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US-Russia Tensions on Show as Putin and Obama Clash Over Syria

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the US president, Barack Obama, clashed on Monday over their competing visions for Syria, with Obama urging a political transition to replace the Syrian president but Putin warning it would be a mistake to abandon the current government. Addressing the UN general assembly, Putin said it was a huge mistake not to engage the Syrian army in the fight against Islamic State. He said the Syrian military was the only force truly fighting Isis militants in the country. The Russian president, making his first appearance at the general assembly for 10 years, also criticised the west for arming “moderate” rebels in Syria, saying they later come to join Isis. Without naming the United States, he said a “single centre of dominance has emerged after the end of cold war,” and attempts have been made to revise the UN role.

Clashes erupt at holy site in Jerusalem

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to give Israel an ultimatum today during his speech at the United Nations.

The Palestinian leader’s address comes against a background of further clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians at a disputed holy site.

On Tuesday (September 29) the violence in Jerusalem’s Old City spilled over to a checkpoint outside Ramallah and to Hebron and Bethlehem, amid heightened tensions as Jews celebrated the Sukkot holiday.

Temple Mount Riots Resume on Jewish Feast of Sukkot

Palestinian rioting resumed on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount as the weeklong Jewish holiday of Sukkot got underway Monday.

Missile Attack Thwarted Above Ashdod


Rare super moon radiates light over Paris and London

Images captured of last night’s ‘supermoon-lunar eclipse’ show France and England’s capitals enjoying the rare phenomenon.

It has been more than 30 years since a supermoon combined with a lunar eclipse, said NASA.

The next total lunar eclipse will not be until 2018. The next supermoon-lunar eclipse combination will not happen until 2033.

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