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Shira Chadasha Boys’ Choir at the Kotel


Shira Chadasha Boys’ Choir visit the old city of Jerusalem, in the days leading up to Tisha B’Av, singing Im Eshkachech.

Feature Film – Chabad of West Hempstead 2014


Yumi Lowy & Yedidim Choir – חתונה חסידית ומקהלת ידידים


1 Song “Ma Yufis” From Dudi Kalish/Yedidim “Ezkero” Album
2 Song “Lechu Venashuva” From Kumzing DVD – HaMenagnim
לכו ונשובה – לחן: הרב נח פלאי

Tzvi Blumenfeld
Shmily Spira
Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Menachem Moskowitz
Mendy Ornstien
Lieby weider

Avrumy Berko on keys
Shlomy Coen on sax
Moshe Fried on trumpet
Y. Furkosh trombone
Zisha Glauber guitar

Yumi Lowy

Burech Yida Holtzler
Yoily Karpen Engeneer

A Yedidim Choir Production

cheder chabad purim katan


Ari Goldwag Am Echad – One Nation – Official Music Video ארי גולדוואג – עם אחד – קליפ הרשמי


Ari Goldwag singing Am Echad – One Nation.
ארי גולדוואג שר עם אחד.……

Video Produced and Directed by Sarah Gordon
Cinematography by Yirmiyahu Vann
Video Effects by VideoSparks
Makeup by Yasmine Bar-On
Sketches drawn and Illustration painted by – Gadi Pollack
Artist Portrayed by – Yedidya Shaked
Young Dancer – Moshe Dov Goldwag

Song composed by Ari Goldwag
Lyrics by Miriam Israeli
Arrangements and Instrumentation by Ian Freitor

כשאני לעצמי
ואתה לא איתי
מה אני כשאני בנפרד
כי אני יהודי
לא הולך לבדי
רק איתך, ידידי, יד ביד
עם אחד, שיר אחד
בוא אחי ותן לי יד
ונוכל לשמוח ולרקוד יחד
כאיש אחד בלב אחד
לא רוצה להיות לבד
רק לנצח שבת אחים גם יחד
להיות משפחה
זהו סוד השמחה
כי ביחד הכל טוב יותר
ואנחנו שרים
כל ישראל חברים
על אף אחד לא נסכים לוותר

אם נצליח לאהוב
ונשיר הנה מה טוב
המשיח עוד יגיע בקרוב

When I am for myself
And you are not with me
What am I when I am separate?
For I am a Jew
I do not go alone
Just with you, my friend, hand in hand
One nation, one song
Come my brother and give me your hand
And we will rejoice and dance together
As one person, with one heart
I don’t want want to be alone,
Just forever brothers sitting together
To be a family
Is the secret of joy
For everything is better together
And we sing
All Israel are friends
We won’t give up on anyone

If we can successfully love
And sing ‘how pleasant..’
The Moshiach will come soon

Beri Weber Hashem Melech Acoustic – בערי וובר השם מלך


Gad Elbaz Hashem Melech acoustic cover by Beri Weber and Moishy Schwartz on guitar
גד אלבז ה׳ מלך בערי וובר מושי שוורץ

Life Giving Water


Our sages teach that in the merit of Miriam’s righteousness, a miraculous well accompanied the Jewish people throughout their wanderings in the desert and provided them with water.

Through her unique contribution, Miriam acts as a role model for all Jewish women.

Just as water serves a vital function in the body by dissolving nutrients from food and transporting them to every part of the body, the Jewish woman serves an indispensible function within the Jewish people as a whole.

12 Tammuz, 5721 — June 26, 1961

From Living Torah Volume 123 Program 490

News from the Inside


An excerpt from a recorded meeting between the Rebbe and Rabbi Yehuda Leib Levin, the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, during his visit to the United States.

1 Tammuz, 5728 — June 27, 1968

Rabbi yosef mizrachi The War For Our Jewish Existence


Centennial Celebration – Organized Jewish Community in Akron


Ari Goldwag and Rabbi Avi Stewart Shomer Yisrael


From a concert performance in the Shul on the beach in Venice, California, during Aseres Yemei Teshuva of 5774. Shomer Yisrael first appeared on the album ‘Lishuascha Kivinu.’
הנה לא ינום ולא יישן שומר ישראל. שומר ישראל, שמור שארית ישראל, ואל יאבד ישראל האומרים שמע ישראל.
Behond, the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. Protector of Israel, guard the remnant of Israel, and do not cause Israel to be lost, they who say ‘Hear O Israel.’

Hair – Got that covered? Shalev Center


Chaya gives over her own home-spun spoken-word response to the query, “What is that rag wrapped ’round your head?”…a protest against Miley Cyrus, of course…
For more info about Chaya’s performance-art, therapy and organization visit

Wrapunzel Tutorial – The Naomi Knot! Andrea-Yonatan Grinberg

Reading the Megillah in a leap year

 the solar calendar of the seasons(Otherwise, Jewish holidays would move around the year, instead of staying anchored in their accustomed times.).
Jewish Musical Dreams
New Voices
Every night, I fall asleep to a playlist titled “Jewish Sleep Music.” Once upon a time, as a child, it consisted of mainly Kol B’seder’s covers of melodies that I’d learned inHebrew School, like Shalom Rav and Oseh Shalom. At the time, before I really 
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3-day festival celebrates diversity of Jewish music
Lancaster Newspapers
The diversity of Jewish music, from rock to folk to a traditional form of eastern European music known as Klezmer, is typified by the internationally known singer/songwriter Beth Schafer, who is coming to Shaarai Shomayim next weekend. Schafer, who 
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Composer runs Jewish music site
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
Two of her compositions were selected by Shalshelet, the Foundation for New JewishLiturgical Music, and presented in Shalshelet International Festivals. Two of her compositions have been published in the URJ Books and Music Shabbat anthologies.
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Andalusia calls
Jerusalem Post
A man holds a Torah scroll during the festive procession returning it to Trancoso. Photo: Courtesy Michael Freund. How are we to view Spanish and Portuguese legislative initiatives that would, at some unknown future date, offer citizenship to Sephardi 
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Passion for preserving Jewish culture
OCRegister (subscription)
But as Gelman has turned 90, he says his biggest accomplishments were in his efforts to help perpetuate Jewish culture and faith through education. In that light, Irvine’s Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School might be his life’s crowning achievement.
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The Parameters and Paradoxes of Being an Orthodox Woman
The Jewish Press
I am a woman. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am an observer of Halacha. I am a professional. I am a shul board member. I am a writer. I am Orthodox. I am committed toJewish tradition, to the Oral and Written Torah. I am a proponent for the advancement
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Curing Internet Addiction with Torah Novelties

While walking the streets of Jerusalem on Friday, I noticed flyers for a local high school play called “Attraction to Distraction.” The graphic depicts two 

Handwritten Torah a labor of faith

He completed a handwritten Torah in Hebrew that a certified scribe in Israel started about a year ago, the first Sefer Torah to be acquired by the 

Charity and social events — week of Feb. 17
Akron Beacon Journal
Jewish Community Board of Akron 100th Anniversary — 5-7 p.m. at the Shaw JCC, 750 White Pond Drive, Akron. Champagne, cake and ice cream to honor the history and accomplishments of the Jewish community. Free; baby-sitting available. To RSVP, call 
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Online kosher, extra rabbis for visiting Jews in Sochi
Reuters India
 used to in Russia, but as a positive. “What is this heritage about, what is our Torah about, how the grandparents and great grandparents lived in the Jewish way of life – they want also to adopt that way of life today here in Russia.” (Editing by 
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From The Jewish Feminist Frontier
The Jewish Week (blog)
The Jewish feminist movement has brought about remarkable changes in religious community life. But not everyone welcomes these shifts. More than one influential blogger has pointed to the “feminization” of Judaism, particularly in the more liberal 
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The secrets of successful synagogues
Jewish Chronicle
From this, you might conclude that the synagogue, the linchpin of Jewish life for 2,000 years, was in eclipse as Jews put their energies elsewhere. Over the past 20 years or so, the creative spirit of British Jewry has been more apparent in ventures 
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Real Housewives of Atlanta Charity Fail
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
What was fascinating was they made my comment about me being Jewish. They chose to point a racist finger at me by being anti-Semitic. Life must be a struggle when you are so stupid. Moving onto the pigs. We start off this week at the salon with Kenya, 
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