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הנשיא בן צבי בביקור בבורמה-גנזך המדינה

Prime Ministers and Presidents


President Ben Zvi visit to Burma – Israel State Archives

משרד התיירות Ministry of Tourism

חזרה לארץ ישראל-ארכיון המדינה


סרט מתוך אוסף סרטי משרד התיירות,הסרט עוסק בעידוד התיירות למדינת ישראל.
הסרט צולם באמצע שנות ה50 ויש בו צילומים נדירים בצבע ממקומות שונים במדינת ישראל.
פריט מ”ס 1578098

יום העצמאות Independence Day

ירושלים בצבע-גנזך המדינה


ירושלים בצבע סרט מתוך אוסף הסרטים שצולמו על ידי פרץ חן ונמסרו לגנזך המדינה.סרטי 8 ממ הומרו לקבצים דיגיטאלים על ידי אלכס הירט.
קישור לכתבה ששודרה ב 11.5.2010 לכבוד יום ירושלים בכתבה נעשה שימוש נרחב באוסף הסרטים של פרץ חן.……


Discover the Art of Matrimony at Columbus Museum of Art

As testimonies to the sacredness of marriage, works of art, and repositories of Jewish history, these magnificent treasures offer insights and delights in 

Memories of housing discrimination linger

While she wasn’t Jewish, she lived four doors from the late Arthur and Isobel  The lecture was part of a series on Cleveland Jewish history. The Van 
‘Warsaw Jewish museum will be best in Europe’
The newly appointed director of Warsaw’s Museum of the History of Polish Jews has said that it will be ‘the best museum on Jewish history in Europe.’ Minister of Culture Bogdan Zdrojewski (L) and Professor Dariusz Stola (R) signing documents confirming 
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Elsewhere: Exploiting Ukraine’s Jewish past, Merkel’s Hitler moustache, mother 
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Exploiting Ukraine’s Jewish past: Both sides are taking advantage of Ukraine’s Jewish history for their rhetoric in the ongoing conflict, David Firestone writes. (N.Y. Times). My mother’s yellow star: Marianne Szegedy-Maszak recounts the discovery of 
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Will Ukraine’s Revolution Be Good for Its Jews?
Jewish Daily Forward
I teach modern Jewish history. Usually, when I mention Ukraine in class, my students’ eyes glaze over. But lately that hasn’t been the case. The eyes of the world have been turned to Kiev, the city that was home to Sholem Aleichem, and the birthplace 
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Forgotten Even By Us: Judaism’s Historic Ties to Israel
With Palestinian Arabs claiming Canaanite descent, the Jewish people must make their case for their historical ties to the land of Israel. The biblical era, from Israelite origins in the land through the Second Temple’s destruction, is well-known in 
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Germany and Israel streightens bilateral realtions
The Voice of Russia
“Of course, the past, the Holocaust (the Shoah), which is the deepest, the most serious and the worst moment of the German-Jewish history. And after the war, after 1945 this was the point that some politicians in Germany and in Israel as well have said 
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Memories of housing discrimination linger
Cleveland Jewish News
The lecture was part of a series on Cleveland Jewish history. The Van Sweringen brothers had placed restrictions in deeds in Shaker Heights, and John D. Rockefeller Jr. had placed similar covenants in Forest Hill, located in Cleveland Heights and East 
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Seattle Jewish Film Festival
F ounded in 1995, the Seattle Jewish Film Festival brings nine days of Jewish and Israeli life, history, culture, and art to big screens all over town. Produced under the auspices of the Stroum Jewish Community Center, the 2014 SJFF features 25 films 
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Jewish Agency presents board with Diaspora initiative’s ‘final’ recommendations
Jerusalem Post
“Not all Jews are going to make aliya,” he explained, stating that the persistence of a Diaspora since the times of the Bible is an oft overlooked fact of Jewish history. Bennett also gave his support to the suggestion that the initiative encourages 
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