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Arutz Sheva TV


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ידיעות אחרונות

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רשות השידור

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Rabbi David Hellman

Rabbi David Hellman of Young Israel Brookline led a prayer for Richard Lakin and all victims of terror.


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Simcha channel

אברהם פריד סינגל חדש: הנני בידך | Avraham Fried New Single – Riboin

Song by Avraham Fried
Composed by Pinchos Brayer
Arranged by Naftali Shnitzler
Mixed by Eli Lishinsky

The composers son Yehuda Leib was married to Esther a few days ago. As a gift to Chosson Kallah and the Brayer family, this song is being released.

This song will appear on Avraham Fried’s upcoming cd.

The cd will be distributed by Aderet Music

גדול הזמר החסידי, אברהם פריד, בסינגל חדש מתוך אלבומו החדש ריבון העולמים בלחנו של פנחס ברייער. בנו של ברייער התחתן השבוע ולרגל השמחה שוחרר השיר באופן רשמי לאחר שגרסה ראשונית שלו דלפה לפני כמה שבועות.

מילות קודש אלו נתייסדו ע”י הרה”ק רבי מאיר’ל מאפטא זצוק”ל בעמח”ס אור לשמים. בראש הספר הביא המו”ל את התפילה שחיבר רבינו, ואשר בעל התפארת שלמה היה רגיל לאומרה בכל יום, בציינו, שהתפילה הזאת היא סגולה לפרנסה ולכל טוב, ובתנאי שיאמרוה בכוונה.

על העיבוד אחראי נפתלי שניצלער ואילו המלים המרגשות מתוך תפלתו של ר׳ מאיר׳ל מאפטא.

רבון העולמים, ידעתי כי הנני בידך לבד כחומר ביד היוצר,
ואם גם אתאמץ בעצות ותחבולות וכל יושבי תבל יעמדו למיני להושיעני ולסמוך נפשי,
מבלעדי עוזך ועזרתך אין עזרה וישועה.

M B D Mordechai Ben David Live

עם מרדכי בן דוד ויידל ורדיגר – MBD and Yeedle Werdiger
By Nathan Ibgui – צילום נתן איבגי

Machnovka Rebbe Dancing Mitzvah Tantz – Cheshvan 5776

Machnovka Rebbe Dancing Mitzvah Tantz – Cheshvan 5776

Shloime Daskal, Yedidim Choir, Shir V’shevach Boys Choir, “Vseirov” An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Chol Hamoed Sukkos, the hearts of Yisomim were gladdened by joyful music and spectacular entertainment. Organized by Yanky Meyer, the founder and mastermind behind the renowned Misaskim organization, these special children were treated to a wonderful performance, featuring star entertainers Shloime Daskal the famous Yedidim Choir & featuring The Shir V’shevach Boys Choir ,These singers were expertly accompanied by the one and only Aaron Teitelbaum Productions, who once again put on a presentation to remember, led by conductor Yisroel Lamm ,Children from all over the tri-state area danced, clapped, and rejoiced for more than 3 hours, as a brilliant twelve piece band and extraordinary singers provided inspiration and joy, filling young hearts with simcha and song.

Motty Jay Stage Manager

Rebbe Clips

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עוזיה צדוק “בראשית עולם” בחתונת לימור אחותו

עוזיה צדוק.בראשית עולם.שלומי שבת.זמר.כוכב.ילד פלא.שיר חופה.

Child Soloist Zrili Berger & Meshorerim Choir – Isaac Honig Medley

Child Soloist Zrili Berger & Meshorerim Choir singing songs from Isaac Honig latest album “Al Hehorim” at a Wedding on October 24 2013 in the Imperial Hall in Wiliamsburg, Avrumy Berko on keys, Video by Motty Engel

צפו בביצוע גמר הפייטן של אחיעד חודפי

צפו בביצוע גמר הפייטן של אחיעד חודפי

דוד ויצמן & דוד אוטמזגין הופעה בחיפה 2012

דוד ויצמן & דוד אוטמזגין הופעה בחיפה 2012

אלי אלבז שופט כל הארץ נוסח מרוקו

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The Best Way To Roast A Whole Chicken

Joy of Kosher

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The World Hates Us BUT – ISRAEL IS ALIVE
BDS? UN resolutions? Terrorist attacks? The world has been very critical of Israel in the past decades, but the State of Israel is just trying to survive. A new and hot music group JEW2 releases their first video clip, based on the popular folk Israeli song Am Israel Chai (The Nation of Israel is Alive), arranged in a new and electronic style.
In the clip, actors who portray anti-Israeli Muslims across the globe protest against Israel, in Paris, London, Washington DC and even the United Nations in New York. But there is a happy end – they all become Israel lovers.
The group members Nati Shayish, Aviram Shoukron and Shai Barak explain: “At this difficult time for Israelis and Jews around the world, who suffer from terror attacks, stabbings and anti-Semitic attacks – we wanted to re-new a song that talks about unity, with a new and upcoming electronic twist. We hope that Jews across the globe get strength from our song”.
JEW2 is the hottest name in the today’s Jewish music industry that brings you all of the greatest hits with a modern electronic twist.
JEW2 comprises of three leading musicians: The duo Nati Shayish and Aviram Shoukron who have been on the Jewish music stages around the world for more than a decade, joined by Shai Barak who produced and arranged tens of records in the past years.
JEW2 – Jewish electronic music



Alex and Dina Harrison’s Shtick Wedding Dance


Israeli Ninja

Professor Van Yuren, a Dan 10 Ninjitsu grand master, is in Israel to ordain the first ever Israeli ninjitsu grand master, David Haliva.  Haliva must pass rigorous, life-risking tests and sign a blood oath in order to join the ranks of grand masters in this secretive and ancient martial art.  08/19/07

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חדשות 2,,,,,,,ערוץ היוטיוב הרשמי של חדשות ערוץ 2

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jerusalemplus tv

Le Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France (CRIF) ,,,,,,Roger Cukierman 

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Coolamnews.com et son prolongement sur Youtube est fondée par une équipe de francophones partageant un point commun: leur amour d’Israël et leur souci d’une information professionnelle. Coordonnée par David Sebban, composée de journalistes, mais aussi d’un officier de Tsahal et d’un expert en Stratégie, la rédaction de Coolamnews vise à amener une actualité Israélienne sans filtre aux francophones, sur un plateau.
Coolamnews est le seul media francophone assurant une veille de l’actualité Israélienne 24h/24 par l’intermédiaire de son fil info: toutes les dernières actualités du pays sont disponibles en un coup d’œil à ses lecteurs, à tout moment de la journée. Coolamnews, c’est aussi une sélection de vidéos offrant aux francophones un angle de vue d’Israël qui leur était jusqu’ici inaccessible à cause des barrières linguistique ou culturelle…

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Israel Heute

Israel Heute Nachrichten 

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Reichskristallnacht in Amberg am 09.11.1938 – 06.11.2015

Die Reichspogromnacht. Am kommenden Montag ist das Grauen 77 Jahre her. Erinnerungen in Amberg an die Tage im November 1938 von Martin Gruber. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

25 Jahre jüdisch-russischsprachige Einwanderung – 30.10.2015

“Wer integriert hier wen? 25 Jahre jüdisch-russischsprachige Einwanderung”. Heinz-Peter Katlewski berichtet von der Tagung der Bildungsabteilung im Zentralrat der Juden in Berlin. Sowie Parascha von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

“Jüdisches Leben in Europas Kulturhauptstadt 2016 Breslau – 23.10.2015

Breslau/Wroclaw entdeckt ihr jüdisches Erbe wieder. Die Stadt wird 2016 Europas Kulturhauptstadt und hat das ehemalige jüdische Viertel rund um die frisch restaurierte Synagoge des gegenseitigen Respekts und der Toleranz erklärt. Robert B. Fishman hat Breslau besucht.
Sowie Parascha “Lech lechá” von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

“Für Tommy zum dritten Geburtstag” – 16.10.2015

1944 hat der tschechische Maler Bedrich Fritta im Ghetto Theresienstadt für seinen kleinen Sohn ein Buch gemacht. Nun wurde es unter dem Titel “Für Tommy zum dritten Geburtstag” neu aufgelegt. Thomas Muggenthaler hat die Entstehungsgeschichte recherchiert.
Sowie Parascha “Noah” von Rabbiner Joel Berger.

Wandern auf den Spuren Viktor Frankl’s – 09.10.2015

Wandern auf den Spuren des jüdischen Psychologen und Psychiaters Viktor Frankl – Wandern auf der Rax, sowie
Parascha Bereschit von Joel Berger.

Ensemble DRAj


Ensemble DRAj ist eine Klezmer-Gruppe aus Deutschland. Das Ensemble DRAj widmet sich in seiner Arbeit dem Lied in jiddischer Sprache. Der Begriff draj ist die jiddische Bezeichnung für drei.
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Rabbi Yitzhak Ehrenberg

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Thora in Frankfurt

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Pat’s Song (Hebrew) Ahava Mizman Acher

In time we become winners or losers, but in the end what remains always is change. Nothing stands still. Pat, the “Flower child” of the Sixties holds on to the world she knew and loved. And I moved on. Who is happier, no one can tell. This is my farewell song (Hebrew) to her and a tribute to the “Love Generation”Here’s toPat.

Yemenite Rhapsody by J.Weinberg (Opera ‘The Pioneers’)

Jacob Weinberg, Yemenite Rhapsody (Symphonic Entracte) from Opera ‘The Pioneers’ (HEHALUTZ)
An arrangement for a string quartet, clarinet and piano by J.Weinberg
Ilya Swartz, clarinet
Marina Swartz, violin
Dina Pinson, violin
Amos Boason, viola
Yana Donichev, cello
Uri Brener, piano
Shirelle Dashevsky, artistic director
Daniel Goldberg, recording
David Ben-Gershon, production
Sofia Sinchuk, project director
With support of the Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
‘Khan’ Theater, Jerusalem
February 7, 2013

Jacob Weinberg (1879-1956) : Piano Concerto No. 2 (1944)

Jacob Weinberg (1879-1956) (Ukraine/USA)
Piano Concerto No. 2 in C major (1944)
Pianiste : George Federico Osorio
Dir : Karl Anton Rickenbacherg

1- Maestoso (11.49)
2- Vivace e Marcato (3.16)
3- Finale : Allegro (8.18)

Joseph Achron. Hebrew melody (Dina Goyfeld & Uri Brener). 2015

Joseph Achron, Hebrew Melody (Op.33 ) 1911
Dina Goyfeld (Zemtsova), Violin, Uri Brener, Piano
Nigunim Laad Ensemble, Shirelle Dashevsky, Music Director
Concert “Kibbutz Galuyot of Jewish Music”, 18.02.2015

Hecht Auditorium & Dr. Hecht Arts Center, Haifa
Jewish Music Days at the University of Haifa, 2015
Yuval Rabin, Festival Director

David Ben-Gershon, Producer (Nigunim Laad)
David-Shlomo Shor, Camera
Avraham Mittelman, Camera
David-Shlomo Shor, Sound
Copyright © 2015 Nigunim Laad. All rights reserved.

Нехама Лифшиц Ой, мама, не бей меня Yiddish song

Нехама Лифшиц Ой, мама, не бей меня (он меня уговаривал, пока не уговорил) Еврейская песня
Nekhama Lifshits Oy, mama do not hit me Yiddish song Oy, Mame, shlog mikh nit Yiddish song

Нехама Лифшиц Водка B.Шаинский Yash Yiddish Song

Нехама Лифшиц Водка (B.Шаинский – И.Керлер) Еврейская Песня
Nekhama Lifshsitz Vodka (V.Shainski – I.Kerler) Yash Yiddish Song

Поёт Соломон Михоэлс Solomon Mikhoels 1932

Соломон Михоэлс из спектакля “200000” по Шолом-Алейхему
Композитор и дирижер – Л.Пульвер
Solomon Mikhoels from a Sholem Aleichem’s play “200000′ Composer and conductor – L.Pulver Portrait by Nathan Altman


I AM THE VIOLIN , a 2004 documentary about the great violinist IDA HAENDEL written and directed by Paul Cohen and produced by IDTV in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We thank them for permission to post this excellent film. She is now represented by Patrons Of Exceptional Artists, the non profit parent organization of the Miami International Piano Festival.

Born in 1928 to a Polish Jewish family in Chełm, her talents were evident when she picked up her father’s violin at the age of three. Major competition wins paved the way for success. Performing the Beethoven Violin Concerto, she won the Warsaw Conservatory’s[3] Gold Medal and the first Huberman Prize in 1933. At the age of seven she competed against towering virtuosos – the likes of Oistrakh and Neveu – to become a laureate of the first Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition in 1935. Source wikipedia,,, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ida_Haendel


from a 2006 performance in Israel..Ida ABOUT IDA HAENDEL: http://miamipianofest.com/artists/hae…Haendel is associated with the Miami International Piano Festival and under management of non-profit Patrons of Exceptional Artists, our parent organization. SHORT BIO OF MS. HAENDEL:
Walter DeLehunt is the pianist

Violin Masterclass with Ida Haendel at the Royal College of Music

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Jewish History Rabbi Berel Wein

Archaeologists unearth ancient Greek fortress in Jerusalem

A lost fortress built by the Greek king Antiochus Epiphanes more than 2,000 years ago has been unearthed beneath a parking lot in Jerusalem. The location of the Acra has been one of the most enduring mysteries in Jerusalem’s history.


הספד של נועה

נועה בן ארצי, נכדתו של יצחק רבין, מספידה אותו בהר הרצל

Hatikva @ Rabin Memorial 20

Singing Hatikva at Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Rally 2008

Tribute to Rabin Concert November 1996

Original song in memory of Yitzchak Rabin, Israel’s prime Minister, Words by Gad Yaacobi Za’l, then Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Music and performance by Ron Eliran at Rabin Square,Tel-Aviv.

Tribute to Yitzhak Rabin produced by Arnon Milchan


Federica Mogherini pays tribute to Yitzhak Rabin at his Memorial in Tel Aviv (in English & Italian)


Adam Yasou, Tribute To Yitzhak Rabin Soldier Of Peace

Adam Yasou Tribute To Yitzhak Rabin, The song “Soldier Of Peace” Lyrics & Recording in December of 1995 by Adam(yasou) Hanania.! Adam Yasou Singer in California offer Music Services for all events. Adam sings, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish, Russian, some Armenian Turkish and more. 818.631.8770 http://www.AdamYasou.com

Abbas pays tribute to Rabin

02’47 In an excluisive interview with infolive.tv Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pays tribute to former Israeli PM and recalls their joint efforts to achieve Peace.

Noa sings at the White House- 1995- a memorial service for Itzhak Rabin

Noa sings at the White House- 1995- a memorial service for Itzhak Rabin with Bill and Hilary Clinton, Leah Rabin and her family and many others.

Yves Azeroual : Pourquoi c’est-il intéressé à Yitzhak Rabin?

Retrouvez toute l’actualité politique et parlementaire sur http://www.publicsenat.fr

Yitzhak Rabin, le guerrier de la paix – bande annonce

Jamais, dans l’histoire d’Israël, une foule aussi dense, aussi homogène, aussi silencieuse ne s’était rassemblée, plongée dans un même recueillement, une même piété. Unie, sans distinction de classe sociale, d’étiquette politique, de croyance religieuse. Unie, pour rendre un dernier hommage à son premier Ministre assassiné, dont l’autorité avait permis d’envisager la paix avec les Palestiniens. A l’arrivée du corps sur le mont Herzl, ce cimetière où reposent les sépultures des personnalités du sionisme et de l’était d’Israël, plus de 4000 personnes se figent pendant deux minutes. Dont une quarantaine de chefs d’état et de gouvernement à l’unisson avec le reste du pays, en entendant le kaddish, la prière des morts selon la liturgie juive. Yitzhak Rabin fit la guerre aussi longtemps qu’il fut persuadé qu’il n’y avait aucune chance de faire la paix. Mais après des batailles et des deuils, des combats douloureux et des victoires trompeuses, il sut résolument engager son pays dans la voie de la négociation avec les Palestiniens, convaincu que le temps de la paix était venu. Ce choix lui coûta la vie…

Un film de

Ofra Haza – Kaddish

from Montreux Jazz Festival in 1990, the greatest voice of the past century

Aviv Geffen – Livkot Lekha, Rabin Memorial 2010

Tribute to Itzack Rabin

הקלטת תכנית אשר הוקדשה ליום הזכרון להרצחו של יצחק רבין הי”ד כפי שהושמעה בתחנת הרדיו האינטרנטית “קול קליפורניה”
בתכנית הקלטה נדירה של נאומו האחרון של רבין ז”ל דקות לפני הרצחו..אסופת שירים מיוחדים ממיטב המבצעים: שלמה ארצי, אריק איינשטיין, יהודית רביץ..חווה אלברשטיין ועוד..וסיום בעוד הקלטה נדירה ומיוחדת. מומלץ !

Dalia Rabin of The Yitzhak Rabin Center: The Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin Lives On

Dalia Rabin, daughter of slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and chairperson of The Yitzhak Rabin Center, describes the Center’s three-fold mission: to promote an exemplary model of responsible, fair and innovative leadership in the fields of civil society, security and the quest for peace; to establish a deep commitment to Israeli civil society based on respect, social cohesiveness, democratic values and the rule of law; and to advance the well-being and unification of the Jewish people.

YItzhak Rabin – Kaddish – Dov (dubi) Seltzer

composer: Dov Seltzer
Conductor: Leon Botstein
Mezzo-Soprano: Karin Shifrin
vocals: Haya Samir

Shiri Maymon and Shimon Buskila – Shir Lashalom – Yitzhak Rabin Memorial – 2013

Yitzhak Rabin for Shlichim – final version

a short video clip about his life and the assassination. english subs.
ותודה לטל שמואלי ויונתן גוזלן שהביאוני עד הלום.
מוקדש באהבה לכל השליחים הצעירים באשר הם…

Yitzhak Rabin, ז”ל: Twenty Years After 

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Jitzchak Rabin and Musik

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Daf Yomi Rabbi Dov Linzer Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School

Daily Chassidus …with R’ Paltiel, 

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SHIUR KLALI (weekly insights) by Rabbi Gafne 

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 RABINO ITZJAK GINSBURGH ,Gal Einai en Español desde Israel

Parasha Chaye Sarah 5776 By Rabbi David Bitton

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Kupat Ha’ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha’ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada http://www.kupat.org


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