מאחורי חומת אבנים ליד שער ברזל, ובתחילה חשבו במשטרה כי מדובר בחסר בית, מפני שהאזור ידוע כאזור שבו מסתובבים הרבה חסרי בית ואלכוהוליסטים.

Israel Navy Welcomes ‘INS Tanin’

Powerful Tanin Submarine Joins Israel Navy

During a ceremony in Germany last week, the INS Tanin submarine set sail for Israel’s shores. The powerful new vessel will equip the IDF with unprecedented capabilities at sea.

Israel’s largest defense technologies display at Eurosatory ’14

“The majority of Israel’s exportable land warfare capabilities were presented at Eurosatory this year” Itamar Graff, principal deputy director of SIBAT, Israel’s defense export directorate.

Jpost Israel News: April 6 2015

Jpost Israel News April 6 2015 http://www.jpost.com/

Obama defends Iran deal and says he will stand by Israel if anyone attacks it
Netanyahu takes arguments against deal to US public
Abbas threatens to file a complaint at ICC over tax funds
And Thousands attend Priestly Blessing ceremony at Western Wall

Deadly Stampede at Rabbi Shmuel Wosner’s Funeral

Read full article here: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/New…

Rabbi Shmuel Wosner’s Funeral

Over 100 people were injured during the overcrowded funeral procession for revered Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wosner.

A 27-year-old man was trampled to death during a funeral procession for a revered rabbi on Sunday after he sustained severe injuries to his chest and abdomen.

Motti Gerber, from Elad, was killed during the funeral procession for Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wosner, one of the most senior and respected figures in the haredi world, who died Friday night at a hospital in Bnei Brak at the of age of 101. Gerber had been a student of the late rabbi.

At around 1:30 am, MDA services were called to the procession on Dessler street, near the entrance to a yeshiva in Bnei Brak, where four people were severely injured as a result of overcrowding and congestion.

Two others, including a 14-year-old boy, are reported to be in critical condition along with one more in moderate-to-critical condition.

“When we arrived…we noticed a lot of wounded. The way to them was very difficult… after we worked our way through we got to a boy of about 14 years old, semi-conscious, suffering from a head injury. We gave him medical treatment and evacuated to a hospital,” according to MDA senior medic Ami Mishari.

According to a Magen David Adom, over 100 people were treated for injuries.

Voici ce que Netanyahou à a à dire de l’accord sur le nucléaire iranien

Quelques heures après l’annonce qu’un accord était intervenu à Lausanne entre l’Iran et les grandes puissances sur le nucléaire iranien, le Premier ministre israélien a pris la parole pour expliquer son profond désaccord.

Hassidic Jews Dance at Queen Alia Airport in Jordan


Retracing Ehud Olmert’s Corruption Charges.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been convicted on corruption charges, adding another black mark to his checkered legal history.
Follow Zach Toombs: http://www.twitter.com/ZachToombs
See more at http://www.newsy.com

Israel’s Foreign Affairs Min.

Hassidic Jews Dance at Queen Alia Airport in Jordan


Richard L. Rubenstein: Obama Most Radical President ever – תרגום לעברית

Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein, Yale fellow, “Distinguished Professor of the Year”, and Harvard Phd, states that president Obama’s intention is to “correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel.” Moreover, Dr. Rubenstein states that president Obama is extremely pro Muslim due to his family past to the point of “wanting to see the destruction of Israel.”
פרופסור ריצ’רד רובינשטיין, בראיון נבואי מצמרר שנערך עמו בשנת 2010, לפני האביב הערבי, לפני התפרקותן של מדינות במזרח התיכון, לפני עלייתו של האסלאם הרדיקלי והטרור הג’יהדיסטי והרבה לפני דאע”ש:
אובמה הוא הנשיא הרדיקלי ביותר שהיה לארצות הברית. מטרתו ליצור ברית שלום עם אירן בכל מחיר. לפי התנהגותו, החלטותיו והתנהלותו, ברור למי נתונה אהדתו. ברצונו לתקן טעות היסטורית לגבי הקמתה של מדינת ישראל. הוא לא יחוש אומללות רבה, אם מדינת ישראל תושמד, כל עוד יוכל לומר “ידי לא שפכו את הדם הזה”.
תרגום לעברית.

ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו נפגש עם ילדי חב”ד שחוגגים בר מצווה צילום חיים צח / לע”מ


Colonel Richard Kemp – Disproportional response

The former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, explains the concept of proportionality in international law and how the term is being misused to criticize Israel.

Professor David Menashri on Iran at ISGAP

Professor David Menashri, (President of the College of Law and Business at Ramat Gan in Israel, and Founding Director of the Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University), shares expert insight in a talk entitled “Iran, The United States and the Nuclear Challenge: A View from Israel”. From ISGAP.

Final push in Iran nuclear talks as March 31 deadline looms

It is make-or-break time in nuclear talks between six world powers and Iran.

With a March 31 deadline fast approaching for a preliminary deal, the Swiss resort of Lausanne is the scene of frantic last-minute diplomacy to try to iron out differences.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif have been there for days to try to reach an accord and they held several rounds of talks on Saturday.

Cavuto: Don’t Trust The White House To Make Deal With Iran?

What’s the Deal, Neil: Time to cut defense spending? FBN’s Neil Cavuto on concerns about the White House’s negotiating abilities, defense spending and former Sen. Rick Santorum’s, (R-Pa), possible presidential bid.

putin on iran and israel

Putin talks about his views regarding Iran and Israeli security concerns.

This is how Powerful Israel’s Military is – Time

The men and women who make up the Israel Defense Force are one of the most highly-trained armed forces in the world. By land, air, and sea, the IDF’s major objective is to protect the state of Israel.

ישראל היום


Haunting: Sassoon Children Sing Shortly Before Tragic Blaze

גבריאל ששון מלווה למנוחות את שבעת הילדים ז”ל


Seven Flatbush Fire Victims Laid to Rest in Jerusalem


Megyn Kelly Netanyahu FULL Interview – Fox Host Presses Israeli PM Flip Flopping, Racism Accusations

FULL INTERVIEW: Netanyahu to Megyn Kelly: Peace Agreement Must Be Negotiated, Not Imposed
FOX NEWS INSIDER – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat down today with Megyn Kelly, just 48 hours after his hard-fought re-election.

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