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Scion of a Great ‘Lithuanian’ Dynasty Passes Away

This he did, while also organizing around him a study circle that included … establishment of a Jewish state – on the grounds that a secular Jewish state in … In this, his community of Briskers was allied with the city’s strictest … today exist in Jerusalem: the flagship institution in the central neighborhood of …

Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik

From Wikipedia
Yitzchok Zev Halevi Soloveitchik (Hebrew: יצחק זאב הלוי סולובייצ’יק), also known as Velvel Soloveitchik (“Zev” means “wolf” in Hebrew, and “Velvel” is the diminutive of “wolf” in Yiddish) or as the Brisker Rov (“rabbi of/from Brisk”, (19 October 1886, Valozhyn – 11 October 1959, Jerusalem), was an Orthodox rabbi and rosh yeshiva of the Brisk yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel. He was a son of Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik of Brisk. He is also commonly referred to as the GRYZ, an acronym for Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Zev (“sage Rabbi Isaac Wolf”) and “The Rov”.

File:הגאון מבריסק עם רבי מנחם זמבא.jpg

עם הגאון רבי מנחם זמבא

File:הרב מבריסק בירושלים.jpg

הרב מבריסק בירושלים

File:הרב מנחם זמבא עם הגאון מבריסק.jpg

הרב מנחם זמבא עם הגאון מבריסק

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100 Years: Israeli TV Documentary On Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman

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