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An Interview with Ivanka Trump

Ivanka shares her secrets to maintaining her focus and creativity
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Ivanka Trump on her father, husband and daughter. The View 12.03.2012

Ivanka Trump talks to the ladies about her father, marriage and motherhood.

December 3, 2012

Russia: Ancient Jewish library welcomed to new home in Moscow

Russia: Ancient Jewish library welcomed to new home in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre as an important collection of ancient Jewish books, the Schneerson library, arrived on Thursday. The President familiarised himself with the most valuable parts of the collection, which contains some 12,000 books and 50,000 rare documents dating from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century.

The transfer follows years of debate with the New York City based Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic community who demand the return of the library. The movement argues they are the right owners of the books, as the author of the collection, Schneerson, headed the organisation after moving to the United States. However the transfer of the Schneerson library was welcomed by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, who called it a big day for Russian Jews.

Russia has maintained that it will keep the collection, saying that it is a state property and part of Russian culture. The matter got into the media spotlight in January after a US judge ordered Russia to pay $50,000 (€37,000) per day until it returns the library. The decision to move the collection to Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre was proposed by Putin himself this year during a meeting of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations.

Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Centre of Tolerance was opened in November 2012, with Israeli President Shimon Peres travelling to Moscow for its inauguration. It features several interactive displays regarding the Jewish peoples’ long and tumultuous place in Russian history. Now home to the the Schneerson library collection, the museum’s new library department operates as a part of the Russian State Library.

Indian Doctor converts to Judaism – Chabad

In a powerful echo of the Biblical story of the patriarch Abraham, a Mumbai doctor smashed his father’s idols and eventually decided to become a Jew in the Land of Israel.

Dr. Aharon Abraham, left his position as Director of the ICU Medical Center at British Kennedy in Mumbai, India after terrorists murdered his spiritual guide and his wife, Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg one year ago.

Abraham was born Vagirds Frads to a Hindu cleric who worshipped idols, and a mother who prepared food for them. As did the Biblical Abraham, young Vagirds could not understand how his father could honor a man-made statue, nor why his mother would cook for them. “Sometimes I eat it in secret,” he confided in an article that appeared in Hebrew in Sichat HaShavuah.

Unlike the patriarch, however, he waited until after graduating high school to confront his father, asking how he could believe “such nonsense.” But when there was no reply, his anger led him to take a hammer and smash the idols, exactly as Abraham had done. “The gods are angry!” his father shouted at him, he recounted, and recalled his reply: “If they’re angry, let them do something, reconstruct themselves…”

It was while studying medicine at the University of Mumbai that he first read a Bible, given to him by Christian students. Amazed, he read the story of Abraham and many others. “A new world opened before me,” he said.

The woman he married, a nurse, was equally interested in his Bible studies, and after their wedding the couple changed their family name to “Abraham,” to honor the patriarch. Vagirds became Aaron, because “the priest was a wonderful person, full of glory,” he explained.

Eventually the couple decided to convert, and began studying Judaism in earnest with Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg, Chabad emmissaries to Mumbai.

“Our whole life centered around the Chabad House,” said Abraham. “It was the only place where we could get kosher food. Gabi and Rivky were our guides, we did not move without them. We began a process of true conversion and found the extraordinary beauty of the Torah commandments.”

It was the brutal murder of the Holtzbergs and their four guests at the Nariman Chabad House that changed their lives forever, however. “They took away my Master… But what we learned from Gabi and Rivki will accompany us and our children forever.”

This week, the couple completed their conversion and remarried in a truly kosher Jewish ceremony at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, on the first anniversary of the murder of their friends and spiritual guides, Gabi and Rivky.

The couple’s three children also have new names as well: Sarah, Shmuel Gavriel, and Sharonah Rivka, in memory of the matriarch Sarah, wife of Abraham, and to forever keep alive the memories of Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg.


Sharelive – Broadcast Service שרלייב – אירועים בשידור חי

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks’ pre-Selichot address

Have you ever wondered what Professor Ludwig Guttmann (the founder of the Paralympic Games), Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have in common? Watch the Chief Rabbi’s inspirational pre-Selichot address to find out. The Chief Rabbi delivered his address ahead of the Choral Midnight Selichot with The Shabbaton Choir on Motzei Shabbat 8th September 2012 at Hampstead Synagogue.

Jewish Voice for Peace ▶ ▶ ▶more videos in this playlist

Famiglia Ebraica – Famiglia Mista 2012 | 07 Intervento di R. Jarach

14.3.2012 Milano. Serata organizzata dal Rabbinato Centrale. Roberto Jarach, Presidente della Comunità Ebraica di Milano, interviene dal pubblico e concorda con rav Arbib sulla necessità di affrontare qualsiasi tematica anche scottante senza tabù e lo ringrazia per la chiarezza e la tempestività dei suoi i

BB Bidussa-Ottolenghi – La dignità della differenza,,, ▶ ▶ ▶more videos in this playlist ,

19.11.2012. David Bidussa e Marco Ottolenghi – La dignità della differenza. Sede Bene Berith di Milano. Registrazione A. Luzzatto

Rav Dovid Feinstein for

30.07.2015 One of the leading Rabbis of the genration, Rav Feinstein, endorses, the world’s largest Jewish Community.

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French Jews Fear Far Right: Europe’s largest Jewish community concerned by rise of Le Pen

The Socialist government has launched a cultural battle against the National Front, which it considers to be a danger for the French Republic, a point of view shared by the Jewish community, which sees in the rise of the Far Right a painful reminder of the 1930s which saw Hitler come to power.

“גם אם אני צריך למות,” הוא הפציר, “תן לי למות בכבוד, זה כל מה שאני מבקש.

27.07.2015 אורלי וגיא, ערוץ 10 27/7/15 סערת הנער שמתנגד לטיפול נגד סרטן: “תנו למות בשקט. בואו תפגינו בשבילי למען שחרורי מהטיפולים בכפייה”. הנער אומר: “עם ישראל היקרים, אני מבקש מכל מי שיכול לבוא להפגין כאן, בכניסה לבית החולים רמב”ם בחיפה, לגבי הטיפול בכפייה שרוצים לעשות לי וכל מי שיש לו אפשרות לבוא, שיבוא ויפגין כאן, שלא ייתנו לי טיפול כפייתי באזיקים. גם אם אני צריך למות, תנו לי למות בכבוד. זו כל הבקשה שלי”. א’ בן ה- 16 שברח מבית החולים כיוון שסירב לקבל טיפולים כימותרפיים ממחלת הסרטן פונה לציבור ומבקש ממנו להפגין איתו נגד החזקתו בכפייה. כתבנו אלי לוי מדווח, כי כל בקשתו היא לאפשר לו לחזור לביתו, למשפחתו ולחבריו, ולנהל חיים נורמליים בלי טיפולים. — ההפגנה היא היום בשעה 18:00 ברחבת בית חולים רמב”ם חיפה. אתם בעצם קוראים לציבור לבוא ולהפגין למען מה? עורך דין אפרים דמרי: בקשתו של הנער, זה מכיוון שהוא עבר ועדיין רוצים להעביר אותו טיפולים כימותרפיים בכפייה. זאת אומרת עצם הטיפול שלו בבית החולים הוא במסגרת צו של בית המשפט, בהוראת שופט לטפל בו בכפייה מוחלטת. זאת אומרת לא נתנו לו את זכות הבחירה או לא שמעו אותו. המערכת הייתה מאוד אטומה בכל מה שקרה סביב הנער הזה. הזעקה שלו: “בואו תשמיעו את קולכם במקומי”. — אגב, אני חושב שברור לכולם שטיפול כימותרפי בכפייה לא יכול להתנהל כי זה טיפול ארוך טווח. זאת אומרת זה לא טיפול חד פעמי שאפשר לטשטש אותו. עו”ד דמרי: בגלל התערבות התקשורת. עד לפני שהתערבתם העניקו לו את הטיפול בכפייה. אני אומר את זה בשם המשפחה. — אתה טוען שבזכות המהומה התקשורתית הופסקו הטיפולים בכפייה? עו”ד דמרי: בוודאי. — איזה טיפול בכפייה כבר היה? עו”ד דמרי: כל מהלך הטיפול של החודש וחצי האחרונים הכימותרפיים, הוא כבר עבר שני סדרות של טיפולים וזה הטיפול השלישי הסדרה השלישית בטיפול, כי הטיפולים האחרונים הצליחו חלקית. — והוא לא רוצה להמשיך את זה כי זה עשה לו דברים נוראיים? עו”ד דמרי: מה ששבר את הנער עצמו שבעקבות הטיפול האחרון לפני שבוע וחצי בערך, הוא קיבל כנראה מנה גדושה של חומר והוא איבד את הכרתו והוא אושפז במחלקה לטיפול נמרץ בבית החולים רמב”ם בחיפה. לאחר שייצבו את מצבו החזירו אותו חזרה לאותו חדר ורצו להמשיך בטיפול כרגיל. — האם הוא מבין שאם הוא לא יקבל טיפול כימותרפי כפי שאומרים הרופאים הוא יכול לסיים את חייו, הוא הבין את המשמעות של זה? עו”ד דמרי: הוא מבין אבל הוא גם מבין דבר אחד שהסיכוי להירפא מהטיפול לדבריהם של אותם רופאים הוא נמוך מ- 50%.

Rachmastrivkah Rebbe in Australia -Tamuz 5775

07.07.2015 Rachmastrivkah Rebbe in Australia -Tamuz 5775

Rabbi Nachum Muschel Levaya (Funeral)

06.07.2015 Funeral services for Rabbi Nachum Muschel, of blessed memory. Held in ASHAR (Adolph Schreiber Hebrew Academy of Rockland) on 18 Tammuz 5775 | July 5, 2015. Rabbi Muschel, the longtime dean of HIROC/ASHAR in Monsey, New York, passed away at the age of 90, leaving behind a remarkable legacy, including generations of students and families who credit him with significantly changing, impacting, and in some cases saving their lives. Funeral video: Master of Ceremonies – Yoni Muschel, grandson 0:00 – Tehillim and Introductory remarks from Rabbi Ari Jacobson, Menahel of ASHAR 3:30 – Tehillim recited by Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Rabbi Yechiel Shaffer, and Jeremy Muschel 7:42 – Hakarat Hatov (expressions of gratitude) from Elizabeth Muschel, daugher-in-law 10:25 – Hesped (eulogy) from Dr. Michael Muschel, son 35:00 – Hesped from Moshe (David) Muschel, son 42:55 – Hesped from Dr. Felix Glaubach, mechutan (in-law) 47:10 – Hesped from Esther Muschel, daughter-in-law 53:50 – Hesped from Meyer Muschel, son 1:11:58 – Hesped from Binyamin Muschel, grandson 1:25:17 – Hesped from Avi Muschel, grandson 1:36:09 – Hesped from Shani Muschel, granddaughter-in-law 1:41:43 – Hesped from Marc Muschel, grandson 1:48:42 – Hesped from Justin Muschel, grandson 1:50:23 – Hesped from Eli Muschel, grandson 1:53:58 – Hesped from Cayla Muschel, granddaughter 1:58:52 – Kel Maleh Rachamim (Lord full of Mercy) recited by Rabbi Yaakov Tendler

Eden Har’el – From MTV to Buddha to Judaism


חב”ד Chabad ▶ ▶ ▶more videos in this playlist

Visiting Gedolei Hador with Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff with Ohr Somayach Mentor’s Mission 2015

05.07.2015 BNEI BRAK, ISRAEL – EDITORIAL NEWS VIDEO Accompanied by Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff, delegates of the Ohr Somayach Mentors Mission had the zechus of hearing divrei bracha and chizuk from HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman and They also had the zechus of participating and discussing fascinating shaylas posed by Pirchei children on record for over half an hour with HaRav Yitzchak Zilberstein. ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad) Washington, DC Annual Benefit Event 2015 -5775

11.06.2015 American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad) Annual Benefit Event Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium – Washington, DC June 9, 2015 — 22 Sivan 5775

Chabad Center1


Chabad of Naples Partner Project – The 4th Annual Celebration 5.14.2015

04.06.2015 On 5.14.2015, “The Partners” gathered in our Social Hall to recognize the more than 300 families who, like you, continue to support our ongoing operations. This year’s event served, not only kosher sushi, but also a palatable variety of kosher pizzas, baked by the Personal Pizza Chef of Naples. Among the pizzas were some specialty items that were gluten free. In addition, back by popular demand – famous chocolatier, Norman Love, again created special treats just for our Partners. Our ‘Engine’, that helps drive us forward into the future, is made up of that wonderfully generous and dependable group of people known as “The Partners”. We are so grateful and appreciative of all our Chabad Naples & Preschool Partners. Thank you all so much.

To Life, L’Chaim #235 – Chabad Rabbi Zevi Schtroks

02.06.2015 1. W/S Museum interior 2. C/U Sign on box “Are there still Jews in Germany?” 3. SOT, Jay Weissberg, volunteer: “Too often in Jewish museums around the world … Rabbi Minkowicz’s Weekly Torah Lesson: A Place Where Life’s Most Difficult Questions Are Answered… Parshat TOLDOT This week the Rabbi answers the … Chabad Drug Rehab members discuss how much Chabad has changed their lives.

The Big Iftar : Muslims observe Ramadan in Jewish synagogue.

26.06.2015 What better way to bring people together than over food? A project which aims to encourage community cohesion between different faiths is taking place during the month of Ramadan Called the Big Iftar, the initiative encourages people of all backgrounds to break the fast after sunset with Muslims. This year’s iftars, as they’re known, are being hosted by mosques, churches and synagogues across the country.Shabnam Mahmood went to one of them at the Alyth (pron AY-LITH) Synagogue in Golders Green in North West London to find out more. CLICK HERE to subscribe to BBC Urdu :

Mitzvah & Chabad videos

▶ ▶ ▶more videos in this playlist

Hiloula Jews on the land of Morocco الهيلولة.. حج اليهود على أرض ا

Jews in Tehran, Iran

Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Idenity is Not for Sale

Synagogues of Tehran – کنیساهای تهران – בתי כנסת בטהראן, איראן

Limmud FSU launch exhibit on 25 years of Soviet aliya

07.06.2015 Exhibit also tells story of worldwide campaigns, protests and demonstrations in the US, Israel and elsewhere in order to secure the release of the Jews from the former Soviet Union.

Historic Coex Through the Eyes of a Director from Morocco

08.06.2015 Moroccan film director Kamal Hachkar returned to his birthplace, Tinghir in the Atlas Mountains, to search out a “missing piece” of his own past – the town’s Jewish community. Most of the ancient Jewish community of Morocco left between the creation of Israel in 1948 and Morocco’s independence in 1956.

▶ ▶ ▶ שרים במעגל גדול בכותל- אחינו כל בית ישראל- תשעה באב התשעד

Jewish Youths From India on a Visit to Israel

11.06.2015 Birthright Israel is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a half a million participants, including 22 youngsters from the Jewish community of India. A dwindling minority in their country, they see Israel as their possible home. Shahar Peled reports

Музыкальная традиция евреев Индии / Songs of Indian Jews

15.05.2015 Концерт Анны Гофман, Геннадия Лаврентьева и Дмитрия Игнатова в рамках вечера “Индийские евреи” (20.04.2015). Проект Тексты песен и другие материалы вечера доступны на сайте “Эшколот”:

Yemenite synagogue restored in Shiloach


מחווה ליהדות מרוקו “דאר דיילנא”1/6 90FM–juifs du maroc,,, ▶ ▶ ▶

Motzei Shavuos 5775 In Satmar KJ

28.05.2015 Motzei Shavuos 5775 In Satmar KJ

Brooklyn family keeps Latino Jewish traditions alive

Chabad and Lag BaOmer



From Wikipedia Matthew Paul Miller (born June 30, 1979),[citation needed] known by his Hebrew and stage name Matisyahu (“Gift of God”), is an American reggae rapper and alternative rock musician. Matisyahu at the Roskilde Festival in 2006. Matisyahu performing live at the Republik Music Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii. June 8, 2014 Known for blending Orthodox Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip hop beatboxing sounds, Matisyahu’s 2005 single “King Without a Crown” was a Top 40 hit in the United States.[2] Since 2004, he has released four studio albums as well as two live albums, two remix CDs and two DVDs featuring live concerts. In addition, Matisyahu played the role of Tzadok in The Possession, a supernatural horror film directed by Ole Bornedal and co-produced by Sam Raimi. Through his career, Matisyahu has worked withBill Laswell, reggae producers Sly & Robbie, and Kool Kojak.  Photos by Wikipedia Read More Button--orange

“An Acoustic Evening With Matisyahu” Full Concert Live – London

14.01.2015 Full Live Concert “An Acoustic Evening with Matisyahu” Recorded live December 23, 2012 @ O2 Academy – London, UK Produced, Directed and Edited by Jay Lawrence 00:56 – I Will Be Light 5:13 – Sunshine 8:35 – Dispatch the Troops 12:56 – Jerusalem 17:21 – Crossroads 23:24 – Darkness Into Light 30:20 – King Without A Crown 37:07 – Live Like A Warrior/Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover) 42:53 – Running Away (Bob Marley Cover) 49:36 – Searchin/Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover) 1:03:18 – One Day/ No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley Cover) 1:11:21 – I Believe In Love 1:14:23 – So High So Low

TJC’s Jewish News Week in Review: May 8, 2015

07.05.2015 Ethiopian-Israelis protest against racism; Netanyahu’s remarks to the Ethiopian IDF soldier who was a victim of police brutality that was caught on tape; Israeli legislation regarding ultra-Orthodox communities is rolled back as incentive for haredi parties to join Netanyahu’s coalition government; Meredith Ganzman explores the Jewish history of New York’s famed Algonquin Hotel; and a preview of Steven I. Weiss’ Up Close interview with Vanderbilt professor Amy-Jill Levine, author of “Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi.”

Reel Pe’er House Lag B’Omer CHABAD PERSIAN YOUTH and ▶ ▶ ▶

08.05.2015 Pictures + Rabbi Pe’er Teachings + More Pictures! L’Chaim! CPY Chabad Persian Youth

Lag Ba’omer 2015: the Torah parade in Tsfat

06.05.2015 תהלוכת ספר התורה בל”ג בעומר תשע”ה מבית עבו בצפת לכיכר המגינים, בדרכה לתחנה המרכזית בצפת. The unual parade of the Torah in Tsfat (Israel) from the Abu residence to Hameginim square, on their way to Tsfat central station.


06.05.2015 Gal Einai en Español desde Israel # 33 – Semana 5 día 5 LOS 50 MATICES DE LA LUZ

Recap of the year at Chabad at ASU

06.05.2015 A recap of the year at Chabad at ASU – Seniors Farewell BBQ – 2015

שירי טיולים ומפעלים

השומר הצעיר

ערוץ היוטיוב הרשמי של תנועת הנוער השומר הצעיר.

LAG BAOMER Johannesburg


Chabad of Fairfield Building Campaign Kick Off

05.05.2015 Video highlighting the Rebbe’s humorous push to constantly push further and Chabad of Fairfield’s building campaign.

Rykestrasse Synagogue Berlin 06, Ma Tovu, Cantor Alberto Mizrahi, Cantors Assembly

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi, Anshei Emet Synagogue, Chicago, Illinois, on Thursday June 28, 2012 at the Rykestrasse Synagogue, Berlin, Germany.

Munich Herkulessaal 20, You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel), Cantor Alberto Mizrahi

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi sings: You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel) by Rodgers and Hammerstein, July 4 2012 at the Munich Herkulessaal. Cantor’s Assembly Mission to Germany and Israel Fourth of July Concert, “From Mahler to Mack the Knife”

Alberto Mizrahi “El mole rachamim”

Alberto Mizrahi singt “El mole rachamim” “Herr,voller Barmherzigkeit” Andor Izsàk, Orgel St. Michaeliskirche Hamburg, Mai 1997

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi – “Nessun dorma”

Russian Shabbaton # 6 Melaveh Malkah Concert of Gad Elbaz

22.02.2015 2015 , Sixth Russian Shabbaton. Stamford CT. Video Clip from Melaveh Malkah Concert of Jewish Star – Gad Elbaz

Upshernish Jewish Traditional Hair Cutting Ceremony

A deeper explanation: Major mystic acts on the physical plane of human existence are defining milestones that imprint on the life of a Jew. At birth, the Holy Act of Circumcision brings him into a covenant with the heritage of Abraham. The Kabalah explains that many “evil forces” hover around a developing baby and toddler, the so-called “evil eye”, and that the way to confound these forces is to leave the natural growth of hair untouched, and thus the gender of the toddler is disguised. At precisely the Third Year the hair is cut short (Opshernish), and the child, who during his last two years heard comments like “what a cute girl !”, and “what is it, a boy or a girl?”, is now given a Kipah and Tzit-tzit, and asked “What are you, a boy or a girl?” He looks in the mirror and responds: I AM A BOY ! At this moment, Gender Definition and Identification takes solid root in his consciousness. He is truly a boy now, in the eyes of his family and friends. (The female child, according to Jewish mystical awarenes, is bestowed a soul that functions in a higher spiritual domain, and is not beset with the “confounding” forces attacking her gender. She tends to grow in femeninity and identifies solidly with her mother.) The importance of this milestone cannot be underestimated for the Jewish community! (His next milestone will be at the Thirteenth Year, when Responsability for his Actions is established in his consciousness.) If you would like more information visit or if you live near Dix Hills, Long Island visit

Edirne Grand Synagogue

Taglit-Birthright Israel with Sachlav IsraelontheHouse

10 horas caminando por Montevideo siendo judío – 10 hours walking in Montevideo as a Jew

29.04.2015 El Rabino Mendy Shemtov fue invitado a ser filmado durante 10 horas caminando por Montevideo. Rabbi Mendy Shemtov was invited to be recorded while walking 10 hours in Montevideo. Estos son los resultados/These are the results Realizado por: Nicolás Lejtreger, Ari Kaplan, Ali Kaplan, Mendy Shemtov.

VP Biden Quotes Lubavitcher Rebbe at New American Jewish History Museum

Philadelphia, PA – Drawn by the chance to celebrate 350 years of American Jewish history at the newest addition to the most historic square mile in the nation’s first capital, hundreds of people from across the country descended on Philadelphia last month, to hear Vice President Joseph Biden announce that a new museum’s Jewish stories were, in fact, manifestations of distinctly American ideals. “In telling the story of the American Jewish experience, this museum in my view, tells the story of America’s identity,” Biden said Sunday at festivities in front of the new $150 million home of the National Museum of American Jewish History. In hailing the contributions of a host of American Jews, Biden — a Scranton, Pa., native who represented neighboring Delaware in the U.S. Senate before ascending to the White House — quoted from a diary entry written by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, upon his 1940 departure from Lisbon, Portugal, and much-awaited arrival in the United States. The diary page is on permanent display in the museum’s “Only in America” exhibit, along with two other items connected to the Chabad-Lubavitch leader. The Rebbe taught that “every living thing, and especially living persons, must not remain static, but [they are] expected to grow from strength to strength,” stated Biden, they “must always add even if [they have] already achieved good things and holy things. [They] should never be satisfied with what was achieved yesterday, no matter how perfect or good it was.” Adding that the museum, “gives all of us the opportunity to make sure that we don’t remain static,” the Vice President emphasized that more can always be done to perfect the world. at Mark 9:07. quotes the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Credit: National Museum of American Jewish History

בית חבד לדוברי רוסית בישראל Бейт-Хабад

Chabad of Fairfield Building Campaign


Music Video You Are My Home

Music Video for The Gan Yisroel Song You Are My home Lyics: Zalmy Schreiber Vocals: Zalmy Schreiber, Avremy Kievman, Aron Kogen, Mendel Kaplen

Intro For First Time Campers At Gan Yisroel NY

Remembering Bezalel Part 1

Remembering the contributions that Charles Goldstein (Bezalel) made to starting the largest Yeshiva in the world, in Lakewood NJ. He helped bring Rav Aaron Kotler to Lakewood and donated his library of Sforim to the Yeshiva to start its library. Beth Medrash Gevorah placed a plaque outside the library to commemorative these events. Rav Aaron Kotler (grandson of Rav Aaron Kotler gave the Goldstein family an extensive tour of all of the developing campuses of the Yeshiva as well as the main buildings…….This is part 1 of two parts.

Remembering Bezalel Part 2 / History Of Lakewood Yeshiva, BMG

Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Speaks with Torah UMesorah – VIDEO BY HILLEL ENGEL

27.04.2015 ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

Rabbi David Fine


Breakfast At Nepal Chabad House Monday Morning

27.04.2015 ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

2015-03-15 Chabad of Weston – A Jewish Community in Exile

25.04.2015 3/15/2015 A Jewish Community in Exile presented by Chabad of Weston. Guest speaker Rabbi Shalom Gopin – Chief Rabbi Eastern Ukraine. Chabad of Weston, Rabbi Yisroel Spalter – Director


Chabad Center in Nepal a Crisis Hub After Massive Earthquake

More than 2,200 killed, with thousands injured and missing as aftershocks continue

Kathmandu TV-Show Best Moments קטמנדו

Watch the funniest and most emotional scenes of season one of the brand new tv-show Kathmandu. Please comment and let me know what you think and if you’d like me to make another one for the soon-to-be-released season 2!

Torah Celebration in Memory of George Abboudi- Chabad House Kathmandu Nepal- Family Travel Blog

A Frum Survivor Tells Her Story Publicly – For the First Time

25.03.2015 Like JCW on Facebook:… Every survivor of child sexual abuse has a story. Most are untold. On 3/22/15, in front of a large Los Angeles crowd, Sima Yarmush publicly told her story. For the first time. For an image and information about her abuser click here: Sima represents a wave of a new generation in the religious community that will no longer tolerate silence and cover ups. This is her full uncut speech at the Jewish Community Watch event in Los Angeles 3/22/15. Support survivors! Support JCW! Tell your story! We are listening! Show support by liking and sharing this video! Video produced by: Mendy Pellin Media

Brooklyn Landlords Arrested for Allegedly Forcing Out Rent Stabilized Tenants

16.04.2015 JewsOnTelevision BUSHWICK – A pair of Brooklyn brothers accused of forcing long-term rent-stabilized tenants out of their apartments was arrested and arraigned today. District Attorney Ken Thompson says that brothers Joel and Aaron Israel destroyed their tenants’ apartments and made them unlivable, forcing the tenants out of their rent-stabilized homes. Thompson says that the two landlords destroyed the apartments so that they could put them on the market at much higher rates. He says that the tenants in the Israels’ building on Linden Street were living in horrible conditions. “Our landlord destroyed our kitchen and bathroom,” said tenant Michelle Crespo. “For 18 months, we had to use other people’s bathrooms, including public facilities as well.” Both men pleaded not guilty in court. The judge ordered a $50,000 cash bail for Joel Israel and a $25,000 cash bail for Aaron Israel. They are due back in court on June 18.

Mob In Beit Shemesh Screams NAZI At Charedi Soldie

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Crazy April Thunder and Hail Storm in Jerusalem 2015 הסערה רעם וברד המטורף בניסן בירושלים

15.04.2015 ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

המתנחל עונת הבחירות – חנוך דאום מתנחל אצל זהבה גלאון

08.02.2015 חנוך דאום מתנחל בבית של זהבה גלאון, יו״ר מרצ. המתנחל – עונת הבחירות, כל יום ראשון מיד אחרי גב האומה, בערוץ 10

אלי וקנין – אמא

מחרוזת מגרבית


J’en ai marre / אנא מא נווית פרקהו * מייק קרוצ’י

02.04.2015 J’en ai marre / אנא מא נווית פרקהו * מייק קרוצ’י

Israel Jerusalem Mea Shearim מאה שערים‎

A throwback to older times. Mea Shearim ( מאה שערים‎) is one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. The quarter was established in 1874 and was surrounded by a wall . The community created a list of regulations to preserve a religious atmosphere. Mea Shearim today remains an insulated neighborhood with ultra cv population.

Satmar Kuf Alef Kislev NYS Armory 5772-2011

Exclusive: Satmar Kuf Alef Kislev 2013 | כ”א כסלו ב’סאטמאר תשע”ד ניו יארק סטעיט ארמארי

The 21st day of Kislev is celebrated annual by Satmar chasidim worldwide as the day R’ Yoel Teitelbaum Zt’l the founder of Satmar Chasidis in America, escaped from Hungary and this year marks the 67th anniversary of the Grand Rebbe’s escape from the Nazis. R’ Teitelbaum was among over 1600 people who were transported out of Hungary by train due to the efforts of Rudolf Kastner, one of the leaders of Budapest’s Vaadat Ezra V’Hatzalah, who brokered a deal with Adolph Eichmann to let the passengers leave in exchange for a large sum of money, diamonds and gold. While Eichmann reneged on the deal and had the train sent to Bergen Belsen, the train was finally released after four months of negotiations and the passengers finally obtained their freedom when they arrived in Switzerland. כ”א כסלו יום ההצלה של כ”ק מרן הרה”ק בעל הדברי יואל מסאטמאר זיע”א מציפורני הנאצים ימ”ש התאספו רבבות חסידי סאטמאר מכל רחבי ארה”ב בראשות כ”ק אדמו”ר מסאטמאר שליט”א לציין ולהודות לה’ יתברך על חסדו הגדול


est un minhag séfarade consistant à célébrer la cuisson de la première pâte cuite avec du levain (‘hametz) à l’issue de Pessa’h. Comme l’ensemble des fêtes juives, la Mimouna commence à la sortie des étoiles et se termine au coucher du soleil le lendemain.

מימונה מחרוזת “אהלאן וסהלאן” להקת שפתיים

מימונה מחרוזת “אהלאן וסהלאן” להקת שפתיים לאתר ד’אר דייאלנה: לפייסבוק ד’אר דייאלנה: חג המימונה-מנהגי החג במרוקו: יש כמה עדויות המוכיחות את קיום המימונה כבר במאה ה- 18 ואפילו קודם. הרב יוסף בן נאים זצ”ל,מרבני פאס,נתן בספרו ארבע טעמים לחג: א.”מימונה”-מאמינים,בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידים להיגאל . ב.בארבעה פרקים העולם נידון:בפסח על התבואה.אי לזאת מביאים שיבולים ומברכים עליהם ונוהגים מפרי הארץ ומטובה. ג.שמחת הרגל אינה שלמה בחג שאין משלימים את ההלל,ולכן בא חג המימונה להשלים את שמחת החג. ד.באסרו חג פסח נפטר רבי מימון,אביו של הרמב”ם ומאחר שאין הולכים להילולה בחודש ניסן,באה המימונה כעין תחליף להילולה. לעוד מידע על חג המימונה כנסו לאתר ד’אר דייאלנה:


מימונה מחרוזת “הלאלה מימונה” – להקת קזבלנקה

מימונה מחרוזת “לאלה מימונה” להקת קזבלנקה לפייסבוק ד’אר דייאלנה: חג המימונה-מנהגי החג במרוקו: יש כמה עדויות המוכיחות את קיום המימונה כבר במאה ה- 18 ואפילו קודם. הרב יוסף בן נאים זצ”ל,מרבני פאס,נתן בספרו ארבע טעמים לחג: א.”מימונה”-מאמינים,בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידים להיגאל . ב.בארבעה פרקים העולם נידון:בפסח על התבואה.אי לזאת מביאים שיבולים ומברכים עליהם ונוהגים מפרי הארץ ומטובה. ג.שמחת הרגל אינה שלמה בחג שאין משלימים את ההלל,ולכן בא חג המימונה להשלים את שמחת החג. ד.באסרו חג פסח נפטר רבי מימון,אביו של הרמב”ם ומאחר שאין הולכים להילולה בחודש ניסן,באה המימונה כעין תחליף להילולה. לעוד מידע על חג המימונה כנסו לאתר ד’אר דייאלנה בקישור מעל. תרבחו ותסעדו !

La communauté juive beglo-marocaine fête la Mimouna – Maghreb TV

Le Rabin Guigui, Maurice Tal et les membres de la communauté juive belgo-marocaine fêtent la Mimouna à Bruxelles.

MIMOUNA | Colorful Traditional | North African Jewish Celebration |

Celebrating MIMOUNA, Hosted by Zaavah & Kobi Atias. The mimona is a colorful traditional North African Jewish celebration held the day after Passover. It marks the start of spring and the return to eating chametz, i.e., leavened bread and bread by-products, which are forbidden throughout the week of Passover. Some believe the source of the name is Maimon, the father of the Rambam, Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, and the Mimouna marks the date of his birth or death. resent research by Yigal Bin-Nun , provide another point of view – relic to a paganism ritual to ladyluck Mimouna is also the name for the seasonal change and its festival in tribal languages in northern Mali and Mauritania from which the custom may also have originated

Chabad Israeli Center Bar Mitzvah – Leor

05.04.2015 Chabad Israeli Center Bar Mitzvah – Leor Bar Mitzvah coverage by IsaacImage Toronto Wedding Photography Studio. Klezmer music performance by

A Bar Mitzvah in Colorado Springs

Rabbi Moshe Liberow moved to Colorado Springs to establish a Chabad Jewish Center. His son Mendy who just turned 13 is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. This video shows the experience of being a chabad shliach,becoming a bar mitzavh, and what it all means. VIDEO BY CJ STUDIOS 718.781.6405

“Две половины одного целого” лекция р. Хилеля Хаимова.mp4

Kaykov TV Presents lecture by Rabbi Hillel Khaimov “Two halves of one whole ” in Bukharian language May 14, 2012. @ Bukharian Jewish Center Camera: Grigoriy & Roman Kaykov Editing: Roman Kaykov

Ester: Real story (promo)

В моей жизни назревает что-то грандиозное – пытаюсь определить и не могу…Высвобождение из тесных пеленок? Примерка еще не подогнанного по размеру нового “я”? Перелет из былой реальности в смежную? Может быть, вы сможете сформулировать точнее, если увидите и услышите самую правдивую историю Эстер, изложенную в фильме обо мне. Для всех желающих помочь этому фильму состояться – горячая ссылка:

Lecture Esther Segal

Канал Эстер Сегаль,,,,,Esther Segal

VIDEO: Hatzolah Working On Trampled Victims At Levaya Of Rav Wosner

05.04.2015 ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

rav wozner.wmv Kupat Ha’ir The Tzedaka of the Gedolei Yisroel

Ruchama Clapman


Koson Nichum Avelim – Nisan 5775

31.03.2015 Koson Nichum Avelim – Nisan 5775

Highlights Of The Tenth Siyum Hashas Of Daf Yomi – September 28,1997

01.06.2014 ©2014 The Gedolim Gallery – All Rights Reserved Some highlights from the national celebration of the Tenth Siyum Hashas of Daf HaYomi. The celebrations took place on Sunday, September 28, 1997 at the Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum and throughout many cities worldwide.

Zamir Choral Foundation

Tzaddik KaTamar – Louis Lewandowski – HaZamir Festival 2015 31.03.2015 The 2015 HaZamir Tutti Ensemble singing Tzaddik Katamar (from Psalm 92; Mizmor Shir L’yom HaShabbat), composed by Louis Lewandowski, at the HaZamir Gala Concert in 2015, conducted by Guest Conductor Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer and Matthew Lazar, Founder & Director of the Zamir Choral Foundation Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center HaZamir: The International High School Choir is a project of the Zamir Choral Foundation, Soloist(s) are [Soloist name] of [Chapter]. HaZamir: The International High School Choir is a project of the Zamir Choral Foundation,

Meyer Seewald: (Full Speech) ”Why I Founded Jewish Community Watch”

Jewish Community Watch is an organization dedicated toward the eradication of child sexual abuse within the orthodox Jewish community. As a victim advocacy group and community awareness center, JCW provides information to community members relating to accused predators as well as providing training and resources for survivors and their families. Meyer Seewald, Director of JCW, recounted his story and reasons for creating the organization. There is a growing new wave of people in our community that are standing with us to support the victim and prevent future victims. Join us by sharing this video and ‘LIKE’ing us on Facebook:

Witness Who Called 911 Describes Fatal Fire Horror Where 7 Siblings Died

25.03.2015 03.24.2015 Brooklyn,NY

Chabad Naples Sanctuary Restoration

26.03.2015 Chabad Naples Sanctuary Restoration (239) 262-4474

Brooklyn Leaders Emphasize Fire Safety As Jewish Community Mourns

24.03.2015 In the wake of a tragic fire that killed seven children this past weekend, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Monday night Brooklyn needs to have its own burn center

R’ Gavriel Sassoon Gives YWN Edited Version of ‘Cry No More’ Recording Without Kol Isha

25.03.2015 The attached audio / video has been given to YWN by R’ Gavriel Sassoon, and has been edited of all Kol Isha. Last Year on Chanukah the entire Sassoon family gathered in a music studio, and recorded themselves singing Yaakov Shwekey’s “Cry No More”. Mr. Sassoon was distraught after learning that the audio with his wife and daughters singing had gone viral, and made sure that a new version was edited in a music studio today. The audio was subsequently given to YWN to share. Listen to the song as it takes on a whole new meaning in light of recent events…. ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

Nets Hold Moment Of Silence For Sassoon Children

23.03.2015 ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

Levaya of Sassoon Family in Boro Park

22.03.2015 Levaya of Sassoon Family in Boro Park

Kevurah of the Sassoon Children


Chief Rabbis at Sassoon Levayah


PJ Library is a Jewish engagement program

PJ Library is a Jewish engagement program implemented on a local level throughout North America. We mail free, high-quality Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis. Visit today!

Chabad’s Gala 20, Part 1

Chabad’s Gala 20, Part 2

12.02.2015 Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Boynton – Beis Menachem celebrated two decades of Jewish Community Building aboard The Luxury Yacht Catalina, paying Tribute to Chabad’s Newest Founders; Hans & Susan Klein and robert & Mindy Licht.

Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens Inaugural Gala Video March 22 2015

Chabad 30 Year Anniversary Honoring Rabbi Chaim & Rivkie Block

23.03.2015 Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning Annual L’chaim Event

Chabad PBG building Dedication in memory of Devorah Krinsky obm

23.03.2015 Devorah Krinsky, Rabbi Dovid and Chana Vigler

Freshmen Tannenbaum Chabad Review 2015


Chabad in Israel

23.02.2015 Chabad of Princeton University Spring Break, March 2014

++++,,,Legislator Wieder giving his remarks before the full Rockland County Legislature 3/16/15


Shas Campaign in Har Nof on Israeli Election Day קמפיין הבחירות של ש”ס בנוף הר

17.03.2015 Israeli Elections

MK Gafni Speaks At Yahadut Hatorah Victory

17.03.2015 ©2015 Yeshiva World News – All Rights Reserved

Bnei Emunim Hachnosas Sefer Torah For Children – Adar 5775

17.03.2015 Bnei Emunim Hachnosas Sefer Torah For Children with several rebbes and rabonim in attendance- Adar 5775

21 Adar 5775 In Lizensk

Reb Shlomele on Reb Elimilech from Lizensk

13.03.2015 Reb Shlomo Carlebach on Reb Elimilech mlizensk

Levayah Of The Radmishla Rov R’ Chuna Heilpern Zt”l In Israel 28 Shevat 5775


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