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Rabbi Avraham Skorka Best Friend of new Pope

Masorti Rabbi Avraham Skorka, Rector of the Seminario Best Friend of new Pope.
Live Interview on Channel 10 in Hebrew

Rabino Sergio Bergman

Actualmente se desempeña como Legislador del PRO, es Rabino del Templo de la calle Libertad, Presidente de la Fundación Argentina Ciudadana, Director Ejecutivo de R.A.I.C.E.S., y lidera la Red Comunitaria de Fundación Judaica.
Miembro fundador de Memoria Activa.
Es autor de cuatro libros. Egresado de la Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Realizó un Máster en Educación, graduado Suma Cum Laude, en la Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalén; Master en Literatura Rabínica en el Hebrew Union College; y Master en Estudios Judaicos en el Jewish Theological Seminary.

The Shul’s 30th Annual Dinner – Featured Video

Rabino Samy Pinto

U.K. Jewish Film Festival Set to Open With Ilan Duran Cohen’s ‘The Hollywood Reporter

LONDON – The 17th year of the U.K. Jewish Film Festival opens Oct. 30 with a  Organizers said on the eve of the event that 53 of its movies will mark their U.K. 
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Jewish Community Center hosts 47th Book and Arts FairBuffalo News

This year’s fair features 15 events and readings, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Sunday with a presentation from archivist Chana Revell Kotzin of the Jewish Buffalo 
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A look at what’s lined up for this year’s Jewish Book FestivalSt. Louis Jewish Light

The 2013 St. Louis Jewish Book Festival has planned an array of author- and book-related events, from sports and humor to the financial world and world affairs, 
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Around 400 young Jews gathered in St Petersburg for the Limmud European Jewish Press

St. Petersburg is today the second largest Jewish community with around 100,000 Jewish  round-table discussions, music and a wide-range of cultural events.
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JNF women’s luncheon features author of ‘Cool Jew’Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

Jewish National Fund will host a noon Arizona Women for Israel luncheon and a 5:30 p.m. cocktail reception Wednesday, Nov. 6, at private homes. Both events 
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Best of the best: ‘Disney Junior Life on Tour! Pirate and Princess Detroit Free Press

$21.50-$53.50. A large contingent of authors will be featured at the 62nd annual Jewish Community Center Book Fair, a 12-day event which begins Wednesday 
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This Weekend: The Festival Of Lights Shines At The Jewish Heritage The Jewish Week (blog)

The all-day festival features events that will please a range of tastes: walking  of Chanukah,” in which the artist explores Chasidic-Jewish themes and folklore.
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Not quite HollywoodAustralian Jewish News

Urwand was treated like a rock star with television interviews and personal appearances, including at Jewish literary events and Holocaust related institutions, 
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Shreveport mega pet-adoption event scheduled for SundayShreveport Times

Shreveport mega pet-adoption event scheduled for Sunday  labor at the first ever Adopt-a-Pupevent at B’nai Zion Jewish Temple at 245 Southfield Road.
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Mastering Emotional Intelligence – Being in control of 
Do you sometimes feel overcome with negative emotions when things aren’t right ? Discover


Hayom Yom 

R. Aizik Homiler related: When I came to Lyozna I met elder chassidim who had been chassidim of the Maggid and of R. Menachem Mendel of Horodok. They used to say:

Have affection for a fellow-Jew and G-d will have affection for you;

do a kindness for a fellow-Jew and G-d will do a kindness for you;

befriend a fellow-Jew and G-d will befriend you.

Hayom Yom 13 hechvan

Le Baal Chem Tov avait coutume d’enseigner la Guemara à ses disciples. Il délivrait son enseignement avec une grande finesse et beaucoup d’érudition. Il y incluait le Rambam, le Alfassi, le Roch et d’autres commentaires des Richonim portant sur le traité qui faisait l’objet de l’étude.
Le Baal Chem Tov traduisait le texte en Yddich. Lorsqu’il enseigna le traité Erkin et parvint à l’affirmation de nos Sages (15B) selon laquelle “un langage triple tue trois personnes”, le Baal Chem Tov expliqua:
“La médisance tue tous les trois, celui qui en est l’auteur, celui qui en fait état et celui qui l’écoute. Certes, cette mort n’a qu’une dimension spirituelle. Mais elle est encore plus grave qu’un crime physique.”
(Le “langage triple” est celui de l’homme qui rapporte une médisance. Il agit ainsi en tant que “troisième personne”, intermédiaire, entre l’auteur de ce propos et celui qui l’écoute.)

St. Petersburg Inaugurates New Torah Scroll | zalman

Hundreds of community members and guests participated this Sunday in the festive inauguration of a new Torah scroll that was donated by six community – Chabad News, Crown Heights News, Lubavitch News
Torah in one hand, newspaper in the other, rabbi-lawmaker makes administrador

Torah in one hand, newspaper in the other, rabbi-lawmaker makes Argentine history. When he takes the oath of office in December as a new member of 
Sergio Bergman
Jacob the Trickster, Telephone Torah Study, Thursday, October 31st Yanir Dekel

This week on our Telephone Torah Study we’ll study how Jacob (with an assist from his mother Rebekah) changed his destiny through trickery Toldot 
Beth Chayim Chadashim

The phantom forefatherJewish News of Greater Phoenix

The phantom forefather Toledot, Genesis 25:19-28:9 | 0 comments. In this week’sTorah portion, we encounter the tragic figure of Eisav, or Esau.
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Bnei Torah Party Invited to Coalition Talks in YerushalayimYeshiva World News

aurep The Bnei Torah list which earned a seat in the Jerusalem City Council has been invited to take part in negotiations as the new city coalition is being 
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When a Torah sage proves all too humanNew Jersey Jewish News

I first became aware of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef over 40 years ago, as a yeshiva student in Israel. I came across his edition of the Passover Haggada. I have no 
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The wells of peace: Parashat Toldot (Genesis 25:19-28:9)The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

The Torah says that Isaac’s workers found a “b’air mayyim chayyim, a well of living  Torah itself is also known as a ‘well of living water,’ as the same talmudic 
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Iraqi Jewish belongings to go on display in USNew Zealand Herald

WASHINGTON (AP) The tattered Torah scroll fragments, Bibles and other religious texts found in a flooded Baghdad basement 10 years ago testify to a 
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FOR THE LOVE OF TORAHCommunity Magazine

The Rambam, in Moreh Nevuchim (chapter 51), says that the secret to success in learning Torah is to be completely focused and immersed only in Torah.
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Weekly Torah study slatedAgoura Hills Acorn

Weekly Torah study slated  rabbinic intern Jonathan Rothstein-Fisch have started a weekly evening Torah study class at 7 p.m. every Wednesday through Nov.
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Pew Response: Torah Is The AnswerThe Jewish Week

They reject the Torah and mitzvot as having come directly from God and dismiss the eternal obligation Jews have to learn Torah and perform the mitzvot.
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Australia reassured on gay, security issues for SochiChicago Tribune

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s Olympic team have been reassured by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s promise that gay athletes will be welcome at next 
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Yeshivat Shaare Torah High School is excited to announce the appointment of Rabbi David Sutton as the new Menahel of Shaare TorahBoys High School.
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Poland’s new Jewish museum to celebrate life, not revisit the The Olathenews

WARSAW, Poland In the heart of the former Warsaw ghetto, where Jews rebelled against their German oppressors 70 years ago, Poland is unveiling a new 
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AP PHOTOS: Israeli military’s power, in war-machine memorials and The Province

The military’s influence is ever-present in Israeli civilian life. Most Jewishmen are required to enlist at the age of 18 for three years of mandatory service followed 
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Bondi victims: ‘We won’t change our livesAustralian Jewish News

VICTIMS of last Friday night’s alleged anti-Semitic attack in Sydney insist they’re not going to let the broken bones and bruises they suffered affect their proud 
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Best of the best: ‘Disney Junior Life on Tour! Pirate and Princess Detroit Free Press

Best of the best: ‘Disney Junior Life on Tour! Pirate and Princess Adventure;’ 62nd annual JewishCommunity Book Center Fair 
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Background: History and

Eventually the philosophy of Chabad-Lubavitch and its adherents reached almost every corner of the world and have affected almost every facet of Jewish life.
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Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Appointed to Dual Professorship at YU The Jewish Voice

“It has long been our desire to welcome him into this next stage of his life by having him work at Yeshiva University to both inspire the next generation of Jewish 
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Clergy reflect on Proposition 8The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

On a wall of the Autry National Center — among Los Angeles Jewish  (House of New Life), the banner is presented as a symbol of gay liberation in Jewish life.
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Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky to speak on ‘The Secret of the Dreidel’Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

He now lives in Jerusalem and teaches in various yeshivas and seminaries in  The JewishEnrichment Center, Kehillas Shomrei Emunim, Ohr Hatorah, The 
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On the afternoon of 3 Marheshvan, 5774 (Oct. 7, 2013), the entire Jewishnation  Throughout her life, Rabbanit Margalit Yosef a”h, who passed away in 1994, 
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להקת סרוגים במחרוזת חסידית

צילום: אמיר שיינבום
עריכה: הדס שליסל

Haisraelim band | Jewish Wedding

תזמורת חסידית | להקת הישראלים בליווי חתן וכלה | טקס החופה |

הקות לחתונה,להקה חסידית,להקה,להקות חתונה,מוזיקה לאירועים,Jewish Wedding,mariage juif,Wedding Band להקת הישראלים.
ראשית נאחל לכם בשעה טובה והמון מזל טוב והצלחה.
באתר הלהקה תוכלו למצוא מידע אודותינו ועל דרכנו היחודית בעשיית השמחה שלכם לחוויה מוסיקלית. בכדי להמחיש את רמתו הגבוהה של הערב אותו אנו מגישים, הן מבחינה מוסיקלית והן ברמת ההפקה, כמעט בכל עמוד תמצאו סרטונים על הלהקה.
מתוך הבנה ששימחתכם הינה מאורע יחודי – של “פעם בחיים” עבורכם, אנו מגישים לכם אירוע שמורכב מהרמה המוסיקלית הגבוהה ביותר שבנמצא, כזו שתימצאו רק בהפקות המוסיקליות הגדולות, שמורכב מחווית הגשה שונה, מתפאורת במה יחודית, מעריכת חופה שמחה ומוסיקלית, מנגנים מקצועיים וצוות של שלושה זמרים שיגישו לכם את השירים העכשוויים והמקובלים בעיבודים חדשניים. הביצועים המוסיקליים של הישראלים מוגשים בכל סגנון אפשרי לבחירתכם: חסידית, רוק, מזרחית, תמנית, ישראלי, לטיני ולמעוניינים גם לועזית. לכן, לפני האירוע יתאם עימכם מנהל האירוע של הישראלים את כל הפרטים, עד האחרון שבהם, כולל את אשר עולה בדמיונכם הפורה או הפרוע… כדי שתהיה לכם חוויה מוסיקלית מושלמת.

Rock Your World 2013: Saul Kaye

behind the scenes Elana Jagoda


Kaye, Jagoda walk the line JewishlyJewish News of Greater Phoenix

The December 2012 wedding of these two icons of the Bay Area Jewish music scene drew almost royal coverage from the area’s Jewish newspaper, j. the 
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Leitmotif in LeipzigAustralian Jewish News

But for the international Jewish community, a year saturated in homage to classical music’s most infamous anti-Semite is a fraught one indeed. Wherever 
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Confessions of a Jewish Halloween GrinchJewish Daily Forward (blog)

I explain, again, for the umpteenth time, that Halloween is not an important holiday, itʼs not a Jewish holiday. And unlike Thanksgiving, a national holiday with 
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Be a part of the Annual Campaign; help save lives around the worldJewish Community Voice

After concluding the season of fall Jewish holidays with Simchat Torah, where we completed and re-started the annual cycle of reading the Torah, the Jewish 
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There Are Thieves in the Temple. Or Are They Sacred Messengers?Tablet Magazine

It is partly in order to be able to answer such questions that I have been reading Daf Yomi. TheTalmud is a text much maligned in Western culture, both in its 
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The Torah Revolution: Everything that Hashem has spoken we shall Ariel ben Yochanan

B”H – Peace comes because G-d gives it to you for Torah compliance! No Torah  It sickens me the way the govt/media treat the Torah lovers in Israel”.
The Torah Revolution: Everything that Hashem has spoken we shall do (Shemos [Ex.] 19:8)
Elated Community Welcomes New Torah to Harlem | CrownHeights zalman

The streets of Central Harlem were filled with music and dancing Sunday as, for the first time in almost a century, a new Sefer Torah was welcomed to the – Chabad News, Crown Heights News, Lubavitch News
Esser Agaroth: “Tzohar Law:” Torah vs. State Under the ChuppahEsser Agaroth

“Tzohar Law:” Torah vs. State Under the Chuppah. כ”ו לחודש השמיני תשע”ד. Arutz 7: ‘Revolution’? New Law Lets Marrying Couples Pick Their Rabbi 


Berlin: Jewish Student House Brings Torah to Young German JewsYeshiva World News

An official opening ceremony was held at Berlin’s first Jewish student house  activities and serve as a venue for pro-Israel lectures and eventsin response to 
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KOLOT – Speaking out for those who cannot speakConnecticut Jewish Ledger

The world has gone on since the horrible events of August 21, 2013 that took  As Jewish clergy engaged actively in the Jewish community, the only visible 
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Be a part of the Annual Campaign; help save lives around the worldJewish Community Voice

After concluding the season of fall Jewish holidays with Simchat Torah, where  and (of course) fundraising events the Jewish Federation organizes each year.
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YU Lecture Offers a Closer Look at Nehama LeibowitzThe Jewish Voice

Yeshiva University’s Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies held its inaugural event of the fall semester’s special lecture series, “Nehama Leibowitz 


Don’t Bet Against the Jews! – Michael Medved at 
Radio host Michael Medved talks about his personal journey in Judaism, the inexplicable
How to Craft Sparkling Candle Holders – Jewish 
Watch our Jewish crafting guru, Abbey, demonstrate how to create unique candle holders that
Torah in one hand, newspaper in the other, rabbi-lawmaker makes Haaretz

“I believe that Torah can also be taught in the legislature. I’m against the union of state and religion. I’m in favor of the separation of church and state, but also in 
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Berlin: Jewish Student House Brings Torah to Young German JewsYeshiva World News

t An official opening ceremony was held at Berlin’s first Jewish student house earlier this week. The house, which is partly run by students, will provide Torah 
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Yaakov and Yisrael: The integration of body and soulSun-Sentinel

After all, Esav was merely a hunter while Yaakov was a student of Torah Yaakov on the other hand, would be the spiritual heir who would teach Torah and 
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Open Wells, Open Hearts (Toldot, Genesis 25:19 – 28:9)Huffington Post

This week’s Torah portion is full of well-known biblical stories that center around food. Esau famously gives away his birthright to his younger brother, Jacob, 
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Women of the Wall should lead through actionSun-Sentinel

They could have read from a Torah scroll (theirs is damaged by water, but many others are available in the holy city of Jerusalem). They could have touched the 
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Schumer Still Pressing On Iraqi Jewish ArchiveThe Jewish Week

Under an agreement with the Bush administration at the time, the more than 2,700 artifacts — including partial Torah parchments and ancient prayer books 
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Rav Auerbach Shlita on Effort to Compel Allegiance from AvreichimYeshiva World News

On page 3 of the Tuesday 25 Cheshvan 5774 edition of HaPeles, affiliated with the Bnei Torah party, Rav Auerbach sends a clear message to “bnei yeshivos 
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Teaching health and wellness through sacred textsSun-Sentinel

Judaism’s sacred texts and the Torah teach us to “treat the body with the utmost respect, to keep it working in the best way possible,” Jacobs said. “The body is a 
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ABOUT TOWN WITH MARK SNYDER: Israeli Naval Commandos to

For further information contact Rabbi Jonathan Hausman at Ahavath Torah  Ahavath TorahCongregation is located at 1179 Central St in Stoughton.
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Jerusalem rabbi recalls Lou Reed’s ‘Jewish soul’Jerusalem Post

Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman says late rock icon and musical pioneer kept his feelings about Judaism private, was connected to his family andJewish roots.
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The Rose in Bloom by Ezekiel’s WheelsBoston Herald

It didn’t start out that way, though. Last August, we received an invitation to the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam. The Festival is a competition.
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New Jewish Center A Boon to Life in Siberian

They rented facilities and opened up a synagogue, soup kitchen, k-12Jewish day school system, and summer camps—breathing new life into a community of 
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Songs of Life Commemorates Rescue of Bulgarian JewsFree Times

For Tchonev and his wife Sharon, it’s also a personal story. Sharon Tchonev’s Jewish grandparents were among 49,000 Bulgarian Jews saved from the fate that 
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Goldberg leads new HillelSun-Sentinel

Jewish life is alive and well at FAU,” said Goldberg, 40, of Boca Raton. “I want to engage as many students in Jewish life as possible,” Goldberg said during 
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The night Lou Reed came to my houseSt. Louis Jewish Light

She is also the author of several books: Virtually Jewish: Reinventing Jewish  to East-Central Europe and Upon the Doorposts of Thy House:Jewish Life in 
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Judy Finkelstein-Taff of Chicago Jewish Day School receives 2013 Jewish United Fund

Judy Finkelstein-Taff, Head of School at Chicago Jewish Day School (CJDS), was one of three educators from across the spectrum of Jewish life to receive The 
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BRCA gene cancer risk for Ashkenazi Jews the focus in West HartfordWest Hartford News

It is the first class of a new six-week course, titled Life in the Balance, about the Jewish perspective on everyday medical dilemmas. The course is accredited for 
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Zombies, Vampires, and Things That Come Back to Life: A Rabbi’s Tablet Magazine

‘Tis the season for discussions of how kosher it is for Jews to celebrate Halloween. But the fascination with “the undead” isn’t limited by the calendar; it’s ongoing 
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Welcoming the Sunrise in (blog)

Ukrainian-born Alex Levin lives in Rishon Lezion, Israel. His works, many of which depict Jewish life in Israel, have been admired by Israeli presidents and 
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Weekly Parsha Newsletter

In My Opinion

I was not in Israel when Rav Ovadyah Yosef passed on to his eternal reward. However, even in Brazil where I was at the time it was front-page news and pictures of the enormous funeral procession accompanied the obituary article. Rarely has one person had such an imposing effect upon the lives of millions of others as did Rav Yosef. His greatness in Torah knowledge was unquestioned, even by those who may have disagreed with some of his policies and halachic rulings. Possessed of a photographic memory coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge of thousands of rabbinic works and writings that have spanned the ages, his own volumes of halachic rulings and Torah insights became a staple in…

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Bet Knesset Hanassi
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The Legacy
Teachings for Life from the Great Lithuanian Rabbis

Exploring the wisdom of the great sages of Lithuania, The Legacy presents a moral and spiritual vision for the Jewish people. Providing a glimpse into the world of these sages – their own teachers’ rabbis – the authors outline the ideas and deeds, the values and ethics by which Jews should live. This is not a book about what once was: It is a book about what should, and can, be – now and forever in Jewish life.

One of the great challenges of coming to grips with Torah is that it is the wisdom of Hashem and therefore unlimited in its breadth and depth.

As mere mortals, we are confronted with how to understand it, where to channel our efforts, and how to view specifics in the context of the entire system.

Through understanding what Gedolei Yisrael (the great sages of Israel) over the ages chose to emphasize, we get a better understanding of Torah itself. We are able to gain perspective and a context for understanding Torah Judaism, as well as a broad map for the direction of our lives.

Limitations of the mental and emotional capacity of students, not to mention limitations of space and time, may have led our Torah sages to emphasize certain principles.

On a practical and strategic level, focusing on a few key objectives helps people to achieve success because the objectives are clear. This clarity prevents distraction and confusion and provides a clear framework of eternal principles in a changing world, to inspire strength and commitment.

“I am Lithuanian and everything is true.” Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky
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