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Renewal: Reconnecting Soviet Jewry to the Jewish People


Renewal: Reconnecting Soviet Jewry to the Jewish People.
A Decade of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (“Joint”, AJJDC or JDC) Activities in the Former Soviet Union 1988-1998
A Lecture by Anita Weiner, Ph.D.

Building Local Jewish Communities, One House at a Time


Meet Dan, Benji, Sarah and Samantha, four roommates in Washington, DC, whose paths intersected when they all became Moishe House residents. Today, their home is a center of gravity for young Jews in the community who, like them, want to create and share Jewish experiences with friends.

Moishe House is a network of nearly 60 houses in 14 countries that fills a void in the Jewish community created by the growing gap between college years and family life.

Every Moishe House is run by a group of 3-5 young adult residents who are provided with rent subsidies and a program budget to host an average of six monthly events for peers in their community.

What started as a house for four friends in Oakland, California, to host Shabbat dinners has grown into a global network that provides opportunities for 60,000-plus young adults annually.

We partner with organizations like Moishe House because we believe change IS possible.


Sustaining the Jewish community
Mel and Patty Alperin /André BlaisFor decades, Jewish communities across North America have organized themselves by establishing Jewish communal institutions responding to the urgent needs of the times. Jewish Federations, in particular, and now the 
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Iraqi Jews Seek to Prevent Return of Religious Artifacts to Iraq
Voice of America
WASHINGTON — Maurice Shohet shuffles through a box full of old black-and-white photos and reminisces about growing up in Baghdad, in one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities. The snapshots show family weddings and bar-mitzvahs, and there’s 
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New UJA Federation Head Seeks More Invlovement With NY’s Orthodox Jewish 
Yeshiva World News
uja goldstein Newly elected CEO and executive vice president of UJA-Federation of New York, Eric Goldstein says he’ll seek inroads between the UJA and the Modern Orthodoxcommunity and other religious communities. Goldstein, 54, will succeed John 
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Celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness Month
Shelly Christensen, Consultant and Co-Founder of JDAM, shares her thoughts on the enterprise with The Jewish Voice readers, “Jewish Disability Awareness Month is a catalyst for change in Jewish communities and organizations and is proof that 
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Indyk to Jewish leaders: Framework peace plan to arrive in weeks
Jerusalem Post
Indyk appeared relaxed and jovial throughout the call, participants said, at one point chiding callers for not asking about Palestinian incitement, considering it always comes up when he talks to Jewish communities and in his meetings with Israeli 
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Hackers Hit European Jewish News Site
Arutz Sheva
A group of Turkish hackers took down the site of the European Jewish Press, which provides news updates on Jewish communities in Europe, overnight Wednesday. The hackers replaced the content of the site with anti-Israel slogans, including threats to 
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Welcome to the two-track community
Jewish Chronicle
In an age of big data, our community is right up there. We now have the information to help us make the important decisions about the future. The 2011 Census has given us literally millions of Jewish demographic, geographic, and socio-economic facts 
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Don’t Forget Jewish Poverty in Europe
Jews and Jewish communities have not been immune from this economic downturn, and since 2008 they have turned to us, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), for help. The basis of our current approach was forged in Argentina at the 
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