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· 7 Tishrei (circa 1313 BCE) – Taanit tzaddikim (Orach Chaim 5580:2) commemorating Hashem’s decree that the Dor Hamidbar die in the wilderness because of the sin of the Eigel HaZahav / Golden Calf (according to some, (Kol-bo and others), the event took place one day earlier, on 6 Tishrei).  source Wikipedia

A Bank Robber and Darling of France’s Left Elite Is Murdered


This Day in Jewish History, 1979 A Bank Robber and Darling of France’s Left Elite Is … That’s when he met Janine Sochaczewska, also a Jewish refugee from Poland. … This only complicated efforts to discern who was behind his murder, by three youths outside his Paris apartment, on this day in 1979.

Pierre Goldman

From Wikipedia
Pierre Goldman, (Lyon, June 22, 1944 – September 20, 1979 in Paris) was a French left-wing intellectual who was convicted of several robberies and mysteriously assassinated. It has been suspected that the Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación (GAL) death squad was involved in his murder. His half-brother Jean-Jacques Goldman is a popular French singer.
Pierre Goldman was born near the end of World War II, the illegitimate son of Alter Mojze Goldman and Janine Sochaczewska, who were active in the FTP-MOI Resistancemovement.[1][2] After the liberation of France, his parents separated, and his father, in concert with a group of former FTP-MOI members, kidnapped him. Thereafter, he had only sporadic contacts with his mother, who returned to Poland.[2] Read More Button--orange  Foto Tomb of Pierre Goldman Coyau / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Pierre Goldman : l’assassinat – Faites entrer l’accusé #FELA

Faites entrer l’accusé
Pierre Goldman : l’assassinat
Pierre Goldman a été condamné pour meurtre, puis acquitté. Par la suite, le 20 septembre 1979, trois inconnus lui ont tiré dessus à bout portant, en plein Paris. Quelques jours plus tard, 15 000 personnes affluaient au Père-Lachaise. Parmi elles, ceux qui, avec lui, avaient rêvé de révolution durant les années 60 : Serge July, Régis Debray, Marc Kravetz, Alain Krivine, Bernard Kouchner, et bien d’autres personnalités. Né le 22 juin 1944, étudiant révolutionnaire à la Sorbonne, guérillero au Venezuela, écrivain en prison, Pierre Goldman avait, pour ceux qui l’ont connu ou simplement côtoyé, une personnalité hors du commun. Ses assassins n’ont jamais été retrouvés. Retour sur une affaire qui, en son temps, défraya la chronique.
France 2

Les obsèques de Pierre Goldman | Archive INA

27 septembre 1979
Obsèques de Pierre GOLDMAN, militant maoïste, au cimetière du Père Lachaise : Simone de BEAUVOIR et Jean-Paul SARTRE étaient présents politique; archive television; archive tv; ina; inna; Institut National de l’Audiovisuel; french tv Images d’archive INA
Institut National de l’Audiovisuel

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Jewish History Rabbi Berel Wein


Jewish life in Kovno, Riga and Lvov – Lithuania/Latvia/Poland 1929 –

Scene di vita quotidiana nei quartieri ebraici di Kovno,Riga e Lvov(piu’tardi ribattezzata dai tedeschi “Lemberg”) nella Lituania,Lettonia e Polonia del 1929.Amatoriale inedito.

The Jews in Poland-Lithuania and Russia: 1350 to the Present Day

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Book Talk

Antony Polonsky, Brandeis University

For centuries, Poland and Russia formed the heartland of the Jewish world. Until World War II, this area was home to over forty percent of world Jewry: nearly three and a half million Jews lived in Poland, and nearly three million more lived in the Soviet Union. Although the majority of American and European Jews originate from Eastern Europe, the history of this life and civilization is not well known, or has been reduced to a story of persecution and martyrdom. In his masterful three-volume history, ‘The Jews in Poland and Russia: 1350 to the Present Day’, Polonsky avoids sentimentalism and mythologizing, and provides a comprehensive and detailed account of this great civilization. From the towns and shtetls where Jews lived, to the emergence of Hasidism and the Haskalah movement, to the rise of Jewish urbanization, and Polish-Jewish relations during World War II, Polonsky’s book dispels myths about this culture, while demonstrating the importance of Poland and Russia as a great center of Jewish life.

Winner of the 2011 Kulczycki Book Prize for Polish Studies, and the Pro Historia Polonorum Prize for the best book on the history of Poland published in a foreign language between 2007 and 2011.

Vilnius Holocaust Museum

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