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Kleibedik – Fiddler on the roof medley live כלייבדיק


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Videographer , Director and Editor : Liran Shemesh
Costoms design by Nati Shayish , Shai Barak & Rachel Lichtenstadt
Dancers:Itay Ifargan , Sagi Fogel , Tomer Mizrahi
Beatbox : David Schmell
Choreography by Tomer Mizrahi
Musicians:Nir Sarussi,Nadav Malkieli,Tal Barak & Benni Weill
Music Production By Shai Barak
Mixed by Oren Latz
Photographs : Liran Shemesh, Israel Bardugo

KLEIBEDIK produced by Shaiba Productions-Shai Barak & Nati Shayish.
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Phone: Israel: 054-8030000 US 13235527680 UK 442070482714

שירה חדשה – לזכרו של אברהם אבוטבול ז”ל


התכנית שירה חדשה ברשת מורשת, קול- ישראל
עורכת ומגישה – דבורה קיציס
נתנאל לייפר, יזהר שאבי, גדי פוגטש, צפי ארן, שולי רנד, עמירן כהן.

KLEIBEDIK – The Klezmer sensation כלייבדיק – סנסציית הכלייזמרים


בית חב”ד קוזומל – מקווה Chabad Cozumel – Mikvah


luxurious mikvah serve the women who wish to fulfill the beautiful mitzvah of “family purity”

Chabad Cozumel Mexico – how to get here

בית חב”ד קוזומל – איך מגיעים


Shalom, and Welcome to Cozumel.

It is our sincere hope that here you will be able to find the answer to most of your questions regarding visiting Cozumel as a Jew. Information about the Synagogue, the Shabbat meals, the kosher restaurant, the local kosher grocery store, the Torah classes, and the Hebrew day school will be answered at the chabad house

The Torah was given in a desert. This is to teach us that the relevance of Torah and Mitzvahs are not restricted to particular geographic locations. Even in a “desert” a place in which one would least expect it, the Torah is pertinent and applicable. You will be amazed to learn how much the Torah is alive and relevant in the Island of Cozumel.

With Blessing,
R. David Caplin &
R. Shalom Peleg

Chabad of Great Neck 19th Annual Dinner


Join us on Monday, March 3, 2014 at Temple Israel of Great Neck as we honor:
Rabbi Yoseph & Chanie Geisinsky, Miracle of Life Award
Farid & Nora Khalili, Crown of Good Name Award
Leslie & Michael Kule, Young Leadership Award
Dr. Daniel & Sheila Golyan, Community Leadership Award
Farangiss & Vahid Sedagatpour, Chesed Award
Dr. Kourosh & Dr. Bita Ashourzadeh, SHA Parents of the Year Award

For more info, please call: (516) 487-4554 or email:

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Seudat Hodaah!


Producer: Tzivi Geisinsky
Seudat Hodaa celebrating the miracle that happened to Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky last year. Thank you Hashem.
The event took place on December 1, 2013 at Chabad of Great Neck.

KLEIBEDIK – The Klezmer sensation כלייבדיק – סנסציית הכלייזמרים

Jewish Music Report (Kol Isha) – Enjoy this all new clip from Kleibedik Music Production By Shai Barak Videographer , Director and Editor : Liran Shemesh  Jewish Music Report.

The Two Sinais – Part 1: The Mountain of Sinai – Torah – Chabad

You may already know that the giving of the Torah — which we celebrate on the holiday of Shavuot — took place at Sinai. But what is Sinai? The Torah 

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Rebbe –

Video highlighting the relationship between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Live Broadcast: Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries

Join over 3000 Chabad-Lubavitch women emissaries and their guests as they celebrate at the annual banquet, the culmination of a five-day 

Weekly Living Torah: Life Giving Water | – Chabad News, Crown Heights News, Lubavitch News (blifshitz) – Weekly Living Torah: Life Giving Water. lt-12614. Our sages teach that in the merit of Miriam’s righteousness, a miraculous well accompanied the 

Incoming Exec Hopes To Expand Sense Of ‘Kehillah’

The Jewish Week – I’ve given Jewish organizations hundreds of hours a year for many years  a compelling case why donating to Federation is essential for Jewish life.

Jews in the heart of Valentine’s Day – In the 1970s, Jewish designer Milton Glaser created perhaps the most  Nudging the holiday even more into line with Jewish life—particularly the 

Rabbi Kerry Olitzky creates ‘playlist’ for changing tunes of – While other Jewish communal leaders worry about dwindling rates of affiliation,  so that it can reclaim its vital role in American Jewish religious life.”.

Jews less secure worldwide in 2013, says gov’t report

The Times of Israel – The report also tracked developments that had a negative impact on Jewish life in a number of countries around the world — from a Chilean

Davidson Foundation Gives $18M to Detroit Jewish Community

Jewish Daily Forward – The funding for Jewish life includes a $5 million, five-year grant to support the PJ Library, which provides free Jewish children’s books and music to

Love letters reveal private life of monster who killed six million Jews – A newly-discovered collection of letters, diaries, notes and pictures –thought to have been lost forever – has shed light on the private life of the man 
Holocaust acknowledgment stirs Arab controversy
San Diego Jewish World
JERUSALEM–Two unusual events relating to Holocaust remembrance took place in the Arab world in December 2013: a first official conference on the Holocaust was held in Tunisia, dealing with Holocaust of the Jews of Tunisia, and the first visit by an 
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Holocaust Victims Remembered at Auschwitz, Events Also in Slovenia
STA – Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija (subscription)
Ljubljana, 27 January (STA) – International Holocaust Remembrance Day, to be honoured around the world on Monday, will also be observed in Slovenia for the sixth year running, with the focus this year on the 70th anniversary of major deportations of 
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Israeli Study: More Than a Third of European Jews Fear Wearing Kippah in Public
Conducted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in nine countries in Europe, the poll revealed that 23 percent of European Jews avoid attending Jewish-themed events or Jewish institutions for fear of being harassed on the way; 38 percent 
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First Time in the Arab World: Events Marking the Holocaust
The Jewish Press
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that Tunisia held the Arab world’s first official Holocaust conference in December, attended by historians, clerics, authors, and journalists who dealt with the Tunisian Jewish Holocaust. The 
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‘Shocked’ Holocaust Scholar Returns Hungary Award
Arutz Sheva
Jewish leaders in Hungary threatened on Tuesday to boycott official Holocaust memorialevents this year, claiming the government was whitewashing the country’s active role in the deportations of Jews to Nazi camps. Last year the government announced a 
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