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Noam Bedin gives back to Sderot through Young Communities


Jewish Agency

Noam Bedin made aliyah and decided to settle in Israel’s southern region, namely, Sderot. There he joined Ayalim and started to give back to the community. Listen to his compelling story!

Jewish Agency’s Youth Futures Program

The Jewish Community of Sweden

The Jews in Germany 2010

14.01.2010 Post Holocaust Germany has fastest growing Jewish community in Europe.

Turkey: Jewish Community Under Pressure | European Journal

Jewish communities in the Middle East have contracted dramatically in recent decades – apart from a small community in Teheran and a larger one in Turkey,which is well integrated into the Muslim country.500 years ago,Sephardic Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition and settled in the Ottoman Empire. Today,the community numbers some 26,000 members. It still publishes its own newspaper,called Shalom ,runs a hospital,a retirement home and a dozen synagogues. Traditionally,Turkey has been among Israel’s allies,but the fighting in Gaza has put a severe strain on the relationship. Istanbul’s Jewish community is feeling the tension.

Leader of Ultra Orthodox Jewish Community Dies at 102

20.07.2012 Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, a venerable voice within Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community, dies at 102.
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Russian Jewish community thriving after dark past

After years of mass emigration Russian Jews are returning home in increasing numbers. Persecution in Tsarist Russia and then the Soviet Union led many to leave for Israel and the U.S. But those who’ve made the decision to come back say Russia is now more tolerant and prosperous.

Famous Jewish Women – Actresses



Raising awareness of child sexual abuse in Jewish communities
Jerusalem Post
It is essential that we, as citizens of the global Jewish community, educate ourselves on the plight of victims of child sexual abuse, as well as institutional cover- ups that have occurred (and are still occurring) within our communities. Maccabi 
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Jewish communal awareness of disabilities is growing, but advocates say not 
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Nonetheless, advocates say the Jewish community still has a long way to go when it comes to opening doors for Jews with disabilities, a diverse group estimated to make up 15-20 percent of the total Jewish population. It’s a group that encompasses 
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Ukraine Jews hunkering down amid turmoil
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
“The overall situation in relation to the Jewish community in Ukraine is tolerant and peaceful,” said Vadim Rabinovich, president of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, in a statement issued Monday. “There have been no mass outbursts or exacerbation of 
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Jewish Agency presents board with Diaspora initiative’s ‘final’ recommendations
Jerusalem Post
The recommendations, which will guide Israel’s policy regarding Jewish communitiesabroad over the coming years, was revised this week in light of input by participants in an online forum held last week by the Jewish Agency and Jerusalem and Diaspora 
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Jewish LIFE to host ‘A Night To Celebrate Isreal’ event
Hunterdon County Democrat
Jewish LIFE—Learning Is For Everyone—invites community members to the Second Annual A Night to Celebrate Israel on Thursday, April 3, at 6:30 p.m. This event will benefit the community’s support of Israel Bonds and The State of Israel, and will be 
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Israel urged to send forces to guard Ukrainian Jews
The Times of Israel
The head of a prominent European Jewish group requested Tuesday that the Israeli government urgently send security personnel to Ukraine in order to protect the Jewish communities there, which have been targeted during the political unrest gripping the 
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‘Israel, Protect Us!’
Arutz Sheva
The rabbi informed the prime minister and defense minister of a growing feeling of dread among Jewish communities in the Ukraine, in the last 48 hours, as the anti-Semitic wave grows. Among the events reporte, Rabbi Margolin lists: a fire bomb thrown 
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For Zion’s sake: Ten million in 10 years!
Jerusalem Post
Nor is there reason to believe that Israel could more effectively run Jewish schools around the world than local education professionals and Jewish communities. If the goal is to increase Israel’s Jewish population, and it should be, a multi-faceted 
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Critical thinking is key in game of mah jongg
San Antonio Express
16 at Barshop Jewish Community Center, where Jewish Family Service presented the fourth annual edition of its reincarnated mah jongg tournament benefit. There were more than 100 competitors, all but one being women. Their ages ranged from their 30s 
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Shalom, Latvia: A Jewish Culture Guide
Shalom Life
Although Jewish communities flourished throughout the 18th century, unfortunately many faced taxation, persecution, and even expulsion. Courland (comprising both provinces of Piltene and Courland) became part of Imperial Russia in 1795. In 1799 
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