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Chopper 12 Over Funeral For 7 Jewish Kids Killed In Fire

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish community shattered by the deaths of seven siblings in a house fire carried out their funerals Sunday, a day after a hot plate left on for the Sabbath is believed to have sparked the fire that killed them.

מבט עם יעקב אילון – אסון הילדים בברוקלין

Funeral Plans Set For 7 Jewish Children Killed in Midwood Fire

Funeral For 7 Siblings Killed In Brooklyn Fire


How to Talk to Children About the Flatbush Fire Tragedy

Rabbi Sruli Fried, MSW, offers advice on how to talk to children about the recent tragedy in Flatbush.

Chai Lifeline’s Project CHAI, the Trauma and Crisis Intervention Department, has opened its 24 Hour Helpline in response to the terrible fire that occurred this Shabbos in Flatbush.

Any parent requiring additional guidance on how to discuss this tragedy is urged to reach out for assistance.

Please call 855-3-CRISIS or email crisis@chailifeline.org

http://chailifeline.org | http://campsimcha.org

Since 1987, Chai Lifeline and its affiliates’ mission has been to restore the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended when life-threatening or lifelong illness was diagnosed.

Through programs that address the emotional, social, and financial needs of seriously ill children, their families, and communities, Chai Lifeline restores normalcy to family life, and better enables families to withstand the crises and challenges of serious pediatric illness.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind speaking after funeral of 7 children killed in fire

Assemblyman Dov Hikind speaking after funeral of 7 children killed in house fire in Midwwod on Shabbos

מירי רגב נגד רחל עזריה – את שקרנית

New York Fire Department 7 Children Die In Brooklyn Fire

(FULL) 7 Children Killed in Jewish Brooklyn House Fire – 21 Mar 2015

FDNY News Conference on Brooklyn Fire That Killed 7 Orthodox Jewish Children

FDNY: Fire That Killed Seven Jewish Children Started with Hot Plate

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro holds a news conference on the Midwood fire that killed seven children

A hot plate warmed food in the darkened kitchen in Brooklyn, allowing an Orthodox Jewish mother to feed her family while observing the Sabbath prohibition on lighting a flame. Upstairs, she and eight children slept.

That small convenience led to the city’s deadliest fire in eight years, after flames that began in the kitchen ripped through the home, trapping seven children ages 5 to 16 in their bedrooms, as their mother and a 15-year-old sister, cloaked in thick smoke, jumped out of second-floor windows. They were the only two survivors.

The authorities attributed the fire to an unknown malfunction in the electric hot plate. Such devices are often used by observant Jewish families, who turn them on to heat food before the Sabbath begins Friday night and keep them going through the following day.

Mayor Bill de Blasio arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday and walked inside the shell of the house with firefighters. “You can literally see what was a home for a large, strong family and now it’s wiped out, every room empty, burned and charred,” he said, adding: “This is a tragedy that has very few examples to look at, it’s so painful, it’s so difficult.”

On Saturday, investigators found a smoke detector in the basement of the home at 3371 Bedford Avenue, near Avenue L, but had not found any on the first floor, where the fire started, or the second, where the family slept. They were still searching the debris.

“We believe there were none,” Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said. “That’s always a tragedy in itself.”

Just after midnight, flames began to fly off the large hot plate on a first-floor kitchen counter, near the back of the home in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, a neighborhood populated by many large Orthodox families. On a day of rest for observant Jews, it would have been one of the few electrical appliances in the neighborhood that were flipped on.

In upstairs bedrooms connected to the kitchen by an open stairwell, the Sassoon family slept: their mother, Gayle Sassoon, 45; four girls: Eliane, 16; Siporah, 15; Rivkah, 11; and Sara, 6; and four boys: David, 12; Yeshua, 10; Moshe, 8; and Yaakob, 5. Their father was away at a conference, and given the Sabbath prohibition on electronic communication, he did not learn what had happened until several hours after the fire, when the Police Department reached him at a synagogue.

For some time, the fire smoldered in the kitchen unnoticed, fire officials believe. But as soon as the blaze reached the stairwell, it shot upstairs, the combustible wood of the home feeding its rapid rise, the authorities said. The stairwell turned into a pillar of flames. Four children in two bedrooms in the back of the house were confined to their rooms as thick smoke filled the home. Three more children were stuck in a front bedroom.

Gayle Sassoon was separated from some of her children by flames that acted as a burning barricade, Mr. Nigro said. After jumping from the second floor, she stumbled to a neighbor’s door, but could do little more than knock and ask for help. Siporah Sassoon, her second-oldest child, also managed to jump out, but her seven siblings were trapped behind, wailing from the bedrooms. “She valiantly tried, although she was badly burned, to get out and get help,” Mr. Nigro said of Ms. Sassoon. “She was very brave.”
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Three and a half minutes after several neighbors called 911, firefighters arrived. By then, flames eating through the first floor forced them to spray water on the blaze before they could enter. The stairwell was still barely navigable when they charged inside.

Firefighters fought through the flames, found the children in their bedrooms and grabbed them, passing them through windows to colleagues who were waiting on ladders and on a porch behind the house.

“They took them out every which way,” said James Long, a fire department spokesman.

The firefighters started resuscitation efforts as they rushed the children to waiting ambulances. They were taken away to various hospitals but seven could not be saved. Gayle and Siporah Sassoon both sustained burns and smoke inhalation, and were in critical condition on Saturday. The mother was at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, which has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for burn victims. Siporah was at Staten Island University Hospital North.

The fire was the city’s deadliest since March 2007, when nine children and a woman from two families were killed by a fire in the Bronx. That blaze started in a cord attached to a space heater, then raced up a staircase in a 100-year-old wooden building.

Martin Oliner – The Religious Zionists of America


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