Hanukkah, Part 3, Shiurim. Basics,The Story of Chanukah, Chanukah Stories, songs 24JEWISH ALERTS Jewish Holiday

 The Jewish festival Hanukkah 

חנוכה שיעורים

Hanukkah Part 1 Shiurim 24JEWISH ALERTS Jewish Holidays  

חנוכה שיעורים

Hanukkah, Part2, Shiurim (hebrew) 24JEWISH ALERTS Jewish Holidays

Hanukkah, Part 3, Shiurim. Basics,The Story of Chanukah, Chanukah Stories, songs

EXCLSUIVE VIN News.com One Thousand Dreidels And Still Going Strong

Brooklyn, NY – The biography of Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran is long and storied. OU Kosher’s Vice President of Communications and Marketing. Founder and Editor in Chief of Behind the Union Symbol, a highly acclaimed kashrus magazine published by the Orthodox Union. Published author. But perhaps one of the titles that Rabbi Safran wears most proudly is owner of one of the largest private dreidel collections in the world.

The walls and shelves of the Safran’s Borough Park home are lined with dreidels of every size, shape and material. Made out of ceramic, silver, wood, Jerusalem stone, crystal, paper cuts, recycled magazines and more, the collection features an astonishing array of dreidels from all over the world including Israel, the United States, Scotland, India, Spain, Poland, Austria, Russia and Turkey. There are dreidels made by Rosenthal, Azoulay, Gore, Lev Shneiderman, Raphael Carl, Amy Gilron, Stefan Egei, Gregory Ruvinsky, Eli Yashar, Lladro, Waterford, Lenox and Radko. Dreidel candles, besamim boxes, music boxes, a dreidel menorah. A crystal dreidel decanter. A diamond encrusted dreidel that once belonged to a mekubal. Rabbi Safran’s continuously growing collection is nothing short of fascinating.

But for Rabbi Safran, the collection is not just about the dreidels themselves but about their ability to recreate the childhood magic that makes Chanukah the most special of yomim tovim as well as their ability to commemorate the countless miracles that Hakadosh Baruch Hu has bestowed upon Klal Yisroel.

While Rabbi Safran has previously allowed his dreidel collection to be photographed, VIN News is proud to present an exclusive, first ever video tour of this truly impressive display.

Enjoy a twenty minute guided tour as Rabbi Safran opens the doors of his home, proudly sharing his priceless collection with VIN News readers, showcasing not only hundreds of dreidels but also featuring Rabbi Safran’s thoughts on the spirituality and true meaning of this most treasured Chanukah item. Rabbi Safran’s accompanying message is excerpted from “The Dreidle — The Miracle in Our Lives,” found in his most recent book, Meditations at Sixty — One Person, Under G-d, Indivisible, KTAV, 2008. (available from Safrane@ou.org

 Yeshiva University Hanukkah Dinner Points of Light

To learn more about this event please visithttp://blogs.yu.edu/news/2011/12/14/p…
At Yeshiva University’s Annual Hanukkah Dinner and Convocation, President Richard M. Joel recognized eight people who exemplify YU, and called each one up to light a candle on a symbolic menorah. “There are many lights that shine brightly at Yeshiva, and we have made it our tradition to identify eight points of light who serve as exemplars of the past, present and future of Yeshiva University, and of our hopes for tomorrow,” he said

 Toldos Aharon Rebbe Chanukah 5773

 Yosef Karduner speaks live @Midnightrabbi Mystic Music Chanukah, Bet Shemesh Educational Center

Hanukkah – “World on Fire” – an Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire” & Rihanna “Diamonds” mashup by Shir Soul

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 The Meaning of Hanukkah

 Hanukkah Dreidels Collection

World Of judaicaeidels

DreidelsHave fun with your family and friends by playing the Dreidel game with one of our beautiful large Dreidels or with one of our smaller Dreidels made of wood, metal and plastic.

Understanding Hanukkah

Understanding Chanukah
Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Ph.D

Rabbi Haber The Chanukah Menorah is symbolic of the Oral Torah

Rabbi Haber, shlita, in the name of Rav Tzadok HaKohen and the Netziv, uncovers the connection between the Chanukah Menorah and the Oral Torah. There is a 3rd Torah. In addition to the Written Torah and the Oral Torah, there is the Mesorah (or Tradition) that was also passed down from Hashem to Moshe on Har Sinai.

What did the Menorah Light Inside of Us

Rabbi Label Lam

The First and Biggest Legal Battle for a Public Menorah

Rabbi Kalmanson, the Shliach of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Cincinnati Ohio, gives a speech in Mesivta Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, about the legal fight to have a public Chanukah (or as it’s called Hanukkah) Menorah display in Cincinnati Ohio for the Jewish holiday of Chanukah.
(Full speech)

Rabbi Yaacov Haber The secret of the wine and the Bread Chanukah

Rabbi Haber shlita takes us on a deeper look into the Miracles of Chanukah. The connection of the Miracle of the Menorah burning 8 days and it’s relation to the Burning Bush. And what is the secret of the Wine and the Bread? Rabbi Nachman the Breslover taught that MalkiTzedek showed Avraham Avinu that in order to mekarev the Canaanim you have to give them Wine (representing the mesorah-tradition) and the Bread (representing something new that is nogayah- relavent – to them) The wine gets better when it’s aged (and that comes from Hashem) and the bread is better when it’s fresh (and that’s something that is more from the works of man). The “Light” that Hashem gives to us calls for us (if not obliges us) to elevate ourselves in Holiness with our actions. There is also a connection between the Written Torah and the Oral Torah that represents the same principle. The Written Torah is unchangeable. And, although the basic principles set forth in the Oral Torah are also unchangeable, it can be adapted to the times by the Rabbis.

Hanukkah Menorah Collection

View World of Judaica’s beautiful selection of sterling silver, stained glass and crystal Menorahs perfect for all ages. Choose from traditional and modern interpretations of this Jewish home essential.

World Of Judaica

Chanukkah History

Hanukkah Chanukkah History Rabbi Weisblum חנוכה וההיסטוריה הרב ויסבלום

Hanukkah Chanukkah History Rabbi Weisblum חנוכה וההיסטוריה הרב ויסבלום This subjects are talked about: Beit Hamikdash, Holy Temple, Moriah Mountain, Pilgrim, King Solomon, The destruction and rebuild of the first temple, Chagai and Malachi the prophets. The rebuilt and destruction of the second temple. Judah the Maccabi, Yehudah Hamaccabi, Lighting the golden menorah, Hanukiah, Chanukiah, Hashmonaim, Talmud, Israel, Syria, Greek culture, Matthiyahu, Hellenist movement, Hanna and her seven sons. Talmud Tractate Gitten 57. Hanna’s words to Abraham Avinu, Kiddush Hashem, The victory of a few against many. Battles, meaning of the word Hanukkah, idol worshiping, Hashmoniam Dynasty, priesthood, Queen Shlomzion, Kingship, Kohanim, Mircale, oil, Rambam, Maimonides, Torah Learning, Hanukkah gelt, driedels, Hanukkah candles, Hallel Prayer, Ramabn, Nacmandies, Midrash, Blessing of the preists חנוכת החנוכה רב חנוכה והיסטוריה הרב ויסבלום על הנושאים: בית מקדש, בית מקדש, הר המוריה, עליה לרגל, שלמה המלך, ההרס ובנייה מחדש של בית המקדש הראשון, חגי ומלאכי הנביאים .בניה וחורבן בית המקדש השני. יהודה המכבי, יהודה המכבי, הדלקת מנורת הזהב, החנוכייה, החנוכייה, חשמונאים, התלמוד, ישראל, סוריה, התרבות יוונית, מתתיהו, התנועה ההלניסטית, חנה ושבעת בניה. תלמוד מסכת מסכת גיטין, 57. דבריו של חנה לאברהם אבינו, קידוש שם, הניצחון של מעטים מול רבים. קרבות, משמעות המילה החנוכה, אליל סגידה, חשמונאים שושלת הכהונה, שלומציון המלכה, המלכות, הכוהנים, נס, שמן, רמב”ם, הרמב”ן, לימוד תורה, החנוכה מעות חנוכה, סביבון, נרות חנוכה, תפילת הלל, המדרש , ברכה של

Ханука Ханука обычаи и законы, раввин Weisblum обсуждаются следующие темы: заповеди Хануки, Бейт-Гилель и Бейт-Шамай, Тосафот, сколько свечей в сутки, Рамбам, Маймонид, кодекс еврейского закона, Шулхан Арух, сефарды, ашкеназы, Талмуд, благо за свечами, почему мы говорим о Боге. Суббота, Пурим, царица Есфирь, Чудеса, Пасха, сефарды, ашкеназы, Мордехай, Святой Храм, Псалтирь, Земля Израиля, Навуходоносор, царь Давид

2013 11 17 Reb Shlomo on Channukah with R’ Sholom

he Enlightened Maccabee – Full Lecture

The Jewish holidays are the centerpieces of our year. These are the days when we remember events that forever changed the course of our history.

But they are much more than that. The festivals are pauses in time, primed for personal introspection and spiritual reconnection: windows to the psyche, fortifying us with tools for facing everyday challenges. Kaleidoscopes of beauty and meaning, they change how we see ourselves, our relationships, and our world.

The Enlightened Maccabee
The Message of Chanukah in a Modern World
by Mrs. Malky Bitton


TSC Women’s Shi’ur (11/10/13) – Illuminating Our Hearts During Hanukkah

The Sephardi Center is delighted to present a shi’ur from world-renowned speaker Orit Riter on the topic of “Illuminating Our Hearts During Hanukkah”.

Check out Orit Riter’s website: dailydoseofemuna.com

Enjoy a sample shi’ur of hers on YouTube: “Now what? Keeping the Emuna after the Hagim” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLsZXr…)

Orit’s Biography

Orit Riter always had a vision. A few years after graduating from culinary arts school, she followed her dream and opened her own catering business. A few years later she made another business decision. She decided to obtain Glatt kosher supervision and expand her markets.

Raised in an observant home and schooled in public schools, Orit had lost her connection to Yiddishkeit until her business life triggered her longing for a close connection to HaShem. To read more, visit thesephardicenter.com/wp-content/uploads­/2013/07/oritbio.pdf

For more info, check out http://www.thesephardicenter.com / http://www.torahsource.org

Hanukkah Candles Collection

World Of Judaica

Hanukkah CandlesCandles and oil are traditionally used for lighting the Hanukkah Menorah. Light your menorah with in style this year with our brightly colored wax candles that hail from the holy city of Safed.

Lighting Itsel as a Hanukiah

Rabbi Yaacov Haber shlita Chanukah – Am Yisrael Transformer of the World

Rabbi Yaacov Haber, Shlita, explores the history of the Chashmanoyim and their rewards and punishments. They are the cradle of Xtianity (John the Baptist was Yani, the Chashmanoy King of Israel). The purpose of Am Yisrael is to transform the materiality, that Hashem placed into the world, into Holiness so that the Shechina can reside within the world once again. Therefore, the King (Hashem) has made Am Yisrael into His Matronisa (His Queen). He made Klal Yisrael the Matronisa and directed that the world must go through Klal Yisrael in order to relate to Him (the King). Hashem placed all of the tools of war in Klal Yisrael and made Klal Yisrael His Shomer (His Guard).

Rabbi Bentzion Shafier Chanukah The Power Given to Man