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Rebecca and Jonathan Jewish Wedding Jan 10 2010- Horah Dance


Rebecca and Jonathan Wedding Jan 10 2010 – Horah Dance

The Israeli horah (הורה), which is somewhat different from that of some of the Eastern European countries, played a foundational role in modern Israeli folk dancing.

Crazy Dancing at Bentzy Klein’s Wedding With Lipa, Beri, And Yoely Lebovits


Bandj – Siman Tov, Mazel Tov – Casamento Judaico

קליפ חתונה-יוסי וציפי-חיים שפירא-צילום אירועים


קליפ חתונה-יוסי וציפי

צילום והפקה – חיים שפירא – הפקות וידאו
הסרטת חתונות ואירועים בציבור החרדי והדתי, ברמה הגבוהה ביותר
צלם משלנו, שמבין בדיוק את מה צריך לצלם…

להשתמע – 0544-384-203

Gavriel and Chaygit wedding highlights


Lenny’s Jewish Jam 2 With The Baal Simcha Band!


World renowned trumpet player Lenny Friedman made a wedding for his son March 28, 2012 at The Atrium in Monsey. This was the jam session highlight!
The Band: Yankey Goldenthal -Keys, Avi Bernstein- Drums, Tony Montalbo-Bass, Sruly Weinstein-Guitar, MIke Coon-Guitar, Yudi Simon- Percussion, Ron Bertolet-Sax, Tony Gorruso-Trumpet, Amir Cohen-Trumpet, Lenny Friedman-Trumpet, John Hahn-Trombone, Shauli Waldner and Tzvi Goldring-Vocals.

Jewish Wedding Music-Instrumental-Simcha Dancing–Ned Kantar Band, Minneapolis, MN


Od Yishama, Keitzad, Klezmer Selections, Yerushalyim, L’Shana HaBa, Asher Boro. Jewish Wedding Music – Instrumental – Ned Kantar Band, Minneapolis, Minnesota