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Gad Elbaz – Ana Bechoach./A Kabbalistic Prayer/


We beg thee with the strength and greatness of thy right arm ..Untangle our knotted fate
Accept thy people’s prayer :strengthen us purify us… 2x
Please heroic one,those who seek your uniqueness, guard them as the apple of an eye
Bless them .purify them ,pity them ; ever grant them thy truth
In your goodness and abundant grace ,guide thy people
Accept our prayer ,hear our cry ,oh knower of mysteries
Blessed be the name of his glorious majesty forever and ever !

Gad Elbaz with Ruvi Banet Orchestra


Gad Elbaz sings Ana BeKoach at a Sanz Yeshiva Fundraising Dinner in Sheraton City Tower Hotel in Ramat Gan, Israel June 2011, Music by Ruvi Banet and the Israeli Philharmonic

Cayn, Cayn – The New Layehudim


A new song for Purim and all year round! The song combines traditional “Freilich” and modern styles of Jewish music. Upbeat, Energetic, and soulful, a song that everyone can dance to. Guaranteed to be a favourite at Adar celebrations and any time of simcha.

The composer can be contacted at: r.eliezerzh@gmail.com

Production Manager: Betzalel Lapidus
Arranged by: R’Yissochar (Suki) and Yitzi Berry
Sung by: Moshe Katz
Mixed by: Yitzi Berry and Eli Klein
Adult Choir: Yitzi Berry, Eli Klein and Yanky Landau
Child Soloist: Meir Zheutlin
Vocal Trainer: Moshe Berk
Graphic Design: Adam Hulkower

Yalili Music Video Introduction


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Grade 7-Rebbe Nachman
Gabi, Mushkie, Rivky

Grade 8- Hashem Melech
Bracha, Peshy

Grade 9- The Purim Song
Mushka, Minah

Grade 10- Burn
Shterna, Chava

Matric- Yesh Tikvah